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Yesterday i promised to post some market cap charts, to compare Fantom and Ethereum and explain why i am bullish on FTM

This was oppose to the other chart posted, where FTM and ETH is almost identical.
Take a look at the market caps here and compare the charts.

Excuse me the Plebbit spacing but it makes it more easy to get an overview.

FTM from $1.9B first top, to $1.55B second top is -18.42%

ETH from $1.7B first top, to $1.25B second top is -26.47%

That's an 8.05% difference

FTM from $997M first bottom, to $1.25B second bottom is +25.37%

ETH from $871M first bottom, to $1.03B second bottom is +18.25%

That's an 7.12% difference

Fantom dumps roughly 8% less than Ethereum, but also recovers more than 7% better

If this trend continues, FTM will outperform Ethereums development from mid 2016 to end of 2017, by Q3-Q4 this year.

Ethereums market cap rose from about $1.3B in March 2017 to more than $70B in December, and then almost doubled in one month, to the new high at $134B in January 2018

Remember that even XRP also hit a market cap at $130B that time.

I know you can't always compare the past to the present, and that a lot of things have changed since then, but i still think that Fantom poses the equvalent probabilities now as Ethereum did back then.
That's why i think that Fantom will get to more than a $50B market cap this year, and more than $250B in within the next few years.
I personally believe that Fantom will be a top 5 coin by end of this year, if not even top 3.

Once again, i do not care if you buy, hold or if you sell. But to the few who thinks the same as me;


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thats $20~ eoy

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WGMI Fellow Fantomchads

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U guys r fucking delusional lmao, buy a coin that's not a scam and maybe ull make it, definitely too fucking late on this one LMAO, buy my bags bitch boys

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>not posting in the general thread
you're much egocentric

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this was also too late, right?

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I will do that anon

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is this how it works?

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>FTM will outperform Ethereums development from mid 2016 to end of 2017, by Q3-Q4 this year.

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