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>Didn't buy at 6
>Didn't buy at 5.5
>Didn't buy at 5.0
>Didn't buy at 4.5
>Didn't buy at 4.20

What are you waiting for anons? BNT is waiting for you.

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I buyed at $2

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cancel this thread. move here to consolidate


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buyed in 2018

still down in sats

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i buyed at 2 as well

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samer, we will feed the village

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I sold at 5.80 thinking it would be a mini top, bought back in at 5.90 sold at 6. Bought back in at 6.05 and sold at 6.10 this morning thinking for sure it can't go any higher, then I close my laptop to cool off because I always buy back in too early and I'll go take a walk so it goes back to 5.80 and I can get my 2500 stack back. I check my phone while at the store and it's $6.25. I hate my life so much.

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sounds like exactly my dealings with ADA last week
fuck that coin and fuck charles hodgkinson creepy fuck

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stop fucking day trading
zoom out
multi-year hodl
if you don't listen to this advice you deserve to stay poor

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You're right. Luckily all my other coins are in a wallet and it's too expensive to do swaps there so my HBAR just sits there. I should move my BNT over there too. But it's frustrating the HBAR doesn't move and that's the one I'm not day trading. So sick of this. I would literally be ahead $10,000 more if I'd left everything alone during the last month.

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wow, you're a fucking dumb faggot
i just staked my bancies and im making a fuckton stress free
swing on some rope retard

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well there you go. I hope you learned your lesson. Don't a day trading degen 90% of day traders lose and you are not the exception. greatest transfer of wealth, literally once in a life and you are fucking it up pretending to be mr.hot shot day trader.

just buy all the good shit and literally hodl. This is free advice coming from a crypto millionaire. Yes we exist and just because you get rich doesn't mean you stop shit posting on a cambodian underwater basket weaving forum. I like it here.

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Bought this thing yesterday at 5.60 after trying to catch the bottom of that dip to 5.34 with a limit of 5.26.
Woke up this morning to a nice little pump.
What am I in for with this piece of garbage?
They say it should catch up to and siphon from UNI's market cap.
True or obviously untrue like everything else?

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Thanks anon, gonna move things to where I won't touch em.

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Never all out during a bull cycle. Your swing stack should remain a set amount and the gains increase the hold stack. Save the greed for shitcoin trading. Bancor will be top 4 defi.

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pee pee poo poo

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If you have enough BNT you should be staking them. link, eth or wbtc pool. it will force you to hodl. You will make money with staking. wealth creation isn't in the buying or selling, its in the waiting.

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>piece of garbage

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Also, in a bull cycle, short or long your alts on bitcoin''s movement. BNT is undervalued meaning it can pump 50% tomorrow with out a guarantee of reentry below

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If I buy back in it'll just be a 2000 stack now. I looked and my wallet isn't one of the Bancor ones that link up, so I'll have to find a new one.

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I was able to time my alts better when BTC was on that slow fall for a week. Gaining more of my position in all the pumps. But once BTC started blasting off I screwed myself over 8 times in a row really quickly. Gonna just move everything out of exchanges and hold. Or maybe just keep like $1,000 play money in an exchange for something to do. I can't actually do my real job all day I need a distraction.

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10-4 on that brother, also graduated from six figure hell long ago but there's still value here and feel like i owe this board from everything it gave me the last few years

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congrats on escaping 6 figure hell anon. It really is hell. Once you buy your house with a 25 year roof and a japanese econo shitbox, its all about that high score baby. 8 figure bliss.

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Just bought 8700 BNT with a loan from AAVE (Link collateral). What am I in for lads?

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Bancor and aave are like this

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which wallet?

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should i sell all my grt and ada for bnt?

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It would be a reasonable choice.
GRT is kind of on its last legs, no?

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Not a fucking choice. Do it now

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I have some GRT staked on bancor (I also have quite a lot of BNT staked). Was considering taking the hit to unstake grt and trade up. Feels like it’s run out of steam

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Am I gonna make it bros
Will I reach 200k EOY

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Buyed 15k bancies at 1.5$ because someone shilled it
You can really get filthy rich with biz if u can separate shitcoin shills and gem shills

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I have Exodus, but you have to choose one of these right? Since the Bancor wallet says it's being decommissioned. Or am I missing something? I only have 2000 to stake is it worth the trouble?

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Bought at 6.4 a week ago, almost cracked but never sold, soon it'll be back up where I got it

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yeah get metamask. yeah it's worth staking with that amount.
based, yeah it's not even that difficult

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Can someone tell me what vbnt is and how I get it?

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Should've DCA'd down bro, I bought at 6.4 too but then I bought all the way down to 4.8 again and now I'm financially recovered

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its like an aave loan collateralized by your staked bnt

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Been in crypto for a decade. Story as old is time -

anons who are making money hand over foot try and give free alpha to the newfags.
Said newfags don’t understand board culture and don’t buy because FUD

Rich anons get richer.

Just buy BNT and stake and forget it.

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Well done holding, this is going to $10 very soon

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God I fucking hate coinbase so much. I tried withdrawing to my wallet and the transaction failed. Now I can't withdraw my full amount of bnt for some reason. I just want to stake it and make it bros.

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there is a transaction fee you asshole. it failed because you tried to withdraw with no fee

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virginBNT. to swap it to regular BNT, you must prove your sex-haver status by flirting with galia over the bancor livechat system and making her blush at least 1 (one) time. good luck anon.
this. early rich anons come to brag and drop hints. smart anons pick up hints and get in. cycle repeats

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No that's not it. It just shit itself.

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imagine how rich we would be if bancor had a cool logo and was called like lazerdragon or vortex or Bogswap or something

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Bancor is all the crypto hype of 2014-2018 made real. 1000s of shit project were promising pie in sky hopium bullshit. BNT is one of the few that actually came through. $100+ eoy. SEND IT!!!

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I buyed at $1. I still don't know what defi or staking is.

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This pajeet post is unironically sell signal

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My bancor stock doin some

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ATH was over $10 3 years ago. We are currently at 6.54, do with that as you wish. Market cap is extremely low compared to UNI and sushi. The product is the original AMM and IL.

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>implying bancor's name and logo doesn't evoke the pinnacle of class, professionalism, reliability, and high standards
shig to the dig

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Congrats but you flushed down a lot of money by not doing that little research

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It’s actually the “coolest” name if you know your history

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Goddamn it.. I had a couple hundred that I panic sold (at a profit, at least...) at $5.5. And now it's pumped another 20%. There's a Dip coming to get back on the train, right? I hate buying after a pump.

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why would you panic sell this of all things
Are you just holding and not staking? are you a moron?

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Been said many many times ITT. Buy and just fucking HODL!

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I’m baffled about why you’d sell. Either way, there’ll be a dip, there always is, but it’s unlikely to go back to 5 bucks so just buy now

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swingies never learn
>not just buying into ventures that you think will 10x in a year and leaving them alone
>"panic selling" literally anything ever

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Just spent $160 in gas to add liquidity, 2000 BNT with Link. Wonder if it was worth it haha. Should have done YFI since it was just added?

>> No.30127166

are the wanker who refuses to make space in the vBNT pool?

>> No.30127237

I took the hit and bought back in. Maybe I can stake and get back to what I had. I don't know what I'm doing really but it says I have 1% ROI already. I'll let it sit and see what happens.

>> No.30127258

Don't chase pumps, but get a position of bancor.

>> No.30127344

>paying gas fees
I might be an idiot, but I've made more swinging bnt over the last month than I would have staking. I just thought we'd hit a big dip when it was a little dip, this time.

>> No.30127351

Hope you learned your lesson anon. OP you've warned them no you have a clean conscience. They'll fomo in when bnt is 10 dollars

>> No.30127399

hahaha you really made me laugh, you fucking idiot. great shitcoin names. go make some and airdrop them to me.

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dude, I saw your ID, stop playing this game
If you want to shill shit visit other threads
>REMEMBER: We are not bastard
My pajeets hodl juld and +330% just for this year

>> No.30127616

what on earth are you talking about retard. the people who have a monopoly on vBNT don't have any sort of obligation to "free up space" for you or anyone. "the wanker who REFUSES to make space" lmfao you are pathetic. do you play the victim like this irl too? you are no less pathetic than minorities demanding gibs.
these honestly fascinate me and are hilarious. this is the first one i've seen that actually uses "pajeets". lmao.

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>my pajeets hodl juld
they're starting to scam each other now

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Is that $8.97 in fees something I'm losing? The Bancor blog is tough to find info in. I'm retarded hope I'm doing it right. And at some point do I need to Stake the rewards? And all of this is tied to the wallet I synced with Bancor? I don't need a Bancor account?

>> No.30127816

actually you were probably joking about virginBNT in which case my sincere apologies anon kek

>> No.30127912

All of it is tied to the wallet you synced with Bancor, yes. You can restake rewards whenever you like, but I would wait for the x2 multiplier to kick in. Also right now you do pay nutty gas fees i think.

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Let's hope bitcoin doesn't shit the bed and we can hold on to these gains

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I am a newfag and brainlet wrt Bancor. So I bought 8700 BNT, and now I can open up space in the link/bnt pool correct? How do the rewards work, do I get paid in link or BNT? And if I keep the stake in the pool for at least 100 days I will have no impairment loss?

>> No.30128189

fren, even if bitcoin shits the bed this will shit the bed CONSIDERABLY less

>> No.30128251

voting bnt, represents your stake of the total staked bnt and you get it on 1:1 share

once the "bancor vortex" started two weeks ago people began hoarding or leveraging their vbnt at a rate of about 1.5:1

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Stop giving shit advice to trade vBNT for BNT. Basically shorting BNT which is pea brained.

stop shilling so much on twitter and acting the cunt in discord.

>> No.30128517

Last time BNT hit this price range BTC was peaking at 58k

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Also remember that after 4 weeks you earn x2 rewards and it applies to everything staked, retroactively

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>ignored AAVE because it brought to mind nigger babble
>ignored FTM because brought to mind trannies
>ignored Bancor because it brought to mind Bangalore

The wages of the eracist...

>> No.30128996

>he didn't hodl

have fun staying poor I guess

>> No.30129057

i still dont know what AAVE stands for

>> No.30129133

who the fuck cares. just understand how it works and that it makes you money.

>> No.30129182

Will the gas fees outweigh the rewards or is it necessary to have the 2x before I'll make net gains? Do I need to take any action to get the 2x or is it automatic? Sorry for all the newfag questions.

>> No.30129202

African American Vernacular English

>> No.30129225

lmao dude. you might want to get a refund on those adult english lessons. my suggestion to go to "bancor livechat" and flirt with galia was not in fact serious. secondly, whales don't need to spend hours on /biz/ posting like this and arguing with morons. rest assured i have been shilling the profitability of trading BNT for vBNT at current peg non stop in these threads. and finally, yes, you are pathetic for complaining that whales "refuse" to "make space" for you and the little guys. why would someone directly reduce their own profit for some strangers' gain? presumably you think that in their position, of your own free will, you would reduce your stake and your profits to a fraction, because that would be "fair". sure thing buddy.

>> No.30129317

dey be steakin likuid mine wards

>> No.30129325

biz is a serious business

>> No.30129392

it means ghost in finnish or some shit

>> No.30129453

Finnish for ghost, you could guessed it from logo

>> No.30129500

2x is automatic.
Last few times I’ve staked gas has been about 80 dollars

>> No.30129543

No i couldn't have guessed it from the logo, i'm not fucking finnish
thank you :)

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Should I buy in now or is it too late?

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>i'm not fucking finnish

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>> No.30129690

just buy and forget about it.
remember in 3 months when BNT will be at $50
sell 10% to cover your investment and the rest is gains

>> No.30129709

yeah you should buying

>> No.30129712

do your due diligence and research it. I think it pumps to 7.20 or so today though

>> No.30129718

when u see an alt thats holding strong against btc during a dump/bear like last week, it usually means something. BNT did exactly that.

>> No.30129763

i am bullish on bancor, but where do you pull these numbers from???

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thanks frens

>> No.30129813

Yeah, a long as there's not a MASSIVE BTC dump like the one started by Elon Musk Bancor is usually immovable by any small dump.

>> No.30129863

my ass/a median of target prices i saw on twitter lol

>> No.30129880

btw this. BNT really gained sats during this BTC dip

>> No.30129890

the huge feb tlv jump puts the chance of whale dumps out until at least may, and probably beyond even that

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Yesteday I officially boarded the b&b ship, bat+bancor aka batbancor, 24h later I reaped fat 20% gainz.
What are you waiting for /biz/

>> No.30130090

a lot of whales are staking

>> No.30130174

Yeah I think bancor is designed to keep whales on board. It’s a money printer

>> No.30130286

Shit I'm doing Link +BNT I didn't see BAT. Do I have to hold for 30 days before switching? Or will I still be ok with Link + BNT gains?

>> No.30130329

Baby-Dolphin here. Previously I was contemplating taking some profits about 4 weeks before the end of the 72 week rewards period. Now I am not sure. If Arbitrum blows optimism (UNI) gas fee's out of the water. Fee's alone will keep me in for quite a bit longer, or at least until other Dex's get their shit together.

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I have some BTC on Binance. How do I withdraw it so that I can stake it as WBTC?
Saw the WBTC/BNT APY is great.

Just send it to my MetaMask address as ERC20?

>> No.30130435

Don't switch. No rewards on BAT. (yet)

>> No.30130530

Love my BNT brothers.

>> No.30130733

low iq day trader


>> No.30130770

Is 900 BNT enough to stake right now or should I wait until Arbiterum?

>> No.30130874

We need more comfyness and memes in these threads to make them like the litecoin ones

>> No.30130896

Don't fear, my friend. It will keep going up, so even if you retard swing an up-hill-only coin you'll still get gains.

>> No.30130921

Make sure you have the ERC20 network selected.

>> No.30130953

You could probably make the gas back in just a couple weeks of rewards. Arbitrum might be a month or two away still (but nobody actually knows).

>> No.30130982

7 tonight ?

>> No.30130996

what i want to know is how to calculate the staking taxes on bancor? It is only taxable when i withdraw the rewards? OR is it taxable every few minutes i receive rewards/fees?

>> No.30131012

probably not

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I bought 4400 BNT under $1
I currently have 8500 BNT from staking

This feels too good to be true

>> No.30131073

The story behind the name is a reason to SELL not buy. Keynesian idiots. Guy was a bonehead outside of one quote:
>when the facts change, i change my mind. what do you do, sir?
or something like that.

only hodling this because UNI has such a high market cap there's no way this doesn't go higher

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agree and amplify

>> No.30131119

only on withdraw. I use koinly and label stakes/restakes as "pooling".

>> No.30131184

depends where you are, in the UK staking rewards count as income tax i think

>> No.30131190

I bought at $10

>> No.30131191

It's been shitting itself all afternoon, tried selling btc at 52,800 but it kept saying no internet connection. Cunts cost me hundreds this afternoon. Fuck coinbase

>> No.30131204

Guys should I sell my FTM bags and buy more FTM?

>> No.30131218


I don't think so because people start unstaking when price goes up so we might see some correction in the next 24hrs

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>> No.30131230

think you need to find a wrapper or exchange with a pair

>> No.30131233

bro u boutta make it

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you're extremely based
i'm jealous

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File: 26 KB, 385x333, Screenshot 2021-03-03 174907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this compatible with with MetaMask/Bancor?

Are BBTC and WBTC just flavours of the same ERC20 token?

>> No.30131351

wtf is this gif real?

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>> No.30131510

The worst part about BNT is that Im a poorfag with only 150 of them and it's going to be a month or two before I can hit the magic 500 number to stake. Was hoping to buy more under $5 but I can't really complain that it's going up

>> No.30131513

kek wholesome

>> No.30131522

I got my BNT staked I think and I'm high as hell off that dopamine hit. Hope I did it right.

>> No.30131530
File: 56 KB, 641x389, 29580E1F-6FEE-47F6-BC69-8CCA2C5F0A5E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30131555 [DELETED] 

The best crypto project is $MCM

> post quantum secure
> fair and decentralized
> 3 million $ market cap and growing fast
> Original concept

>> No.30131615

niceb8m8ir8 (myID)

>> No.30131687



>> No.30131710

Cant you just switch it with wbtc and send it on eth network to metamask, then stake from there?

>> No.30131719

not exactly the same for staking. you will need to either
>transfer BBTC to your metamask and swap for WBTC via metamask
>buy WBTC with your BTC on binance, then send WBTC to your metamask

>> No.30131763

yeah no shit. in the US it counts as income but i want to know WHEN it counts

>> No.30131791

recommend avoiding BBTC

>> No.30131868
File: 63 KB, 693x446, 1613650464903.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

god i'm so excited for us all.

>> No.30131936

i only have 630 BNT
what do

>> No.30132025

when that income is "realized". It's not realized if it's locked in a protocol. Keep an eye on the vBNT as well because I realized vBNT when restaking, but not the BNT restaked.

>> No.30132116

buy more

>> No.30132127

I only have 180 even though I'm all in
The poor life

>> No.30132138

you dummy. I bought BNT at $2, then at 3, and I'll keep buying it until it's at $20

>> No.30132187
File: 8 KB, 242x238, 790114AA-7DF0-4E8B-9B72-869EF9F5E523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stacklet reporting in for a based thread

>> No.30132220

>>transfer BBTC to your metamask and swap for WBTC via metamask

How without getting raped by ETH fess?
I will have to bridge to Pangolin/QuickSwap if I want to avoid Unniswap, right?

>> No.30132232

buy vbnt it's super low rn

>> No.30132276

I took it all out of the exchange and it's being staked now. Thank god I can't touch it anymore and fuck up my life. Going to let that $12,000 marinate.

>> No.30132342
File: 15 KB, 737x213, Screenshot 2021-03-03 120644.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jealous. Hey is that fees number what I owed or part of my reward? What's the difference between rewards and fees then?

>> No.30132357

What a great day for bancor

>> No.30132367

Pretty sure you can do the swap on binance

>> No.30132421

Rewards are from liquidity mining and what you’re showing me is from swap fees

>> No.30132438

that's the standard apy you earned, not the LM rewards

>> No.30132474

I get to keep the swap fees? I'm retarded tough for me to comprehend.

>> No.30132542

>raped by ETH fess
Whatever exchange you pick, make sure they offer BBTC swaps before you transfer or you're fucked.
>buy WBTC with your BTC on binance, then send WBTC to your metamask
this is probably less hassle

>> No.30132549
File: 8 KB, 270x181, Screenshot 2021-03-03 181043.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well that's convenient. Thanks anon.

>> No.30132601
File: 170 KB, 514x514, 1b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you can feel it in the air chads.

>> No.30132650

Real question, who has it better in the crypto space rn than Bancie bros?.

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File: 169 KB, 646x700, 1518107464416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>BNT mooning
>LINK desuppressed
>ETH going strong

I feel good.

>> No.30132686

I already said this >>30131719
He still has to send it to his metamask

>> No.30132702

Yes if you have 1 ETH in a 100 ETH pool you’d be entitled to 1% of the swap fees earned by the pool. You can see the swap fee for each pool on the Data tab but most of them are 0.2%.

>> No.30132741

ground floor nft shills, probably more work required though lol

>> No.30132825
File: 69 KB, 1000x1000, EvkgrifXAAQMbd_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'd like to extend my sincere thanks to twitter for this one

>> No.30132881

cant afford to

>> No.30132899

Explain, I have 5000 REN staked in the ren pool and 2050 BNT in the Eth/Bnt pool, the ren I staked 2 or 3 days prior and that was 11 days ago maybe? I'm only at about $200-$250 between rewards and fees. Which pool are you in?

>> No.30132904

swap fees are usually the drizzling shits because dexes need to keep them low. rewards are where the real money is made.

>> No.30133321

Swapped 400 uni of my 800 to bnt and got 2000, staked that like 10 days ago, wondering if you guys think i should swap the rest of my UNI out. Would get close to a 4k stack with the extra I've bought between now and then.

>> No.30133426
File: 98 KB, 640x640, 1610988863515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jesus faggots buy buy buy there are no sell walls

>> No.30133558

I would sell chunks of UNI on the way up. People are relying ton the UNI name now. It's a shitty governance token that doesn't govern anything. Get out before others realize it, but don't sell too low.

>> No.30133604

Yeah. You’ll be getting 2x rewards on your staking soon

>> No.30133742

there are no brakes

>> No.30133891

so when to take profits lads?
im staking a baby 2k stack.

>> No.30133930

at $70

>> No.30133934

how can you sell if you are staking retard

>> No.30133983

this big blue unstake button. you might have seen it.

>> No.30134060

I might some profit at 50

>> No.30134171

I have been staking for about 10 days now. If i buy more BNT and stake more into the same pool does that reset my 2x timer? so i have to wait 4 more weeks until rewards double?

>> No.30134222

so when i unstake a year + from now and BNT moons im going to have to pay a shit ton in taxes for the "income"

>> No.30134262

no, and you get your 2x rewards retroactively on day 29

>> No.30134285

Seconding this

>> No.30134341

Not for your first pool, but it will be a separate stake instance witn a new timer

>> No.30134347

read the docs noob, tldr NO

>> No.30134394

don't think those are a little high? cant see that happening till next bullrun

>> No.30134432

Yes, but on the rewards/fees realized, not the stake. Note; taxes are theft.

>> No.30134489

how can i get rich with my 630 BNT

>> No.30134510


Have you staked your BNT, fren?

>> No.30134581

stake it

>> No.30134667

10k stack reporting. How long until it’s 20k

>> No.30134677


thank you frens. Now onto a question about vBNT. Current exchange is 1 vBNT = 0.62193 BNT. Is it smarter to buy BNT or to buy vBNT? I have heard in theory that the vBNT token should be closer to 1-to-1 exchange with BNT. so maybe it is smarter to just buy vBNT right now?

>> No.30134723

surely not worth it pre-arbitrum

>> No.30134915


Why, you only pay gas fees once correct? (when you deposit BNT in the pool I'm also new to this.

>> No.30135001

if you aren't planning to stake yeah
full 1:1 will be rare I'd guess but you should get around 20% more by buying vbnt to swap later

>> No.30135044

When are we getting Pepe NFTs? Take my money already.

>> No.30135067

Come back in 2 years

>> No.30135209


>> No.30135216

guys how the fuck do i stake

>> No.30135254

gas fees are high right now you probably need a 2000 stack at least

>> No.30135357

does restaking rewards only count as a withdraw?

>> No.30135469

coinbase and binance allow btc to wbtc swaps.

withdraw like any erc20 then deposit in bancor!

>> No.30135545

i boughted at like 1 and 1.85.
i can't believe this was 15 cents a year ago.
oh well.

>> No.30135619

>stop fucking day trading
why does anyone think they can be succesful doing this

>> No.30135686

Does not count as a realized gain, but as I said you will realize income in the form of vBNT in your wallet which you will need to pay taxes on, but will be able to deduct in the future when withdrawing whole stake along with your gas fee's....

>> No.30135721

nigger you can't be serious about this level of spoonfeeding

>> No.30135727

it'll be $20 in a year, dw anon.

>> No.30135746
File: 19 KB, 766x243, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Big boy reporting in.

>> No.30135753

Some people are

>> No.30136225

i mean, you can take some earlier, but personally im basing my price predictions on bancor catching up to uni AND the general bullrun moon, based on that i think 50-100 is genuinley achievable.

>> No.30136237

already done and they sold for absurd amounts -> non-fungible pepes

>> No.30136697

I did about 2000 BNT just now and it was $160 in gas.

>> No.30136799


How are you supposed to build a decent stack without day trading? I've got like 1000 dollars I earn more from my job than holding that pittance in anything

>> No.30136815
File: 157 KB, 960x960, 1614538450305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So comfy

>> No.30136874

If we hit 1 bill mc it should open up. It will supposedly open up to a lot more institutional investors

>> No.30137452

$8k is considered big boy? I threw in $20k of play around money into BNT liquidity just to get a feel for it

>> No.30137475

no you don't. if you pay $150 and get even 10 BNT from staking before scaling and then BNT goes to say $50 in the bull run then it's worth it.

>> No.30137548

read it again, he has $8m in there

>> No.30137551


>> No.30137613

L2read, "big boy"

>> No.30137697

o shit he is a big boy

>> No.30137746
File: 57 KB, 651x527, 888234624368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30138187
File: 20 KB, 480x480, 1613798264769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You got rekt brag fag

I boughted @ 5.20 and held

I want more BNT I only have 170 ;--;

>> No.30138381

You really need to be moving very large sums of money to be successful day trading like that or using some magic algorithm that monitors markets and shifts money quickly using social media and press chatter.

>> No.30138533

Imagine not buying BNT sub $2 and only just now realizing its potential

>> No.30138845

you clearly have intimate knowledge of algorithmic and day trading anon, thank you for sharing your valuable opinion with us all

>> No.30139067
File: 7 KB, 535x117, bnt rewards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for those wondering about staking returns
>put 1300 BNT in ETH/BNT 2/21
>~$150 gas
at current BNT price gas cost will be covered a couple days from now, about 2 weeks since entry.

>> No.30139372

I did about the same as you. Seems too good to be true, what's the catch? Will this all fizzle out in a few months once it catches on? I don't like getting my hopes up.

>> No.30139650

google bancor liquidity mining rewards and read. they don't last forever

>> No.30139741

whats the fucking point of this shitcoin then

>> No.30139818
File: 791 KB, 986x1024, 1613926643666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

get the fuck out of my thread.

>> No.30139936

Only thing I saw was that it's extended for another 30 days back in Jan.

>> No.30139968

t-there isn't one!


>> No.30140181


>> No.30140334

anon, literally the very first google result is "Announcing BNT Liquidity Mining" on the bancor blog with all the information you need. i.. i just don't understand how you couldn't get here from "google bancor liquidity mining rewards and read"

>> No.30140431

didn't get hacked at 8 either :)

>> No.30140519

I see now, 72 weeks from last Nov, I'm using duck duck go so I get random results. So once this expires the incentive is just basic swap fees right? I noticed I got a chunk of swap fees instantly but then they stopped coming is it hourly, or daily added?

>> No.30140954

>So once this expires the incentive is just basic swap fees right?
that's right

>> No.30141470

Put my BNT in the GRT pool instead of UNI a two days ago. Still decent returns but I should’ve done the other.

>> No.30141502

Thank you. Is there a benefit to joining a smaller pool because my BNT stake would be a larger percentage within the pool?

>> No.30141923

yes, but those smaller pools might get filled up, the rewards might not get renewed, overall the pool of swap fees won't be as high, etc. up to you. you can change your mind after 100 days anyway

>> No.30142040

Awesome thanks, I'm in the BNT Link pool now.

>> No.30142843

Bancor is literally unstoppable

>> No.30143003
File: 40 KB, 600x586, 1614763754297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It bounces back so strong. I'm not used to things gets squashed at the first little dip. Maybe prices are really suppressed in other cryptos.

>> No.30143073

the problem of staking in bancor, it's the smart contract hacking risk

>> No.30143139

No one is saying put 100% net worth on bancor but yeah I feel you

>> No.30143392

Its been audited 5 times, but that is risk with every defi project. If you arent comfortable with that take insurance or just hodl

>> No.30143426
File: 28 KB, 680x383, dc9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is so far the best investment I've made and I wouldn't have been able to do it if not for you glorious faggots
I am still poor but I'm now less poor than two weeks ago
Cheers and thank you my frens

>> No.30143465
File: 105 KB, 828x1093, g8vojuy54qh61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]