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>mulatto american wakes up
>sees $50 bitcoin stock is now worth $54
>market sells entire poorfolio
>heads out the door to another 14 hour day at the amazon warehouse

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>be you
>buy $50 worth of bitcoin
>wake up
>wait 2 years
>its $5
>sell your btc

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i am an american

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Das rayciss

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Dont get mad. That's your fault for playing a long term game against short term players. You're trying to get a lambo when other people want shoes, weed money, and food. You should expect to get undercut repeatedly.

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>imagine not having a nobel peace price
burgers man

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I'm mulatto and I don't hold bitcoin. I'm all in bancor and I'm not selling until my lil bint stock reaches 100 per share.

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Bitcoin got to $54k when I was asleep? Damn

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>14 hour day

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>fought for kikes niggers fags and trannys in ww2
yeah i know who is chad and who is a cocksucking nigger

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> US tech jobs: $110K-250K, Euro tech jobs: €30-50K
> US tech jobs: bonuses, Euro tech jobs: kek
> US doctors: $240K, Euro doctors: €110K
> US tax sheltered accounts, $19.5K 401K + $6K IRA + $3.6K HSA + my employer contribution + ~$20K = ~$50K per year
there is a reason why any European with a decent IQ, work ethic and skills comes to the US

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>EU work-life balance=good
>US work-life balance= non-existant

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>Statutory annual personal leave days
>0 (zero)

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>ameriburgers get 200k before tax when they announce salary
>gotta pay taxes, insurances, dumb expensive rent in jewsangeles,
>Europeans get 110k after tax, 4 weeks of vacation, Healthcare, bonuses, paid leave in case of birth or accidents, less work hours etc
Honestly burgers are funny, europe is extremely /comfy/