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>didn't buy at 5c
>didn't buy at 12c
>didn't buy the 8c dip
>didn't buy 15c
>didn't buy 20c
>didn't buy 50c
>didn't buy $1

The developers are continuing to extend the BOGGED protocol. Future updates are coming, announcement at 6pm UTC.

Read the contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0xd7b729ef857aa773f47d37088a1181bb3fbf0099

Why can't I buy?
Increase slippage to 8%.

Is this another Reflect clone?
No, read the contract. It's actually quite based & well commented for you non-devs.

Liquidity Locked?
Yes. https://bscscan.com/tx/0x2c9ace897832430de1c99e21ebc8c2650dcf0dbfaf081ccbfe2aa41b0512118d

FUD says that liquidity was unlocked in Late 1970?
That's retarded, the function to determine when liquidity is unlocked is calculated from today. Not from the unix epoch. Learn 2 (read) code.

FUD says that devs are rugging?
That's retarded. Liquidity is locked (see tx above), and largest wallets aren't the dev wallets, because they started accumulating in the last few hours.

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it just had a retrace from 33 to 26 cents now go suck a dick you schizo

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And you know what happens after a correction? A big fucking pump, faggot.

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It's gonna retrace to 6 cents soon.

>buy it now it's already dumping

the literal state of bog whales and shillers

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Literally nothing wrong with those wallets, what are you on about?

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>a small correction is a dump
>reddit spacing
Fuck off faggot
>he cant read solidity
oh no no no
stay poor

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Until shillthaicokeguy decides to dump his entire stack and delete the twitter again

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so what does this shitcoin do? Real time rugpulls?

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basically, get in a real project

WojakFinance - Bringing Wojak to NFTs


- launch website
- launch nft marketplace
- build a base on the moon

There will be a mint function where the user can claim any unclaimed wojak meme. And a marketplace function where the user can buy or sell wojak memes.


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Not a scam. It IS a meme coin with no real value, but so is shit like doge. Literally nothing malicious, it's all transparent.

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This wojak fud spam lmao.
Get comfy, or stay poor.

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I fucking despise all these pajeets stealing our memes for their dogshit rugpull scams. Fucking CANCER.

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Not buying your shitcoin Pajeet.

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No it has scammy whales who dumped pepetoken and now created bog and they will do the exact same thing for bog and I guarantee they are already considering it because now that the fud is here people will get cold feet and they now their time is running out

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Ruuuuuuuuuuuug. Adam is the bog's tg owner. I got banned for posting this. You will too if you try.

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so instead they should buy into a token made by some guy who made an exact copypaste 3 days earlier who ended up selling his own bag after promising to hold until 10 usd and admitted to using 4chan pass and multiple devices to samefag on threads

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Based, an anon who isn't retarded. You will notice its all the same bog moonboys in every thread astroturfing it and no real anons asking questions. The only other anons in the bogged threads are anons like me and this guy trying to warn people before the dump happens. Nothing goes up forever, take your profits and get out now these are scammy whales and a shill group and they can't take it much farther.

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said this in the earlier thread, around 20-30 cents these /biz meme coins die off

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>fuds bog
The absolute state

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I don't know why, but I feel the need to smack both you and your shitskin brothers behind bog

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exactly, the big dump is coming and they know they can't take it much farther, it will dump hard today. screenshot this

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>red id

adam does marketing john does contracts
at least dyor

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maybe you should've bought BOG at listing then you wouldn't have to grasp at straws creating a new ponzi every few days to get out with your 3k bag

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Easiest 5x of my life though.
Are these meme coin launches common?

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Kys shitskin

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Green ID and I will double my BOG stack prior to sminem release.

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a crypto twitter just mentioned us and also SMINEM is imminent. $1 eod screencap this!

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no way, you're already dumping. it's going nowhere

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>no way, you're already dumping
nice fud retard, still hodling

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Why do you care so much about random anon's losses?
Why are you trying so hard to protect strangers?

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No one is buying your wojak token nigger. Go away.

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they just want to shill other coins under the guise of "caring" they do it in every thread

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Wtfff is that pic real??

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Bogged is going to dump, it's the same scammers who dumped pepe. get out while you can

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Kek. You made pepe, you fucking negro. Kys

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Adam literally addressed this in the tg last night, inbred retards

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this shitty FUD campaign seems bullish to me

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What did he say?

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Adam will say anything he can to be able to dump on retards. It's easy

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kek so salty. you can still get in frens.

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I did not but that's a nice way of addressing fud of how a memetoken can do 50x in two days without a retrace

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Hi Pepe dev, @slowthaicokeguy here.
I was really considering dumping this shitcoin at the ATH today. My scammy whale fingers were glued to the mouse at 33 cents and it was a tough psychological battle to fight against my own instinct.
Thankfully I saw your posts and it reminded me how much I can hurt people by making such rash decisions on a whim. I don't want anyone else to become jaded and bitter after the disaster my misdeeds caused.
I've decided to hold on strong and let this community of beautiful anons build itself up before I unleash the nuclear 2% price dump ($300k in liq).

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Lol. Another 50x is coming crypto twitter is on it.

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Asks questions about tokenomics and absolutely overdue retracement
the absolute state of bog team shilling

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it didnt do 50x YET

>> No.30130430

That he was looking for solidity devs to work with. It's literally in the screenshot, he says he's not the replier.
Pump incoming

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>everyone i don't like is pepedev
It's a joke about dumping until he actually dumps and kills the token

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It's already retraced you fucking retard. Is it going to dip more later? Yes, that's how it works in every fucking coin, nigger retard. Then it will pump back up because the dev is constantly adding new things and has big plans and now twitter influencers are shilling it.
Stay poor though

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is there something similar to dextools for bsc? I want to see charts for bsc tokens

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What’s price now?

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Wasted digits. So what you are saying is that anyone who followed my advice when I first posted it is comfy and anyone who didn't is 30% down... But I'm the bad guy. Ok

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~26-27 when it was in the 30s a few hours ago

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Where are the charts?

>> No.30130647

It was at 31 to be precise.

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chartex but you gotta pay

>> No.30130697

3 threads I've seen already in 2 minutes. Rug pull coming soon.

>> No.30130702

So anyone who sold when anons started calling you out are comfy and all you can do is scream
>reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee everyone is pepe dev

>> No.30130706

ChartEX costs money.

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That's fucking retarded.

>> No.30130766

>Nooo coins cant have dips!
Are you fucking retarded?
Don't answer, everyone knows you are.

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40c waiting room

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Take your meds and rope tonight. Salvation lies in heaven.
Do it. Don't be a pussy. The world would be better off without you :)

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These are the type of whales who are going to dump on you. They aren't good people and they will take your bnb and laugh about it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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slit your wrists.

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if people want to gamble their money let them you fake good samaritan piece of shit leave

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Based af

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post yfw this reaches 10 usd eow

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Nothing wrong with letting people gamble, but when the big dump happens don't say I didn't warn you. They are feeling stress from the fud and their true colors are coming out. Why would you trust someone who admitted to dumping pepe and deleting the twitter? They will do the same thing with bog.

>> No.30131459

If this happens I literally can fuck off from my country

>> No.30131504

Won't happen. screenshot this.

>> No.30131537

pepe dumped because the dev was a schizo that no one liked. the devs in bog are based as fuck and don't have a copy paste low effort token. kys schizo.

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kek. you are seething so much man. I know who you are and why you are doing this.

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hello pepe dev, how close are you to commiting murder suicide atm?

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>yfw sminem announcement is the rugpull

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Imagine wasting your time in this thread when everyone knows you are actually pepe dev also picrel

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LP is burnt. How is someone supposed to rug?
Now you have started proxies too?

>> No.30131957

If the whales coordinated, they can just dump the bags and the rest will sell in panic.

>> No.30132079

There is no coordination for dumping because we all know this is going to pump much more and the devs have more planned.

>> No.30132133

Yeah, and you believe them? You're literally mentally deficient if you trust anyone in crypto.

>> No.30132258

Even if they all dumped together at 1$ the liquidity is and will be so high it would barely make a dent on the price, it would just create new whales at a higher floor. Sorry pepedev but your shitcoin had like 0 liquidity so it was a literal PnD shitfest.

>> No.30132278

this is a thing in every crypto, even btc. it has nothing to do with dev rugpulls or scams.

>> No.30132293

Yes, I believe in myself to not sell early, kek

>> No.30132498

Post hands ranjeet

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so just like btc lmao

>> No.30133618

Checked. Incredibly bullish

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>This is not another RFI copy-paste like your other favourite shitcoins (wynaut / mcdc / etc). We are making full use of BSC's low gas fees to deploy a complex contract & we are looking forwards to developing more projects within the BOG ecosystem. Make sure to check out the code on BscScan.

This is the CONTRACT section on their OFFICIAL WEBSITE. This is the work of a procrastinator barely getting his words out.

Read this again. Everything written on this page was done in one shot by one person, in 15 minutes.

Think about what DeFi is for a second. It makes this kind of bullshit available to all of you. Why invest in BOG if you can just spend 15 min registering for some service that lets you use ETH and sell people your token?

Why dont we just all do it? It's because there's a small barrier of entry, very basic coding knowledge. Anyone able to import a few libraries and read the docs can create a shit token.

Now, there are user interfaces popping up that let you do it all without coding. You decide how much gets burned, you decide which protocol you use for smart contracts. You do it using dropdowns and sliders instead of Javascript or worse!

Realize what's going on around you. You can make money on BOG, but BOG is proof that absolute retards can do what you used to consider to be an engineering feat.

>> No.30133757

Trips and based, this is bullish af

>> No.30133767

you clearly haven't read the contract anon
it has soul

>> No.30133808

>reddit spacing
kys fag. bet you cant write solidity

>> No.30133833

salty $NGMI owner

>> No.30134013


fast replies within 30 seconds of each other with same sentiment. which lib did you use to generate them with such diversity?

>> No.30134116


go back

>> No.30134213


reply lacking substance, same negative sentiment

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>> No.30134360

you saved this file last week and you pasted this reply from notepad with several blurbs

add formatting check to your pipeline

>> No.30134402

20 min to fomo in before sminem, you fags are almost out of time

>> No.30134439

absolute schizo retard

>> No.30134448


i'm not doing any of that you fucking schizo good job outing your own tactics though i'm sure that'll help your one bnb liquidity shitcoin prosper you fucking parasite

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>> No.30134977

Do poorfags really invest in stuff like this?

>> No.30135024


stuff like this is what got me from 3 figures to 4 lmao

>> No.30135045

Yeah I'm schizo for pointing out that BOG is an example of a group of first-time engineers using paid services to create a coin for them. It's like the first time someone sold their comedy album direct to PayPal. Now everyone and their mother has a Patreon.

I'm informing the normies here why people with absolutely zero technical ability are able to lead a project like BOG. It's a signal to us all that it's better to be a provider of BOG than a buyer of BOG, and it takes about 1 day to set up.

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File: 1.17 MB, 962x648, 1612120491253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Richfags do. You can be rich too. Buy within 15 mins

>> No.30135112

>3 bnb to 60 bnb

>> No.30135121

kek. no one buys your bullshit ranjeet. The devs are mastermind aryan coders. kys

>> No.30135133

It's getting me out of 3 figure hell, possible to get to 5 figures if it pumps more

>> No.30135162

lol you're fucking stupid, one glance at the contract and its very obviously well developed

>> No.30135256

Here's everything you need to set up a DeFi asset that you can shill on 4chan

1. Valid email address
2. Name and ticker for your asset
3. Image in JPG or PNG format for logo and iconography

You fill out a form, you set your meta config which you can also copy from other existing assets, and now people can trade your shitcoin.

How clear do I need to make it? The shield has been breached, the barrier has been broken, the capitol has been stormed.

>> No.30135317

You know this because you created pepe & wojak this way, right? So much projection going on here. Pathetic desu

>> No.30135339

Except that's not all they have dumbass, look at their page, at the code, everything

>> No.30135356

ever heard of reuse and revise? the effort you put into modifying a few properties is not the effort that someone else took to develop the standards and best practices you abided by.

in other words, the developers are only as good as the blog post they read and copypasta from

>> No.30135358

Anyone can write or record a song. Doesn’t magically make you the Beatles. You’re a dense motherfucker. Likely Indian.

>> No.30135435

>being this lazy to read the code yourself
its not copied from anything you inbred fucking NIGGER

>> No.30135452

>and everything

why not just list everything and absolutely convince everyone reading to buy BOG because it's not a cheap obfuscated fork. isnt your money on the line? what about the code?
now's your shot to get rich kid, you have the mic

>> No.30135479

holy shit your iq must be near zero
you clearly haven't bothered to ACTUALLY have a look and are just assuming its another rfi copy-paste

>> No.30135492


ok, then why should we buy wojak

>> No.30135526

It makes you the beatles if the beatles published all their music in such a way where you could just publish the same song and replace a guitar with a piano. Song just as good, maybe marketed to people who never heard of the beatles

>> No.30135556

I don't need to list because it's in the thread retard, READ IT

>> No.30135608

In my life, when I encounter stupid people I dont feel the need to speculate what their IQ is. I usually just pick something stupid they said and disprove it. I wonder if you can take a similar approach.

I usually wouldnt generically suggest that the stupid person 'didnt read' as that wouldnt be super effective.

>> No.30135640

Wojak schizo so bad. So mad!

>> No.30135650

based FUDers keeping the thread bumped

>> No.30135678

quote the posts you think justify the 'good code' which is just a generic smart contract reused by literally 1000 open projects right now

>> No.30135695

Now I KNOW you’re Indian. Post hand pajeet

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We have the best FUDders, don't we folks?

>> No.30135765

>pepe dev so asshurt people left his bullshit project because he threatened to shut it down because some rando didn't want to give him 1000 tokens and is now projecting the process of his own rugpulls onto other tokens

unlike you, the devs for this didn't use bep20 token generator, you can fuck off with your holier than thou attitude thinking you're doing anyone a favor when you're trying to redirect people to your illiquid piece of shit

>> No.30135768


>> No.30135773

There will be bots, shills, immigrants, but the only way to get your point across is to put effort into disproving things you see.

I can call you a fat fag and suggest you should learn to code, but I know you wont receive that well. So I challenge you instead to explain yourself, as that's a small effort I think you are capable of.

>> No.30135820

Are you mad your shit scam wojack(misspeled) is not working pajeet? seeth more

>> No.30135862


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Once the Bogged Ecosystem reaches 1000 holders, Sminem will no longer be able to stand by and let the Bogdanoffs rule over the Bogchain - he will be available to summon on Bogged.Finance.

Sminem - Stage 2 Launches: At 1000 holders, but no earlier than 9PM UTC Tomorrow.

To have the opportunity to summon Sminem you must stake a portion of your bogged for 24 hours. Once you've staked for 24 hours you'll have the opportunity to Summon Sminem from the available pool. Be fast, because there's only so many Sminem to go around initially: 750 to be exact.

Sminem is able to ensure you won't get bogged with your sales by blocking $NGMI from staining your wallets forevermore.
But watch out, there's a 20% chance that Sminem will perish as a result of saving you from the consequences of your poor choices.
If this happens, there is a 50/50 chance for him to return to the pool -- where he can be summoned once again by another bogged holder - and a 50% chance he perishes forever.

Sminem is tradable but not divisible (So can only trade a full (1) Sminem). If you sell 75%+ of your bogged you will lose Sminem forever and he will go back into the pool to be claimed. Sminem will have further use in stage 3 so you'll want to hold your Sminem close — as they are hyperdeflationary and super rare. There is a maximum of 1 Sminem claimed per address so make sure you take care of your Sminem.

This stage will also consist of an upgrade to NGMI - you will obtain 1 NGMI per sell (unless blocked by Sminem), this also means Swingies will accumulate more as they rightfully should. This will be paired with an updated wall of shame on the website with a score for each address. DONT WORRY - anyone currently owning any NGMI will be minted with a fresh batch of the new token, they sold so early they can NGMI x2.

Stage 3 - Choose your fighter: Igor or Grichka Bogdanoff... (or Sminem

>> No.30135978


rope yourself pepedev

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oh no no no no ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

>> No.30136027

actual schizo found, you lost me. Dont know if youre attacking or defending

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If you buy this scamcoin you will literally get bogged

>> No.30136099
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>saw this at $0.07 last night
>thought about throwing money at it
>convinced myself it wouldn't go anywhere
>mfw it's over $0.30 today

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Fuck off pajeet

>> No.30136168

>asko FUDer

kek get the fuck out

>> No.30136201


>> No.30136206

I think I've set the correct direction.
You guys should watch the charts (oh wait, youre at the mercy of sketchy web components updating price in a way that you've learned to trust in the last few weeks)

>> No.30136218
File: 71 KB, 1280x720, 1584374624669.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Know about this before launch
>Bought at 18c

>> No.30136228
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>27 posts by this id
you are actual the pajeet scammer holyshit

>> No.30136250


>> No.30136314

>30 posts by this id
Dilate tranny

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File: 79 KB, 238x178, 1613352800404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Id buy if it was on uni but Im not risking fucking up getting on the binance contract.

Sad, website is one of the best designs Ive ever seen too

>> No.30136457

what the fuck? how could you possibly fuck that up? there's no way to fuck it up anon

>> No.30136503

>fudding so desperate and shit that it's basically shilling

>> No.30136595

>id buy if i had to get raped by gas, but not if i dont have to pay gas
What did he mean by this

>> No.30136628

best designs....

I'm sure someone told them having a static website that only makes API calls is "totally secure" no matter what they jam into the document.


have fun, actual pajeets who understand that this is written by their children

>> No.30136666

eth cucks finding themselves new ways to lose money

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>> No.30136732

hey man, make a Twitter for bogged.finance too, it will easily spread to 1000+ then

>> No.30136870

lol like you said its a static site what would be insecure about it?
this is some weak fud

>> No.30136876
File: 296 KB, 1000x1235, 1600789733870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Coolest looking, meme coins are fun. Chadsvc has a great website too

Id love not to pay gas, pardon me for being too stupid to figure out how. Isnt Binance owned by China or something? I dont trust the chinks

>> No.30136895

Damn, price going down. Maybe someone's abusing the exposure of api call naming convention, and guessing what other unprotected routes are available?

Maybe someone didnt do their due diligence and now automatic sells are happening on people's accounts? Uh oh.... hope you used a hardware wallet. Your BOG can be gone within 15 minutes

>> No.30136914

>reddit spacing
>attacks other webdevs because he know he cant do better
oh no no no

>> No.30136972

>people taking profits means a hack
Imagine being this retarded holy shit

>> No.30137012
File: 75 KB, 1024x1021, 1612498073932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretend Im an idiot for a minute, the kind of idiot thats afraid to fuck with his wallet settings

>> No.30137047

I am referring to guidance they are likely to have read around hosting static websites, not fully understanding that every call to an external endpoint is subject to abuse. I'm not talking about pancakeswap, I'm talking about the servers you visit when you go to BOG website.

Do you think this is all magic?
Sell your BOG, you missed the initial pump from naive bagholders of other failed projects buying into BOG as a joke.

This isnt DOGE, there's no real community to be built as it's not about dogs, something completely universal. It's about BOGGED, something like 100k real people have ever seen.

>> No.30137113

go on the site and read the tutorial anon

>> No.30137123

kek. He thinks we're dumb and will fall for his bs technical jargon.

>> No.30137143

what is a 'webdev' lmfao. are you talking about the BOG team who fills out forms for a living?

i guess filling out forms is a development task

>> No.30137179

lol you're chatting shit only a brainlet would think this actually means something

>> No.30137190
File: 38 KB, 902x828, photo_2021-03-03_08-18-53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30137209

Why do you care so much?

>> No.30137239

literally the same shit as Uniswap


connect metamask to the BSC network and trade on Pancakeswap

>> No.30137252

Sorry, you're going to have to come up with a new ticket and PNG to upload. BOG was a bust.

If you dont sell, and you haven't watched the original video, good luck with survival in general

>> No.30137281

I hope your wife is raped by a gorilla

>> No.30137314

Horrible fud. Stay poor.

>> No.30137336


>> No.30137349

I don't want you to win, until you've put in the correct amount of effort. So you won't, until you do. Time to adapt!

>> No.30137418

You know what I was thinking of, Bilaxy. Thats the one the chinks own. Yeah alright Ill check it out, wrapping my eth in Binance shit wont prevent me from trading on uni will it?

>> No.30137449

Damn...still dumping despite apparently some announcements and campaigns across reddit, 4chan and telegram. Maybe their posts arent sending, must be a bug introduced by their 'development team' LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

>> No.30137538

>price falls a few cents, rises back up a cent, and crabs
No (You)s for this schizo

>> No.30137578


>> No.30137587

you stupid fuck people sold to go and stake you retard gambling addict go spend time with your family

>> No.30137611

>22 posts by this id

>> No.30137618


Are you me

>> No.30137621

I have been in BOG from the start, in the original telegram too, and I agree with you. I already took profits and still have 2 bnb in.
To all the sycophants in the telegram: You know that hyping like that lowers your intelligence, rihgt? Ofc they will dump, unsmooth your brain

>> No.30137622

I'm not going anywhere. BOG is going somewhere, though. :reddit_downvote:

>> No.30137643

Anon. You’re pretty gay, huh? Imagine not understanding how even basic solidity contracts work. I feel sorry for you and how your little homosexual HTML certificate has deluded you into thinking you’re actually a progammer. Talk to me when you get a CS degree from a top 5 school.
PS I’m sorry you’re so gay

>> No.30137665

Binance chinks own BSC as well technically but it's defi, they have great data protection on both platforms
you'll have to take your ETH back out from BETH to get it back on Uni

>> No.30137736

Same 3 people objecting to my replies, anyone else holding? Or can I still count us on my left hand

Kids can have good ideas. Kids do not execute the details of the ideas without fucking up. Sell BOG, if you didnt profit just keep like 10 so you can tell your kids about this hilarious project started in a daycare in Bali

>> No.30137796
File: 19 KB, 428x368, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how many fucking IPs pepe dev?

>> No.30137866

So only send as much as Im gonna use?
or does swapping my settings to Binance switch all my coins?
T. Retard

>> No.30137942

They work. BOG didn't teach anyone that. BOG is proof that idiot can reuse the protocol in a day's work. One day of waking up, reading a thread with instructions on how to PEPE, and deciding you know another meme.

Google 'best CSS framework', decide you should use TailWind. Copypasta some 3 section template and tweak the grid in a retarded and unresponsive way in an attempt to obfuscate your plagiarism.

Post a few threads on 4chan. Post a link to pancakeswap which convinces a subset of people that it's 'legit' despite warnings EVERYWHERE that ANYONE can create a token. You do this because you know the normies will dismiss the warning and trust you instead.

Like I said earlier in the thread. BOG is done. But fortunately, you can look for the next BOG and get out before the development team talks too much.

>> No.30138004

Yes just send what you’ll use, and a bit for gas.

>> No.30138044

Every time I post, BOG goes down by a cent. But apparently I'm not making good points. Coincidences have always made me horny.

If 1 or 2 more people sell, it goes down to 20. Do you guys not know what slippage is, and why you have to tolerate a high value?

>> No.30138125

kek. You're forever priced out

>> No.30138151

actual schizo

>> No.30138216

>reddit spacing and schizoposting
This is pepedev isnt it
>27c stablecoin
>going down

>> No.30138224

Dope comment to leave while my supposed re-entry price is improving by the second

>> No.30138271
File: 165 KB, 766x517, 1613278094449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you fren, Ill try to figure it out. Its cute, even if It never goes anywhere I like the meme and want to be part of it

>> No.30138275

Pepe dev, I hope your children are slaughtered. :)

>> No.30138299

Yeah, let's say it's the pepedev. did pepedev suddenly start making solid points in thread? How do you adapt to that possibility?

I have never made a shitcoin, I'd love to though. BOG is an afternoon, I'm willing to spend at least 2

>> No.30138389


>28 posts by this ID

thats bullish as fuck. nobody does this for a project they know is going to fail

>> No.30138393

based career fudders giving us free bumps kek

>> No.30138396


you never made any valid points you just projected your process for creating a ponzi scheme onto the devs for this

>> No.30138397

Kek. The schizo is absolutely fuming

>> No.30138506

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my meme coinies

>> No.30138515

You guys think the price isnt going down. But what happens when you have to increase your slippage because you're trying to sell at ATH? Is that price really what it is if you have to sell it for 10% less because everyone's holding?

Again, BOG is a great noob trap. But dont call it a great development effort or some improvement on smart contracts. It's the same thing as using SquareSpace to set up your own shop. If your shop works really well, it's not because you developed it.

>> No.30138588
File: 75 KB, 225x225, tCv71bY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

schizo fud is free bumps and free shilling, cant make this up

>> No.30138600

What if I want the project to die because it's bullshit, and I know this coin needs special FUD because it's an appealing meme.

Would that mean I'm shilling for some other project? Or am I just enjoying my day

>> No.30138605

Reminder that the dev made his contract from scratch. Ignore the schizo, he doesn't know how slippage works.

>> No.30138681

Depends on what wallet you're sending from but make sure it's sent through the BEP-20 (BSC) network instead of the ERC-20 (ETH) network otherwise you'll just have regular ETH in your metamask

>> No.30138704


you absolute fucking dumbass most people's price impacts doesn't go above 1% because the developers pooled 50 BNB for this as opposed to your previous 1 BNB ponzi scheme

You've been following our threads all day samefagging with different ID's and redirecting to your worthless Wojak NFT marketplace project despite the fact you have no clue how to even make an NFT marketplace

>> No.30138727

There's diminishing returns when the bumps are all FUD and not meaningful opposition of the FUD. People read at least 10 posts in the thread, if they're all negative and no autist has been able to decoom then it's just a negative impact on price.

Haven't you ever shilled a coin on 4chan? I thought this wasnt your first project paj

>> No.30138818

I’m out apart from like .8 bnb just to see what happens. I think it could go either way...biz is filled with new people from plebbit who love meme stuff and are familiar with the bogged video. Marketing-wise it’s good, and in a market like this, that’s what pumps projects...90% of everybody here has no idea how to ‘hello world’, much less possess the skill to grasp cryptocurrency and blockchain at the technical level. They watch random soibois on yt for the next shiny bag to chase. Monero, for instance, is genius-level stuff, but doge is what made millionaires.

>> No.30138848

>Or am I just enjoying my day
>31 posts by this ID
really sad way to "enjoy" your day. Do you tell your mom what you do?

>> No.30138850
File: 63 KB, 645x729, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i spent 5 hours of my day projecting on a post for a new token so that means it's gonna crash

maybe you should've bought earlier or just gone waging so your wife won't leave you

>> No.30138892

Now you're starting to make sense. So a select few people will have their trade executed, dump will begin, and majority of holders wont be able to sell for less than 10% slippage risk.

There is no easy 10x, it always takes a little more than jumping in on a project a few days in. Sell your BOG before you see 4 digit reds for the first time in your sheltered defi swapping life.

Remember me. Think like me next time you go broke and it'll never happen again.

>> No.30138897

>31 posts by this ID
HAHAHA. You're forever priced out.

>> No.30138911

seek help

>> No.30139101


>Now you're starting to make sense. So a select few people will have their trade executed, dump will begin, and majority of holders wont be able to sell for less than 10% slippage risk.

Absolute retard post, the fact there's 50 BNB worth of locked liquidity backing this token means that even if the biggest whale dumps his stack there's still gonna be enough liquidity and the market cap will be high enough that most holders will still have price impacts under 1%, which means their slippage doesn't have to be over that

hope those uppers haven't gotten to you

>> No.30139169

ngl, may be the best thing ive seen in weeks. gave me a legit chuckle. i bought some bog and gonna stake. never sell. dont want to be on the the ngmi list.

>> No.30139177


>> No.30139186

most people meaning smallest stacks.
so you're best off buying $100 worth and framing it on your wall
look, you can't run away from reality by throwing a glossary at me

>> No.30139378

>you can't run away from reality by throwing a glossary at me

it's exactly what you were doing saying technical-sounding non sense trying to deceive people into thinking their investment isn't secure

>most people meaning smallest stacks.

no, putting 1k into this token won't even make a dent in the price

>> No.30139442

quote the technical sounding nonsense. I am not a finance noob so I don't do that. You are, so you do that. I just quoted you on it.

Quote me now

>> No.30139520

i agree it wont, except yes it will.

>> No.30139530

lmao its a bloodbath

>> No.30139603

20 cents in 1 hour. Willing to stop posting if I'm wrong. If you retards are actually trying to buy, sell now and buy back in 1 hour as the devs will be dumping at 2 PM eastern

>> No.30139620


>Maybe someone's abusing the exposure of api call naming convention, and guessing what other unprotected routes are available?
Maybe someone didnt do their due diligence and now automatic sells are happening on people's accounts?

Translated to
>maybe the devs are actually able to do bad stuff with the code because other people know that you can do bad stuff with the code so maybe devs are ebil! Trust me, i said so!!

>> No.30139652

Last night this shit was like .10, thought about buying a stack cause the website made me giggle. What's it up to now? What's the mcap of this steamer? Did they PAMP EET?

>> No.30139689

>due diligence
>automatic sells

are you saying this is technical sounding nonsense? sorry, we're going to have to get past this part first

>> No.30139786

diminishing returns when the speed of the bumps leads to less overall exposure uh oh new thread incoming

>> No.30139807

it's at 0.27 right now, 0.34 ATH

>> No.30139809

>37 posts by this id

absolutely fucking kek'd, i'm betting you're the same schizo that bumped a bizbased thread about 40 times and started sperging about "targeting the devs" you have the exact same typing style

>> No.30139815


no, retard, those two cherry picked phrases aren't what i implied was the technical sounding nonsense, those were simply part of your pseudo intellectual sounding paragraph, you're grasping at straws now

>> No.30139872

oh you mean the technical terminology I used correctly? download OWASP ZAP and have a good time

>> No.30140024


you're being disingenuous by claiming you weren't trying to deceive people into thinking the devs are le ebic shady with terms such as "api call naming conventions" which most people won't understand, when it's all really just you being a projecting faggot

>> No.30140269

I am not lying, I just don't want anything I did to be correlated to anything I post here. I have spammed them in other channels as well.

>> No.30140281
File: 36 KB, 618x248, 1594379672754.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They trying ruin BOG in order to shill their shitty cake clone. Fucking shitskins.
BOG has potential for 10x more. Wojak will only get you rugpulled

>> No.30140325


>> No.30140340


>> No.30140373

>40 posts by this ID
Good job nigger. We can see you. You made pepe and you now you're trying to scam with Wojak.
Fucking schizo, I hope your wife and kids die in a trainwreck.

>> No.30140384

So now that we're all here, how do you feel about BOG: the first coin to be powered by procedurally generated conversations that reference other topical tickers?

Do we need to tweak anything? Any comments seem out of place? The bog is the idea that with the flip of a switch, we can turn the conversation in any direction we want.

Only 3 humans have posted in this thread. If you can identify all 3 post IDs I will send you 10000 BOG

>> No.30140440

did the voices in your head tell you to type this out

>> No.30140453

Nice job, you bought at a higher price than market demanded. What do you think will happen in the next 10 minutes? Oh right, the course of nature

>> No.30140454



>> No.30140460

Kek. Trying to turn the narrative by dig into people's fear.
A scammer couldn't get more evil. I hope your mother dies tonight.

>> No.30140520

No shit

>> No.30140524


>> No.30140603

none of my posts have suggested any alternative or more reliable project than bog that reader should instead go with. what interest would I have in people holding their USD and not buying BOG? this aint mcdonalds and burger king.

Unless you are saying it is....

>> No.30140624

Kek 40 schizo posts to shill some dumb AI bot

>> No.30140630
File: 795 KB, 1280x720, tejina tears.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit lmao

>> No.30140640

I want to know how I can get in on this. I'm a retard and I'm new to Crypto.
Is there a step by step guide to this anywhere?

>> No.30140660
File: 41 KB, 550x377, 1604091463734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reddit spacing
Shilling scams >>30140524
Yup it's tranny time

>> No.30140799

You know you're making good points when the opposition has devolved to counting your posts rather than meaningfully opposing them repeatedly.

You could be owning me with facts and logic, but the only fact you have is one that everyone could easily see by counting the posts themselves.

Would you say that passionate people talk a lot about subjects they are passionate about?
Yes, the US government I agencies botspam political threads to control the topics.

You must have a real delusion of grandeur to think anyone from any other organization gives a fuck enough to spam your thread.

Your biggest fear has come true, and it's that a human with no conflicting interests is telling you his real opinions and you can't do anything count the numberz

>> No.30140809

only buy in the beginning.
dont wait for 10x, max 3x to 4x till you cash out some profit
do not pay attention to the meme phrases they spew in the tgs

>> No.30140844

look at yourself lol

>> No.30140905

What the actual fuck. This is an AI

>> No.30140937

Oh you're right. There's 4 humans now

>> No.30141025

kek schizoid

>> No.30141102
File: 187 KB, 466x492, 1508916719125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back at 0.3

>> No.30141115

Guys I just reread the CSS on the website and you're right. Holy shit what a terrific style block.

I just bought 5000 lets fuckin

>> No.30141180

someone post that Twitter conversation from the dev, someone had it earlier but I didn’t save it
perfectly encapsulates the mindset of a guy who has 46 posts in this thread alone

>> No.30141302
File: 1.17 MB, 962x648, 1614569772573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The other guy doesn't want his DMs to be spread around. I respect his wishes. But yeah, this guy is a legit psycho with a family (soon to be bogged btw)

>> No.30141535

Thanks anon, I learned that lesson the hard way already. I just don't actually understand how to buy these coins, or how SMINEM comes into the equation. I'm at work and the white paper won't load on my phone, but I'm very interested in this.

>> No.30141552
File: 21 KB, 618x248, 64CB88BE-891F-46A5-93A5-DD6F066DCA76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.30141557

fucking based

>> No.30141611


>> No.30141687

Pepedev is the same dev behind wojak?
Holy shit.
I kind of feel bad for the guy now.

>> No.30141781

Don't feel bad for him. He's a nigger with a deadbeat family. His wife is banging the dog and his kids are getting raped by the teacher

>> No.30141789

Just a ploy to get more bagholders. Do not stake btw.
Before I go to bed tonight I will sell all my BOG. I never follow any bsc memes more than 2 days or so. I will delete the tg chat and forget about it.

>> No.30141858
File: 7 KB, 180x180, 1603696237072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NGMI, flithy nigger

>> No.30141862
File: 203 KB, 750x396, 719C6A65-C111-4DAE-8F46-A026EBB70577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ll make sure this post gets pinned at $1

>> No.30142102


pepedev samefagging again XD

>> No.30142244
File: 46 KB, 600x600, 1a376aabdf1dbd55552caeb85d0e90c0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30142255

Do that. I will never know, bc I will not pay attention after I sold. Mz mental filter deletes your meme spewing.
Friday... I am forgotten

>> No.30142680

post proof of your current Bog and I might listen

>> No.30142998
File: 9 KB, 265x260, 2021.03.03-20:41:59_265x260_Selection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

look at me mom i am proofing posting hands

>> No.30143056


post address

>> No.30143137

kek no one has that amount on bscscan. nice larp

>> No.30143145

just search holders imbecile
made you look huh? xd

>> No.30143162
File: 166 KB, 1125x1433, EB88E0A4-3E2B-4D6E-A6A1-D05D46769E1B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

#9 wallet at the moment.

Hi. Not selling. It's going to a dollar. Don't be a fucking retard.

>> No.30143224


post a screenshot of your metamask with your address

>> No.30143254


I am never selling before $1.

>> No.30143288

try to keep up

>> No.30143417

>retard inspect elements a random amount while forgetting that bscscan shows all holders and doesnt have anyone with his amount

>> No.30143620

kek larp. pepe schizo is really mad

>> No.30143716

When you sleeping?

>> No.30143735
File: 1.50 MB, 1242x1221, should_have_staked_bog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's 2.3% of all bogs, based.

>> No.30143768

>lame lowest effort larp that does not deserve the slightest attention or reply
>gets attention and yous
thanks frens ;_; feeling very lonely tonight desu

>> No.30143778
File: 777 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_20210303_195327_848.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Comfy rn anons

>> No.30143805


i could also inspect element and modify anything in my wallet to say i have 4 million BTC, it would be incredibly fucking retarded for the 6th biggest whale to advertise that he dump the price causing people to panic sell and fudding his own bags

>> No.30143932

>i could also inspect element and modify anything in my wallet
um proof it
post in the next 30 seconds

>> No.30143959

ffs I should of bought at 6cents but I figured this was a rug

>> No.30143991

how tf do I stake this? do I need to get my hands on cake-LP first? is that the same as cake/BNB tokens or what?

>> No.30144000
File: 117 KB, 1098x672, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30144117
File: 21 KB, 357x600, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.30144224

Fren.. that is rather cucked of you to reply to me
dont reply now though
Good night, don't forget to sell your BOG in the next few hours. I am serious.

>> No.30144253

new thread?

>> No.30144269

bye schizo

>> No.30144328

Most people just put on thigh highs, anon.

>> No.30144580

You must first provide BNB-BOG liquidity on pancake swap, this will get you a BNB-BOG cake-LP token which you then can stake on bogged.finance.

>> No.30144991

okay, is this the right menu? I can't seem to add BOG to the second input, it doesn't appear in the list of options when I click select a token. Is there some way to manually add it to this list that I'm missing? currently hodling 2k+ and want to stake bad

>> No.30145075
File: 21 KB, 440x433, bogged.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

captcha fucked my image

>> No.30145245

What’s the apy on staking?

>> No.30145294

Wondering the same thing.

>> No.30145303

You have to type in the BOG contract address manually in the select token field
Then BOG should appear, also under it should be Add button so it will remember it and you won't need to type in the address again.
Stakes get 4% of every transaction.

>> No.30145383

It's dependent on volume

>> No.30145471

I still don't get how to do this. Help me bros. I wanna buy $200 worth of BOG

>> No.30145544

I’ve got 9000 bog, worth it?

>> No.30145571

Thanks breh. I'm learning a lot from playing this game.

>> No.30145591

You need to swap something like BNB for BOG.

>> No.30145630

thanks based and epic

>> No.30145706

It's worth it to the anon that suggested it to you if you buy in now, yes.

Why is this thread full of literally the easiest marks?

Sell your BOG, I know it's an nice ticker. There will be more good jokes you haven't even though of yet. You know, memes that aren't years old and marginally popular

>> No.30145844
File: 139 KB, 1082x695, 1595303792229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no problem friens, wgmi.
Do you have a binance account?

>> No.30145934

How does 4500-9000 usd EOD sound?
>reddit spacing
>48 schizo posts by this id

>> No.30146034

Cool, have a meaningful reply to this one?

How are you going to go all in on decentralized finance and not understand that 100 wallets can exist with 2 humans attached to them.

You think it's volume, I know it's scripted.

>> No.30146035

Yes I do, fren. It's taking ages to verify my address though. Everything else is fine with it, and I'm ready to go. Wish I'd gone with Binance to begin with desu.
Thanks anon, that makes a lot more sense now. Do I need to sign up for Metamask or whatever it is, too?

>> No.30146256

I heard the correct move in 2021 is to put all your trust into one centralized wallet, which shows you what you believe are balances of your own wallets.

In 2021 you trust an exchange based on whether the dialog or pretty white box it shows you seems to generally add up with what you wanted it to do.

In 2021 you funnel all your transactions to Metamask and trust a token that is literal copypasta and 30 min 'web design' labor you can get for 10 BOG nowadays on Fiverr

>> No.30146260

Metamask is a wallet plugin to your browser, install it, and then you need to add a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to it.
Then you will be able to send BNB from Binance to Metamask, connect metamask on pancakeswap, and finally swap your BNB for BOG on pancakeswap.

>> No.30146330

just download the plugin anon it does the thing!!! everyone else has this software why dont you use it???

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