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Time to fight the fed.

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Oh fug is it YCC time already

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>YCC isn't working

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They've only done QE so far though, haven't they?

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So they say...

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I'm gonna sell all my stocks for bitcoin, these niggers have no idea what they're doing.

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They have a monthly buying plan where they buy $80b treasuries and $40b MBS.


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>Jpow...load yield curve control and pump ze 10 year

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Just buy SQQQ

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So QE it is.
YCC is buying as needed. YCC in effect this month probably, since QE seems to not work anymore.

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>bro my yield curve!!!!!!!!!

Just like GameStop liquidity crisis right??? Just like “new covid strain!!!” Right?

Retarded normies need story time for their stock market. YIELD CURVE DOESNT MEAN SHIT. FADE RETARD BOOMER SELLERS. It’s always a retarded narratives being shilled on CNBC and low IQ midwits lap it up.

Me? I follow the DATA and FACTS, both of which tell me the SPY will get to 410 this year.

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>I follow the DATA and FACTS, both of which tell me the SPY will get to 410 this year.
That's why its selling genius. Why would you chase a <10% return for overvalued and volatile stonks when they're only going be neutral/lower by 2024?

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Based permabull

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MAybe if you learned how to speak in a coherent and understandable manner, you’d get more responses. You’re cackling like a banshee and spouting meme language that’s really cringe. Faggot

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I have the same feeling kek

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but didn’t bitcoin and all of crypto just dump even harder than the stock market the last time the 10 year crept higher??

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But what does this all mean?

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My guess is he is saying that either the fed does nothing and everything is fucked anyway, or the fed intervenes and everything pumps, in which case crypto will pump the most (as usual). Crypto is so correlated to the stock market at this point that it's basically just leverage.

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Why own any stock if all currencies are entering hyperinflation and all central banks have fucked up? I mean. Fuck

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We may not hit hyperinflation immediately, since it's mainly a psychological phenomenon. It's unknown how crypto will perform in real terms since I wouldn't really consider it an inflation hedge. But owning stock is probably a bad idea. If the situation ends up anything like the 70s, then the stock market could crash in NOMINAL terms by 50% even with double digit inflation. The fed has virtually 0 levers to pull in order to reel inflation back in since they can't raise interest rates like they did in the 70s though.

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Help a brainlet here. So I get why people are panicking.
>higher yields can result in inflation and equity market crash
>might imply ycc is not working and the fed is losing control
But what some specific red flags? Sudden spikes?
Im confused because the yield has seen higher numbers before? Are people scared because they think the stock market has a bubble?

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What's the endgame anyway? If they start ycc and inflation hits, they won't be able to put genie back in the bottle, aren't they?

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Greg approved.

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100% won't be able to put the genie back in the bottle. I think right now the media shilling campaign is telling. They keep acknowledging inflation will happen, but it will maybe be low single digits and that it's a GOOD thing and the sign of a healthy economy, which will (in their view) hopefully sustain consumer spending while not boosting it to "fuck it just buy everything with this worthless paper" levels.

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So a currency crash. That's why they're pushing with a digital dollar? Inflating the current one and replacing it with Fed-coin or some orwellian shit?

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I believe they ran a short test of YCC on the 10Y from after market on Thursday until today. I believe they have possibly ended it today or have raised the ceiling or are playing with some other parameters. This was all unannounced. Let’s see what happens today, but the last few days have been unnatural.

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More or less. They may not be deliberately crashing the dollar, but a digital currency will allow them to get a lot more data and manipulate the flow of currency at will, meaning it might be possible to avoid the current problems we face in their current form. Of course this always has consequences when you start meddling with free markets, both (((intended))) and unintended.

Couldn't this just be a correction considering the massive increase in yeilds over such a short period of time?

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a gov't blockchain would be a solution to maintaining the image that the economy is still good. It's not about them having the best solution either, just the easiest narrative to swallow.

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This will cause Mortgage Rates to explode unless the FED buys all MBS and REPO indefinitely.


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>He doesn't know that BTC is tied to the stock market. Lulz!

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Freemason approved.

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>>He doesn't know that BTC is tied to the stock market. Lulz!

for real, why do cryptards think crypto is a hedge for the stock market when literally all we have is evidence that it not only is tied to the stock market but it reacts as all highly speculative assets do by selling off first.

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whats wrong with USA exporting inflation

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brainlet back to boomer stock containment board

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It means more people believe interest rates will have to come up.

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Faggot obv mad you can't get into the founding father's supreme white frat

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take uber as an example, a company that has never turned a profit.. over a decade basically returns 80c on the dollar.

If all of the debt they use to drive revenue doubled in price the balance sheets start to make no sense

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Thanks so to summarize
>rising treasury yield means an increase in interest rate
>rising interest rate means loans with near zero interest rates now might be fucked
>companies and families fucked as loans and mortgages are unpayable
>stock market, housing market, and other crashes
I guess I am still a little confised since the numbers have been higher in previous years like 2018 at 3.071 and I dont remember anything eventful in 2018.

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So did I save anyone money today by posting this?

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Families will be screwed but not as bad with subprime mortgages in 2008. Stocks, zombie companies, and housing prices should collapse though.

One anon explained it best. It’s not so much that the number matters, but the percentage in change. 6% dropping to 4% isn’t as bit of deal as 1% increasing to 2%. 33% vs 50% change.

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The problem is everyone is filled with DEBT. Most people and corporations cannot take any more debt even at these historically low interest rates! That means when interest rates increase there will be even fewer people and corporations that can take a loan. Loans, government spending and treasuries are how we increase the money supply. Paying back loans and taxes is how we reduce the money supply. If no more debt is being taken then the money supply wont increase as quickly. If people are only paying their debts and food then we get DEFLATION. So the government must increase spending substantially and the FED needs to purchase treasuries. But this will spiral out of control if they do this.

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Lol pathetic yes but the stock markets Are junkies, theivin heroin addicts needing extrem low interest rates. Every tic up is taking their drug away, a drug they will die without. So 1.50 is pathetic but for the markets it's a horror show

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We digitalized the economy and have total control over our wealth and your poverty.

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Thanks that makes sense.
Fug I should get my mortgage rate fixed. I just got it renewed last year and the next adjustment is in 5 years so might be an overkill but better to be safe I guess. I might also be jobless soon.

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All the bankers were replaced by k*ynsian academics mid 2000s fucking retards are on autopilot on a 737max without fuel

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Again? Fucking stop already

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>he doesn't know

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Based George Gammon

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To understand the risks of inflation, we need to look at both monetary and fiscal policy.
From a monetary policy standpoint, The Fed's actions have prevented market corrections from 2009 until now.
Interest rates have been kept artificially low, debt has been cheap, and the money printer printing.
They can't allow rates to go up as it will trigger an economic crisis for well known reasons.
This has caused a bubble in corporate growth, government debt, stocks, and real estate. Their actions are INFLATIONARY
and have already been priced in the markets.

On the fiscal side, Congress has passed corporate bailouts, stimulus checks, unemployment increases,
eviction/foreclosure moratoriums, loan forbearance. These actions are also considered inflationary, but have not yet been
represented in the market at large (though it's coming with the end of lockdowns, as Americans have been saving and are
being psy-oped into believing we are at market lows.)

Where does that leave us? The Fed only uses the CPI to consider inflation and is unintentionally inaccurate AT BEST, yet
we know the Fed of today is politically motivated. If consumer inflation gets bad enough, the Fed will have to react by
raising rates. How would we ever get to that point?

I suspect that consumers will be the initial sacrificial lamb for inflation and it will be billed as "temporary"
and a "sign of economic recovery." It's all bullshit though. It really may be around for a year or more with all the
inflationary policies of COVID assistance. High inflation is inherently deflationary. Why pay more today when you can pay less in a year?
Consumer outrage could very well spook stocks because that's the biggest psychological bubble of all.
If the stock market pops, then there's political room to start raising rates and fixing this hot mess.

In the end, my prediction is medium inflation followed by heavy deflation.

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