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>this is you in 4 hourz

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You bear faggots always come out of every crevice to try and get retards to sell. Newsflash retard, you arent a bear, youre too broke to be a bear, youre too much of a coward to be a bear. You were created in a test tube in a pig fetus, smothered in chicken shit. Thats why youre ugly, will always be ugly, and your mother will not mourn your death because she will finally be relieved of having birthed and put up with such an embarrassment of a human being.

The most obvious choice in life for you, is to drink a bottle of sleeping pills and down it with gasoline.

You were never loved
You will never be loved
You hate yourself as much as everyone hates you
You will die alone.

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Please Mr. Bobo, not my heckin GME gaineriNOOOs, I'm so close to breaking even!

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>in 3 hours

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LOL nice one bobo ;)
just wait till europoors wake up and dump as usual

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The sun will be rising in NYC in 1 hour. This is your final warning to sell. They will dump us back to 47

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rofl nice cringe. see you at 45k in a few

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Lame pasta, mumu.
I bet you only come out when btc pumps. Faggot.

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dumbass we are in the middle of working day

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Post shorts.
>this kills the bear larper

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55k in 24 hours. GET FUCKED BOBO

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why is bobo killing pink wojak? Shouldnt he be killing green wojak

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only up up up only up up up sing it with me. there is no more crashes. Heil Tether.

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How do I know you're not shorting too? Post your long fag

Because wojak will turn red in 3 hrs

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shit pasta

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I’m not a bearposting fag. The burden of proof is on you for literally making a bobo thread. I’m still bullish precisely because you bears NEVER post your shorts when asked.