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Listen idiots and listen well because you have 1-2 days left before you are fucking priced out.

Go to defi section on CMC , who do you think is on top. Chainlink. Why? Because it makes defi possible and other stuff, it is the infrastructure, there literally is NO competition.

Now go to NFT’s on CMC , who do you think is on top? Surprise surprise it’s ENJIN by a long shot, the OG team who literally invent NFT’s. But why is it on top? Isn’t it just a nft gaming token? Nope you faggot, ENJ literally discovered the biggest problem preventing NFT’s from gaining mass adoption which are gas fees in 2018 and they have started solving it since then, this solution is called efinity. ENJ is the chainlink of NFT’s it will provide the infrastructure and foundation of scalability for both ETH and NFT’s to scale.

That’s fucking right, and this efinity , 3 fucking years in the making, by OG teams not some new random ass HYPU nft project, is going to be released this month in testnet.

This testnet have been used by companies like Microsoft, google, sony, ubisoft since 2018 and its gonna be released this month.

But faggot op... ENJ already did a x8 from the lows, hur dur not buying your bags. Well faggot here is some news for you, ENJ has been dead money for ENJ investors for 4 fucking years, it has finally blasted through its old ath and its only 50% up from there in the year of NFT’s 2021.

Do with this info what you will, but this is the last comfy GUARANTEED moon mission, and too bad you are gonna miss it.

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fuck yeah anon, got a fat bag at 0.7$. We're still early, this NFT craze is just getting started. Also don't forget about Muse. They're literally the Uniswap of NFT's (still at 40M mc). Shilled by a lot of big names on twitter.

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walk me through this like i'm 5: how do i get in on this?

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Where can I buy I want in at under a buck. Also what do you think of FLOW op?

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>buy enj at 50 cents AUD
>post on 4chan about enj
>nobody replies
>post on 4chan about enj
>nobody replies
>enj does nothing
>assume it just isnt worth holding and watching, sell

im never gonna make it

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its now at 1.20 AUD and rising

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I believe you anon, just waiting for an EGG price pump before incubator so i can sell and put it all on ENJ

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Lmao should have been a bullish sign. If people are super confident in a coin they won't shill it on biz.

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Since it's still a shitcoin, it'll probably still fluctuate a lot, right? It'll dip (significantly) again, won't it?

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no one here cared about NEM while it made 50% in a week lol

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Doki will be an NFT bluechip within 2 months

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On rare occasions /biz/ isn't retarded, and is instead clairvoyant. This is one of those few times.

Enjin is the first project of its kind to receive approval to be listed in Japan. It was listed on its first Japanese exchange today. Make of that what you will, gentlefrogs.

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Lol you faggots, these shit will exists as a standalone NFT bs which is not capturing the essence of the NFT space. Its NOT about dumbass digital collectibles and arts lmao, thats a distraction and you guys who dont understand shit are actually FOMO’ing in it

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I don’t care I am bumping this thread

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>tfw 4.5k stacklet

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How does 450 k sound?

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wtf you guys always shill this shit after its pumped already fuck you

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not pumped. You’re welcome

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Sounds a bit far fetched desu. I'm never selling this but I think 10dollars would be peak.

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UOS is better

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Token not needed

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What’s a suicide stack for Enjin? And a make it?

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All NFT are backed by enjin coin. Of course the coin is needed you idiot

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100k is make it

10k is suicide

Reference metric for making it is being worth 1m at 10b MC. Suicide is obviously missing out and only making 100k.

This project has reasonable potential to see a MC in the 100s of billions, though. So take that into consideration.

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Is this a long term play or a fad that we should be selling EOY after a 10x or so?

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Market cap is misleading. The coins used to make NFTs are “locked” in them and there for off the market. There are already over 1% of Enjin coins off the market due to being locked in NFTs. The more NFTs created by people using Enjin the lower the total circ supply of Enjin gets. So if in 10 years there’s billions of assets. (There’s already over a billion actually). And half of the coins are locked in them. Then the circ supply becomes only 500 million

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just buy it on binance lol

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do you frens think it will dump on the weekend so we can get a better netry, im thinking around 0.70$ would be cool

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NFT is a compression of deed and legal into an algorithmic token transactable via blockchain.

This is next paradigm tier stuff, mate. Yes of fucking course this is a long term play.

You better get down and start offering prayers of thanks to God for being exposed to this entire space so damn early. Some of you people are dumber than dogshit and being spoon-fed opportunities to make millions simply by being in the right place at the right time... Wild. The rise of decentralised, cryptographically secured compute is truly going to be the greatest wealth redistribution in human history.

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