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Is Linkedin for demons?

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I can't read arab

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Something about a manchild chef?
Turkish isn't my language

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it says something along the lines "if you only employ people that are worse than you then your company will consist entirely of dwarves"

make of that what you will

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Lmao, who the hell is this Teuthot?

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Yes divest faang shit. Let tax payers be bag holders

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That's not the point, Mudasir

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i hate women so fucking much. the ones that work in the corporate setting are a new type of demonic

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I miss these little balls desu

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LinkedIn is a cesspool of virtue signaling, race baiting and is essentially tinder in the eyes of pajeets.

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>agent of change


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I wish we still had the empire
India and pakiland without the shit covered streets and backwards culture and religion. Can you imagine.

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Don’t forget the corporate boot-lickers, too.
>I am so honored to be working with company x on such amazing projects. We’re changing the world!
Idk how much longer I can handle the office life.

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cringe niggerball
go back

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I had to block that cunt ceo who won't shut the fuck up about paying his employees 70k baseline. Like congrats, you moved your marketing costs to your employee salaries. That was a business move, not a virtuous one.

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But what she is saying is based!
But the main problem is that people working in sales should never be promoted to a position where they can impact the developers and destroy their working conditions.

She says that strong leaders have strong workers and weak leaders only hire weak workers.
If you only recruit people who are smaller than the leader, you will get an organization of midgets.

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Haha I had that shit on my feed as well

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would smash

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Her statement says she doesn't want weak workers. Is the word change really enough to send you into such a tizzy that you'll kneejerk against an approval of strength?

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>strong bosses hire strong employees
>weak bosses hire weak employees
>understandable on a human level, but pure poison for a company
sounds based but im sure she is one of the equality of outcome and quota hiring bitches

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I could see a path to a company of dwarves.

I used to work for this guy who couldn’t help but make money. He started a company that made components for hospital beds His were the only ones the bed maker had approval to use, and getting news ones approved was a big expensive hassle. He was also friends with the family that owned the bed maker (Hil Rom) so he was in like a tick.
He would come to meetings and say shit like “We need to hire a guy named Frank. I’d like to go on the floor and say ‘morning Frank’”. So HR would do that and he’d tell them good job.
Did shit like that all the time. I could see him making up jobs for midgets just so he could look at them. Like a zookeeper.

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so incompetent nepotist "leader" is actually the great leader
wow nice mental gymnastic there

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Why are you listening/reading anything spoken/typed/imagined by a female? Did an audit of past failures. I'm not the one to blame other people, but a majority of them were caused by women "feeling" a certain way. Made that mistake to many times. Never again.

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says 'MANLETS BTFO!' in Krautrune

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Actual Translation: If you only hire people that are smaller than the boss you creates company of dwarves.
The statement itself in german is flawed since she uses kleiner = smaller instead of besser = better.

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dont worry. UK will be the 5th province of pakistan soon.

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This. Women managers I’ve met that are like this are usually quite insufferable, and just want to be perceived as tough than actually putting in the work.