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Is the fact that there's no problem that's unique to it, It's a masterpiece in computer science and the only unique "problem" you could find about it is that it's a new things meaning it's uncharted territory that need to go through maturation, that's only unique to Avalanche because Avalanche is the only unique project that exist rightnow. In order to fud AVAX you need to first fud all blockchains without exception and sometimes even the philosophy of bitcoin itself.

I was a BTC "maximalist" because nothing else made sense until i found AVAX. You literally can't go back after you dig into it, Everything else look like a scam to you because any leader of first layer chain in this space that claim they care about the vision, the initial vision that caused BTC to shine, look foolish as their own project existence exist only as a fulfilment of the centralized, greed, anti-btc philosophy because it's not necessary for them to exist when Avalanche exist. It's the last piece of the puzzle and this space is numb from all of those that claimed to be what they're not for years.

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double spend lol

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I wanted to buy this literal shitcoin during the drip but i couldn't because it's not fucking listed on coinbase, crypto, swissborg... Where can i buy this piece of shit?

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Buy it on binance

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>masterpiece in computer science

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On it anon, keep holding those bags.
Just one question at what price did you buy?

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anyone have technical comparison of FTM vs AVAX?

Beyond the fact that FTM is centralised and vulnerable to 31% issues

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Voyager, but the wallet isn't open for withdrawals ight now

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finally dumped my bag today after it was locked in staking

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tldr kys reddit

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Avalanche is a platform of customizable platforms, while fantom is just a centralized platform. FTM is years old and never managed to solve their problem, the only saving grace for them was a paid shilling by andre cronje.
Any good investor knows how to look beyond the hype and into the fundamentals.

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Oh I bought most at 10-13. Still buying dips and such still.

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Anon check this out


Future of crypto

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Your just gonna have to DYOR. But I recommend reading the white paper by team rocket (that's emin and his team name from when they published anon). It was surpsingly readable besides the super technical stuff and outlines how and why their conesus is different then nakamoto conesnsus.

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My cock is gonna be the future of your crypto, and I'm gonna stick that right up my ass, we clear, faggot?

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thats some sweet returns, are you staking?

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>last commit 8 days ago.
no thanks

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Yup, staking most of until after christmas this year, so that's pretty comfy.

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The amount of paid shills and telegram Turks that spam 4chan with their shitty chain has made me hate Avalanche. Funny enough i bought in around $5 in December near the start of the shilling but at $40 when they started saying $500+ price predictions just so they can unload some of their bags on newfags just kinda annoying me now. Its not even a bad project and the tech is unique but fucking christ these shills are unbearable.

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>staking most of until after christmas this year

hope the price doesnt drop anon and you make it but i doubt it and you shouldnt have staked but at least we now know why you shilling

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Were you even here for link. I guess the memes were better and lesss new fags but they were stinking up the board with their posting

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price will drop for a few days, but won't make a difference long-term

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hello AVAXchads, what do you lads will happen march 9th? i want to all in AVAX but wondering if there will be a dip to buy in then

also, is AVAX disconnected from BTC now? there are pumps and dumps at seemingly random times now

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yeah no difference in the long term since you cant go under 0 or will this be another avax first besides the anti panic selling feauture that locks your coins?

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Yeah I mean there are so many shitcoins stinking up the board with their posting and 99% of them dont turn out like Link. I get that AVAX has better fundementals than most of these shitcoins but i just don't like the passive aggressive shilling on other posts with mostly broken English.

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lmao as if that's any different to *any* other coin on biz

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Everything you typed can maybe just maybe strech to avalanche protocol bit since you digged in i guess you know its jsut moneygrab on someone elses work lol

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>we now know why you shilling
Kek, I ain't shilling nothin

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mad avax bros?

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Shitposting aint shilling, why are you fudders so desperate?

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I have a feeling the march 9th token release is priced in, every grandmother is talking about it

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FTM validators are still down kek only 36 out of 38 working on this centralised piece of shit scamton

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Shitposting aint fudding kek
its always nice to laugh at roaches roachbro

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>It's a masterpiece in computer science
what the fuck would you know about computer science. stop larping you faggot.

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Also Solana is better than ava in every single way. Enjoy your Turkish scam.

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Oh look, still no libraries for C, the JVM, .NET or Rust. Nice ecosystem you got there tip top kek. https://github.com/ava-labs

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i prefer mongodb

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>Block production stopped completely kek

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Redpill me on propf of history

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Still better than double spends kek

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Hey AVAX frens that provide liquidity on liquidity pools, I made this impermanent loss calculator: https://impermanentloss.github.io/calculator/
Let me know what you think.

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double spend was a trivial issue to fix, and won't happen again, Solana will forever be a centralized chain.

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My bags are getting heavy, bros. I can sell now and break even but I feel like this has potential. Give me some hopium.

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>double spend
There was no double spend. If you think if there was an actual double spend that only biz would be bringing it up and not everyone else in crypto and their mother you're retarded.

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There are announcements of collabs, partnerships, integrations or use cases almost daily. What else do you want?

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>Solana will forever be a centralized chain
You don't seem to understand how Solana works, kek.

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Obvious niggers who can't read - a double spend never happened none of the 8 blockchains on Avalanche ever stopped producing blocks, unlike both FTM and SOL.

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There's new collabs every day and it doesn't change anything. It's a meme at this point. I can also create a shitcoin and partner with Pajeet companies all year long if I want to.

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Also reminder that Avalanche is paying people to shill on this board. This is a known fact. Nothing wrong with that but what was pathetic is the fact that they're trying to steal Chainlink's secret sauce. Copying pepe memes is low tier.

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>Injective and Cartesi are pajeet companies

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Lol solana runs entirely on aws. Is the node software even open source?

Avalanche consensus is more elegant imo.

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What a low quality shill. Go fucking rope for making this post

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i know there's no double spend, i cba debunking it to fudders let em stay retarded

already told u i prefer running applications on mongodb

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>Lol solana runs entirely on aws. Is the node software even open source?
Are you fucking retarded? What's wrong with running a node on AWS? You ran run a node anywhere you want.

Also look at that ugly Ava chart. Kek Solana outperforming Turkroachcoin in every way.

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then sell lmao, do what you want

i'm holding for 2 years +

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Solana is classical consensus thus provide zero substantial innovation for what they're trying to do. Ignore the pajeet, They're all over Avalanche threads nonstop

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I ran run a road anywhere i want

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OP is clearly a pajeet lmao nice syntax and grammar, danesh

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>niggers who clearly don't know what decentralisation is
>what's wrong with running your blockchain on AWS


The state of this board.

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avax is good, but i would argue algorand is slightly better

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Yeah I think you guys just bought the top and are just coping now.

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Bonus mint lol

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Yes you don't understand what decentralization means. Running a node on AWS doesn't have any influence on the consensus algorithm. You seem like a clueless normie retard. I could fucking run a node on an NSA server and it wouldn't make a difference in terms of decentralization.

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performance since 1 january
solana: $1.5 => $14.5
avax: $2.8 => 28.7

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No u ran run

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A lot of misinformation ITT. As usual it’s primarily from Vaxies trying to defend their double spend. Either they don’t understand the technicals or they’re deliberately lying about the issue. Either way, it’s pathetic.

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>since 1 January
dat cope. here's something for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFwMtAllm7o

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kek ur the one that needs to cope, that's why u come to avax threads

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HotStuff is the most scalable classical consensus protocol created by Ted Yin who is now the Chief Protocol Architect for Avalanche.

Solana doesn't stand a chance.

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<20 IQ argument right there, if AWS decides to pull the plug let alone the fucking NSA the entire network comes to a screeching halt.

how are you this dumb?

Literally solana's website disagrees with you - BTFO pic fucking related

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You do realize that there are a shitton of validators not running on AWS, right?

>> No.30117810

And I can run a node on a raspberry pi 4 from home with Avalanche.

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bye bye

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> Running a node on AWS doesn't have any influence on the consensus algorithm

Alrite Ill bite.

What is wrong with having Bezz Jeffos order his employees to steal every cryptocurrency nodes private key they can find from their own computers? 1 entity is then in control of all your stake in all your proof of stake.

Jeff Bezos one single guy can order his minions to block all incoming and outgoing traffic over YOURSHITCOINS port. There now your coin is stalled.

In fact, scratch Jeff. A disgruntled AWS pajeet employee can cause wreckage and stall your network.

Not your computer, not your keys not your fucking node.

Shitcoins running in cloud, thats all fine. Thats what they are shitcoins, not worth even an AWS DevOps time to attack it. SHITCOINs run in cloud.

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So what? Are you a poorfag or something? KEK. Solana devliers more than 10x of Avalanche's TPS. 4500 is garbage. You can't do shit with it.

>> No.30117978

80% of all AVAX validators are running in AWS, Microsoft or Googles cloud.

Centralized shitcoins.

There is not even 1 coin below top3 which is decentralized.

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AVAX has only been around since September 2020 compared to SOL's release in April 2020 and FTM in 2018.

See pic related for cumulative 90-day performance of alts.

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>What is wrong with having Bezz Jeffos order his employees to steal every cryptocurrency nodes private key they can find from their own computers?
That's not how it works. You're not storing your private key anywhere when running a validator your retarded faggot kek.

>> No.30118067

exactly. solana accounts for ACK's as TPS, which is plain retarded and inflates their metrics a fuckton. I prefer mongodb.

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>Top 3


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Imagine buying into a TURKISH scam. TURKISH, LOL. You cannot make this shit up.


>> No.30118153

>activate desperate tard mord

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>> No.30118222

I'm not the one shilling a TURKISH (YES, TURKISH) product on an ant right anime board KEK

>> No.30118287

*alt right

>> No.30118300

ava labs is based on ny

>> No.30118330

>Are you a poorfag or something?
This literally what the FTM team told their validators when they complained about 3.1 million FTM stake requirements to run a full node looool

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>masterpiece of computer science
Your talking about radix right?

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Only price I shilled was around 260 as it's sane to say so considering it's fundamentals compared to the top 6 tokens.

>> No.30118388

>ava labs is based on ny
Yes and a horse that was born in a piggery is a pig.

>> No.30118427

If I could be arsed I would shit out an Avalanche subnet controlled by 200 validator nodes at most, each with a GPU 3080 required to join the subnet.
Then Id say look AVAX can do 64000tps by counting transaction sent from any node as already accepted.

Its not even funny, since I dont need a subnet. AVAX can scale just by upgrading the CPU on the average validator to be say Ryzen 7. The 4500tps is on ec2 medium instances.

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it was a double mint

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extremely low tier fud
you're desperately scratching the bottom of the barrel anon

Turkish-American genius you mean?

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On the contrary, I bought at $3 but I just wanted to get the word around of it's existence and it being such an exciting project.

>> No.30118589

>they had 4 years
>network down for a second time in 6 months
>validator #22 down even today

trust me sirs just believe me bro.

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at least try a little harder with your fud anon

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> The only secret that you need on your validating node is its Staking Key
> Losing your Staking Key could jeopardize your validation reward, as your node will have a new ID.

You god damn pajeet read your own docs before you spew bullshit

AWS can right now steal 80% of all the staking keys of AVAX, fork it and stall your network.

80% of the stake in AVAX is in The Cloud

With the staking keys under AWS control he can run a copy of the nodes instantly, blocking the access to your node, while his node all vote to 7 time spend again.

The whole point of Proof-of-Stake is that there is Stake.

Now you fucking faggots put that Stake under control of 1 entity.

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We're all gonna be rich avax chads. Avax will overtake BTC's marketcap in half a decade. If you understand the tokenomics and have actually used the platform you know this is inevitable.

1k EOY

Screencap this

>> No.30118806 [DELETED] 

Lol, all those who will follogo for your shit are making out a digital death. Tnx GodJesus i bought my PHR that will soon bring me access to graphene with x100 transactions per sec. that’s the legit reason to call all of you losers

>> No.30118858 [DELETED] 

>im so fucking tired from losing assets
>hate everyone who talks to me
>i see graphene AIRDROP soon
>i invest in $PHR and receive some graphene coins
>i get rich from sharding tech
>i fuck you all

>> No.30118900

Online Sas

All those are in the cloud - those validators are not to be trusted.
They can at any time go offline or their keys can be duplicated on the network.

Avalanche network can be stalled and disabled by 1 order of Joe Biden or even his lesser minions.

Only 15% of Avalanche validators are safe.

POLKADOT IS centralized shitcoin
Solana is a centralized shitcoin

Algorand has no incentives to run a node


>> No.30118924


Nothing is disconnected from Bitcoin faggot, especially not your broken ass pajeet coin

>> No.30118968

Can some drawfag make a picture of Emin fucking Vitalik in the ass?

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>> No.30119063

>no governance on ADA for 5 years now
>no smart contracts in 5 years
>auto update feature debunked by Nick Szabo as centralisation

How long do ADA fans think it takes to build a working blockchain?

>> No.30119065


>> No.30119107

I really do understand maxis. Once people figure out that, while all these things are a novel and perhaps more efficient way to send money, that all you have to do is copy and paste code and make a new identically functioning coin im pretty sure we are going to see the speculative frenzy we’ve had fall off.

Bitcoin functions better at $1 than $1,000,000.

>> No.30119187

> How long do ADA fans think it takes to build a working blockchain?

Longer than it takes to ask AWS to spin up ec2.instances with leveldb on them and pay pajeets to spam a mongolian forum with pepe images.

>> No.30119192


Further, I doubt we are just going to be given a multi decade long period to post x300 gains on random vapor.

The dome theory of bitcoin price is correct fellas

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Exactly this. But sometimes we just forget how early we actually are. The most people who own bitcoin right now don't actually use it and never will. The real value case of all the platforms is the use they have, and only time will teach this.

>> No.30119327

XRP of this season

>> No.30119364 [DELETED] 

want to see top gem?
rofl, go for Binance Smart Chain and go for Jul
forget about this fucking fucking gas on ethereum
any coins can bring you profit
>you shouldn’t be smart in trading, go for holding

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>> No.30119434

> post x300 gains on random vapor.

People have always looked for and found x500 gains of vapor even cavemen did it. The sole reason why men even spread out to every mountin and lake on earth is need for gains. Where men go gains happen. Simple as that.

>> No.30119446 [DELETED] 

>Bitcoin functions better at $1 than $1,000,000.
waiting 1 hour to transfer $1 kek

>> No.30119550

>Bitcoin functions better at $1 than $1,000,000.
waiting 1 hour to transfer $1 kek

>> No.30119750

jesus wept

go away pajeet

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>> No.30119916

obvious vapourware supporter seething at the non-utility of Cardongo

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Nice digits

>> No.30120151

Everyone was shitting on this worthless outdated tranny coin before the bull run for a reason, soon you newfags will be left holding very heavy bags.

>> No.30120247

What's unique about this coin technologically?

>> No.30120281 [DELETED] 

Hey there guys.

Can you check out Mochimo?

I have seen it posted all over but I need to know can I get in now?

>> No.30120339

What about the dilution issue? I like the project but I don’t like it as an investment.

>> No.30120395


Nothing much, only the greatest breaktrough in distributed systems since nakamoto

>> No.30120451

It has an innovative consensus algorithm that removed the compromise between cheap speed and decentralization. It's like a superset of ethereum since you can run any number of virtual machines on the network. Tokenomics and incentives are on the spot too imo.

>> No.30120542

What issue? 360M mcap won't be reached for at least 10 years, the 720M will never be reached because of burning mechanism.

>> No.30120550

Thank you for your sacrifice

>> No.30120636

Half the coin supply will be payed out to validators and delegators over the course of 20 years. It's a soft inflationary effect that punishes late-comers less, and is counterbalanced by the fact that all fees are burned and removed from the circulating supply.

>> No.30121204

See you FOMO in at $300

>> No.30121397

trying too hard

>> No.30121432

>sold low

>> No.30121924

no no you got me there

>> No.30122053

>because Avalanche is the only unique project that exist rightnow.
Nervos Network would like to have a world with you

>> No.30122454

smart money happily bought your bag

>> No.30122572

CKB has been around since 2018 what new thing do they bring to the table?
Market cap has been below 300MM for a few years now.

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Hey AVAXbros, good early morning comfy thread.
What do you make of the massive sell walls going up?

>> No.30122915

Small investors who unlocked before the 9th unlocking
They just want to sell

Dump to $8 is incoming
Remember this coin sold for $0.5 less than 1 year ago

>> No.30123196

>large node count, sound layer 1 value capture, not based on TX and mining rewards solely, proof of work cell model with smart contract capability. >can have altcoins like eth, but the value of assets secured must be equal to total network value based on the CKbyte= 1 byte of inormation; Token represents right to occupied state in the protocol, with an efficient “rent”-like mechanism; users pay for storage with a cost that is proportional to both space and time; Puts the cost of occupying blockchain space directly on the user so that space usage is efficient and economically minimized, and not unfairly burdened on the miners >orphan block rate as an on-chain network bandwidth status indicator and dynamically adjusts block interval to maximize network bandwidth usage/makes selfish mining unprofitable. (margin against bitcoin) >first design to not suffer from runaway state bloat like all leading smart contract platforms; One main chain, no shards or scaling-out of the main layer, so the layer 1 prioritizes a global state and composability >Separating state and computation through layers allows for layer 2 blockchains to use their own more efficient consensus mechanisms. CKB is simply the lowest, broadest, and most secure; State Validation and generation processes are separate, this asymmetry allows for better system throughput
>Deterministic state generation on client’s (off-chain) end is possible before being broadcasted and validated
>CKB VM is a crypto-agnostic virtual machine. There are no special cryptographic instructions hardcoded in CKB VM. New cryptographic primitives can always be deployed (such as Schnorr signatures, BLS signatures, and zkSNARKs/zkSTARKs)
thank god its still in stealth mode

>> No.30123480

Genuinely not a good sign if you bought any higher than $10

But a great opportunity to accumulate cheap AVAX for a while.

>> No.30123521

bonus blocks

>> No.30123792

Thanks for the run down anon, it sounds promising I might buy a small bag and hold until 500MM cap

>> No.30123820 [DELETED] 

lol, this niggers wanna shill fucking trash on /biz/
I don’t trust this shill
>SWG and BSC
>That’s our future

>> No.30124078

Price suppression while a whale accumulates. But it is at a stable floor, so it'll pump when the wall drops.

>> No.30126146

thoughts on pangolin?

>> No.30126202 [DELETED] 

What r u gonna do? I saw your ID, you stupid scammer
>Go home poor pussy

>> No.30126281

It works and the yield APY is great

>> No.30126601

It won't hit 8. I'm going maxi if it does.

>> No.30126675

Holy shit if that happens I'll liquidate all my assets for it

>> No.30126832

This but unironically.

>> No.30126988


>> No.30127107

Just sold my stack for some solid gains. The double mint killed the hype.

>> No.30127382

Hype, yes. Diamond hands, no.

>> No.30127477

This post has gone criminally underchecked

>> No.30127570

this, will dump in at least $15k

>> No.30127868

>le diamond hands
see you at 5$

>> No.30128412

ONce it gets, or rather if it gets adopted - and it doesn't;t break again it should be smooth sailing. Dot maybe be technologically inferior, but it has all eyes on it.

I listened to someone talk about the big chains and they said BTC, ETH, BNC for the top 3 and ATOM, ADA, and SOL rounded it out. Avax wasn't even in his conversation. That bald Asian dude who called out f2pool.

They need projects and marketing. The best tech in the world won't save you. See CKB.

>> No.30128511

I disregard anyone who says ADA is anything but an absolute shitcoin

>> No.30128557
File: 77 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20210303-090750~3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Manipulated as fuck

>> No.30128716
File: 44 KB, 1005x407, kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kek are you guys seeing the price suppression on AVAX at the moment?

>> No.30128785

short now, cover on march 9th
ez money

>> No.30128816

It's a really ez high leverage farm if you short it.

Just put your stop loss at 28 or it'll explode.

I'm making $20 a minute.

>> No.30128886

You read my mind. All the gains are going straight into AVAX. Sorry anons.

>> No.30128894

> See CKB.
shitcoin not worth even my time

oh no fucking no I did the captcha but in one of the captchas was a couple fornicating outside their house!

>> No.30129083

priced in

>> No.30129359

I'm not expecting a huge move. The vast majority of unlocked coins will go to staking and another good chunk to liquidity. There will probably a minor dip that'll be bought up within a couple days in anticipation of apricot and whatever other news will show up.

Still shorting now is a reasonable trade to take if you're a speculating faggot

>> No.30130070

lol that faggot is moving the wall back to 28.10

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i aped in avax when it got out but i sold half of it at 10 usd... i am stupid, then i gathered more and i will hodl until 200

>> No.30130384

What's up people, having a good day with avax today? Fuck yeah.

>> No.30130394

If you don't know about Avalanche in 2021 it is simply because you want to remain poor.

>> No.30130406

you probably are too young to know back in the day eth lost 50m resulted in a hard fork, whereas avax burned that amount you pleb

>> No.30130695

So $27 ia dip for Avax?

>> No.30130704

I have mostly avax,some png.good investment for me

>> No.30130737

Fuck yeah bro avax will carry us to the moon

>> No.30131171

It's actually pretty fucking hilarious looking at all the aborted candles. I'm just picturing waves of incredibly angry buyers swarming like wasps.

>> No.30131482

$22 was the dip, fren.

>> No.30131524
File: 112 KB, 1280x718, 21ECA452-BE8A-46E4-BCA4-CE996004C442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Growing pains

>> No.30131618

Finally, the wall broke

>> No.30131796

Reading through the FTM white paper doesn’t fill me with confidence
>Unlike Proof-of-Work, round-robin Proof-of-Stake, coinage Proof-of-Stake, and sync BFT, Lachesis nodes don’t; send blocks to each other. Only the events are being synced between nodes. Validators don’t vote on a concrete state of the network; instead, they periodically exchange observed transactions and events with peers
This is sounding a lot like microservices communicating by publishing to an event bus.
> Sybil attack
>An attacker may make hundreds of OPERA chain nodes in a single com- puter. However, as the node operation method of OPERA chain will use a method similar to Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS), the outcome through the voting system will be intended to accurately identify an incorrect node. An attacker should not obtain an additional vote to add a new node in the network. Also, since a single computer can only create a single node, a Sybil attack should not be possible in OPERA Chain.
>An attacker may make hundreds of OPERA chain nodes in a single com- puter.
>Also, since a single computer can only create a single node
This seems like a contradiction

>> No.30132610

The US has less than 60% of all nodes so no, Biden can't do that.

>> No.30132792

Won't it dump once MINA reaches the market?

>> No.30132861

AVAX is in accumulation phase right now

>> No.30132982

sold my AVAX 3 days ago for ENJ best decision in my life

>> No.30133405

Bought 56 @26. Sad I missed the $22 dip.

>> No.30134307

>760 AVAX
>average buy of $13
i am the most based person on this board. my avax..... stay scoobysnax

>> No.30135032
File: 121 KB, 2000x1000, EvgZ6ydXYAM7Bb0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ava Labs just won the Aegis Graham Bell award

>> No.30135136

It's a clown market for real with AVAX outside of top 3.

>> No.30135783

This is the most underpriced coin that has ever existed in all crypto history. Unreal

>> No.30135846
File: 101 KB, 827x916, 4333E9E29F8643D5BEC9FAEB3E3B6CEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. People will react like this with no knowledge about the fundamentals of this project

Very tiring

>> No.30136056

wonder what today's announcement will be

if they did two yesterday I would imagine that means there are lots coming hmmm

>> No.30136280

I'm a technical retard, why does it matter that we partnered with simba? Is avax going to be pride rock for simba? Where's that dumb ape rafiki?

>> No.30136287

isn't this the coin that did the double pend

>> No.30136416

Yes, don't buy. Go buy DOGE instead.

>> No.30136665

no anon, it was a double spend. just becuase Emin is so fucking embarrassed that he can't bring himself to admit to the double spend does not mean that it was not a double spend. Their deleting the explorer page that showed the double-spend txns tells you all the fuck that you need to know. absolute turkish tier.

>> No.30136845

IOTA is the real deal, Avax will be forgotten soon

>> No.30136941

If it was a double spend everyone in crypto would be all over it, not just some retards in a cambodian online chess club.

>> No.30137024

I love avax but there's a possibility it won't get adopted for no reason people are way too focused on their shitcoins

>> No.30137061
File: 66 KB, 716x801, swap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30137079

>Trukish projet
Into the trash it goes

>> No.30137088

IOTA is based aswell

>> No.30137174

You have no idea what awaits you fellow anon.

Somebody, please, post that picture of emin with the lambos

>> No.30137406

Got 500 delegating myself, gonna run a node from home when Apricot hits. I'm swinging with 50 to try to get more. Aigmi?

>> No.30137589

turkroach garbage tech

>> No.30137652
File: 41 KB, 488x712, 1613428945453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell us more turkjew

>> No.30137770

Wagmi friend

>> No.30138089

They paid for that award with all the money that they scammed from us Turks, do not buy!
Us turks have been robbed by Emin when we were promised many gains from the AVAx token, instead the Emin ran with out money! we were told that this turkish crypto coin was going up and then he robed us! Turkey DEMANDS EMin to pay us our millions of Liras back that were stolen, many of us bought in at 60 dollar or 450 Lira. and left us poor! Emin is a clear scammer!! he scammed his brohters,, first by leaving turky for America and now again by stealing or hard earn money!!
We will contine to FUD Avax threads until our money is repayd by emin the dirty scamer! Rest assure he will be arrested dare he set foot in Turkey, erdogan will take care of the dirty scamer!

>> No.30138601

lmao this is exactly what they comment on emin's tweets.

>> No.30138763

kek imagine posting this

>> No.30139112

He still thinks those above IQ 105 are in crypto

Hint, anyone above iq 90 has already made it and isnt on the internet making sure scammers cant work

>> No.30139137

Shut fuck up scamer, Emin the fucker payed you or not? I know,, rest assure you will all soon be arrested and soon in prison. kek kek kek your mom fucker, siktir git fucker

>> No.30139287

amk pic

>> No.30139453

Tanklar İstanbul'u ezecek. AVAX. Nükleer bombalar yağmur gibi düşer. AVAX. İsa gökten Ayasofya'ya döner. AVAX. Tüm hamamböcekleri yok edildi. AVAX.

>> No.30139550

I'd say that's pretty bullish.

>> No.30139788


based and squashed banana pilled

>> No.30139918


>> No.30140109


>> No.30140383

Give me your X-chain address. I will send you an NFT.

>> No.30140541

İstanbul'un sokakları hamamböceği kanıyla kaplı. AVAX.
Anneler ölüleri için ağlar. AVAX. Melekler nükleer intikam getirir. AVAX. Ayasofya nihayet özgür. AVAX.

>> No.30140968
File: 103 KB, 1280x1166, 87FF89C6BE9A42C687F4FFD3AAC5F5B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30141357

When moon sirs?

>> No.30141662

Between now and next week when the dreaded march unlock happens and everyone starts buying again.

>> No.30142497

This is clearly a turkroach scam, if you buy this double spending shitcoin then you deserve to lose money.
I am a proud homosexual Turk, I hate the Turkish people and their backwards Islamic religion, that is why I moved to Berlin to live together with other proud Erdogan hating homosexual Turks.
We live together in our 20 square meter apartment that we rent for 2000 Euro per month (paid for by the goverment).
Because we don't work and have so much free time we just spent it having sex all day, we have sex at least 4 times per day and each session lasts 2 hours.
When we get bored of the sex we just start organising protests against the deeply rooted systemic racism in this country, misogony, racism, and other Nazist ideas are still prevalent in germany and the german goverment. I refuse to learn the german language, and I believe that there are not enough non white people in germany. I feel extremely oppressed in my day to day life.
WE LOVE the hustle and bustle of Berlin, we can go out and eat Doner and meet other like minded Turks, we have daily discussions with fellow Turkish communists about Marxism, the evil bourgosie, and the oppressed proleterat.

>> No.30142639

Verpiss dich aus Berlin du Hurensohn

>> No.30143286
File: 24 KB, 587x271, solacuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30143366


>> No.30143754

how's your chain doing?

>> No.30143781 [DELETED] 

what about a fun flight from planet earth when the GSX makes x10 ??
doDO NOT waste your effort on erc20 coins, if you need profit - get GSX and receive $$$

>> No.30143803

Erdoğan doesn't even get 50% of votes in Turkey. Most of the votes which make him win everytime are from countries like the Netherlands and Germany, where Erdoğan is praised more by the Turks, because of them not having any connection with Turkey and passed on political views from their families.

>> No.30144240

It's fudless right now, the only fud is low resolution thinking by poors trying to buy in. Insanely bullish, feels like the early days of BTC again.

>> No.30144352

Yup, because apart from AVAX the rest of these are centralised shitcoins running on <50 nodes in the same office building.
It takes time to troubleshoot and rectify issues with decentralised systems running full nodes across the world.

>> No.30144427


>> No.30145004

I remember you, the terrible coder from Austria who was retarded. Kek

>> No.30145180

Checked and based

>> No.30145759
File: 34 KB, 583x614, 1614461109467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is $1000 AVAX possible?

>> No.30145790

$1000 is FUD

>> No.30145855

$100000 is FUD

>> No.30145872

You're still stupid anon

>> No.30146364

Emin is Satoshi
change my mind

>> No.30146533

Probably not. $10 is likely. $100 is a maybe.

>> No.30146614
File: 1.07 MB, 1264x604, satoshirocket.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30147226

Jesus what's wrong with Vitalik's head

>> No.30147662

Mashallah Emin is such a chad

>> No.30147708

Fuck you

>> No.30147875

It's on binance ;)

>> No.30147929

Wallahi brother it's bullish. Dads get shit done and he can physically intimidate nerds like Vitalik

>> No.30148475


>> No.30149060

$250-500 is likely, depending on BTC growth

>> No.30149331

I sold at 40 and waiting for March 9th token drop and i'll buy back in when it's below 22

>> No.30149451

lol its real Solana is rekt. again

>> No.30149463

emin is a manlet turkish nerd. he was bullied in highschool in turky for being a nerd and a manlet so he ran away to america

>> No.30149546

one of us
one of us
one of us

>> No.30151694

Fud. Its a 5 digit coin. $10k by 2030 for sure.

>> No.30151880

retard all Turks are manlet

>> No.30152771

I am not, I am 185 cm. Though I am a tranny, that could count as a manlet in its own sense.

>> No.30153006

Really! Well I'm sure that vitalik was never bullied in school. Thanks for letting me know, just sold 1 jizzillion

>> No.30154357

this except Hedera

>> No.30154820

> hedera

>> No.30155023
File: 1.46 MB, 1000x1053, leemon_baird.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>patented software
>goofy ceo

>> No.30155461

AVAX shills are the most dishonest in this board.

>> No.30155757

>t.seething turkroach
looks more demonic to me

>> No.30156457
File: 5 KB, 231x250, 1610861831402s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you look past the senseless fud that AVAX gets it is a fundamentally solid project with incredible potential for adoption and growth. accumulated a 1K bag and not selling a single AVAX before 1.5K. even then I'll only sell enough to pay off my initial and let the rest ride. this coin is technologically beautiful and if you can't see that you are either clinically blind, incredibly stupid, or both.

>> No.30156491

isn't this the coin that had the doubel spend

>> No.30156594

Yes, if you buy it you can send it twice to your wallet.

>> No.30157707

*yawn. Its time for new fud now plz.
How about March 9th fud, also stale I know but at least it has some weight behind it.

>> No.30157798
File: 21 KB, 261x200, one word.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30158580
File: 1.06 MB, 480x270, 1614809967219.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Double Spend


>> No.30158698



>> No.30158964

Hardly. Avax is backed by the ultimate VC A16Z. IFYKYK. Block tower has shit all compared ot A16Z.

>> No.30159115


>> No.30159246


>> No.30160139


>> No.30160475


>> No.30160536

Why is the avalanche logo so boring? Do better.

>> No.30160702

rollin' for that content wojak

>> No.30160726

Thanks laddie

>> No.30160780

Oops, here's my address

>> No.30160850

also forgot X


love those NFTs

>> No.30160896

>no working product
>vapour ware
>masterpiece of cs

>> No.30160938

Rolling for cookies


>> No.30161120

You can buy it on OkCoin, and get some STX while you are at it

>> No.30161623


>> No.30162105

Thanks fren. WAGMI

>> No.30162283

I find it amazing the effort these Fudders put in to try and get slightly cheaper AVAX. You had 3 months

>> No.30162770

How can I send my LINK to the AVAX C chain so I can farm them?

>> No.30163113

Thanks fren, we def gonna make it!

>> No.30163276


>> No.30163616

Bros, I've got 2,400. AIGMI?

>> No.30163992

My AVAX is being unlocked in 2 days. God, luckily I'm still in profit but this has been such a fucking nightmare. I just want to get the fuck out of this fucking shitcoin

>> No.30164415


>> No.30164528

no double spend

stop breathing

>> No.30164550

>yes all I care about is getting rich
>can’t wait to sell this shitcoin for fiat dollars to lock in my gains
Fuck off you exhausting new faggot.

>> No.30165067

Sikerim lan orospu cocuk. Pezevenk. Sacat.

>> No.30165341

Link Avax bros i love you

>> No.30166148


>> No.30166254


>> No.30166675

Rolling for more cryptic messages in my AVAX NFTs.


>> No.30166689

Can anyone fucking answer me if I can use https://aeb.xyz/ for this purpose please?

>> No.30167310

cool shit bro

>> No.30167969


>> No.30168174

Faggots keep fudding cuz they are broken and can't buy some AVAX

>> No.30168357

Hahaha yeah his fud was so shit.

>> No.30168402


>> No.30168683

Bumping this question. Can I directly send my LINK from crypto.com exchange to avax c-chain address? Or do I need to use ethereum bridge?

>> No.30168704

Thanks for this anon. I'll take a look.

>> No.30168970

holy shit X-avax10r2zxucczh3da46chel7snk00eyfkyeugjvkz6

>> No.30169082

Nigger plz

>> No.30169481

If I were you I'd kill myself immediately.

>> No.30169536



>> No.30169710

I don't think you can find a single American person fudding AVAX in this thread. We really are the superior people.

>> No.30170360


>> No.30170601

Sent. And yes, you use aeb.xyz to transfer your LINK from Ethereum network to Avalanche network. You need to have ETH on your wallet to cover the gas fees. And you need to set up Avalanche network on metamask. Then you will have the LINKs on your c-chain. You must also have some AVAX there to be able to interact with pangolin.

>> No.30170809


rolling, very nice nfts

>> No.30170834

Need to use the bridge I believe

>> No.30170916



>> No.30171035

Rolling and tyvm

>> No.30171426

This was a good read


>> No.30171911

Based. Thank you sir.

>> No.30171920

Sent. Going to bed. I'll check the archive tomorrow. There will be more rolls and more NFTs in the future.

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