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$6 lounge

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$1000 eoy

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We are all going to be unreasonably rich

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fuck off stupid investor dickhead
>I will never visit this shit you try to shill
no one will believe in this dum[
smart buyers chose juld, just check this info for last year. easy 200%+

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Are you okay? Should I call an ambulance?

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shoo pajeet

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it's a bot I think
there's a couple other coins that it shills
I think gsx and one other

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So comfy

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They could at least put some effort into spelling

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I think it's to defeat spam detection.
Just look at the archive and note all the errors and substitutions.

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Let’s not get derailed, chaps. $10 EOW

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I had a 2100 stack of BNT. Tried to swing it, ended up with 2043. Sold and moved to LRC and GRT to try and boost then put back in BNT. Currently only have enough to get back in to BNT for a 1098 stack. I'm so pissed. I need to swing my way back and want a 2200 stack.

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What a comfy thread to wake up to. Also, the staked BNT percentage is still going up, you know what that means.

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$50 EOY

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Stake your 1k bnt and it should be near enough 2k in a year

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We can continue this discuission in my 10$ salon gentleman

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$50 EOM

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