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>Furlough to be extended until the end of September
>Government to continue paying 80% of employees' wages for hours they cannot work
>Employers to be asked to contribute 10% in July and 20% in August and September
>600,000 more self-employed people will be eligible for help as access to grants is widened
>£20 uplift in Universal Credit to be extended for another six months
>Minimum wage to increase to £8.91 an hour from April.
>UK economy forecast to return to pre-Covid levels by middle of 2022
>Annual growth set to rebound by 4% this year, followed by 7.3% growth in 2022
>Unemployment expected to peak at 6.5% next year, lower than 11.9% previously predicted
>UK to borrow a peacetime record of £355bn this year.
>Borrowing to total £234bn in 2021-22
>Debt as a share of GDP to fall from 4.5% next year to 3.5% in 2022-23
>No changes to rates of income tax, national insurance or VAT
>Personal income tax allowance to be frozen at £12,570 from 2022 to 2026
>Higher rate income tax threshold to be frozen at £50,270 from 2022 to 2026
>Corporation tax on company profits to rise from 19% to 25% in April 2023
>Rate to be kept at 19% for about 1.5 million smaller companies
>£19m for domestic violence programmes, funding network of respite rooms
>£40m of funding for Thalidomide victims and lifetime support guarantee
>£400m to help arts venues in England, including museums and galleries, re-open
>£300m recovery package for professional sport and £25m for grassroots football
>Incentive grants for apprenticeships to rise to £3,000 and £126 for traineeships
>VAT cut for hospitality firms to be maintained at 5% until September
>Interim 12.5% rate to apply for the following six months
>Business rates holiday for firms in England will continue from April until June
>£5bn in re-opening grants for non-essential businesses of up to £6,000 per premises.

WE DID IT LADS. No rate increase till 2026!

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My brother in law says this guy will be the next PM, I don't know how I feel. On one hand he's doing a pretty good job but on the other he's a paki and pol will laugh at us

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I will never vote for a Paki or a woman. Simple as.

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First for I apologise Rishi

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Thanks for freezing CGT Rishi, based pajeet.

My leftwing gf didn't like what he had to say either so that's all a bonus in my book.

Fuck getting a mortgage though not even 1% deposit would me me fall for this scam of home ownership.

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That's why he extended furlough so much. All the neets will vote for him

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Is it worth going for the 5% H2B equity loan for new builds?

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they’re fucking you in other ways don’t let the kikes fool you.

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Also, what's a free port exactly and how do I profit from this?

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He's definitely PM matieral. Well-spoken, fairly clever, well-groomed, well-connected.
He's a paki though, and believe it or not but the country is still too white to vote in a paki. Not happening, not for at least another decade.

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Yeah the Freeze in tax free allowance is a sneaky one. I've already made that difference on paper anyway so fuck em.


He will never win because the majority of middle England is like >>30120207

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he doesn't have to win a general election though, if Boris stands down he could be voted in by the conservative party. You're probably right that he would never win an election, but he could still be PM for a time

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good point, it's how Gordon Brown got in. He was a fucking hopeless Chancellor though selling our gold.

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very based budget. keeping my income low so i only have to pay 10% CGT. not worth it to pay 20% on 8 figures. what a fucking result

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>1 bedroom flat in manchester is 70k
>tax evading chink im renting from costs me 400 all in (about 150 from that is council tax/heat/water/power/maintenance)
>I get to enjoy peace and quiet since theres nobody here

Im kind of tempted to get an apartment to build equity, but
>maintenance fees
>ground fees
>possibility of noisy motherfuckers

I literally cannot stand hearing other people, if I hear other peoples conversations or music or telly or wahtever while im enjoying my privacy I will literally roid rage and stab them.
Feels like, the possibility of douchebag neighbors make me just want to stay in my chinkhome and use the savings for stocks.

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i don't understand why freezing the allowance is sneaky? what impact does this have? seems like basically nothing?

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It usually goes up every year. By freezing it for 5 years he is essentially robbing us of a fairly hefty increase over that half-decade.
It's far, far less damaging than a flat % rates increase though, so we'll let him off with it.

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>Yeah the Freeze in tax free allowance is a sneaky one. I've already made that difference on paper anyway so fuck em.

lol, it's £12k bro

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>left wing gf

you can do better mate, she doesnt deserve to share in your crypto riches

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>no NI, VAT, OR Income Tax raises
>CGT left alone

Wtf we're not being shafted for once?
Is Rishi actually based?

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>Just going to cash out a penny below the allowance every year
Feels good bro

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It is basically a reverse income tax that is a bet against inflation. People's wages will increase with inflation, but their tax free amount will stay the same (it has always been increased with inflation), this will result in a slight increase in amount of taxes/NI collected off individual income but will amount to potentially billions in the next couple years.

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I'm the same, so for me a detached house with plenty of land all round is the only solution. Been fortunate to never have lived in an apartment. Stay where you are imo, no commitment that way. If you buy a place and regret it, it'll be the biggest ballache.

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anon, i don't think this is how it works.
>If you’re a basic rate taxpayer, the rate you pay depends on the size of your gain, your taxable income and whether your gain is from residential property or other assets.
>Work out how much taxable income you have - this is your income minus your Personal Allowance and any other Income Tax reliefs you’re entitled to.
>Work out your total taxable gains.
>Deduct your tax-free allowance from your total taxable gains.
>Add this amount to your taxable income.
>If this amount is within the basic Income Tax band you’ll pay 10% on your gains (or 18% on residential property). You’ll pay 20% (or 28% on residential property) on any amount above the basic tax rate.
ah i understand thank you frens

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>Making such shitty gains that this is actually a viable plan
Sorry to hear that bro.

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You don't know what my gains are bro, I could have 500k in my portfolio, but it's untouchable unless I cash out

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People like 'hmmmm i dont know if i want Rishi to be PM....'
Fucking look at the opposition and then tell yourself if your gonna vote in Rishi or vote in someone that is going to destroy the country for SJW's and metropolitan London

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desu mate I've never looked deeply into it as I haven't cashed out anything over the threshold before. thanks for the heads up though, it was a nice delusion while it lasted

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When I was younger and more naive I was more liberal but I was never completely without doubt about being left wing because I saw that the older people got, the more they moved to the right and so I assumed there would come a day and I had no idea when or why, that I would become a Tory voter for life.

It's been a long time coming.

But today is that day.

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If you do have 500k in your portfolio then it would take 40 years to cash out this way. That's absurd.

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god, why does such a small percentage of britbiz bros not understand how tax on crypto works. you have to pay a shit ton of tax, this year.

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>hyperinflation kicks in
>a hamburger is now worth 1k
>our tax free allowance is still only 12k

I seriously hope you spent all your bitcoin on CGT-free gold bullions.

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If it's anything like the current h2b equity loan then it can be comfy if you pay off the government stake during the 5 year interest free period. Bear in mind this might involve other costs such as having the house valued whenever you want to repay a chunk.

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I can't vote Tory because they won't stop bringing in immigrants, and I'm basically a fascist. If they lowered immigration to 'acceptable' levels I'd vote for them in a heartbeat. Fuck Labour, they're fucking gay cunts.
To put this in perspective the first vote I ever cast was for Lib Dems in 2010. Yes, I was one of the many retarded students who brought the country a fucking Con-Lib coalition.
I learned my lesson pretty fucking quickly. Liberals are fucking retarded. Conservatives are cunts.
Better the clever cunt than the permanently incompetent.

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i think i will start posting a weekly public service announcement on this board because literally only 5% of crypto biztards in the UK know that every single crypto trade they make is taxable
in the vast majority of cases, if you are reading this, and are dealing with amounts of money over £10k, you need to pay tax THIS YEAR

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>Individuals that hold crypto as a personal investment will be liable to pay capital gains tax when they dispose of their cryptocurrency.
> 'Disposal' has been defined by the HMRC as:
>selling crypto assets for money
>exchanging crypto assets for a different type of crypto asset
>using crypto assets to pay for goods or services
>giving away crypto assets to another person

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One day people in this country will wish they voted in Corbyn, the only good politician we’ve had in decades, into power.

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>>UK to borrow a peacetime record of £355bn this year.

Just fuck my economy up

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Everytime I try to read that guide I get fucking sweaty and begin to breathe heavily. I'm somewhat of a brainlet and I just can't deal with it. It's too complicated. I'm just paying a flat in/out profit margin tax this year and if they audit me I'll play dumb.

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anything is better than starmer giving 50 billion for trannies, refugees and single mothers.

At least the immigrants bojo wants are more likely to work minimum wage or in paki stores.

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you only pay tax on the gain

if you buy £5k worth of ETH and trade that for £5k worth of some random shit coin you still havent gained anything

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Can any brits confirm that unless I cash out more than 12.5k in one year, I don’t need to declare gains/pay tax?
I’m also interested in doing some leveraged futures trading, assuming my total gains are below 12.5k, again, do I need to pay taxes? Is every crypto-crypto transaction taxable in the UK?

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>He's definitely PM matieral. Well-spoken, fairly clever, well-groomed, well-connected.
these are all bad things, and why the world is in such a state
you've just been conditioned to only accept these fucked pedos who go to their elite schools to be taught hoe to bum and be bummed
leadership does not have to and in fact should not come from exclusively upper classes as it does
these people don't live in reality

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this doenst apply to me, i've been all in Link since 2017 and havent traded once

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The hard-working Pakistani is proud when his fellow tribesman delivers such a superb budget.

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Don't need to pay tax on unrealised profits. simple as

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that's good. if GBP/USD goes down, our portfolios are worth more in £

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Lmao literally in the last thread had an ex-hmrc employee telling me I’d “eat my words” over claiming there wouldn’t be any tax hikes for the next year at least. Imagine being a government employee and being less informed than a retard like me

>> No.30121491

is this bait? selling is classed as realising gains, even if its one shitcoin to another

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You pay tax on any GAIN made upon disposal of an asset.

If you had £1k BTC and it went up to £15k then you traded that BTC into a bunch of alt coins you would have gained £14k and that would be taxable, obviously theres the allowance too so only about £1.5k would be taxable.

There is a lot of scaremongring going around about taxes here.

Really unless you are a day trader or have made some big flips from one coin to another there isnt that much to worry about.

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You only pay tax on REALIZED PROFIT you mongolid.

>> No.30121510

>I'll play dumb.
same except I am dumb so it will be easy

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I think it's basically
Every gain you've made this year: 12k of it doesn't get taxed, 10% on anything between 12-50k and 20% on anything over 50k. Your taxable income (everything you earn over personal allowance) is also factored into the figure

>> No.30121521

Exactly, the UK government does not recognize crypto as a currency, it's only when you convert it into currency that they care
>HMRC does not consider cryptoassets to be currency or money.

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Looks like the move to Portugal has been scrapped.

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Correct. Keep in mind however that crypto-to-crypto GAINS are taxed. If you, like so many of us, impulsively trade shitcoins about, you will be expected to pay tax on the PROFITS from those transactions, of anything over 12.5k.

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read the thread
yes you only pay tax on the gain. if you haven't made any gains then you have bigger problems.
HMRC count crypto to crypto trades as a profit realising event. simple as anon.
well, good luck. i assume you don't have life changing money in crypto so can afford to fuck about. if you have serious money in crypto, you need to do your taxes properly. use koinly or equivalent, it's not even expensive.

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there was an article this morning claiming 83% of financial advisers were expecting a CGT hike. fuck the 'experts', they know sod-all

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im not SELLING my btc im BUYING that shitcoin

>> No.30121613

I never said they were good things. I said he was PM material, and he is, and you admitted as much.

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>HMRC count crypto to crypto trades as a profit realising event. simple as anon.

Only good thing about this shithole

>> No.30121715

If you are buying with new fiat thats fine then

>> No.30121750

youre also ignoring that you need to GAIN and DISPOSE of the asset for it to be taxable

If I buy some shitcoin and it goes up 100000x it isnt taxable until I dispose of the asset.

>> No.30121900

can you literally not read? as has been mentioned 100 times, trading crypto for crypto is a profit realising event.
correct. i'm not ignoring this. it's implied. see >>30121334
>unless you have made some big flips from one coin to another there isnt that much to worry about.
yes anon, so 90% of the board.

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>Is it worth going for the 5% H2B equity loan for new builds?

>buying a new build

>> No.30121963

fair enough then m8

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Why do people stress over this shit so much? Just set aside 50% of your gains at all time and you'll be fine

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This isn't so bad. I'm just going to pay for Koinly in April and use the email service to ask them these questions and try and get it down as much as possible.
No joke, anon, I was speaking to a Portugese lawyer (friendly, free consulation, nothing too serious) about a move there this year, and how best to go about it. Gonna tell him I don't need his advice now. Gonna stay here. I don't really wanna pay any tax but I cba moving and since they haven't raised it I'll just pay it as a show of faith.

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>Fucking look at the opposition and then tell yourself if your gonna vote in Rishi or vote in someone that is going to destroy the country for SJW's and metropolitan London

why yes, i will vote for the acceleration candidate.

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Fuck... is what I wrote correct?
>Every gain you've made this year + your taxable income. 12.5k tax free, 10% on 12.5-50k and 20% on 50k+
So you're paying tax on your income as well? Fuck I've gone and confused myself lads

>> No.30122158

Ivan you know it's past 5pm in vladivostock you should be off the clock by now and going back to your family.

>> No.30122167

>Just set aside 50% of your gains at all time


>> No.30122234

dont you be insulting my barrat homes lad

>> No.30122276

What’s the problem with being a daytrader?
If I understand correctly, assuming your final profit is still below 12.5k, daytrading and gaining/losing miniscule amounts wouldn’t be taxable?

>> No.30122284


what do you mean 10% between 12-50k. I don't think that's how it works

>> No.30122311

>just set aside 50% of your gains at all times
it's stressful because maintaining the necessary record of your crypto transactions is a ballache and has real potentially serious consequences. i'm also posturing with extra stress itt in the hopes that i will break through the dull barrier of britanons' brains so they will realise that they need to take this seriously.

>> No.30122372

Yep just reread the gov website and realised you just pay either 10% or 20% on the gain my bad

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>realised about £2k in profit above the allowance in 2017/2018
>didn't think about taxes at all so never paid it
>about £400 owed
>haven't traded since, just holding Link and DIP forever (made about £227 this year by swapping some ETH I was holding according to Koinly)
Should I be concerned?

>> No.30122513

based sushi

>> No.30122557

.... does this actually work

>> No.30122591

some apartment buildings/tenement blocks genuinely block out sound pretty well to the point where you only hear the odd muffled bang once a week, at least thats how it is in mine. try get in touch with a few tenants in the building and ask how much noise travels and how generally noisy the people in the block are

>> No.30122607

Not overly, but just to scare the shit out of you, every day you're late returning your taxes is a £10 fine lol. That 400 quid might cost you thousands and thousands.

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Incorrect. I mean unless you're a fast food worker I guess

>> No.30122685

Lads I was on furlough and resigned in September 2020 thinking furlough was ending. Was getting £1650 a month. Then Rishi extended furlough not once but twice, meaning I've missed out on twenty grand.

>> No.30122773

Got a source for this? I've seen details of penalties but not £10/day. Only plan on selling staking gains from Link so if I file those as income and pay tax on them I should be alright surely.

>> No.30122778

no they only tax pounds. so if you trade BTC straight into say XRP on a BTC/XRP pair you arnt going to be taxed anything. its only when you turn that XRP into £ does HMRC get involved

>> No.30122795

LOL this happened to me too mate. I quit in October. Was only a shitty min wage job with commission so have missed out on about 12 grand. Feel like a right cunt. My mate who is in the same job still fucking laughs at me and shows me his wage packet everytime he gets it, the cunt.

>> No.30122804

>only fast food workers earn under 50k
errrrrrrrrr ok breh

>> No.30122881

Read more anon...

>> No.30122900

>making shit up

what legislation is this under?

you can be charged with Failing to Notify if you should have filed a return and didnt, this would be a penalty on a % of the amount of tax owed plus interest, nothing close to £10/day

>> No.30122959

>You’ll get a penalty if you need to send a tax return and you miss the deadline for submitting it or paying your bill.

>You’ll pay a late filing penalty of £100 if your tax return is up to 3 months late. >You’ll have to pay more if it’s later, or if you pay your tax bill late.

>You’ll be charged interest on late payments.

>Estimate your penalty for Self Assessment tax returns more than 3 months late, and late payments.


Not ten quid a day, then, but interest on a flat penalty of 4 fucking years is going to be a lot of money, mate.

>> No.30122982

Good to know I'm not the only one. The feeling is suicide inducing

>> No.30123050

This is completely incorrect. If you buy Ethereum and it moons and then you buy Doge, you will be taxed on that profit, and then if Doge moons and you buy Ethereum again you will be taxed there, too. You are taxed on all profit from EVERY SINGLE TRADE.

>> No.30123272

No, it isnt. You think they can tax you in Doge? Silly cunt thinks HMRC has a Doge or ETH wallet, silly cunt. Lay off the smack lad

>> No.30123279

So if you’re daytrader and you end up gaining and losing on a regular basis, you’ll get fucked when you have to pay on gains on all the profitable transactions? Am I getting this right? How does 12.5k apply to this scenario?

>> No.30123289

i've been trading since 2017 and never cashed out or paid taxes. it does scare me a bit. i earned around 30k and recently i've earned about 60k more. i reckon the fines alone must be over 10k.

i've considered just saying i found the btc or something so i can just pay the flat 20%.

>> No.30123365

sold my stock at the bottom again lads

>> No.30123414

>HMRC count crypto to crypto trades as a profit realising event. simple as anon.
Post a source, every document I've read regarding this has indicated a realized gain or loss is only measured when converting to fiat (possibly pegged crypto that's backed by fiat), DAI should be fine.

I was researching this just last year but open to be proven wrong.

Also... fuck selling into a shitty financial system, I came to the conclusion that I'm never going back last year and glad I did.

>> No.30123655

you dont pay a late submission penalty unless you were actually asked to file a return and didnt

if they didnt know you owed tax until years later it a Failure to Notify penalty as it's your duty (in their eyes) to notify HMRC of any liability

>> No.30123920

crypto to crypto is a taxable event faggots

>> No.30124061

So don't crypto to crypto lmfao, what are you poor?

>> No.30124182

wdym faggot, some people in here say this isnt the case, Im just stating a fact

>> No.30124189

>every document I've read

Did you try reading the government tax website where it clearly says crypto to crypto, yes including dai and your waifu nft collection

>> No.30124262

It is the case, I just don't know why people would crypto-to-crypto, it seems like such a poorfag thing to do, that they can't even afford to have a portfolio without moving bits around, lmfao'ing

>> No.30124369

i've posted two sources already in this thread that directly address your claim. again i refer to "read the thread".

>> No.30124443

LMAO I agree with you there if you have a serious portfolio, what about the anons that play shitcoinroulette on uniswap tho? Once your shitcoin does a 10-30x you naturally put it into the next shitcoin and so on

>> No.30124512

Link it then

DAI is a collateral backed loan, the exact same as taking a loan by putting up non-crypto assets for collateral and not paying any tax (how rich people live).

Nevermind DAI, show me where you're getting your facts on hmrc

>> No.30124669

Tories are clearly searching for non-white PM material to own the libs. Sajid Javid had similar speculation for a while.

Sunak could just as easily disappear in a cabinet reshuffle.

>> No.30124707

Its literally the first duckduckgo result you lazy nerd

>> No.30124745

If this is your source

It's absolute shit, I disregarded the moment they couldn't understand capital gains tax basics i.e. this bullshit statement
>Individuals that hold crypto as a personal investment will be liable to pay capital gains tax when they dispose of their cryptocurrency. 'Disposal' has been defined by the HMRC as:
>giving away crypto assets to another person

>> No.30124933

i get you're trolling, but when you already have 8 figures of btc, it's the best way to allocate. if you're holding that much in cash, you're retarded

>> No.30124963

you are literally a moron
they are copying and pasting from gov.uk website

>> No.30125561

>You do not pay Capital Gains Tax on assets you give or sell to your husband, wife or civil partner, unless:

>you separated and did not live together at all in that tax year
>you gave them goods for their business to sell on

>If they later sell the asset
>Your spouse or civil partner may have to pay tax on any gain if they later dispose of the asset.

>Their gain will be calculated on the difference in value between when you first owned the asset and when they disposed of it.

Reminder to find a loyal wife who will cash out half of your gains for you so you can pay less tax

>> No.30125566

how can you be so dumb anon?

>> No.30125690

I've never voted lol. Too young at 2017 election and couldn't be fucked in 2019. No party deserves /biz/'s vote.

>> No.30125805

shut up you melt

>> No.30125822

Sup fellow Manc bro, I’ve had a flat since 2016 but selling it and rebuying over near media city.
I like owning as it gives me way more freedom over the property and not have to contact and get approval from some landlord prick each time I want to change something

>> No.30125989

>half of your gains
how? as in they'll fall under the poxy 50k and only pay 10% as opposed to 20%?

>> No.30125992
File: 158 KB, 1199x1359, 1613922902982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

enjoy getting a spank from her majesty while she confiscates your gains deano

>> No.30126244


In theory you could together cash out up to £24600 without paying any tax.

>> No.30126255

doesn't sound like you have autism like me or him though. as someone who loathes the sound of neighbours, he's in a pretty decent situation at the moment. better off investing the capital that would otherwise be tied up in a house imo. granted, the property value will rise, but nowhere near the % of other investments

>> No.30126387

yes exactly, but you mentioned "half of your gains". it's a nice tax-free bonus but not the 7-8 figures I had in mind. thought you may have discovered a sexy loophole or something

>> No.30126469

oh yeah sorry, it's good up to a point, it depends how much you are cashing out at once, its decent if you want to cash out steadily over time to pay for things I suppose

>> No.30126471

I made a shitload in $ amount in 2017, then lost year-on-year. Only cashed out below the CGT threshold in 2018. LMAO my trades are going to be fucking impossible to work out when it comes time to calculate this year and the ATH in a few months time too.

I'm cashing out this time though, fuck another bear market.

>> No.30126492

Lads when do I owe tax to the IRS? I have 2 shares of GME. Let's say it moons again and I close the trade with a $300 profit. I know about the UK CGT threshold and I'm way below that but don't know if this applies to US stocks.

>> No.30126514

based and knowledge pilled, stop telling the plebs before the gubment shuts it down

>> No.30126553

Ireland and the UK are Subcontinental nations now.

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>truly if we have a brown leftist who occasionally talks about fiscal responsibility, that will pwn the libs

>> No.30126813

Fuck off back to the colonies and make your own thread you fucking nonce yank poofter.

>> No.30127053

Oh please we've already had fucking sadick khan as the mayor of london stinking up the place, I think people won't mind having Rishi as the PM
The only problem is Rishi himself said he wouldn't want to be PM and he's better at numbers and sitting in the back figuring shit out than being at the forefront of the nation making more socioeconomic decisions than he wants to
Smart lad though

>> No.30127082

true, absolutely, good to get every penny out of the bastards. good work anon. i'm in two minds as to whether to cash out in one lump sum or not if we go vertical. if we dump 80%+ like in 2018 i will kick myself for not doing it

>> No.30127239

>Rishi himself said he wouldn't want to be PM
mate Boris said the same thing years ago, back when he rescinded his US citizenship (because you can't be PM of the UK with more than one citizenship)

>> No.30127243

Yeah I get that, if I were to buy I'd make sure it's a modern build with good sound insulation and high enough from a street.
But there's no predicting shit neighbors I guess

>> No.30127379

London is like 45% white at this point, of course they got that wretched cunt as mayor. The country, though, is in a far better state. Not for long, like, but right now it's not going to happen.

>> No.30127410

That's why as a britbong I mine my crypto.
Write off the hardware as a business expense and then once done with it sell it cash-in-hand.
Mine crypto then sell half every month, counts as income tax

>> No.30127452

reminder based Dom put Rishi in the Chancellor seat

>> No.30127514

'ate pakis
'ate women
'ate chinks
luv norf

>> No.30127603


>> No.30127690

How long until Rishi is the first non-white PM?
Labour will be SEETHING if the tories beat them to that like they did with the first female PM

>> No.30127691
File: 600 KB, 643x871, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30127843

Based accelerationist

>> No.30127902

A decade. Boris gets his five years, he might lose against Keir after, but he'll make a mess of things and the Conservatives will put Rishi in and he'll win. Alternatively if Johnson wins in the next election he'll do another 5 and then hand the reigns over to Rishi who will win. I don't see it happening before then. In a decade the country will be probably 10% more non-white, and the age of non-whites will have shifted up by a few years, leaving the average at somewhere around the early twenties, prime voting age.

>> No.30128061

Boris won't lose to Keir. Keir is 125 seats away from a majority, and if he gets that he'd still be relying on SNP votes to survive. The electorate won't stand for that.

>> No.30128264

Labour will never win another election.

>> No.30128355

how is bankrupting the country doing a good job?

>> No.30128410

You just don't know what will happen by then. The country is destitute, we've just lived through years of Tory cuts. If the house of cards comes down while they are in power then there will be a massive, massive, massive swing to the left in this country. Every single northerner that 'lent' their vote to the Conservatives in the last election will swing back hard left and there will be a shitload more immigrants who almost always vote left.
If they can guide us through this shit with only a smaller crash, nothing too bad, no major depression, and if it doesn't happen just before the election so we have time to recover by the time people go to polls then I agree, Labour have no chance, but these are all big ifs. Johnson is sitting on top of a powder keg right now.

>> No.30128740

Yes try it

>> No.30128806

Are you the guy from the PRQ chat?

>> No.30128990

No. Any economic crisis will be global, they can pin it on Corona, and remember Rishi is up against Dodds, who is useless. And the electorate in England and Wales won't put up with a Labour party leaning on the SNP for favours. And they need 134 new seats to get to 326, which is as many as Blair won in 1997. No-one else has won that and Keir won't be repeating that.

A decade more of Tory rule, easily.

>> No.30129089

This benefits the rich... but as a crypto trader and upcoming new money it will benefit me... idk how to feel about this

>> No.30129179

Labour won’t win whilst the scots continue to vote SNP
Labour is an absolute STATE, they need to stop sipping from the identify politics cup if they want a chance of winning the north back.
Unfortunately they won’t, as they don’t even see it as a problem

>> No.30129302

This is deeply concerning to me as it means the Tories don't have to do anything to win my vote which means 350k immigrants a year for another decade at the least.
It's fucking disgraceful.

>> No.30129311


>> No.30129440

Stop thinking of the rich as some evil entity which need to be attacked and start thinking of the poor as the stupid entity which keep themselves from moving up.
Trust me, anon, you'll go further that way.
I used to be a faggot, too, always hating the rich, I was practically a communist. Since I changed my line of thinking I've become much, much happier, more fiscally responsible, and generally more upwardly mobile. I'm still relatively poor to some of the fags on here but I am now richer, by far, than 100% of my friends.

>> No.30129650


you don’t know what that word means

>> No.30129651

>Stop thinking of the rich as some evil entity which need to be attacked and start thinking of the poor as the stupid entity which keep themselves from moving up.

A lot of the reasons why poor struggle is because of the rich

>> No.30129830

There’s no one worth voting for, at least the tories aren’t proposing bringing all the calais “refugees” over.
Would rather the tories bring in millions of chinks over Labour bringing in millions of brown people.
It’s fucked either way though

>> No.30129896

In what way is he rightwing besides the token association with a party once known for its believe in royal absolutism?

>> No.30129981

One looks down their noses at us and throws us a bone
The other laughs and shits on your toast, Unless you're an advocate for love and peace of course

>> No.30129984

>not voting for the Reclaim party

>> No.30130008

>pol will laugh at us
but u came from pol. u need to go back

>> No.30130014 [DELETED] 

Damn anon you put all in all for btc why haven’t you tried some other alts for easy profits like $MCM

>> No.30130208

>A lot of the reasons why poor struggle is because of the rich
Name them. Sounds like cope to me. The poor in this country get every advantage, especially the shitskins and 'new British'. Fuck them.
Seriously though the poor get practically unlimited gibs. Free housing, free healthcare, 0% interest student loans, tax credits for single parents, payouts if you're jobless or too ill too work.
What more do they fucking need? If you can't make something of yourself with all that it's because you're a retard.
It's not the rich keeping them down, it's themselves. They gamble, they smoke, they drink every weekend, they got shit grades at school, they dropped out of Uni, they get pregnant at 15.

If you work hard and you have half a brain you can become middle-class fairly easily. The only real issue is buying your first home is difficult because the housing market in this country is retarded.
I know that Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are evil cunts but those people are less than 1% of the world. The top 20% are not bad people, by and large, and if you think they are it's because you're bitter because you want what they have. Simple as.

>> No.30130258

Look at his voting record, he is most certainly not a leftist.

>> No.30130324

the rest of it is a shitshow though.
str8 bs

>> No.30130616

In British politics, unlike American politics, politicians of a particular party can be much more easily coerced to vote with the party line lest they lose the support of the party. The centralized nature of British politics means that to even have a chance at a cabinet position you need to suck the dicks of the leadership for decades, it is much more difficult to do what Farage ended up doing and run a successful fourth-party outside of the Lib-Lab-Con traditional party stack, besides regionalist parties like the SNP and PC.

So generally speaking if he is in lockstep with the Tories, what is conservative about him?

>> No.30130691

Both of you came from fucking reddit, as infinitely evidenced by your shitty grammar and inability to comprehend the backslash key.

>newfags think they don't stink of newfaggotry when they can't even correctly write the board's name

>> No.30130724

>Name them. Sounds like cope to me

Landlords are a start.

I see what you mean. As ive started to make more gains my world view has been changing a bit .

>> No.30130761

Brrrrr brrrrr brrrrr

>> No.30130994
File: 347 KB, 541x507, 1614345166889.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30131045

>Landlords are a start.
Most landlords are cunts but outside of better regulations that favour the tenant there's not a lot to be done about it. They take on a lot of risk. One bad tenant can destroy a property and getting them out can be very difficult and take months. The landlord still has bills to pay during that time, and he may not even be earning from that tenant while eviction proceedings are ongoing. It's not always so easy.
I agree though I have dealt with some right twatty landlords but they're not all bad and they fairly necessary.
If we could lower housing prices (lowering immigration would help) then maybe more of us could buy our homes and landlords wouldn't be so all prevalent and powerful.

>> No.30131088
File: 3 KB, 125x109, 1344770527185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>CGT frozen
Thank fucking fuck for that, it's been at the back of my head for the past couple months that they'd increase it to 40%. 20% is still daylight robbery, though.
I don't give a shit about the rest of the budget shit, it's all beyond fucked anyways.

>> No.30131158

>I don't give a shit about the rest of the budget shit
These freeports have piqued my interest.
What the fuck are they? Does anybody have any information?

>> No.30131304
File: 30 KB, 500x375, 1612536050115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just a middleman for moving valuable assets between other ports tax free. It'll increase demand for jobs in these ports apparently, not sure about that after watching Season 2 of The Wire.

>> No.30131360

Ports with no taxes being brought back. Only being put in shithole areas pretty much to increase jobs in the areas, etc.

>> No.30131520

Cool. Thanks. Is this no taxes for businesses or could I load up 500 Benson and Hedges and come back through Teeside and pay fuck all?

>> No.30131535

Lad what the fuck are you on about. Go back to your containment board.

>> No.30131542

>clearly a shitposter from brit/pol/
>tells others to go back to /pol/

I should say "no u", faggot.

>> No.30131607

>doesn't answer the question at all
>"g-go back"

Unironically put your eyes out, homo.

>> No.30131746

actually faggot i was just pointing out that you don't know what a backslash is

>> No.30131950

this board is for making money & keeping it. fuck off elsewhere to drone about politics you fucking daft peasant

>> No.30132029

Haha fuck off autist

>> No.30132440

i'm autistic, don't lump me in with that retard please

>> No.30132586

>is /biz/poster
>calls people autistic
sit down anon, it's time we talked about why you're different to your friends

>> No.30133651

What's that?