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Okay listen up. I want to be a millionaire.

I don't want your 2x
I don't want your 5x.
I don't want your stupid fucking 10x.
I don't want your 100x
I don't want your 1000x either.
Getting closer, but that is for faggots.

I want your 1,000,000x
Give me your next 1 million x
I want to become a millionaire off of 1 dollar, I'm tired of fucking around /biz/.

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Buy bunnies
Breed bunnies (exponential return)
Sell bunnies for meat and fur

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I'm not a furry so I'm not going to fuck bunnies.
even if it's a video game character, I am not going to creme the rabbit.

looks like a scam, is there insurance?

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$BOG will unironically be 1 000 000 000$ EOW

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I just picked a random coin from coingecko by filtering it by newest coins. I looked it up and it does in fact look scammy as fuck lol

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put 10k

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LTO, its in the math.

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No no, see the bunnies fuck each other and reproduce. Fucking them yourself is optional, although highly recommended.

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Unironically, holochain.

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It was too late. I started fucking my bunnies using your advice. Started with the girl from zootopia or whatever that shit is.

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Okay just spent 1 dollar on each of these projects.

If even one of them goes to $1,000,000 then I will be a millionaire.

I have a 1/6 chance or somewhere around 10% to become a millionaire. Thanks biz

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Bonded.Finance DYOR
Quickswap Lead Dev here

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AKITA is the best option anon

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Invent a time machine and go back to buy BTC for $1 then go forward in time to when BTC is worth $1,000,000. Hope this helps.

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I'm already going forward in time. I can't stop it fuck, I have too many bunnies shit god dam

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It's CargoX (CXO), but don't tell anyone else

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>I'm not a furry so I'm not going to fuck bunnies.
They're too small anyway. Get a dog instead.

I was just watching videos of some guy with his bitch, and HOLY HELL did she love the cock. I've sort of wanted one for a while to go with my good boi who stretches out my rectum and pumps me full of dog semen daily, since I also have needs, but I always thought bitches weren't really into sex much. Those videos really showed me how massively wrong I was. She was constantly begging him for sex, either a good fuck or a good fingering.

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It will be PNK during the next few months and your x250 comes until EOY 2022
Trust the oldfags and Godspeed anon

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This must be the top

I posted this exact thread when i was a newfag in early january 2017

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Ironically I got into during the crash. I'm glad I've stuck around. Made so much money with alts.