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>be me
>make $50,000 salary in IT
>made $52,000 profit in crypto since JAN

Everything seems really stupid to buy right now. Nothing looks like a “good deal” to me anymore. I just spent hours looking at shitcoins and was like “fuck this” half way through.

I also don’t want to just be in Cash due to the FED.

What do I do now? buy 130ish Lbs of silver? Like man making money is annoying.

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just buy ETH. it's a sure shot in making another 50%

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Like lol, I don’t want to get fucked by inflation, but at the same time. I don’t want to buy anything....

Index fund? hahaha

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I'd go ball's deep in silver. This economic crash is actually a controlled demolition. They practically tell you on the world economic website. Anyone not paying attention will be screwed so spread the message.

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Maybe. This might be a move. I might just buy ETH and loan it out? or should I buy LINK and loan it out?

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Can you send me a good silver resource. I really don’t know If I should just put 130 lbs of silver under my bed lol.

They should make a 1 to 1 silver crypto.

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if you can't buy physical $PSLV is the next best thing

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I think kek wills130lbs of silver under your bed.

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Link too, seems like a good bet. a lot of TA guys (like benjamin cowen) have been detailing the case for a "summer bubble" for LINK.
but yeah, IMO, ETH is a good bet. check the charts for BTC/ETH valuation and see how low we are -- 0.03 BTC. we will see 0.045 and beyond as this market cycle pushes further. maybe split your bets between Link/ETH and silver though? diversifying will mitigate your risk

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Lmfaoooo 130lbs of silver. The look on my parents face would be funny. I might have to do that for the meme.

Also how the fuck do I sell silver back if It goes up? lol

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btw I have no advice in terms of loaning, but you do what you think is best. just try to mitigate risk, and maybe throw 10% into lowcaps with potential. I've got some suggestions for that if you want. but either way good luck frendo

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Sorry man I can't share which site because I don't want them selling out before the next stimulus. Good luck on your search. You should have a local dealer

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Would be good to accumulate some L2 projects considering how congested eth is...keeping an eye out on Tokamak network

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You sound like you're drinking the doomer koolaid
Don't get fudded out of the bullrun, we're halfway thru at worst case scenario

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Would paper silver be good? I’d rather just capitalize on the squeeze and dump into crypto.

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Loan out your USDC through AAVE, 30 day avg apy is at 10% rn. Then once you find a discounted shitcoin ape in

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Coin shops, you have to assume you’re going to pay over spot price and then hold it until spot price goes up quite a bit cause a coin shop is going to pay under spot. Still better than taxes.

The funny thing about this image is that silver is needed in ev’s and solar panels so the price is probably being suppressed I honestly have no clue wtf I’m talking about though I’m 40% stocks which I hold over a year if they’re going up (fuck taxes), 30% crypto (fuck taxes) and 30% gold and silver.

I think silver has more upside personally.

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If silver starts to squeeze I think it will be because of hyperinflation which means paper silver would be mostly worthless, no one is going to send you 1 trillion shekels for your silver and if they do wtf are you going to do with it?

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I’m thinking it’ll sell to whomever decides to buy my bags at the top.

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SLT or XCM for guaranteed gains

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PSLV only if that's your route, but if silver moons, it's also a scenario that encompasses wishing you had physical too.
There are reports of coin shops paying premium over spot for silver now, so if we're seeing a decoupling even there, then spot really is over as the price metric.
Taking incremental profits on the way up is the way to do it, but with all fiat, USD included, feeling so sketchy with all the rampant printing the only appropriate mediums left for storage are silver, crypto, ammo, and land. Everything is at ATHs except silver and land. So take your pick.

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>cause a coin shop is going to pay under spot
Fucking bullshit fud. My LCS buyback 2 bux above spot and there isn't a SINGLE shop who currently buy below spot in the entire world.

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>There are reports of coin shops paying premium over spot for silver now
Most do in fact, this anon clearly have no ideas what he's talking about.

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digits confirm, be sure to post pics of your stack

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cineplex is gonna go to $50 anon would recommend

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False. $AG is the way to go.

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Buy pits at the ten strike in CLF expiring at the end of April. They should open at 10c or less tomorrow and will go up 1000% when the next shoe drops towards the end of the week.

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LINK has been suppressed thru the entire bullrun so I'd buy that if anything.

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Might just return back to the OG LINK...

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You could buy gold instead? Jm bullion takes crypto.

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>food storage
>water supply/storage

Where of those tiers are you, anon? Can you make it if the taps get shut off for a week? Can you survive if nogs run loose? It doesn't take much to secure your peace of mind.

/pmg/ on this board has a pastebin of dealers.

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All in on OMI, sell at $0.01 then yield farm at 300% APY on BSC.

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Holy checked. Next stop $100.

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>halfway through
>which means you continued for another couple of hours
So you're on the opposite side of my trades kek

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Go to /pmg/

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That chart is retarded because it doesn't adjust for inflation. Here's a real chart.

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i like $SILJ as well. they have a large share of $AG at the top of the fund plus exposure to some quality juniors.

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