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Parsiq schizo general - are we the real schizos edition?
>6 announcements in 28 days
>rumored SRM partnership
>Binance listing
>IQ Protocol
>Two weeks
>Crab and parsnip soup
what will anatoly give us as an announcement this friday?

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>mfw I asked and we're all unironically onboard with the schizo meme
At least we might fare better than XRP.
Okay boys nobody answered me last time, but what's SRM? I assume it's that Serum coin, but is it worth being hype about?
You also forgot
>Rumoured partnership and full PRQ integration with Asia's largest crypto custodian

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I can't take this crabbing. Must...buy... more shitcoins

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I can't believe I bough this shit and missed 10x on Ersdull
Fucking niggers

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>tfw 24k prq
>could have 100k by now if I didnt hold this for 2 months like a chump
fuck bros

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Will it get listed on pancakewsap?

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>Rumoured partnership and full PRQ integration with Asia's largest crypto custodian
Thought a team member full on said that? Bit more than a rumour

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Yes - 2 more weeks

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It was the CEO. But I'm pretty sure he said it was a "might have". If someone can clarify that'd be great.

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Bit of a big thing to drop, hopefully it’s a bit more concrete than a maybe
They have been aiming a lot of their marketing in Asia, not really seen any signs it’s working yet though

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I'm about to sell 20k because I'm sick of missing out on the bull run. I don't even care because I'll be making far more investing in something else.

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trust the plan
two more weeks
time travel, blockchain
*flushes toilet*


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I work at Parsiq HQ, I have been on since the new wave of hires. I am Estonian national so please pardon my English.
Things are going crazy busy here, many new partners and lots of promise. It's very exciting here, but one problem.
Anatoly has been acting very strange, he seemed normal in interview process but since I start working I see him pacing always around the office and muttering about quantam riddles.
Always, always he is flushing the toliet. Sometimes multiple times in the same trip to the bathroom. He goes to bathroom several times an hour, there is no reason anyone would need this restroom so often??
But flushing, always over and over. And now people here are worried. The water utility bill is coming in and we can barely afford this cost to our overhead it is that high. He is flushing gallons everyday.
I can hear him now from my office going to toliet again and water rushing through the pipes.
Andre confronted him about this yesterday and Anatoly again only speaks in riddles. This happened right on the main floor infront of everyone.
I am not feeling so good about This, dumping so much water...

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My dubz confirm

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Absolute Chad, underselling himself knowing he's get trips.
Checked, $5 EOM.

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I know the feeling mate, personally I’m giving it until April. If it does nothing then I’m going to sell and try make some money somwhere else, will still buy back in during the bearmarket though as I think PRQ has a lot of potential.

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The only reason I'm still holding is because the mod in the telegram group said $3-5 EOM.
If we arent there by april 1st I'm going all in on XRP and BAT instead.

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Why do I keep seeing BAT everywhere recently?
That’s more of a notorious crabcoin than PRQ, has something changed?

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Now this is peak schizo

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when does it get listed on binance?

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Sometime before the end of the month. Fingers crossed this Friday, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they leave Binance until last like retards.

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Hey guys.

Can you check out Mochimo?

I have seen it posted all over but I need to know if i should get in now.

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I sold some Link for this crab coin at $26
kill me

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2 weeks

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On normal binance? As in w options to leverage and such? Or some bsc thing?

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trust the plan

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BAT started pumping late yesterday on some Brave browser timeline news. Up 20+ % in the last 24hr

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No idea yet, going to have to wait and see. We won’t have to wait long now at least.

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Should have bought GRT

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GRT bull here, don't rope yourself, it's ok to buy stable coin.

We will wait for you at 100$ :)

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>>We will wait for you at 100$
(: we ll see

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shoo shoo GRTranny

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Yep, just trust the plan

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two weeks

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can you even afford a rope with your nigger wallet ?

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so what do we do if nothing happens and we are still crabbing at the end of the month?

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I'll honestly sell.
Is what I'd say if I weren't a bitch, but I know the moment I do that's when we hit $10 for no fucking reason.

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>IQ protocol releases at the end of the month
continue buying and staking in the lending pool, of course

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bag hold till 2022

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Some anon crunched the numbers and it looks like IQ protocol wont be making us shit for a while.
PRQ makes about 9k a month from triggers currently.

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I hope so anon i really do

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do we have any idea what the returns will be like for staking in the lending pool?

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Thought that was just from one source, but 50k in total?

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I'd assume somewhere between 5-10% APY compounded, but the earlier you're entered in the lending pool, the farther your contributions will go, from my understanding. I could be wrong but that's the gist of it

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50k stack reporting in.
We Parsniggers will blast off into the stratosphere soon, only leaving behind a trail of parsnip-smelling pee to drizzle down onto the normie hordes

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Oh my bad then. Must've misread or I'm just retarded

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It’s still not a great sum, but it will only grow

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>GRT hoping to be at 100$
>with its terrible tokenomics & already huge marketcap

Anon, I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but...

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The 3 billion dump is PRICED IN anon!
So are the other 50 billion or so!
And marketcap is FUD, the coin is only like a dollar, anon, that's so low!

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The only fud you can think about is the supply kek

Hope you coin will allow you to trigger your asshole.

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GRT needs ETHs mcap to get to $100 and that’s not even taking into account the extra 11 billion tokens.

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its pretty legitimate FUD, you haven’t even posted any drawbacks to PRQ other than it’s crabbing at the moment, that won’t happen forever (i hope)

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We're not schizos, we're time travelers our wallet is 4D

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looks like bsc

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we need normal binance not bsc shit

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we'll likely get both, although BSC might come first

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We will get both

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Didn't someone mention that they cross-referenced all listings and found that within the time they're pulled into BSC they're added within a week?
I wonder if Binance will end up being the Friday announcement.

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>I wonder if Binance will end up being the Friday announcement.
I’m really hoping for this, I don’t think the other announcements will have much effect, whilst Binance first and then announcements should bring in some much needed volume.
Sadly the team don’t seem to think like that, I’m worried Binance will be last

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Is C I R C U L A R P L S D E L E T E anon here?
I'm tired of being burnt out but man, maybe it does have promise

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binance listing will be in 2 weeks

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Why is the volume so low on this shit?

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>our only exchanges are uniswap and coinmetro

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Their marketing is horrid. They hype everyone up for "major" announcements, and then its something nobody gives a shit about... not even those who own PRQ.

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Think you will find it’s /biz/ posters doing that not the team

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looking to buy in, is 50k makeit or suicide tier?

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make it for sure, if it ever goes up

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it's always 2 more weeks lmao

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just hodl, honestly, parsiq is set to moon at some time. If you want to swingtrade, at least do know what you're doing.