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>it's gonna crash when they dump 50 million coins
market cap way higher than before, minimum balance to be held required
>see you from the moon, fudders and faggots

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yeah I thought some shit was gonna go down so I swung but now im cucked

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Hahahah, btfo paper handed faggots and swingers.

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Shill team 6

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This is literally the one coin I will never sell. Too much potential to risk swininging. I just going to buy and hold. Till we reach the moon

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Looks like the cucking continues.

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>goes from 1$ to 40$
>goes from 4$ to 50$
>goes from 1$ to 20$
>goes from 0.01$ to 27$
>goes from 0.80$ to 1.80$


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>But but, think of the 8% apy!!!!

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they dumped 50m on march 1st you fucking retard

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If you want the real reason, the circulating supply has doubled since January. Algo would be > $3 right now if the foundation wasn’t dumping during every pump.

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based foundation, I can acoom even more

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trust the plan goy

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yep gonna be like that till 2030

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Supply since beginning of Feb.

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LOOK AT THIS SHIT. Market Cap barely took a hit compared to the price. ALGO was on a moon mission but we got dumped on. The fact that it’s still gaining despite the supply dumps is worth paying attention to.

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yeah when does that shit stop?

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ALGO IS GOING TO $30, that's all there is to know

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they gonna keep dumping till 2030, this wont go higher than 2$ till after then

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Will Algo be a stable coin? I enjoy using it as a savings account

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They dump based on the 30 day average and that average will jump quite a bit if this holds for 6 more days. It's an accelerated program, so these dumps make that 2030 date happen sooner

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I’m going to buy an Outrun deluxe cabinet when Algo moons someday

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not true, sell now.

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such a cap, research it first you retard

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They can dump all they want but as long as demand outpaces them than it will keep going up. It has 7% staking and is on Coinbase which will be the first frontier for normies, ALGO is primed for lift off.

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I already sold. I'll buy back in when the "accelerator program" is over

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Actually , that was just to convince retards they have time to accumulate
And to keep out pnd chasers
Wait until announcements

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You'll be priced out by end of march
Hope you kept your algo wallet assets open and a plenty

Going to be hard to fork out the minimums to even be able to hold it in a wallet.

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lol @ ngmi fudfags

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is yield reward lower then before ?
was 7.8 now is 6?

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t. tranny coin

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forget about this cheap shit
don’t go for this trash
>you shouldn’t be smart to understand how to make money on staking
join JustLiquidity on BSC
>don’t pay 40% of your portfolio on fees and taxes

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just google algo rewards calculator and it'll tell you how much APY you're getting on the bottom.

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ALGO partner with paypal, visa, mastercard soon. watch

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Yeah fuck, why did I buy ALGO again?

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but based on what there is a change in rewards %?

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how do you know

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Can anyone explain to me the differences between Algorand, Tezos, and Cardano?

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Still a racist piece of shit coin.
Who would even wanna get rich off such a thing...

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Algorand is better at everything.

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Moon soon boys - get in or cry later.

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>mfw she's a natsoc shitposter

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Cardano has way more supply and does nothing but performed way better than Algorand.

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ALGO released in 2019.

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Not an argument

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She gives off an eccentric genius vibe here. She's clearly mocking Covid regulations, so she's at least right about that. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on the diversity hiring.

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Enjoy missing the next x10 and the x10 after that

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it could prove useful, normies will eat it up as crypto goes mainstream.

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Been seeing a lot about quantum computers in the news recently. Buying more Mochimo.

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Wait did you really think an MIT glownigger coin wouldn't promote diversity hire shit?

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Shits fucked cunts. BIPOCS and fags are only being hired by the impassable tranny feminist lead dev. Never trust dead eyes or unnaturally coloured hair. Came in at 60c, sold at 1.17, ez gg
So glad I sold these bags and bought bancor in the dip
Algotroons btfo

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If you don't buy and hold algo you are a racist sexist pig.

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bigot. Every white male should be forced to buy 10k Algo to atone for the crimes of their people

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Bitcoin just jumped to over 50,000 and this piece of crap is actually down from where it was yesterday at the same time. Yet here you trannies are celebrating. Eternal crab. Accelerated dump.

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Holding ALGO right now is insane, missing out of so much potential gains. Literally any other coin will perform better over the next year

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>tfw anons didn't listen to my March 2 hold
This is only the beginning, we have March 5, 9, 12, and a big one on the 15th.
It lowers near the end of a dump cycle and goes up at the start of the next dip expect it to fluctuate downwards untill Match 9
Accelerated vesting is running dry faster than everyone is expecting due to the 30 day average being well above the high water mark since Feb 2.
I'm going to tell everyone right now, you still have time, you're still very, very, early.
I'd also like to congratulate our fellow Alglowfriend on their nomination yesterday.

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American glow coin, Asian glow coin, Euro glow coin.

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We got Curve announced yesterday too

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What does glow coin mean? The FBI made it?

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> he thinks it isn't crashing
You do realize ALGO is literally the most JUSTED coin on Coinbase Pro right now right? It is down more against BTC than ANY OTHER COIN. It is the WORST PERFORMER on all of Coinbase. You could have picked ANY OTHER COIN and had better performance. Algo kids are hilarious.

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Who is the alphabet agency involved in the US financial sector?

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MIT autists with glownigger handlers made it.

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>he bought the top
i got in at 30 cents and swung at 1.30 to 1 dollar. I'm doing fine for just 3 months since buying algo.

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It means that this project cannot riterally fail. Powers that be will protect it with everything

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any other american cryptos i should hodl? i have xrp and algo