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Don't miss out on DEXG please. $12 million market cap currently and big things are coming this year.

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Just a X40 away from absolute shite like Dodo, big moves incoming.

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And a 130x away from pancake. Perfect time to launch and ride the dex wave.

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what’s the hybrid tech? I’m in the telegram but haven’t seen that mentioned.

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They have a private network which technically allows DEXG swap to be implemented on every blockchain with sidechain functionality and interact with other blockchains through the offchain network. Cross-chain functionality will be a deal breaker.

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Same system they're going to use for limit orders and an order book?

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Yes, and it means they can take parts of the swapping procedure offchain in the future which will decrease the fee burden massively. In the meantime the increased efficiency alone will reduce gas fees over other dexes.

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I've seen this before anon, it's persuasive.

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seeing that just shows me how much room this has to grow, my erection is fucking massive for the v1.0 launch now

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Nice, thanks anon.

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I made another thread not realising this exists. But the math with assuming boomer valuations for passive income.
Uniswap assumes a 0.3% trade fee currently and over 700 million daily volume.

Assume DEXG gets even 200M volume daily. (possible since quickswap has 100M). and 0.2% trade fees distributed to holders that is $2655 per year. Or $26550 per DEXG assuming 10% dividend rate.


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forgot the pic.
First Table is daily earning
Second table is yearly
Third is 10% dividend rate on yearly for DEXG value

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Yes, this is also interesting. I've got it on decent authority that the fees will be split 0.1% to liquidity providers and 0.1% to DEXG holders that provide liquidity. The table you have included is certainly compelling reading.

This is also based on the premise that Impermanent Loss is massively reduced in comparison to other dexes so there isn't really any downside to liquidity provision.

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Please don’t let “my dexg stays sexy” catch on, it’s fucking gay dexgbros

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Would you rather have MY DEXG stays SEXG
or MY DEXG stays SEXE

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Also stop with the cat memes, it's the most norman NPC shit I've seen

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dumb girl, stop shilling this shit here
I’m not retard who believes in this trash
I have julswap for juld staking and my wallet brings profit

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Neither, please. Just let the fact that this will be the most advanced dex speak for itself.

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The name is too fucking shit, not gonna happen

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Also this, we don’t need cat memes and catchphrases for this, it isn’t a shit aggregator like rubic, there is serious Tech underlying dexg.

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1900$ FROM 33000$ FOR A MONTH

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I tell you to sell
Other try to bring you stupid trash

>don’t trust this scam, a lot of trash on biz today
my homie always tells me - wanna mine and get income - use non eth ecosystem
>check ENQ, this is best eco for this year

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Fuck off pajeet, uniswap is fucking pink unicorns, it’s incredibly gay but has a marketcap x700 the size of dexg you curry gobbling Vishnu lover.

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my dexies stay super sexy $10k EOY!!!

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What's going on with all the Indian bros stinking up the thread from their mudshack?

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Nice tables by the way anon, Can’t we get this out in to the wider crypto community?

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I also made another showing the value of DEXG at various MCaps. (basically Uniswap, Sushiswap etc)

But that came out to absurd values

55,000 Token supply
12M MCap - 218 per DEXG
100M MCap - 1,818 per DEXG
500M MCap - 9,091 per DEXG
1000M MCap - 18,182 per DEXG
2500M MCap - 45,455 per DEXG
5000M MCap - 90,909 per DEXG
7500M MCap - 136,364 per DEXG

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Is that dollars per dexg per day?

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No Its the price of DEXG if it reaches the same MCap as Sushi, Uni, Quick etc.

MCap milestones and the equivalent price of each DEXG.

Basically MCap /55000

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So will DEXG swap be compatible with bsc and fantom as well as ethereum in the future?

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Ahh makes sense, nice. I have no idea how this is currently so undervalued with the swap launch only 3 weeks away

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Sorry boys but this won't take off, no marketing and dev team disappeared. Don't count on a Q1 launch, maybe Q3 2022 if they can hire new devs who can finish the product

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Completely unironically we’re seeing $10,000 per coin EOY.

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I just hate this project, How come the project says send us 10 DEXG to get 2x back ?? I mean what is this...

Also guys your thoughts on Mochimo.org

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You mean the dev team that committed 11 times to github yesterday? The dev team that just took the beta off last week and launched testing on the mainnet? The dev team that are currently working on securing the IP of the technology they've created unlike the uniswap clone swaps like scammer Cronje's?

I shouldn't have to spoonfeed you the opportunity to get rich like this.

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oh fuck off curryboy, these guys are fucking up biz with their shit

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Yes we will in the future see DEXG swap on multiple chains, not just ethereum.

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Wait so even if we got fucking 100m volume its only a 3x from here?

Holy fuck thats bad.

And yes 0.01% is basucally the confirmed percentage we are looking at

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token not needed

UNI V3 is around the corner

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No you've misunderstood the table kek.

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>uni v3 around the corner.

Yes the same uni that hasn’t solved any problems previously. DEXG will objectively be superior and which one is more likely to do a x100 from here? 12 million cap or 8 billion cap?

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tell me something: if DEXG really does solve slippage and IL, what's stopping Uniswap and every other exchange from just flat-out copying what they do?

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>he hasn't read the papers

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ah yes the incredible whitepaper talking about the great depression

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They have a regulatory lawyer on the team, Jollen's uncle deals with IP, large parts of it will be copyrighted.

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Not long to wait now boys anyway, this will rocket soon.

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Ah yes another telegram meme!

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oh no he doesn't like dexg's memes, r8 this one simon cowell...

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You faggots really need to stop posting this cringe shit in every single DEXG thread. I realize you're only here because someone posted a link to this thread on the Telegram but lurk a little before posting on /biz/ please.

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Capped supply of 55,000.

We’re going to see the price go like YFI. 2021 will be ridiculous once the traction starts.

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And this chart only takes into account the proper financial valuation of an income generating asset. It completely excludes the hype factor, governance element or herding mentality. Most of the exchanges with hundred of millions valuations don't pay anything. Bullish af

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you should put a white background (instead of transparent) on this table so that I can view it with image hover

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Hitler endorses dexg, you'll love that one?

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>wow 4chan is such an edgy website le holocaust am I right guys
seriously just fuck off, DEXG has good fundamentals you don't need to package it in cringe edgelord marketing

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sweetheart, sweetheart, just calm down please darling, this isn't doing anyone any good. I'll leave you with this one, my work here is done.

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Agreed, also please stop shilling I don't care if biz retards buy DEXG or not, it's not needed at all, I'd like to keep the price low until launch

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No i havnt fucking retard.

664 token price. We are at 230 so basically a 3x fucking retard.

Also you fucking retards dont know that not 55,000 dexg will gets fees. Do some reasearch.

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Why would you want that, quite frankly there was enough time to fill bags when it was around $50 for weeks, if you're still accumulating you've left it late.

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You're completely off, you're considering 0.01% as the fee percentage, it's probably going to be around 0.1% so 10x

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Haha no its literally going to be 0.01% go check the telegram.

Fuck this scam

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I didn't know about DEXG when it was at $50 hahaha
Yeah I'm late so give me more time

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I did, a guy found several transactions tested on the mainnet by the team and the fee was about 0.15-0.2%. You're either fudding, or stupid or don't understand the difference between 0.1% and 0.01%. Anyhow, if you're any of the above you don't deserve to get rich with dexg so I guess it's natural selection at this point.

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This faggots a clinical moron, it’s already on mainnet showing more than 0.1% and definitely not 0.01%. Can we just launch already so we can pump to $1000 then ride the hype train to $10,000 and leave these spastic fudders behind us.

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We don't know if that was just a fee for LPs, just a fee for divs, or what. If it was for both then we don't know how it is split up. .1% to LPs also feels kind of low (Uniswap gives .3%). Even factoring in the solution to impermanent loss, eventually Uniswap is going to solve that the same way. It's possible this is where the GEL token sweetens the deal though.

Regardless there is still a lot we don't know.

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You are fucking retarded and forgetting that the LP need their cut. So your 0.2% will be diluted.

Also that chart doesn't take into account how many will stake to recieve their fees, you do realise they won't just hand out fees to holders of 55,000 right? It will be better then that because some people won't take the action to stake or whatever is needed to get fees.

I've already made more money this bull then you'll ever see in your whole pajeet life.
Peace åout

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damn bro nice mic drop

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Yeah that's a fair point but going as far as saying that it's going to be 0.01% based on some imaginary telegram chat finding is a stretch. At least 0.1% sounds more likely than 0.01%.

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If less people stake and are happy just to make it from the DEXG token increasing in value, then there is more left to split for the DEXG holders that do stake? This isn't rocket science brother.

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I know for as close to fact as possible that its 0.1% and 0.15%

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Receipts please

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I think anon literally said "it will be better than that." Yeah that chart is outdated now that we know for sure that the dAPP won't just distribute fees evenly to DEXG holders but will require you to stake or something.

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Yeah you retard, it is going to be better than that, the less people stake the more $$$ for the ones who actually stake. Plus we're in crypto not on the nasdaq, pricing is not only dependent on the dividends you're getting. Don't go full retard

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Lol you're still calling people "retards" for agreeing with you. I like your energy though.

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No, the papers on speculative AMM that have been written by academics in what is a growing field of market research

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How is this still so slept on, once the price starts moving it's going to go like an avalanche surely..
55,000 capped supply.
12,000,000 market cap.
Exchange launching this month.
Compatible with multiple blockchain.
Share of transaction fees.
Reduced impermanent loss for LPs.
Reduced slippage.
No external price oracles.
Off chain asset minting and txs.
Linked to Flowchain IoT network.
Liquidity mining of secondary token.
Limit orders and order books.

To begin with it's an easy x50, but if they implement ALL that in the next year or two, it's more like a x500.

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Couldn't agree more.

>> No.30116813

Because it's not out yet, and the team isn't trying to actively drum up manufactured hype. They're just working on getting v1 out.

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What's green and yellow?

>> No.30117931

dont know?

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I don’t think people full grasp the implications behind the hybrid blockchain possibilities, this is going to be big this year, watch this space.

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Stop shilling this scam matt. Not my fault you lost your life savings again to a bunch of chinks

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I will never stop until this is the #1 Dex and I am living on Mars.

>> No.30119021

won't be long, we're so early on this

>> No.30119372

Any firm dates for exchange release?

>> No.30119626

apparently it's Q1 so could be any day now.

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There will be huge news coming soon. Patience will pay off. I warn you. Accumulate now.

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I'm holding 21 DEXG and I have 3 ETH in my wallet... Torn between putting it into DEXG or some of my other investments.

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Still reading up on this. So if I understand right it's entirely Layer 1? I hope that doesn't limit its potential.

>> No.30120520

The offchain capabilities negate this for the time being, also layer 2 won't do anything for gas fees.

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21 will be worth $210,000 end of this year.

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I’m shocked, a coherent and informative thread on biz and the actual project looks good too. Am I dreaming? Should I ape in?

>> No.30121880

If you ape in during a thread, there's usually going to be a price bump and a correction of some whale selling, so I'd wait until then. You can see how much this thread directly had an impact on the price.

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No. This project completely sucks, UNI v3 will kill this.
Disclaimer: still accumulating DEXG

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Yes agreed, don't buy this until it crosses the $500 mark. please.

>> No.30122594

Hello this is a very good coin and I bought it thank you for the information

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What date are we hitting the top of that list? 2023?

>> No.30125186

>hybrid blockchain technology


Look into xBTC or stay infinitely poor.

>> No.30125246

$500m this year

>> No.30125610

fuck off with the xBTC scam and buy DEXG instead pal

>> No.30126181

What’s all this about an IBM & Flowchain partnership?

>> No.30126294

It's actually with Hyperledger I think

>> No.30127222

Is it worth chucking 10k at this you fuckers?

>> No.30127303

I chucked 5k at it and in down 1.5k......

Not even sweating.

>> No.30127361

It’s close enough to product launch by the sounds of it that it’s not a risk now hopefully, unless this whole thread is lies kek

>> No.30127595

if you hate money sure.

chucked 50k$ in this and can barely get out 30k$.

>> No.30128401

Shill me this coin in one sentence. The chart looks bullish af

>> No.30128723

catkiller hates slippage

>> No.30128949

Generating income from multiple blockchain swapping streams.

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How? Did you buy the absolute top?

>> No.30129473

I'm a fucking retard yes.

I'm happy retards make a lot of money in bullmarkets otherwise I would be broke AF.

Now aping in more in dexg

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don't worry. previous ATH will be pennies once DEXG takes off

>> No.30130385

Well look back on $200 and pontificate about how we should have bought so much more.

>> No.30130626

I have 32.3 now, could be worse.

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Looks like we're mooning here people.

>> No.30130886

I'm already balls deep but feel I might regret not getting more...

>> No.30131728

The way we feel now wishing we bought more at $40 in November is how we'll feel in May about buying more now at $250. Guaranteed.

>> No.30132287

Easiest x50 I will have ever had this year.

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yeah not looking very good

there is no way holders will get anywhere close to 0.1%
the LPs are a lot more important than some governance tokenholders and they will need to get the majority of the fees

>> No.30133662

0.1 for holders and 0.15 for LPs. Suck it up Hayden Adams, we know you're shaking.

>> No.30133938

There's no universe where we don't 10x shortly after launch but gosh man I cant cope with this useless marketing & community team

>> No.30133971

this fucking worthless piece of shit has been out for almost a year and it has not done anything at all
>their marketing / communications is the worst I have seen in any crypto project
>biz threads shilling this dogshit literally every day and still there is ZERO interest in this project, almost no holders, not a single mention of it anywhere outside biz
>has been months now without any updates

nobody will LP for 0.15 when they can get higher rewards elsewhere retard

>> No.30135010

Almost a year? it launched at the end of August, so that's 6 full month's and in that time they've conducted 8 weekly rounds of staking, launched the beta, bug checked it, soft launched on mainnet and had it audited by both Pessimistic and HAECHI, if that is done nothing at all then you're a useless fudder.

Yes they will LP for 0.15% when the impermanent loss is CONSIDERABLY lower than anywhere else. I'm just trying to help you to hit the jackpot anon, don't fight me.

>> No.30135795

0.15% with 0 IL is considerably better than 0.3% with IL. Don't they teach anything at smoothbrain school?

>> No.30135982

uniswap v3 will have no IL and a 0.3 fee

>> No.30136171

Yeah something with a marketcap of 8 billion where massive airdrops were handed out is definitely something I will see big returns from.

This doesn't even need to be better than uniswap, although it will be, but 60x from here would only be ten percent on Uniswaps marketcap so do the maths.

>> No.30136252

there won't be any 60x increase honey with all the wallets holding 1000 tokens that dump every time the price goes above 250

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Since UNISWAP says currently 0.3% to LPs but that also includes the 0.05% development fund. In the future it will be 0.25% to LPs.

New calculations showing the volume and nearest exchange volumes and realistic fees for DEXG stakers.

>> No.30136638

whats the difference between the two charts? one has bigger numbers but no explanation

>> No.30136662

you mean 1 wallet? there's only 55,000 tokens love, so there can't be "all those" wallets holding over 1000.

>> No.30136782

Top shows the annual income.

And bottom shows what the value of the token's income is applying a 10% dividend rate. 10% may seem high but it isnt.
If you do 8% just multiply everything by 1.25

>> No.30136893

>v3 not coming out for 6 months
>still won't have sAMM
>or the shit ton of other features DEXG will have

thanks for your fud /bro/ but I'm comfy

>> No.30136970

same, I have a PHAT stack

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I have 300 and i’m selling nothing until $5000, and even then it will only be a dozen or so.

>> No.30138207

Make it and suicide stack?

>> No.30138292


>> No.30138591

>0.15% with 0 IL is considerably better than 0.3% with IL. Don't they teach anything at smoothbrain school?
>Yes they will LP for 0.15% when the impermanent loss is CONSIDERABLY lower than anywhere else.
retards, UNI v3 will have no IL
also, ever heard of Bancor? It already offers single pool LP and has 1b in TVL
nobody will LP for 0.15% on a literal who dex

>I'm just trying to help you to hit the jackpot anon, don't fight me.
lmao, I held this shitcoin for months and it did nothing, also it has no fucking liquidity so getting out of a position takes forever and you lose 20% to slippage

>v3 not coming out for 6 months
coming out possibly already this month brainlet
it will probably come out before dexg even launches kek

>> No.30138694

>he sold

>> No.30138787

I can't understand this chart at all. Just explain to me what the number in the top left means. 33 what? Dollars? Cents?

>> No.30138903

also notice how the team has still not provided any real explanation on how any of this actually works
>b-b-but it's all complicated math formulas
>just read the whitepaper bro

>> No.30138930

People don't simply understand the implications of DEXG. The innovation is groundbreaking. There is no exchange close to being as effective as Dex exchange is.

>> No.30138946

>I held this shitcoin

He was early enough to complain about there being low liquidity, but he wasn't strong enough to hold. So sad. F.

>> No.30138957

made nice gains while you were stuck in a crabbing shitcoin with no liquidity

>> No.30139029

Already reducing gas fees compared to uniswap trades just by being a much more efficient swap mechanism.

>> No.30139071

the only innovation is the new AMM which might enable arbitrage IF it actually works
Andre will copy paste it before anyone even gets the chance to know dexg exists

>> No.30139085

>he sold before the product even released, probably at a loss
Massive kek

You're still missing the fact that nothing will have 0 IL AND sAMM plus all the features mentioned in

>> No.30139089


what exchange is DEXG offered on?

>> No.30139196

heard of IP? that's what legit projects do.

>> No.30139407

>nothing will have 0 IL
bancor already has and has been in development since 2017

>he sold before the product even released, probably at a loss
the funny thing is that if this doesn't work as well as all you telegram trannies think then you can't even exit your positions kek
doesn't take many whales panic selling and the price goes to zero

>> No.30139467

how cute

>> No.30139523

Your assumption here is that there isn't enough space in the ecosystem for another DEX, but you've been proven wrong by all the DEX projects that are launching and becoming viable. I think there's plenty of space for new ambitious projects like DEXG. Bought my stack earlier today and wish I was in earlier.

>> No.30139857

>has to tell himself the price is going to zero because he sold so early

>> No.30139901

Have been in since the top of the year. The lack of information has been a bit discouraging but still think it's promising. DEXG bros I hope we make it.

>> No.30139938

I think we're in good shape

>> No.30140058

Exactly mate, dexes are going to $500 million almost left right and centre and are certainly not better than this at $12 million and releasing this month.

>> No.30140144

>he's too dumb to understand the white paper that literally explains it and wants the Devs to spoon-feed him what they're doing

ok bud

>> No.30140190

Yes there's two sides to that coin though, it doesn't take many people to realise supply is capped at 55,000 and the Dex actually works and it will quadruple and a lot more, faster than it will go to 0 in your scenario

>> No.30140449

Holy shit how dense are you:

Nothing has 0 IL AND sAMM.

Do you see the "and" in that sentence? It's used to combine two things at once into a statement. So when I say nothing will have 0 IL AND sAMM, what I really mean is nothing will have both. Plus the other features, but keep coping however you want.

>> No.30140570

Some of us have been in for months (Dec for me/August for the real old fags) and its about to pay off, you were just luckily able to bypass a solid 2 months of crabbing and got it at the right time

>> No.30140594

Says you. But people said man wouldn't walk on the moon and what based jollen is doing is bigger than that.

>> No.30140632

this is the most attention/posts I've seen on a DEXG thread as well.

>> No.30140957

go back to jerking off each other on telegram instead of trying to lure in newfags to pump your bags

>> No.30141211

you sold way too early, go back to punching the air so you can be ready for launch

>> No.30141283

wow, ten posts over a few hours in a thread telling us how much you hate dexg, you're really some guy, can I jerk you off instead?

>> No.30141459

The cope levels here are registering at least 96%, what will they be like when dexg breezes past $1000 next month? I've got a link to a sturdy too on Amazon if you want it?

>> No.30141547


>> No.30141555

helps that it's close to release I guess

>> No.30142110

The word is getting out slowly

>> No.30142980


>> No.30143522

Still nobody told me what’s a make it and suicide stack?

>> No.30143649

Suicide 20
Makeit 100

>> No.30143732


>> No.30144553

the best fud you can find is useless marketing & community lead, that says it all

>> No.30144629

on the other hand it explains a bit of why this managed to be such a well-kept secret

>> No.30144990

There hasn't been anything to market though yet, pointless blowing a budget on marketing staking or a beta, If anything its bullish that they're not trying to manufacture hype for nothing.

>> No.30145276

That’s a refreshing change

>> No.30145954

Is there proof that the supply is capped at 55,000?

>> No.30146165


>> No.30146668

Here's the mint removal transaction on etherscan:

And here's the owner key burn:

>> No.30147006


>> No.30147587

It's all going off in their telegram tonight DEXG_PriceTalk

>> No.30148596


>> No.30149447

fudding his own bags kek

>> No.30150181

>mentally ill whiteoid attention-whoring

checks out

>> No.30151028


>> No.30151154

wouldn't be crypto without them

>> No.30152901

good stuff, thanks anon

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Just a couple more weeks boys, prepare yourselves for what's coming.

>> No.30153075

Bullish, 55000 forever.

>> No.30153864

People don't realise yet how advanced the Automated Market Maker is compared to every other DEX, they didn't use the beta, they didn't read the smart contracts and they didn't analyse test transactions. They won't make it. This will go to $500,000,000 marketcap this year.