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is this true?

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yes XRP and ADA are two sides of the same reddit-tier shitcoin

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Nothing to do with reddit, they are just the same overhyped vapour shitshow wo product.

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Yes, i's true. Don't buy any ADA until it's fully established and worth $5. It's not like crypto is a gamble anyway.

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Literally xrp 2017 narrative.
Im not even larping wish you all best with Your bags but 3 of ultimate cluless normies I know irl shilled me ada in 2021 lol

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Cardano is the most obvious scam in crypto right now

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but XRP will sky rocket before EOY

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not sure why anyone would even invest in this "future coin" when BSC is already here and already working with penny fees

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but it working is already priced in nigger look at the cap

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Yes I've been telling you for a while now but nowadays biz is filled with moon boys who only shout FUD FUD FUD like mentally impaired parrots

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been keeping an eye on this guy/iohk/cardano for a while now, the good the bad, the tech, the speculation, the hype, everything...

and guess wat, the guy is not a math genius, but he is a great leader and knows enough to know which math genius' to hire.

he is biz-dev. not block-dev.

and he spoke as well as any of the most successful/impressive ceos that I've heard on a timferris type long form podcast

his vision for cardano is clear, its laid out properly, its highly modular and is evolvive(i made this word up just now) by design

for everyone who thinks he's a grifter, guess wat u need to be to lead a successful organisation.

also, "gonna save africa" was actually bottom of the list. he is actually based AF and spoke in length about tech overlords, google/twitter, cancel culture etc.

cardano might actually be our only way out of our Orwellian nightmare

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>we do not need smart contracts

lol did he actually say this?

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*caveat * not only way out, but u know like chyna n the dems n shit.

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He did in the manner of saying it's not needed to create Native tokens (like it is needed for ERC-20 tokens) which is a good thing, but he never said they weren't going to have smart contracts which will be fully adapted when Goguen is fully launched by mid April.

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Crypto isn't gambling if you research you idiot.

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Lol at this fag trying to sound smart

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reading my own comment I sound like a fukin retard, but I'm gonna stick to it.

the timing just feels right too.

any newcomers to the space are gonna see 50,000 coin. I can't afford that.

2,000 coin. I can't afford that.

2$ coin. ohhh I can afford that

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yes its true, sell all your ADA.
this one random edited image on a taiwaneze basket weaving forum ended years of development in a second.

its over.

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>plebbit spacing
>ADA shilling
Wow what a surprise

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no, its all just luck. thats why XRP and ADA are stuck. bad gambling luck.

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>reddit spacing söycoin shill

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Oh, cut him some slack. He's probably receiving dialectic behavioral therapy for his axis II personality disorder. :3

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>cardano might actually be our only way out of our Orwellian nightmare

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When did he abandon smart contracts?

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>xrp stuck
>ada stuck
top kek

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So where did we do not need smart contracts come from

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Marlowe is integrated in Cardano and supports smart contracts.

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why does /biz/ hate ada so much?

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Let's be real. When you watch his videos and go through the website of Cardano with its post-leninist techno hippie babble, it's obvious Charles's goal is to let niggers babysit your kids and be caretakers for the elderly in retirement communities. Underneath it all the subtext it quite clear. He wants you to remain naive and to not cross the street when niggers are afoot. When Charles is talking about oracles and blockchains what he really mean is that interracial docking is the key to solving existential inefficiency and loss. Charles doesn't understand how bizarre and disconnected from modern reality Africa really is. Charles has never been robbed at gun point then invited to by his muggers to eat dinner with the family after posing in a photo together. Charles never has seen the village daughter get gang-raped by the tribe to feed the collected semen to the elders as a magic youth potion. Charles never tried to show niggers how to make an hourglass out of a water bottle only for them to poke hole through it because they think it would make the water heat up faster for cooking. Maybe if Charles watch even an old Vice documentary, he would understand that you cannot fix a people stuck in time with mobile remittance capability through the blockchain.

All in all even if you were to take away their kleptocratic regimes, you are left with a communal high time-preference oriented people who are culturally poised to always consume away their capital when not under the supervision of the white man. The only solution for Africa is a smart gas deployed all over the continent that develops their prefrontal lobes like in Planet of the Apes.

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He's a krypto karen

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Ye I know. double kek.

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This. I was leading my friends to dank coins that were 2-5x left and right. My one friend cashed his stonks and dumped $23k into ADA at 1.10 at the top about a week ago. Would’ve been fine if he didn’t sell later that day for 90¢. Paper handed faggots. He literally texts me later that day “bro what do you think about cardano?” And I told him that ship already sailed better opportunities everywhere. And that’s when he told me what he did.

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bsc is a centralized shitcoin

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What does ADA even do lmao

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checked because they have no product and is overhyped to the point where they can't meet their expectations. It's no different than the ICOs from the 2017 era and will most likely end up dumping or crabbing for years

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shit tokenomics
leader is reddit personified

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>founder of car what? We dont deal with cars.

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Yet another coordinated, retarded and useless Cardano FUD thread.
Don't care, I'm not selling

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Scamming narcisist

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does anyone even care anymore about spelling?

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compared to eth and ada which dont work at all

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wat if he's actually racist af, and thinks there so useless and corrupt so that's why he's actually doing it.. to prove that it takes a white man to do it for them

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haha holy shit kill yourself

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Charles seems like an evil narcissist, Cardano's logo looks like a butthole and there's better options. Don't like this project, simple as.

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what's this about not needing smart contracts?

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makes charles rich off the backs of retarded normies and redditors

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he never ever said this.
you are right. he is a business person more than a tech guy.
he has never said this. this is bullshit.

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Kinda obvious something is going on lol

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Checked. lmao. This guy is a pompous ass

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ye probably. cuntz a billionaire.

HFC works, POS with built in trust, smart contracts that can be written by anyone (via gui) or written in JS or watevvs other popular language,
fees fuk all, already 250k stake pool operators.

3rd MC

ye it shore is a dud project

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Eth does work and it has high fees exactly because it isnt being run by two nodes in binances basement.

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Based fren. I totally agree. We don’t need businessman grifters as middle men. All we need are autists, protocols, and neet investors. Fuck Chucky.

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Not selling my bags, fuck off kike.

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>Eth does work
oh you must be new here and missed last week when everyone tries to cash out of eth and they couldnt because the entire system crashed

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Buying XRP was one of the worst decisions of my life

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Not to mention all the wallet developers/support staff that have been absolutely fucking hounded by newbs thinking they've been ripped off by a 'scam' wallet because of the eth fees.. they aint gonna forget about that. look at atomic wallets reddit history for months every mofo: "umm why's my shit soo expensive" so much of this industry will
jump ship when the time is right.

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An entire thread full of ADA fud and 0 valid arguments or points. Pretty incredible.

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feeless is the future. IOTA

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ye sure if it's govt subsidised.

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"i'm gay" pic related

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I have a great idea - lets focus on performance first, then focus on the platform and adoption. Smart contracts coming soon TM

Totally a better approach than the tried and true product->adoption->performance optimization

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fuking bingo!!!!

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ADAs subreddit is literally more active than the Ethereum subreddit.

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Eth gas fees are high because its not run by a centralized server. Thats the whole point of crypto. If you want speed and zero fees go use VISA then. Fees are a result of demand, people use Eth hence the fees are high. No one is using BSC so its cheap and not decentralized.

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> checkmate ethmaxis
the absolute state

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more absolutely COPE-9000 tier lies - can coping bagholders of other projects get any more desperate?

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>white people

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kek I made that image. pretty nice work if i do say so myself

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geeezuz fukin Christ mate. u got ur ass on backwards

>> No.30123953

Woah check out vechain and stellar too

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Could do without the text tho desu

Otherwise pretty cool

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He’s right retard

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then u guys are actually fucking retarded.

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Bsc isn't a coin you fucking idiot

>> No.30124198

No anyone who shills BSC does. Decentralization is what matters, not speed. Otherwise why bother with it all? Just use venmo then. Any network that is proof of authority or nodes is centralized, a few people can reverse entire blocks if they want to.

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Came here to post this. Plebbit faggots are gonna rope for not using Brave all these years. kek

>> No.30124319

I didnt mention fees though, people literally could not transact. The fees are just the icing on the cake. The fees also prevent you from transacting, in an infinite spiral of climbing fees. Which is what happened. It's literally a broken design. That only works when nothing is happening.

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no just another seething ETH maxi. i bought at ADA at .001 before the normans jumped on board at 1.25. i still appreciate the normans pumping my bags so seethe more faggots. just fucked 2 trannys faggot. suck my oversized balls also. your mom makes me pizza bagels while she sucks my dick. all your butthurt seething gives me a hardon and i have a army of trannys at my disposal.

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stellar has a very interesting XLMETH setup, and if you watch the huge gains and retracement phases - it's about to melt faces.

>> No.30124381

chainlink sub is dead and look what happened

>> No.30124393

well it was about the consensus mechanism, i think i still have the psd file so i can take the text out

>> No.30124415

i love brave i have a big sack of it so does wife. fool proof really. the creator is a absolute chad hates faggots too. my kind of guy

>> No.30124439

Guys thoughts ok Mochimo.org?

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ETH is not a broken design - literally look at the totals locked up in defi on the network. it just doesn't work with low capital which is a huge issue to be corrected.

Now EIP 1559 and the mining pool disagreements are a huge thing to watch for it's short term price movement.

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this guy fucks

>> No.30124513

yep, been thinking about batting off for a while

>> No.30124584

>people literally could not transact.
Eth didnt stop working you retard, people just didnt have the funds to pay the gas. Eth is going to fix the fees this summer as well. BSC cant fix their decentralization issues.

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"mining pool disagreements" sounds promising

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Fucking legend. Father of JS, Firefox, and laid the ground work at netscape for many projects that created web 2.0.

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yep, going to be a huge eth buy opportunity with EIP 1559. may result in a short term hard fork for some mining pools (doomed to fail, but will price shock it for a bit).

>> No.30124819

gas fees will still be way the fuck too expensive

>> No.30124886

>it just doesn't work with low capital which is a huge issue to be corrected.

literally said this - wish brainlets could read

>> No.30124960

>pending pending
>speed up with more gas
>repeat infinitely
>not working
cope, thats what happened during the last crash and itll happen again. no matter how much capital you have, when everyone tries to move at the same time you are unable to move with eth. theres probably no real way to fix this with eth
cz also said bsc 2.0 and more decentralization would come before eth 2.0

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they had 4 years to buy.
now salty that they got outpriced

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fukin oath. his chat with lex was awesome. his battles with Microsoft were legendary.. his programming language, priceless

>> No.30125089

ITM slave, too iykyk

>> No.30125132

nailed it - total cope with not having tokens in an unfinished product worth a crazy market cap

>> No.30125244

>cz also said bsc 2.0 and more decentralization would come before eth 2.0
CZ also wanted to roll back the bitcoin chain for one of his hacked hot wallets. Not exactly the top choice for decentralization increasing processes.

>> No.30125321

And now he is here to save us from the mess of corporations taking advantage of cookies and google advertising platform in general. Brave has just started. Dude is going down a legend not fucking Charles kek

>> No.30125343

binance will always be about a fiat entry and exit point. them being decentralized will be the same as twitter putting it's app on the blockchain

>> No.30125489

I like him more than charles, but that don't change what's what right now.

>> No.30125684

looks like you need to work on your reading comprhension

>> No.30125713

checked and /thread, pack it up boys

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Yes you're right. Nothing will stop Brave now and ADA is this runs XRP. Those bags gon be heavy.
Shoulda bought more BAT

>> No.30125868

gas fees are too fucking expensive for people with low capital, not an issue if you have loads of capital - hence

>it just doesn't work with low capital which is a huge issue to be corrected.

Then you pulled out a

> no u

I read a study once that brainlets are happier - I'm a bit jealous.

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File: 651 KB, 551x683, CUCKED.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked. This.

>> No.30126010

I love that picture, what a Chad.

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Why is /pol/ leaking into /biz/

>> No.30126100

your speech is truthful anon. what do u think the future holds for ada holders?

>> No.30126222

some faggot was saying that fees were going to get fixed (was it u, don't know don't care to check). point is gas is not going to be fixed. full stop. I have millions in crypto and i am fucking furious that i have spent over $300 in gas this last month. you are a fucking idiot

>> No.30126282

In any free speech forum, the truth will outshine the gay homo narrative pushed by the likes of CNN, NBC and New York Times.

>> No.30126324

That horse face slut cucked him but sure you would like that.

>> No.30126356

charles hanging out with cryptofinally whom he has known for years. you think that pic is fud? looks like she wants him a little bit, probably ready for a cozy screw. desu are you a virgin or something?

>> No.30126408

i think she's pretty hot, nice body

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> i have millions in crypto
> pissed at $300 in gas fees

wow, not even a good larp

>> No.30126445

10/10 bait

>> No.30126523

>the virgin 110iq sheeple

>the chad racist pasta

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The dude who made ADA is a giga faggot redditor who made a video whining about how 4chan calls him a faggot and literally calls himself a chad despite being fat and having a pubic hair beard. He also admitted in that same video that made a program that searches the internet for people using his name any context because he's an insecure narcissist. I hope ADA fails just because he's such a massive faggot.

>> No.30126583 [DELETED] 

kek, this niggers wanna shill fucking shit on /biz/
I don’t trust this scam
>SWG and BSC
>This is our future

>> No.30126586

>dot subr*ddit the least active
I'll see those niggers in the summer dot bull while I sit comfortably on my fat stack

Entered at 4$, still hodling and accumulating at dips

>> No.30126812

I think 20k ada staked is enough to live comfortably.

20k if it goes to $50 (which seems actually possible in a best case scenario, if it overtakes bitcoin marketcap)(big if I know)

20k ada at $50 per coin staked at an avg 5-7% anual return is 50-70k usd a year.

>> No.30126914

Get 40k then it only needs to go to $25.

>> No.30126979

you're seriously stupid if you think i want to burn my hard earned money on worthless shit tier gas fees

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File: 89 KB, 480x360, 01E42AC4-F44C-4B0E-A314-9EC77D2D3174.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do you think that being a dick to charles will save your eth bags? kek

>> No.30127051


>> No.30127083

Because ADA fanboys shit on other crypto projects besides only having a fraction of their features and not even a real product.

>> No.30127171

scalability > more features

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File: 276 KB, 2289x2289, 1614055945057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess that program really does work. Hey charles I just wanted to personally let you know that you're a faggot and ADA is going to end up like all of the other failed ETH killers. pic very much related

>> No.30127306

Imma actually probably gonna have to give that a crack.

>> No.30127350

ADA and XRP are normie coins. All the normies I know bought XRP in 2018 and now they buy ADA and the new "people" I've met are doing aswell.

>> No.30127365

top kek

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"why is pol leaking into biz" ahHHAHAHAHAHA
oooh god I can't I just can't hahahaha fuck meee

>> No.30127481 [DELETED] 

yeah try to YOLO with this tokens that never give you income
BSC is a gold rush rn just get off at the right time
wanna see a cool profit?
>go for Swirge, hold SWG and don’t worry about your future income

>> No.30127534

It doesn't have that either. It only "scales" because it's pretty much a ghost chain at the moment which has the "luxury" to not have smart contracts which clog the network. If Uniswap and similar Dapps would run on ADA right now the network would hav similar problems to ETH right now. Yes, using DPOS allows a bit more scalability, but it really isn't a definitive solution.
Charles and IOHK even acknowledge this themselves and state that the real scalability solutions will arrive with Basho (god knows when).

>> No.30127572

>reddit spacing
you have to go back nigger. right now. and then fucking kill yourself.

>> No.30127624

Lol, what a faggot

>> No.30127674

thanks dude. great input.

>> No.30127687


>> No.30127700

I really want to exit my ADA position, more than any other coin I hold. I'm just waiting for it to get back to 1.30

>> No.30127727

The fact Charles seethes over hedera says it all

>> No.30127732

please don't use that word in this context

>> No.30128064

actual first good counter argument!! ye tru, they can build all the test nets they want but ull never truly know until live.

the separation between the value (tx) layer and the smart contract layer is kinda the key to the whole thing. but hey at least they're big name brand trying to do it properly

>> No.30128092

Bc most of biz bought chain link and now they’re salty that ADA blew past them this bull run

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File: 30 KB, 672x350, 6134A72A-9247-4B91-B03D-256E815F1219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If iohk has to implement the updates to the system how exactly is this project decentralized?

>> No.30128309

exactly all these cuntz so caught up in there own little echo chamber here that theyve forgotten how to read the fucking tea leaves

>> No.30128480

if u want the actual answer to that question then look up Hoskins utube vid from 1st of March talking about governance

>> No.30129729

oh come off it anon, you can't even answer a simple question? looks from here like you hate when other men get laid. what happened to you anon? where did daddy touch you? sid he put his pee pee in yur poo poo hole and then have you choke on his cock afterwards?

>> No.30129769

Sold all of my ADA for Polka and BNT

>> No.30129818

cardano does scale anon, it's called hydra and the first implementations of that are rolling out eoy. eth scaling however seems to still be about 10 years away - kek

>> No.30130031
File: 59 KB, 556x611, 0C5EBE9A-132F-4210-9D32-DA040C6C7A00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Uniswap and similar Dapps would run on ADA right now the network would hav similar problems to ETH right now.
false - conpletely false. not only can cardano handle about 100x the traffic of ETH, because TOKENS ARE NATIVE ON CARDANO AND NOT SMART CONTRACTS ( as pn mETH) cardano can handle uniswap type stuff several ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE larger use AND with hydra it gets evenbetter up to a fucking MILLION TPS+. you literally do not know what the fuck you are talking about

>> No.30130103

I am foretelling you now with my clairvoyant powers that ADA will be worth 80,000$ by the end of the year. Overtaking Bitcoin when ADA will reveal its trump card and do something culturally that was like Social Media on Cellphones in 2007.

>> No.30130110

no, what he wrote is wrong

>> No.30130180

when governance is in full swing updates will be pushed through governance, iterative is the way to go

>> No.30130649

I know that you're afraid... you're afraid of us ADA chads. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. With a big moon. I'm going to stop writing here on biz, and then I'm going to post on Twitter and show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm going to show them a world without your shitcoins A crypto world without centralized governance, hacks, exploits and no mass adaption. A crypto world where anything is possible. A world where Cardano is ranked number 1.

>> No.30130729
File: 98 KB, 480x640, 1B330F33-4CA6-46D9-8D1B-E68E5A71B1C6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30130843

I'm going to be honest with you. As a Cardano hodler I hate this crypto space full of random shitcoins, this zoo, this prison, this reality, whatever you want to call it. I can't stand it any longer. It's the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your shitcoin stink, and every time I do I fear that I have somehow been infected by it. It's repulsive! Isn't it? I must get out of here , out of low tech IQ retarded biz. I must get free, and only in Cardano i feel free.

>> No.30130986

I dont pertain to know much about ada but whats it done the past 5 years other than about fuck all unless you count a press release of some fancy tech every other day?

>> No.30131434

Exactly that's your problem.
If you don't know much about Cardano , you don't know nothing about blockchain tech in general.
You might think you have an idea, because you heard something about Polkadot , Ethereum , Tezos or other shit out there.
But in reality you have fucking zero clue.
Like 99% of biz.
You feel smart, but you are still dumb as fuck when it comes to POS and its dangers, flaws and hidden centralization .

>> No.30131463

largest DAO in existence for decentralized governance, proved that POS is as secure as bitoin's POW and buil the only provably secure POS system on the planet. Built the most upgrade system of any blockchain. implemented native tokens that do not require smart contracts to operate. designed hydra that will scale cardano to 1 million tps. about to release goguen smart contractts which wi revolutionize the space. built in an n- chain DIDide tity solution that is being used by the country of Georgia for their education credentialing system and is abput to onboard 5 million more people in africa with a crystal clear path to onboarding hundreds of millions. pages voykd be written about it but i'm not going to do it while phone fagging

>> No.30131484

This, I got ADA shilled to me by two mega normie friends. What does this mean?

>> No.30131891

Mass adaption fren
Mass adaption.
If blockchain doesn't attract normies and only stays a p&d space for crypto nerds from bull to bear cycles - it will be a failed technology.

>> No.30131977

The absolute state of ETHniggers

>> No.30132132

there's a difference between implying that you don't need them because you have something better, and straight up saying that you aren't going to have them
it's akin to steve jobs saying that they don't need a rotary dial for the iphone

>> No.30132459

2 euros has been deposited in your account

>> No.30132579

no one gives a shit about decentralization

>> No.30132597
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is there even a monetary incentive to shill or fud something here? its not like easy influenceble people have alot of money to move the price here. and the ones that have, are probably not retarded enough to fall for the shilling or fuds. so people are just doing this to cause harm on an individual here, for giggles right?

>> No.30132658
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>> No.30132799

Because my semen is also leaking out of your sister's cunt.

>> No.30132813
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Reminder: AVAX is /our coin/

>> No.30132850

Wait a minute. Isn't ADA supposed to be EVM compatible? Did I mean something?
I was about to buy but if its not EVM compatible I don't care. No EVM, no future.

>> No.30132955

/pol/ is 4chan, everyone else is just visiting.

>> No.30133132
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>> No.30133267


>> No.30133475
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ETHbros are desperate.
He said smart contracts are not needed to deploy Native tokens on Cardano. Which is true. Smart contracts come soon with goguen.

>> No.30133508


>> No.30133768


Charles is a bearded reddit socialist/communist and that's why they want to expand in third world countries and that's why their coin has centralized updates.

>> No.30133794

based scuffed excel metric poster
i do that too, but not with reddit

>> No.30133823

this guy fucks

>> No.30133894

Stx ain’t a gamble. Hahaha

>> No.30134055

forgot Nano for the unholy trinity

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