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any good coin i can invest in? i've heard BNB is getting popular

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Yes, stack and hold bnb, see you at 500$ EOM

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>t. Bobo
For real or joking?

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Yes but you have less than 4 hours to buy under 260 It gonna breakout

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thanks for your kindly answer, is SATAN a bifurcation of BNB

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I bought Ripple and Dash because of upward trend.
How fucked I am?

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>260 keeps getting rejected for the third time today
reeeeeee do sumthin you piece of shit

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in due time, anon, in due time

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the aave of bsc

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Binance smart chain fun coins

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what crypto is good for invest? litecoin, monero, ??

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BNB is a good long term

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BNB is a safer bet for a long term investment OP. Obviously more money can be made and at a quicker pace, but that’s betting on the more volatile parts of the market.

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when is the next burn?

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Next month

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