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Who is The Baoman?

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nice trips btw

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Nobody knows what it's like
To be the BaoMan

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>Yes as soon as all the locked bao becomes unlocked the price will skyrocket instead of tanking
Keep dreaming fag.

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Unironically probably a high level team member of SUSHI

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Forgot my trip

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>doesnt know about all the burn mechanisms being implemented
And the midwit filter chugs on. Its a beautiful thing.

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very probably true. I wouldnt be surprised if he's been tasked with setting up this coin on xDai to pave the way for sushiswap moving their whole operation over to xDai and Baoswap is just the alpha of the next Sushiswap

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a hero

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Unironically better than PikaBao.
Dude is very capable and is a turbo autist. I trust in his almonds.

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What happened to xdai.bao.finance? I'm ready to migrate but the site won't load for me. Should i wait for it to start working or just sell my BAO now?

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Head over to farms.baoswap.xyz. First you’ll want to bridge your tokens (and use the faucet to get some xDAI) then use alpha.baoswap.xyz to get your LP tokens. The discord is a good resource.

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Wow, so I have to use Discord rather than the official documentation to get reliable info? Very cool Baoman.

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He is a burger wrapped inside of a dumpling. He no chinaman.

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Kimchiman 2.0 aka chink scammer boy

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Why who is he indeed, I wonder, I wonder...

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anon, I...

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You could use the documentation as well.
I’m just telling you what I know and what the best immediate resource available to you is for instant feedback would be.

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yeah it reeks of a sushi game
not bad tho

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>all the locked
you mean 1/1000th of all the locked bao?

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bao migration has been underwhelming, bugs and all. xdai barely has any volume. highly doubt this gains traction.

other projects are building synthetics and will get there faster than bao. i dumped 75000000 bao today

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fuck boys, BaoMan gave me a 24hr mute for asking for a governance vote on a lewd Bao calendar. How can we stand for such censorship in the 21st century?

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That link worked for me but all I see are the LP farms. Where do I get the actual BaoLP from?
And yes, I reluctantly joined the Discord and asked in the help channel but everyone is ignoring me.

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fuckin kek. look how shittily you drew in that last candle. If youre gonna tell people the truth about the baoman then at least make your fake reds acceptable in appearance

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that was you? kek

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i stayed up all night making LPs for launch. i was the only one in like 20-40 pools or something, then the rewards get delayed 36 hours beyond what they were scheduled for

missed out on what was easily thousands of dollars

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I feel like I fucked up. I converted my uni lp tokens to sushi. Did I waste a bunch of gas?

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I think he's too stressed out from all the migration stuff to consider my (perfectly reasonable) proposal

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nvm I found it: alpha.baoswap.xyz. Fuck you BaoMan for making baoswap.xyz not load and not redirect to the correct site. Why are you making this so god damn confusing for us?

If it makes you feel better I panic harvested my BAO before unstaking my UNI-LP. Basically paid fees twice.

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>bobby hill pan man
how the fuck is that enough for me to recognize bobby hill?

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Damn so what is the proper order I was supposed to do?

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1. Unstake UNI-LP from bao.finance
2. Unpool BAO on Uniswap
3. Bridge BAO on Omnibridge
4. Go to xDai/BAO pool on alpha.baoswap.xyz. See how much xDai you need to pool your BAO.
5. Use the xDai Bridge to bridge that amount of DAI to xDai
6. Pool BAO/xDAI for BaoLP tokens
7. Stake the BaoLP tokens on farms.baoswap.xyz

I don't know why BaoMan felt he needed to make this so damn confusing with these different URLs (and even used the wrong URL in his official documentation), but oh well

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Oh and you will need to use this faucet to get your xDai transactions going: https://blockscout.com/xdai/mainnet/faucet

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Damn so transferring the uni lp tokens to sushi wasn’t even necessary I’m guessing ?

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Wait, so what the fuck do you do if you have sushi LP then?

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Well there are SUSHI pools but no APY is displayed. I assume it's still being worked on. I don't know, I guess you could just wait for it.

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I think we can still use them I’ll have to figure out when I get home since the site wasn’t working when I tried it

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I checked Discord and BaoMan says it is delayed and won't start until tomorrow. Fucking BaoMaaaaaaaaaaan

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I felt like I got too greedy with trying to get the boosted rewards on the xdai chain without realizing how much of a mess it is to move to a different chain

At least it wasn't a shitshow like BSC

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have mercy, baoman, please! All I want are my buns. I farmed enough bao that I make what I did at my old jobs, and will for the next 3 years. Let's move my baofarmer salary up to ceo level, alright baoman? Please, just give me your buns.

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Baobby Hill

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This would make more sense though if BAO wasnt moving to every single available L2 and eating the chains' liquidity alive. The vision for BAO is way too high level for an amatuer dude with no backing. Makes absolutely 0 sense.

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If you want to farm on the xDai chain with sushi LPs you need to migrate your LP tokens with omnibridge. Then you can stake the LP tokens on farms.baoswap.xyz

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No you didn't. Post the tx

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Kek thats rough. I was fucking pissed i couldnt stay up and get it done. This delay benefited me, but yeah, you wouldve been printing fucking money.

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>that file name
hell yea

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Thas Rite, All pHArmeRs AlWayS farM fOeVA. TanX goDS I AiN't gRapHIc phArtIst!

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thanks for the guide, helped a smooth brain like me out. And holy shit, i cant believe how low these fees are.

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