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Taking on Google Search and $1 Edition


>What is Brave?
Brave is on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards.

>What is BAT?
Basic Attention Token. It is a utility token based on the Ethereum technology that can also be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users in our new, blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform.
Ownership of the tokens carry no rights other than the right to use them as a means to obtain services on the BAT platform, and to enable usage of and interaction with the platform, if successfully completed and deployed.
The tokens do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, or any right to receive future revenue shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to the BAT platform, and/or Brave and its affiliates. The tokens are not refundable and are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument.

>The Man The Myth The Legend
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krB0enBeSiE [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlcnOr81lPc [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]


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$40 EOY

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I mean realistically if Brave can manage integration to the level where BAT can be used for simple every day purchases, it will be more like $40k.

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when we reach 100 million wallet holders that's only 15 BAT per wallet, BAT will be scarce as fuck boys.

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At best it will integrate with online music platforms, maybe porn, twitch and e-thots

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Why couldn't a user spoof the system and farm BAT for free if their consumption is completely private?

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Conservative and realistic $EOY predictions only

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Nothing goes straight up. Looks like it's priming for another leg up desu

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id coom

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Still curious if anyone has thoughts on their analysis of exchange rate.

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we have quite literally the textbook bullflag

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Recommend brave to your friends and family and everyone you even remotely get a chance to discuss tech with and we can make $40 happen by June.


>Implying that being implemented in ANY of those 3 markets wouldn't make the price explode

Getting all 3 would be fucking astronomical. Not to mention that brave is already advertising 2 video games that have BAT integration with a third on the way.

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There are influencers that already use Brave and BAT. I think Tim Pool might be one.

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>Getting all 3 would be fucking astronomical.

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>At best
isn't that basically what people said about bitcoin?
looks like you'll be able to use it to buy cars soon

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Fuck it, selling some ADA for BAT. At least BAT has a working product.

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What makes this bullish in the long run? Looks like a medium for jooish advertisers to shove more ads into your face. I'd rather have 0 ads with the free third party stuff blocking all that for me.

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Blockchain technology is pretty good about that not happening.

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honestly part of why I'm so bullish on BAT
you can talk about dex, tokenomics, mainnet 3.0 etc. normies don't care about all of this
with BAT they literally have a browser thats easy to use already in place
in a market full of dogshit vaporwaves full of promises there's an actual working product

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You know you can use brave basically ad free if you wish? They give you incentive to look at ads with the BAT rewards, and at this stage, you don't even need to look at them, just using the browser and letting a notification appear is enough to qualify.

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You answered your own question.

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Sure you can say they have a working product but it most likely won't be a well used one. You said normies don't care. Likewise they wouldn't care using chrome or firefox without the discomfort of "change."

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thats where you're wrong
normies care about ads and privacy
its a bigger and bigger deal for people and its very easy to understand
ask any normie around you how they feel about fb, google etc. making massive amount of money selling all their infos
Its a very simple concept any 50iq can understand and get behind
And thats without mentionning all the other benefits BAT has

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then do that I guess
some folks want to support creators they enjoy w/o giving away their privacy

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You can have 0 ads. Just turn this option off.

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this coin has immense potential. Kicking myself for selling my stack of 2500 i bought at .44 but i am joining back now on the rocket.

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my zoomer brother and his friends at school are using brave's mobile browser for ad-free youtube anon
I'm pretty comfy...

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Think this settles around .75 when it's all said and done, but who knows what news/pump comes tomorrow. If we never touch .6X this weekend, I'd be pretty shocked.

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Super bullish if the search engine is better than DDG, startpage or searx. The browser is nice but BAT won't do shit if there isn't revenue.

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>You know you can use brave basically ad free if you wish? They give you incentive to look at ads with the BAT rewards
I don't like idea of seeing ads AT ALL even if there was an incentive.
With a browser hindering the big techs from collecting info, they can and will just deny services to users involved with BAT and brave browser. Some american bank websites are starting to deny access to anyone using a VPN for example. That's going to cause inconvenience to many people and force them to return to their old browsers. Bearish long term.
>use browser based on BAT rewards
>turn off its sell-point feature
For what purpose?

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This is it, I have a feeling this coin will be 'the next big thing' There is literally no reason not to use this if you are regularly on the internet. Easiest crypto to shill to normies by far

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why are anime avatar fags always such fucking faggots, jesus christ. insufferable

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>For what purpose?
to use a browser with no ads but one where you can still spend your bat?

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>With a browser hindering the big techs from collecting info, they can and will just deny services to users involved with BAT and brave browser. Some american bank websites are starting to deny access to anyone using a VPN for example. That's going to cause inconvenience to many people and force them to return to their old browsers. Bearish long term.
This is on the level of "muh btc ban", you're an obvious case of a midwit, not gonna bother further

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All in on BAT and VET, VET is going to moon as well.

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"For what purpose?"
>protects your privacy
>pumps my bags

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That's not even the main selling point. It's about fixing what has been exploited in web 2.0 holy shit dude how diluted are you?

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You are anon, you didn't start trash.
Stop with the stupid shills that aren't about earning cash
this scammers never know cool project to promote
>I don’t worry about it, have SWG and wait for swirge development

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How does Brave deliver "personalized" ads to me if they don't collect my browsing history?

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What the fuck happened? I wake up and now bat is at 70 cents.

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it imports all of this including their history.

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classic load ze korea fud. ill gonna donate some food to the local food bank and hopefully some of it reaches you

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By your ad feed back and IP location.

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Normies can literally get into BAT for free
you're seeing it ITT

>> No.30140659

imported all my passwords within 30 seconds, was easy as pie

>> No.30140709

it imported all my passwords in seconds. literally super smooth transition.
good question. currently its pretty random and just seems to rotate, most of it being crypto ads

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The purpose that it literally blocks all the ads everywhere without extentions. Wasn't that what you wanted?

>> No.30140744

Thank you BATbros. Just thank you. Thanks specifically to the OGs.

>> No.30140833

where do you view ad history I don't see it in the settings.

>> No.30140840

plz tell me ur the new batfag that bought 700 yday

>> No.30140881

I tried to tell you guys for years but I forgive you. It's for a better internet.

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unironically $1k
bought and lost on trading
what a dumb, now he weeps on every /biz/ thread
don’t give him funds
I told him to take part in fucking fantastic justliquidity and hodl pearl juld but looks like he is too dumb to understand this

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This! I'm shilling it to my wife atm. Gonna force her to install it and try out internet without annoying ads and earn BAT with tiny ads that you don't even notice most of the time.

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Brave has 10 million+ downloads on the Google Play store already and is one of the top trending apps for "tools", a quick glance at the reviews and all the normies are praising it for not having ads (4,6 out of 5 stars)

Blessings from rasputin WAGMI

Whats the EOY prediction according to you guys?

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Black credit card when?

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Checked. Right here. You can choose how many days they are saved for more "personalized" ads. So when you hear
fucking false.

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Same. Ive been holding this fucker for a min. Just started shilling when the bullflag signaled. I conor mcgregor KNEW this coin was going to go places.

>> No.30141384

when I saw an Atlassian and Mini USA ads, I knew bat had some potential.

>> No.30141394

Realistically $5-10. Will double as soon as the DEX is out, though.

>> No.30141440

Atleast $40

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I'd coom harder

>> No.30141493

No shit? I haven't made the jump to Brave yet for that very reason.

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>> No.30141566

the ads are downloaded onto your machine. the entire catalogue. its all matched to you on your computer.

>> No.30141584

how much USD did you sink into it to get to that level?

>> No.30141588 [DELETED] 

Hi dudes, wazzap here?

>Have you seen that shill attack on /biz/ today?
These homeless pajeets really believe that smart trader will look at their rubbish
Funny lmao
>I don’t risk today, my funds are on yield farming on yvs finance and I can reinvest any time

>> No.30141600

Everyone says 40 dollars but-- well honestly it's not even that crazy of a target. Oldfags keep saying we haven't even seen a real alt season yet. If BAT can do a 50x we wouldn't be incredibly far from 40 dollars. That's wishful thinking, though. I would probably fair-value BAT/Brave at about less than half of a company like, say, Roku. Roku's about 56 Billion. It also has a product and partnerships and stuff. I'd say we could probably surpass half of Roku's mcap this bullrun, or basically this year. That's a 20x.

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Tweet out about Brave then. I'd beat the fuck out of you. Pussy.

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I sold some of my stack when it was at its peak, feelsgoodman.
dont worry, im purchasing tons more once it levels around .50c, I just dont think our time is today.

>> No.30141683

Why is uphold such a dogshit platform

>> No.30141691

Its called Blockcard

>> No.30141749

why is BAT being shilled constantly? i have a stack of it just sitting but has somthing new came to light?

>> No.30141756 [DELETED] 

is it legit? will this coin make me rich sir?
or you just try to fool people with shit
>I have already hold GSX and got bonuses

>> No.30141774

Opt out of ads if you are that worried or sketched out. Use TAILS if you need to you sketch fuck.

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Volume/market cap ratio (not including today) looking fantastic, don't know why I didn't notice before.

>> No.30141848

Its surprising how low the market cap of bat still is compared to other coins.

>> No.30141872

I envy your gains. Well done.

>> No.30141895

Nah I bought like 2 weeks ago when the falling wedge on BATBTC didn't even show its form yet. I'm glad BATbros kept their eyes closely peeled on this token so I didn't miss out the chance to invest in something I really, truly believed in ever since I had heard about it.
I may just reap all the rewards of a great alt season this bullrun. Let's go.

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Can someone tell me why it went to 70 cents? It was like 40 a day or two ago

>> No.30141910

brave knew about BAT farmers. theres an upper limit to how much you can farm with one identity so if you do it too much rip all ur bat and ur identity, forever blacklisted from obtaining bat

>> No.30142008

bought some at .79 and now it dumps, as usual........

>> No.30142030

I am Zoroastrian and I literally am a Magi.
I cast my magic.

>> No.30142044

Nah back to 55¢ crabbing for a few months with the occational pump to 80¢

>> No.30142047

Announced their new search engine today which is why it pumped, but it's been gaining momentum slowly as Brave's user base grows

>> No.30142064

no fuck you
i wanna buy cheap

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lmao newfag detected

>> No.30142136

I saw this exact post yesterday.

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when the fuck are they gonna get rid of uphold, its fucking dogshit

>> No.30142199

Roadmap is crazy bullish if you missed it.

>> No.30142206

okay that makes sense, what do you think the price will be eoy? eo5y?

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>new tab ads not paying me


>> No.30142282

kekd who makes this shit

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>there is now a Brave BAT General
Wait, what? How did this happen? I'm only used to watching this coin crab sideways for more than 3 years now. And the occasional thread that dies after 5 posts if thot poster doesn't show up. This is making me nervous.

>> No.30142366

Yesterday there were 7 simultaneous threads.

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File: 192 KB, 1803x569, gSeething.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/g/ is fucking seething. I really tried to tell them. This poor anon could have kinda been a woman if only he listened.

>> No.30142456

How? Somehow the brave browser requwsts adsfrom sponsors and transfers the bat to a local wallet. What stops some hacker from just making the same requests?

>> No.30142508


>> No.30142583

Ill let the legend explain.

>> No.30142584


>> No.30142592

there isn't enough volume between 1700 and 1400 sats to really support this. We may just touch 1400 as a retest and bounce thru 1700, restest that level, then try to touch 2200 sats next, reaching a new local high again.
Reminder that BATUSD chart doesn't give you any of these levels except maybe with a fib retracement tool. That is why I am using satoshis.

>> No.30142661

2:20:00 correction.

>> No.30142666

How much BAT have you donated to CCs? I have been doing it for approx 3 years.

>> No.30142674

I dont see this screen on mobile.

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File: 559 KB, 1065x1893, 20210303_113925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BATbros... the ichimoku on the 2D...
It's fucking bullish again...

>> No.30142805

This link doesnt appear on my rewards page

>> No.30143002

Doesn't seem to be an option on mobile. Never noticed. Never really cared about personalized ads to be honest.

>> No.30143016

im not worried fuck head

>> No.30143089

I have this feeling that in the future Microsoft will just buy the company

>> No.30143094

I just want to audit the ads its shpwing me, it keeps showing me new tab ads without paying me my bat

>> No.30143107

I apologize. I'm used to shills using that as an argument.

>> No.30143206

Be patient. Only .5 BAT per day per device. Monthly payout. You had 4 years man.

>> No.30143269

explain this to a non weeb

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File: 48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, if you're poor thats all you have to say. The effort of this FUD is enough for me to buy even more.

>> No.30143346

For real, I've gotten almost 2000 for using the browser at my job for 3 years. Free future $80k. Maybe even a lambo.

>> No.30143416

I heard something like this in another BAT thread the other day. If you have concerns, certainly report them to the brave community forum. Maybe the bug is real. I think a lot of us just aren't paying attention because this is meant as a story of passive income thing, but people like you who pay attention to detail may perhaps notice things we never would.

>> No.30143676

>Only .5 BAT per day per device

Wtf? Fucking why? Isn't it 5 ads per hour?
Where is this documented?
I'm still getting paid when I see notifications though, there isn't some max.
Besides it's been days and I still have only 0.145 bat in my browser

>> No.30143745

I started these threads because I was getting mad at all the people like this. I have to remember the big picture and inform the dummies. Brave is about organic growth this is my contribution. I would think at least 10 anons are now going to daily Brave.

>> No.30143756

So when BAT is used by everyone to make purchases and shit bat is going to go through dump phases as people and businesses cash out on their tokens. It'll be a wild ride but the consistent dumps may keep price below a certain point as it keeps tokens in circulation despite their scarcity. But also it can create extremely predictable periods where you can swing trade.

>> No.30143759

Sure, I suppose I'll open a ticket?

>> No.30143770

price find new support. This means that if price stays high like this for another few hours, we potentially will have found new powerful support that will keep the price above, say, 70 cents in the long run. After that, clear skies till BAT hits something like 1.30

>> No.30143785

its realistic farming if you were to farm using only new tab ads for 12 hours everyday.

>> No.30143850
File: 2.89 MB, 640x1138, PART1146399444_1673653132814256_7536967721786595826_n.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not a bug. You're paid extra for ad tabs with your monthly payout if the balance doesn't reflect it right away.

Don't believe me? Payout is in 2 days, so keep an eye on your total rewards, they'll be a bit higher than what was projected.

>Isn't it 5 ads per hour?
>Please note that this setting is a ceiling rather than a floor. That is; it does not dictate how many ads you will see per hour – it dictates the maximum number of ads you may see per hour. This number will always fall between 0 and X, inclusive.

>> No.30143858



>> No.30143861

No. You're helpless.

>> No.30143890

You don't get paid immediately. You get paid end of month. I don't believe new tab ads are even accounted for in the predicted bat payout metric.

>> No.30143926

Themis will fix this exact issue, for both users and advertisers

>> No.30143961

>the year is 2022, the future is now
>getting a 10/10 hooker costs 2 bat

>> No.30144071

Thanks man, if it turns out to be real, be sure to show is in the form of a FUD BAT thread.
That would be BS. I'm sure Eich realizes that MS owning brave would be some sort of nonsensical idiom/paradox that totally clashes with the concept of it. Idk, do you think that Eich would ever sell out, BATbros?

>> No.30144212

no he learnt his lesson from mozilla not to sell out because it cost him his job

>> No.30144424

im not farming anything, im using the browser normally. I have 64 tabs open with all sorts of sites i use daily, from hackernews to youtube.

Indeed, payout is soon. I'll confirm or deny when it happens.

>ceiling rather than floor

That's a max of 5 ads per hour. Not .5 bat per day.

Actually it turned out there was a thread abut my problem already.


>I don't believe new tab ads are even accounted for in the predicted bat payout metric.

In the beginning, I got a bat after seeing an ad on new tab. I remember that because new tab ads were all I would get for a while. Now I get nothing.

>> No.30144474

Spouting false info. Listen to the goddamn podcast

>> No.30144497

Someone already described my exact problem here:


>> No.30144577

I haven't had as many ads the past few days. Probably because of the pump. I get them on mobile more often it seems.

>> No.30144946
File: 2.93 MB, 576x1024, 23123123_1328192 (1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Kek. Paid BAT e-girl shills coming to this Saturday's BAT thread.

For the lazy
>The earnings from Sponsored Images are included in your payouts. Earnings from Sponsored Images should be included in Brave Rewards estimated ad earnings but not in the 7-day ad history.

Posted by a Brave Support Team member.

>> No.30145238

passwords, bookmarks, and history. i made the switch from chrome last week and it was completely seamless. gf didnt even notice i switched her off firefox

>> No.30145268

I'll open a new tab and see more BAT in my wallet but I never see any ads for opening tabs. Not complaining tho. 0.085 till 10 BAT

>> No.30145388
File: 398 KB, 1920x1080, 1564013196088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How bad does it get with captchas when using brave browser?

>> No.30145401

how long until this is a standard /biz/ coin like link?

>> No.30145492

Been using it for a few days and I've had zero issues

>> No.30145523

>should be

Wishy-washy af desu. Do they know if I've seen the ad or not? Lmao

>> No.30145542


>> No.30145566

in my experience, 4chan wants the captcha every single post, or at best, every 2 posts...

>> No.30145582

No difference.
I guess captchas no longer count as ads? Have they ever?
I thought they either used captchas to improve AI or to generate a small amount of revenue

>> No.30145589

So Brandan’s big news was Brave search. This is so fucking bullish. No one likes using google, but duckduckgo and others kind of suck and it’s always more precise to just use google.

>> No.30145597

if you click the ads they know you came from brave because they have trackers setup in the URLs

>> No.30145685

brown hands typed this

>> No.30145826

Yeah I saw the trackers in the URLs. It makes no sense to me why they wouldn't show up in my count.
Maybe I should just leave it alone and stop stressing over it

>> No.30145888

Should I buy in now with 10k or wait? Currently it's in BTC/ETH

>> No.30145945

What’s the better investment to get into right now BAT or Link? I could see BAT hitting $5 but Links been pumping pretty good.

>> No.30145949

he was trying to be sarcastic but google doesnt pay you for ads.

>> No.30145975

We gonna pump again before dinner?>>30145888
Checked. I would wait to see if anything happens this weekend.

>> No.30145984


>> No.30145998
File: 2.96 MB, 720x1280, 123503243_1055459714896083_8153030029820355865_n.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give it 2 weeks. /biz/ goes crazy over that beat out Polish whore and I hired actual attractive e-girls to start shilling Brave/BAT threads starting this weekend.

Token is already rapidly gaining popularity here and its going to go viral and with every thread hitting cap limit when my thots start a thread. Sit back and enjoy the show.

It's not always included, which is something thats been posted by team members and observed by a lot of users, including myself. If your pending rewards doesn't reflect, you're paid the extra you've earned anyway.

I don't know why everyone is crying over it (not saying you are). Check your actual payout on the 5th if you have any doubts.

>> No.30146020

bros why am i not getting any ads on brave

>> No.30146030

If you received the ad you will be paid for it. If you click the ad Brave knows someone clicked the ad there is no additional payment at this time for clicking the ad.

>> No.30146067

Are you new? Link already went 100x. You might get a 2x out of it before the bull run ends. BAT is primed to 50x at minimum.

>> No.30146125

They just hate making money. Can’t fix retardation that bad

>> No.30146145

>anon when BAT spent fucking years crabbing at $0.20: .....
>anon when BAT pumps 40% in one day: I WANNA BUY

>> No.30146159

Yeah BAT is going to 100x.

>> No.30146190

The BAT girls are gonna so fine too. Top shelf content creators.

>> No.30146235

check your windows system notification settings. it needs to be on or youll be severely cucked.

>> No.30146296

You reckon BAT will x50 when? And x50 from when too?

>> No.30146335

Man, you've shit-tier thots saved on your device.
/gif/ has really gone down in quality, eh?

>> No.30146391

>Check your actual payout on the 5th if you have any doubts.

Will do. Its my first payout, not sure how things work.

>> No.30146471

There’s no doubt Brave and BAT is for the people, but I’m a bit worried that the oligarchs will crackdown on us, much they conspired to crack down on WSB. Are we safe?

>> No.30146472

I don't think he is from /gif/...
I think he is from reddit...

>> No.30146573

citadel cant fuck with our crypto, funds are safu

>> No.30146711

wtf do you think theyre actually going to do to you. if a big fund put this into their portfolio this thing would pump.

>> No.30146720

Just dont sell til $40+, okay kid?

>> No.30146803

I’m a school teacher, seeing zoomers using brave browser more and more. One even had a cute stack of BAT that I told him would make it for him one day.

>> No.30146953
File: 8 KB, 250x250, 1614642524800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>opposition to same-sex marraige
>Creator of Javascript and Mozilla
>Internet code hates fags by nature
I'm gonna all in on my next paycheck just for this reason alone LMAO

>> No.30147048
File: 143 KB, 501x443, 1610379364715.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>general with retardedly high price predictions
I'm starting to feel like we're turning into GRT fags
I don't feel so good anon chama

>> No.30147069


post JB

>> No.30147150

how does 40k per token sound?

>> No.30147206

coming for google

>> No.30147229

FUD $81k EOY

>> No.30147279

at first it's awful
after a week or so it's no different than chrome

>> No.30147324

Except there's only 15% the total supply of graph, 2x the volume, and a bigger use case than link.

>> No.30147359

I used to buy at 20c in the good old days. Looks like that time has gone. Is 40c the new bottom?

>> No.30147365

Doubt what? That kids are using it? I would too but it’s happening. I think as above poster said it’s simply for the ad free features. I asked the kid if he knew what the BAT tokens where and he was pretty clueless on it.

>> No.30147444
File: 288 KB, 1920x1062, rogan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*Sparks Blunt*
>Dude using Brave the past few years and earning BAT with your time from the ads is like purchasing an ICO but with a working product.

>> No.30147578

Bat threads have always said $40 eoy. We are just get more and more likely to reach.

>> No.30147586
File: 34 KB, 300x312, nervous green wojak distorted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Brave Search will join the family of privacy-preserving Brave products as consumers are increasingly demanding user-first alternatives to Big Tech.
The fuuck, BRAVE SEARCH????

>> No.30147677

Used to be pretty bad but they seem to have fixed it. Then again I haven't posted on a nsfw board in a while

>> No.30147686
File: 432 KB, 1920x1080, 1557526186937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked and entirely possible pilled

>> No.30147740

I remember seeing more around $10 EOY but could be recency bias I guess

>> No.30147861
File: 79 KB, 512x512, bat fudders.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How could anyone miss this meme, it's in every BAT thread for the past year...

>> No.30147925
File: 24 KB, 250x250, 1611762291144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30147948

Rogan has mentioned Brave on his podcast before. If that's how Eich tells the world about Brave 2.0 release I wouldn't be mad.

>> No.30148028

its enabled :( ive actually gotten 2 but havent had any in like 4 hours now

>> No.30148059

$10 is the optimistic realist evaluation.
$40 is a bit meme

>> No.30148178

I want to use brave but the text becomes super blurry unless I turn hardware acceleration off, and if I turn it off then the scrolling becomes choppy. I have a good computer, I think its something to do with using a 4k monitor

>> No.30148328

>classic load ze korea fud
hearty kek

>> No.30148696

I don't have a 4k monitor so can't confirm anything. Check in the community for your issue. If it's not there open a ticket.

>> No.30148707

Hmm the fud for BAT is pretty bullish not gonna lie. No one has any valid reason for fud that makes sense.

Like fud for ADA I can understand due to 45 billion coins and a dev that shit posts on Twitter while taking years to even make his product work.

But BAT has a working product with a clear vision, constantly improving and soon to be integrated into Amazon. The sky is the limit.

The only real problem Brave may face is if the oligarchs decide to illegally use their connections with the federal government to cause problems for it.

That is the only threat. If that doesn't happen then I'll be laughing in my new house as I retire off my BAT investment. Fudders get the rope.

>> No.30148716

can I get a QRD on how to do this
(windows 7)

>> No.30148858

First step learn how to use linux mint. Why are you still on 7? This browser is about security. People still use 7? kek

>> No.30148986

We need more FUD so the /biz/ adoption curve of BAT is organic

>> No.30149011
File: 147 KB, 1024x1023, 1611873960131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>soon to be integrated into Amazon
Interesting.. source?

>> No.30149064

7 is vastly superior to 10, and I'm a fucking brainlet why would I use linux

>> No.30149100

What is that?

>> No.30149110

enjoy your malware. im not saying to use 10

>> No.30149149

>The only real problem Brave may face is if the oligarchs decide to illegally use their connections with the federal government to cause problems for it.
If BAT gets this big, I think that's bullish

>> No.30149175

Very interesting. We're making new discoveries ever since all these new users hopped on.

>> No.30149263

Yeah lemme just get malware from fucking /biz/ and youtube. sure thing bud. You're saying use mint, I don't want to change OS, I don't want to set up virtual machine.

>> No.30149341
File: 505 KB, 1203x899, Built_on_OGN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also shout out to the OGN bros out there. Brave store is a DApp built on OGN. Amazon recently announced OGN on AWS


>> No.30149444

Then get left behind. Learn to update with the times. It's not 2014 any more man. Linux mint is super easy to install and use. Take 2 hours out of your day to back up your shit and install it.

>> No.30149500

I am not there is. I do believe we are going mainstream now though so more partnerships will pop up.

>> No.30149601

How does one get in touch with e-girls from third world countries like this?

>> No.30149696

Kinda to do with this maybe?

>> No.30149778

faggot lmao

>> No.30149822

Give it to me straight. Should I sell my NANO to pivot into this shitcoin?

>> No.30149839

This is the end of our comfy saturday night BAT threads isn't it

>> No.30149930
File: 102 KB, 800x545, 1515317081982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's interesting too. Can anyone list products on the Brave store? Seems like a good opportunity to sling some T's and other products with a Brave logo slapped on.

>> No.30149948

Ok bud. Not my fault you cant learn an easy to use operating system. Last (you) I tried to help you.

>> No.30149984

does NANO have a real working product

>> No.30150076

I sold everything except BTC. Iota, xmr, bnb, rlc, avax all dumped for this.

>> No.30150132

You guys get the message from the brave employees on the discord server too? Can't believe they're coordinating the pump to $1.20, I'll probably hold past that

>> No.30150214

does NANO have major companies using it for advertisement with better click through rates?

>> No.30150220

You can build a DStore right now

>> No.30150351

it behaves identically to chrome
because it's chrome.

>> No.30150361

Dope but then I'd need to advertise the store and get traffic. Thought I could list on the Brave store but apparently not. Brave staff list the products there apparently.

>> No.30150367


>> No.30150475

I mean shit if this thing goes 40x in the next year why am I only in $1k?
will there be a dip I can buy?

>> No.30150548

>30 posts by OP
>shilling years old news
>tech support
>coomer shit

BAT threads have and always will be low energy garbage

>> No.30150613

At least we have a working product.

>> No.30150618

Cope faggot, we're all rich.

>> No.30150712

dial 1-800-CMON-NOW

>> No.30150716

just leave your NANO bags in 2017 dude... quite sad to see people still try to hold on to shitcoins like that after years

>> No.30150762

I may be a retard, but it's the only coin I actually believe in. I believe in it more than bitcoin even, because there's an actual mechanism to use BAT as currency, which was the original pitch for crypto to begin with.

>> No.30150781

I believe in the organic growth and helping people with their questions. What's wrong with that?

>> No.30150864

Kek, didn't think there was a discord server.

>> No.30151002

2021 zoomers like that kid don't know that comfy threads are where the true gems lie
link threads weren't like nowadays generals for all those shitcoins, it was comfy breadcrumb tech talks
BAT threads are bullish

>> No.30151186

Frankly I haven't been this confident about a coin since Bitcoin back in 2011. I didn't buy in then. I bought in this time.

>> No.30151339

Let's go man. Finally BAT getting some of the recognition it deserves. I feel like its current fair value is at least 20 billion USD. That's a 20x from here. Peak bubble value? Only god knows, I suppose.

>> No.30151362

The exchange rate formula is arguing that the long-run price of BAT will stabilize as the utility of the token crowds out speculation.

For you non-economically-minded fucks, it's not saying the price of BAT will stop going up. It's arguing that BAT will eventually establish an equilibrium price close to its real value.

>> No.30151728
File: 264 KB, 1024x689, sutre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't the fact that they are giving out free BAT via the browser going to hold the price of BAT down?

let's say you on average get 22 BAT each month from the browser ads, and the price of 1 BAT has reached 10$, there is no way they'll want to be giving out that much money for free to millions of people?

I'm just a retarded nig but i got to thinking about this when reading that people were predicting 40$ ITT etc

>> No.30151749
File: 183 KB, 1194x1116, 1614496095391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So in other words, people will pay what they think it's worth.
Which is to say that it's no different from any crypto lol

>> No.30151808

What timescale are you looking at? I see a flag at one day and one week, but zooming out it just seems to bounce around chaotically.
t. Newfag that's been using brave since circa 2015 with the ads turned off.

>> No.30151891

Yes, you are retarded. The more BAT is worth, the more ad buying power it has. The cost in USD stays the say while BAT price increases.

>> No.30152125

>giving out free BAT
they're paying you for your attention
they're incentivizing your viewership of advertisements
it's actually pretty genius
they don't need to guess at how many ads are too much for someone - that someone will tell brave exactly what their ad tolerance is (and get paid for it)
I can't/won't go into a cost/benefit analysis of that here and now, but I guarantee they will lose a fraction of users google and other old tech will due to too many ads

>> No.30152143

The price for ads is going to go down meaning you'll get less BAT the higher the value of BAT. Remember crypto operates in decimals. Instead of getting .03 bat per ad you'd get .003 or .0003 etc.

The key to remember is that there is only 1.5 billion tokens and there can never be more. When BAT can be used to make purchases normies are going to be holding their coins to pay for shit instead of cashing out at exchanges, especially cuz most normies won't even want to bother with an exchange in the first place.

Companies like Amazon may choose to absorb the eth gas fees too which would be even more bullish.

So you're going to have a significant amount of BAT just sitting on wallets like a savings account and that'll drive the price up.

>> No.30152215


>14 posts
and he just won't stop

You have zero clue what you're talking about


the /biz/ discord server full of millionaires? the one that organized all the pumps and dumps? how are you not in it, everyone here is

>> No.30152259
File: 387 KB, 556x993, 4C614D4C-19D4-4F31-AD54-88413AA1EC2B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You think I read Chinese you faggot? Fuck outta here

>> No.30152306

says the obvious r*dditfaggot
Why do you people try so hard to fit in when you obviously never will

>> No.30152405

I love morons like you that don't understand how BAT works yet. the BAT stored on your browser are stored on servers until you take them out, which is only through uphold, meaning most BAT earned will never leave the ecosystem. the supply is technically limitless. if the price gets too high it defeats the point of the token.

>> No.30152448

in a way, BATbros are a bit of a we. But don't worry, that'll dissolve as more and more newBATbros come in and join the party. But yeah no, old BATbros are a veeery small tight-knit group in my experience.

>> No.30152501

>When BAT can be used to make purchases normies are going to be holding their coins to pay for shit instead of cashing out at exchanges
THIS is why I like BAT. It's also my plan with BAT. I won't be paying capital gains on this shit when I just use it to make purchases.

>> No.30152506

seethe harder faggot, fuck you unfunny retards, this board culture sucks

>> No.30152512

I meant a Brave discord server.

>> No.30152568

I'm surprised that you can read at all.

>> No.30152626

Literally retarded. I love the new found fud amongst us

>> No.30152698


there are maybe 5 regular posters in the telegram and none are from earlier than 2018, BATbros come and go in waves as they realize more gains will always be had elsewhere, but none stay for long. no memes stick, no fags stay, and to this day incorrect information about how brave works gets spread as gospel. sad all around.

>> No.30152726

I don't think you can call other people morons and say what you just said at the same time. You are suggesting that the amount of BAT that all the browsers say the user has earned does not exist until they withdraw the BAT?

Do you have any idea what kind of parabolic crash that'd lead to in the future? The sheer amount of liquidity problems will destroy it.

>> No.30152791



>> No.30152794

>>14 posts
>and he just won't stop
idk m8 maybe I'm just a retard who believes in BAT but at least I'm not a shill or a fud like you

>> No.30152809

are you actually retarded? did you have your handler post for you?

>> No.30152900

Ive been up significant money since .30 cents. You cope poorfag

>> No.30152909

again, you haven't read how the ecosystem works yet. this is why we don't talk about BAT

>> No.30152986


batfags would be impressed by a 2x

>> No.30153009

then explain it to us because clearly you're much smarter than the rest of us retards

>> No.30153057

Dude STFU and listen to Eich speak>>30142583 2:20:00
You are a complete moron. You are spouting misinfo with all the info in the OP kek

>> No.30153110

Be real with me lads, should I sell off my ETH and switch to BAT?

>> No.30153176

We don’t talk about bat is over, there was plenty of accumulation time. If you are under 30k then you just didn’t want to make it.

>> No.30153221

interesting, sounds like they expect the price of BAT to eventually be dictated by volume of transfers rather than speculative value. If this token becomes ubiquitous enough to have it's price determined by transactions I'd expect BATs to be thousands of dollars eventually

>> No.30153372

He cant because hes a shill that either wants the price to dip to buy more or has not done more then 1 hour into researching the product.

>> No.30153386

no, the millionaire discord server still says don't talk about BAT, post pics to prove otherwise

>> No.30153470


I won't because you fags don't deserve it

>> No.30153493

Picking up steam again, $1.00 imminent.
Yeah, I'll run through it this week and work out an expected exchange rate, given the current trajectory in velocity.

>> No.30153523
File: 35 KB, 490x484, 3D658843-DDB0-4A0A-8D18-132D6FE59497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why hello fellow BAT holding chads. Yes, of course I bought 50,000 BAT under 50 cents. And yes, I will be holding until $40.

>> No.30153526

Explain to us why we "don't talk about BAT"?

>> No.30153541

>Stacking since early 2018
>never sold, not once
>surpassed make it stack last year
Is this what it feels like on the path to gtmi

>> No.30153545

>don't talk about it guys, I'm trying to accumulate!
Sounds about right. Sorry you took it at face value.

>> No.30153566
File: 42 KB, 403x402, 1265512704750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been using Brave it for a month.
>Estimated pending rewards 0.500BAT 0.39 USD
>Ads received this month 5

And not even five per DAY.

What am I doing wrong? I hardly see any ads.

>> No.30153600

I just bought my first $100 of BAT today on coinbase pro, its my first time buying crypto but I know this has a future

>> No.30153681

Checked. Same here. Phonefag.

>> No.30153777
File: 201 KB, 1439x784, Screenshot_20210302-231458_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30153844
File: 12 KB, 595x211, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All in one day. Literally just started using Brave today.

>> No.30153915

there's like 20 people ITT
what is he going to accomplish by fudding it here?

>> No.30153960

These posts are so bad they should be ban worthy. I can’t even count how many times this has been pointed out, setting a max of 5 ads per hour doesn’t guarantee you’ll get 5 ads. Visiting some e-commerce websites can help make it go higher if you really want. But farming Brave for BAT is really efficient. Just market buy instead of being a pussy.

>> No.30153997

>>surpassed make it stack last year
>Is this what it feels like on the path to gtmi
what's your make it stack?

>> No.30154040

>is really INefficient
Retard moment

>> No.30154065

I just did this morning

>> No.30154103

Same here

>> No.30154205

I plan on making a small meager stack of BAT entirely through Brave rewards, mostly just for fun and because I like Brave and think BAT is a cool idea.

Any tips for getting more ads other than setting per hour to 5? Like are there any websites to look at where ads happen more frequently?

Thanks in advance frens. Hope you guys with huge stacks make it.

>> No.30154235

50k is a make it stack, with the dex news it may be 25 now. We will get the scientist to run the new numbers.

>> No.30154355

I don't think I could break 4k without the wife freaking out
max I could possibly go with liquid cash is probably 20k

>> No.30154395

Will depend entirely on them keeping their word on the 1.5 billion in circulation. I'm sitting on 33k, and feel like if it hits $10 I'll be happy. It's going beyond that, but there are many variables. It could be 20, it could be 100.

>> No.30154428

you seriously dont have your own bank account?

>> No.30154513

>freaking out
Ask me how I know you’re a faggot who lives in fear of his wife’s emotions. How’s the eggshells bro?

>> No.30154525

Done with questions.

>> No.30154737

I only turned ads on to support Brave. the BAT payouts are for poors. I buy and schedule donations of BAT to CCs. I have... well now 9k in BAT... paid in a few K over the many years.

>> No.30155032

I also donate all of mine, pennies for the masses to pump my stack.

>> No.30155170

used to have to turn off shields to shitpost. No more

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