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When you realize the Parsiq chart is literally the Chad Fad

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Off to a good start with dubs.

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We’re all gonna make it boys. $15 eom.

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Double checked

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Checking your double check. kek

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What is this?

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Double checking your double check

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4 out of 5 ain’t bad

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I think I need to buy something

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I was here.

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kek wills it.

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legendary thread

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checked and based

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Checked and witnessed, PRQ $5 EOM

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PRQ to the fucking moon. I'll sell my house and buy more.

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$5 eom is what I am expecting. Iq looks to be revolutionary. Like everything Parsiq does.

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power of the time travelling wallet

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I knew you were going to post this.

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It's no Ersdl

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$5 eom and I’ll quit my job and make a follow up post (with proof if I can figure out how)

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how big is your stack?

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and how much do you make at ur job?

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Why does this coin have barely any volume?

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I’m no whale but $5 would make me very comfortable with using my savings to support myself while I study full time. I’m a poorly paid engineer kek

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cm and uni are the only exchanges

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Comfy $5 confirmed.

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We are still very early. Everything will change this month.

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>more digits
Kek blesses us. $5 EOM. WAGMI

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What is the plan for releasing the 400 million coins not in circulation?

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bros HOLD UP i still need to buy in. is 2k usd worth enough to make it?

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Alright I need to buy now what the fuck.

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> This means that the total possible future circulating supply of PRQ decreases from 348,296,872 PRQ to 310,256,872 PRQ or almost another 11%.

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5$ EOM

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Parsiq will reach a higer value than we think. Expect +$100.

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I can not have that luck anon, im sorry

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Why does prq threads get so many dubs and digits. Are we acoomulating them for crabs or pumps?

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Because we are blessed by kek, the god of gains and prosperity.

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Easily but not immediately. They are targetting 1m customers by mid 2022. $100 is more than possible. Their tech will be game changing. Much bigger than link.

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then sell

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You will take it.

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Does 1m customers mean the number of businesses + individuals they're selling to, or just individuals? Because the latter isn't very much. But if that's potentially hundreds of thousands of BUSINESSES, that is incredibly bullish

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just went all in check it

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This coin has given me more crabs than college did
Fuck it I like crab rangoon anyway

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A couple of days ago they said they were showcasing their products to one of the biggest tech companies in the world and they are in talks with one of the largest crypto custodians in Asia. I think they are going to be massive for business. They have yet to implement 2 way smart triggers which will be game changing. Full automation. This is massive, massive tech, with Ncase and IQ they are going to be huge in both tradfi and blockchain.

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mf had it with this mf crab

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I’m ready to kill the crab

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All these checks! We are all going to make it.

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Crab will be kill in this month. Screencap this.

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Interesting. I wonder how big they're talking. Like, BlackBerry big, or fucking Amazon big?
If it's not a LARP and we aren't getting scammed then yeah, I think I'll hold. Thanks for the news!

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Anatoly thinks big. He has spoken about getting on bloomberg terminals. Honestly. The possible usecases are so many they are having to limit where the aim to deploy. They are going for massive, household names and so they should, there is nothing out there that can do what they do. They will bring tradfi to the blockchain.

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I forgot about that one. Now hypothetically, lets say they reach Bloomberg terminal levels - how big is that to a brainlet like me? I know how to pick products but by scale I don't know what it implies - afaik it's beyond massive, but maybe I'm wrong?

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They’re going to announce during a dump, aren’t they

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>how big is that to a brainlet like me
quite literally as big as possible

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Yes, it’s Parsiq
This is Parsiq

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There are 325,000 bloomberg terminals in use. Most will be on the desks of very wealthy people. It is the top end trading tool in tradfi and would be a huge feather in Parsiqs cap.

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As big as possible indeed. (It really is top end, no larp)

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Am I dead bros, is the eternal PRQ crab my punishment? Are you all enjoying triple figure parsnips in real life?

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What is this project? Someone explain its purpose and goals to me please.

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I work at Parsiq HQ, I have been on since the new wave of hires. I am Estonian national so please pardon my English.
Things are going crazy busy here, many new partners and lots of promise. It's very exciting here, but one problem.
Anatoly has been acting very strange, he seemed normal in interview process but since I start working I see him pacing always around the office and muttering about quantam riddles.
Always, always he is flushing the toliet. Sometimes multiple times in the same trip to the bathroom. He goes to bathroom several times an hour, there is no reason anyone would need this restroom so often??
But flushing, always over and over. And now people here are worried. The water utility bill is coming in and we can barely afford this cost to our overhead it is that high. He is flushing gallons everyday.
I can hear him now from my office going to toliet again and water rushing through the pipes.
Andre confronted him about this yesterday and Anatoly again only speaks in riddles. This happened right on the main floor infront of everyone.
I am not feeling so good about This, dumping so much water...

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5$ end of crab

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Do you like time travel?

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Fuck bros I'm losing morale, not fucking selling though... At least my ID is green

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Same. Someone gimme something to believe in

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How much is suicide stack?

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The central core of the project are smart triggers which take data from smart contracts and take it off chain. This is not an oracle, it is bigger. It can transmit data before confirmation and using some mathematics I am too dumb to understand can parse this info including what happened, what didn't happen and what may have happened. It will filter this to the bit you need and deliver it off chain. In q4 they will release smart triggers that go off chain to on. This is full automation. Trigger activates which in turn activates another trigger. Think automated trading based on an action on the blockchain. BEFORE that transaction has confirmed. Blockchain agnostic and with so many usecases it is hard to describe. Automated accounting, automated stock control. It is a real time data actionable tool. Works off chain too. T
Added to that is their new IQ protocol launching this month. Essentially a defi lending platform but with new tech that will take transactions off the blockchain partially to counter transaction costs by reducing computational needs. it is revolutionary stuff. Coupled with Ncase, (already deployed and being tested by big projects like Coin Metro) it will offer a full payment processing system which will allow tradfi a back end which will accept payments in any crypto and output the token of choice. Eg USDC. It is also a wallet deployment system cheaper than anything else on the market.
Parsiq tech will change crypto for the better and will bring mass adoption. It is a top ten project yet to be noticed. Won't be waiting more than a month though. This month IQ protocol launches, along with new tokenomics requiring all service users to hold or borrow tokens. On the roadmap left for this month includes 1 Layer 1 integration, 2 top Defi integrations, we are expecting a binance listing as per info on github plus a listing with a BSC bridged token on pancake swap to allow farming.
Act accordingly.

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more frontrunning for eth transactions lol

>> No.30148018

Possible but it has many more uses than that. Automated trding is one for sure but we have to think of companies like Visa and banks. These are the companies moving into crypto who will use Parsiq products more for live monitoring than trading. Data is bigger than frontrunning.

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Every time I lose morale I remind myself that Money Forehead says it's bigger than LINK.

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who is he and why does his opinion matter?

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He did, since then they have come up with IQ protocol and Ncase too.
Stansberry said it is a top ten project before these new products too. Just on smart triggers alone.

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hello newfriend

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It seems similar to GRT because it aims to bring blockchain information outside of the blockchain. The automation part is not that useful ("drag-drop" block coding is a meme), anyone can write a small script to do whatever they want. And that is usually preferred because it gives you a lot more flexibility.
However, I am a big fan that they're spending so much time on marketing. Establishing a brand and a client base early will go a long way.

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Doubled dubs checked.
Kevin Murcko is the CEO of coin metro exchange and is involved in a lot of other projects. He is known as a very knoweledgable mind in crypto.

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Nothing like GRT. GRT is like a library in comparison to Parsiq. Parsiq is the internet. Historical querying will no longer be required with live monitoring. Parsiq will integrate GRT at some point as a slightly useful side project. Parsiq will automate the IOT. It will change everything.

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>sold a shitcoin to buy prq
>since then the shitcoin has 13x'd
>prq hasnt moved

>> No.30149227

what shitcoin anon

>> No.30149256

Damn, looks like I missed the boat. I’ll have to stick to buying XCM, too poor for 10k. Good luck bro, I hope you make it.

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Newfags truly do live among us.
I appreciate them being willing to learn about the Gospel of the Forehead, though.

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Wheres the hopium guys?
I come here for updates and breadcrumbs. Not dubs and digits.
The telegram group has been insufferable too recently, having to scroll past hundreds of shitposts just to see actual discussion, which only ever comes from ape, Jon, kap and Daniel.
Please end this crabbing and let me make it...

>> No.30150381

Choi and Dale are cancer, I have too much money in this to not pay any attention either.

>> No.30150418

It's spread about. But nothing new announced besides more breadcrumbs. You noticed we did mention the potential SRM integration (not very hype though), as well as the Asian custodian integration etc.

>> No.30150540

I've been here since early 2017 and I've never heard of him before. Ive seen the memes about him tho... isnt coinmetro a centralized exchange with very little volume? I dont get why he is of any relevance given his exchange is shit tier.

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He runs a cex that has listed top tier projects. He was the founder and CEO of FXPIGS. He is also involved with Parsiq as an advisor and is part of the Ignium team to name but a few things he does. That forehead hosts a wealth of knowledge.

>> No.30151080

You don't question the Forehead, anon, you just accept his wisdom unquestionably.
Anyway, it's currently a low volume exchange with some of the best fees, versatility and options in the industry - with exponential user growth, so the volume is its last issue which will change within a year.

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$10 PRQies first anon

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This year we will see $10 minimum.

>> No.30152112

I just want my prq to moon so I can real retire instead of covid ubi retire.

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Based effortposter

>> No.30152274

>begging about shitcoins
>lose all
>cry on 4ch on every thread

I am not stupid to take this way, my wallet with GSX, I know how to make win-win operations

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>tfw down 20%
6 announcements in 6 weeks! binance pretty much confirmed!

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Thanks anon.

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We're under 2m volume. Worthless. That's why we're not pumping despite BTC recovering - nobody wants to touch this coin now.

>> No.30153161

Hi guys how do I learn about the tech behind this coin

>> No.30153352

scroll up

>> No.30153409

Watch his ethDenver presentation on the uncertainty of blockchains in the real time timeframe.

>> No.30153537

we NEED a proper listing
check out the white paper on Parsiqs website fren

>> No.30154186

A 3hr presentation by the master himself.

>> No.30154326

Ooops, it is timestamped half way. Start from the geeginning. It is a masterclass.

>> No.30154466

piece of shit is dumping again

>> No.30154653

I sold

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>> No.30154845

thank you for doing the needful sir, we can pump now

>> No.30155839

should have sold for rsr

>> No.30155917

fucking gas

>> No.30156901

The basics are, the exchange is comfy, for the near non-existent fees alone, tokenomics for xcm are great, the ceo is absolutely based, name another fag who sits down and does an AMA every week where he answers literally any question he gets, you could literally ask him what to good projects are, I did that last time, he then said prq and I made 160x
that's insane, literally fucking insane, how on earth is biz not all over this
And about the exchange, Instant USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/SEK fiat on and off ramps, fully compliant and regulated, unlike chinknance they won't shut down or keep your funds in limbo, no automatic reporting to tax authorities, 24/7 support that replies within 50 seconds, one of the only good Tokenized security platforms.
Also copy trading and margin if you care about that, one cool thing is they don't charge for listing, they only want good projects on their exchange whom they can work with etc, so instead of asking for a million to list, they pick promising projects for you so (you) can get in early, and everything they list usualy pumps
they listed link at 0.2, qnt at 0.4, prq at 0.005, you could have made it 3 times over
and that's most of the things they have as of right now
not even talking about all the things that they are going to have
debit cards, virtual IBANs, interactions as a FIAT on/off ramp for Paxful, getting an EMI and MTF License to do even more shit, who knows even defi stuff
and that's just all the things I know about it, some people here know much more

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>> No.30158270

I bought early and sold for eth in january. While undervalued at the time, the community has tured into a tech illiterate ciclejerk spewing nonsense price predictions. It's not a bad hold just dampen your expectations. Aside from technical problems, the team went into a questionable direction and their partnerships are riddled with conflicts of interest.

>> No.30158472

Which partnerships? Most of Parsiqs partnerships are integrations allowing their tech to be used on others platforms. I see no conflict of interest. The community is the same as many tg communities, the trading chat is a bit lively but the main Parsiq chat is crying out for more tech discussion if that is what you want.
Intereted to hear what technical problems you are talking about too. DESU this sounds like low level fud.

>> No.30158539

>the community has tured into a tech illiterate ciclejerk spewing nonsense price predictions
Is this a reason to sell though? Cause I see that in every altcoin community

>> No.30158636

>the community has tured into a tech illiterate ciclejerk spewing nonsense price predictions
we have been crabbing for 6 weeks, everything worth discussing has been discussed, although i am interested to hear what you mean by conflicts of interest with partnerships?
as for technical problems everything appears on track, although i admit im not in the telegram as those are always cancer

>> No.30159014

No technical problems have been raised in the tgs and everything is on schedule for the roadmap with a few more things on top. The recent AMA with the CEO gave us more news of massive potential partnerships in the future. He also confirmed everything is on schedule.

>> No.30159207

>Aside from technical problems, the team went into a questionable direction and their partnerships are riddled with conflicts of interest.
none of this is true

>> No.30159320

There's poloniex too. You can buy there without getting assraped by fees.

>> No.30159325

>the team went into a questionable direction and their partnerships are riddled with conflicts of interest.
name one

>> No.30160659

One post by that I'd. Probably bought the graph™ instead.

>> No.30161297

Very good video thanks for sharing. One of the comfiest holds and unironically the next link.

>> No.30162100

No problem, I have watched it 3 times and still not quite taken it all in. A genius at work.

>> No.30162222

> he then said prq and I made 160x
No you didnt because ATL is about 0.10$. you made 12x maximum at current price

>> No.30162341

Wasted quads.
PRQ was at 0.005 when it listed on Coin Metro. The chart you are looking at does not include pricing before the hard fork. There is plenty history before 10c.

>> No.30162766


>> No.30163169


>> No.30163192


>> No.30163311

>Sounds like Parsig which means Persian

Am Iranian, just gonna dump 10K on this

>> No.30163437

double dubs, based persian male.

>> No.30164565

>ATL is about 0.10$
the jews fear the real parsiq chart https://go.coinmetro.com/express/buy/PRQ

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