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I sent Matic from binance to my metamask and it arrived on eth mainnet so I can't use it in quickswap for transaction fees. What do I do? Help me dragonbros

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Bump for you and checked
I wanted to make thread for QUICK? Should i get in now?

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Easy, set up your matic network on metamask, then go to wallet.matic to port your matic over from eth mainnet to matic network. You're welcome!

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thanks fren!
this is now a QUICK thread, and yes get QUICK

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Smells like curry in here

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sorry thats just my uncircumsized cheesy dick that i fap 3x a day havent washed in 2 weeks

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Thanks, i want to get into some low mcap project and this seems promising.

Best way to do it would be to get Matic on Binance, send to MM Matic address and then swap on Quickswap? How much fees should i expect apart from binance withdraw?

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its so itchy too arghhh

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wait, how long will the swap take? plasma wants to take 7 days is there a way around it?

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It took a few minutes for me

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It's actually more a smell of masala.
Still 0 women, so it fine by me.

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Use PoS bridge.
Avoid Plasma as the plague.

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takes 7 minutes to transfer from L1 to L2 on matic network....

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will this cost ETH? Can I get my MATIC from binance without any eth?

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Matic plasma L1->L2 is instant, all the others are 7 days. Matic Plasma L2->L1 is also 7 days.

yes it will cost ETH, but not that much

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a generous anon sent me 1 matic so I'm spared the gas fees for bridging thanks! I have 3 quicks, what am I in for gents?

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how does $30,000 EOY sound to you?

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Are you taking about the 0.1 matic that matic gives you when you use the wallet?

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no, I found an anon on telegram who sent me 1 matic, I swapped that 0.1 matic along with the rest for QUICK, I'm a retard I know. What news/things of interst do we have about QUICK that I should definitely look at, I want to understand what drives the price so I know when to expect it to stop crabbing

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At this point it won't be news that pumps it as much as word spreading about how good a buy it is. If some big crypto twitter personas get on it, it will really poomp