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I hate you.

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learn how the halving cycle works you stupid fucking subhuman

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We have a model that has predicted btc movement perfectly for the last 12 years, yet somehow there are still tards screaming that we reached the top.

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You had 3 years of bear market, what more do you want?

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You fucking retards, neither in 2017 we had 6 consecutive months of green candles.
We had 5 green, 1 red, 3 green and the 2018 bear market.

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Why would a market that is changing daily repeat the same exact patterns over and over again?

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HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHHHHahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahagahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah get fucked bobo

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now comes the red one

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Fiat is done for, it was obvious tbe moment the establishment stole the US election (im not even american, we all know it wasn't legit).

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Bobo you been bein a homo past 3 weeks so stop complaining damn

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It's not necessarily about patterns repeating, but even dumping to $30k would still be very bullish long term.
The chart right now is fucking stupid.

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>past three weeks
it only dumped for ONE week, one week of not going up all the fuckin time and even then you had your bounces. Now its bobo turn we will rule this board for the next months

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I just don't get this bobo... whats in it for them if the market tank? price down, volume down, flatline? so really WHATS IN IT FOR YOU MF?

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>The chart right now is fucking stupid.
The only reason there is no red candles is because of how corrections are aligned relatively to the beginnings/ends of months.

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more crypto, while you bullfags are after fiat

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Bobos aren't the brightest.

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