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only have $1000 to throw onto any crypto right now. i don't want to mess with PnDs or check my folio every day. what will net me the most gains by EOY?

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is that Graham?

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10 EOY is not FUD

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VERTCOIN, Verthash is new algo that allows the coin to be mined by anyone, fork of lite coin, never going on nice hash, not on many exchanges TONES of mining, and so many more reasons to buy rn. I think it's gonna moon trust me dude.

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I, too, hold heavy bags.

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that pic unsettles me

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Compendia wBIND ($BIND)

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Buy ersdl, come back in 6 months for a 100x

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my howies stay wowie sir

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Monero. It's only going to keep going up and up until the feds finally crack its privacy. And it took a while for that to happen with BTC

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NuCypher is a solid bet. Put it in the CoinList staking pool for 32% APY and just leave it if you're looking to play the long game.

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i dont have any of it but probably pancakeswap, maybe. its undervalued compared to its competitors and marketcap leaves room to moon. ADA might go to $5, GRT possibly $10. Link and Hbar seem like a good investments, thats my poorfolio shit anyway

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This but 500x

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Her POV during sex

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BTC is only going to go up and it’s less likely to fail than the smaller coins.

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INNBC. This one is going to explode soon.

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You are anon, you didn't start shit.
Stop with the stupid shills that aren't about making cash
this shillers never know cool project to advertise
>Buy no worry about it, hold SWG and wait for swirge development

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Honestly all the advice in this thread is atrocious.

BTC and LINK are the only serious answer

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VIDYA will do a 10x by eoy

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$ID the FUD is extremely bullish when you realize it's all completely fabricated.

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