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Anon my moment to shine is finally here.

My dad sold his house and gave me 25k and i want to invest it

I dont like BTH is too low
ETH is fucking dead

Shill me your altcoins anon, i heard about AVAX, id like to buy AVAX, what should i do?

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Go for it.

Also try Pango and Chain too, worth the time.

First AVAX, Of course.

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Trust in god eminen

AVAX is cheap today and itll get 100$ this month

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Doge is a shitycoin

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AVAX will finally get my real waifu

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Why tf every nigger says doge

Doge is a fucking meme coin, AVAX is a play safe

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>get once in a lifetime windfall from father
>could start business, go to school, or buy property
>decides to gamble on speculative meme-tokens instead
XMR, but i doubt you're smart enough to listen.

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>Imagine being artificially boosted by Elon Musk

Rly nigga?

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$25k is the minimum amount you need to legally daytrade stocks. I would just throw it all into robinhood and daytrade options for stocks or ETFs making obvious moves.

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Im a smart nigga, i just want invest

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>says its his time to shine
>inherited all his wealth
nah nigga ur dumb as fuck lmao

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I’ll be worth a couple mill by eoy.

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hows $928.34 sound

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anon, you'll be doing the best investment if you hold AVAX. just trust me, come on man. here's a fucking whore anime girl for you

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BTC and ETH are basically guaranteed returns, but if you want to take extra risk, bet on Cardano. Double your money easy, potentially moon.

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buy kneepads
lots and lots of kneepads

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50% btc
25% algo or eth or dyor but member NFT hype garyvee is investing in those looking 15 years in the future
25% something with an actual product like bat, fil, golem, omi, orchid

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But BTC is too low anon. Ill take the risk with AVAX

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get on AVAX before the train departs. literally the next LINK

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Anon you can only trust in god emperor trump and whore anime girl

Go all in with AVAX

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man i can't give you real advice on this board because it will cause crowding because each one of these dudes will try my shit and it won't work anymore.

basically the best thing you could do with your money is leave this board right now and start watching math videos. get all the way up to calc 2 and linear algebra and maybe even try out discrete math.
the real money requires some math. once you get to calc 2 and you start actually studying trading then you will understand.

then take your study skills and learn about how things work. think about things, what people will need. have a minimum 3 month outlook. build a thesis and set a minimum time to hold then invest and only sell when your sell condition (time elapsed or price growth, not dips) has been met.

also learn the difference between speculation and investing. Learn the difference between assets and liabilities.

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What a wise and smart nigga

Anon you should listen him

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that sounds like a lot of work
me want money now

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You fucking weeb

I'd like one just like that

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Son, I got MARK if you want to CHAD up. Is the best supply elastic out there. Fuck stablecoins, this gem pegs to 1.40 on daily rebases and gives you high rewards.

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Weak jawline bro

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Buy 25k worth of GRT and delegate it. 7-12% APY in GRT. Cash out in 5 years as a millionaire.

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Cash out and invest in rental properties.

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I would shill RLC to you but instead I'm going to tell you that you sound halfway retarded so instead of immediately fomoing into whatever gets shilled you should do a minimum of research into what's a smart move and what isn't and what risks you're willing to take instead of putting 25,000 dollars into fucking avax and hoping it moons more than it has.

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Uzaki is monogamous.

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start farming the USDC pair on Quickswap - 200% APY and zero impermanent loss
and the reward token QUICK has pumped 500X last 2 months, soo

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So many options anon, and what about farmin pangolin? Or LINK?

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axion, buy it and stake it for 15 years.
Relaxion with Axion

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Why spend so much time with another crypto when you can make real money with AVAX

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Being a retard could be an explanation

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Real CHAD buy AVAX

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