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Does /biz/ know about Alphr? It lets you perform automated mirror trades on any DEX wallet. It's an automated decentralized crypto hedge fund.

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Made me kek

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Based if true, shitty meme I kekd

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How is this gonna work? Would be good if they release an update

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based and all but need doxx

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Become a dex hedgie... Finally the money working for me

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>t. Swami AlphrAnanda

Yeah no thanks anon

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Anon... April

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When video?

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What's wrong with his name?

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Who that? CEO?

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Yeah, I'm well aware

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Is this a popular feature on centralized exchanges? I've never tried it.

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I'll remember to watch the listing on Uniswap. If I see any funny business, I'm out.

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Change the logo to blue and I might buy. Blue coins have a higher chance of going up.

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Green coin = green PA

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Pampy pamp

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All-in anon?

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This is the NEET way to make money kek, I love it

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No more working like a nigger

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Who's the CEO?

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pls don't be a rug, I really wanna buy this

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Some random AI generated jeet, idk he should make a video

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free moneys

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And that's why you gonna get rekt on trading, ALWAYS DYOR

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