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I work a 9-5 office wage slave job and 99% of my net worth is in crypto.

This is it.

It's all or nothing now.

This is my once chance and one ticket out of the mundane monotony of normie life.

If crypto doesn't moon then I will literally be an hero.

Wish me luck.

Any other anons in the same boat out there?

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>office wage slave job
at least you get to be comfy at work

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its not comfy im stressed as fuck, im close to ending it all

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Dude just buy a house on fha loan for 3.5 percent down with your easy ass office job , make the monthly payments , live frugally, and invest into solid projects... Stop being such a dramatic faggot.

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you think being in an office cage is fun?
its soul crushing. all the meaningless tasks.
just so Mr NosenBerg at the top can get an extra yacht this year.

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were you here for the past 5 months

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wagie here
I dropped out of college and all I have are numbers on my screen. If I dont make it in 10 years, my existance will be pointless

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fucking idiot, could have bought actual stocks not retard inflated buzzcoin owned by china

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>Stop being such a dramatic faggot.
we will never understand those who live and die by drama.

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ur probably gonna necc
what do you hold

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Calm down bro, it's gonna be fine.

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In the same boat. Only recently returned to work since December due to covid lockdown. I know you hate it, as do I but doing nothing all day is not good either.

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Did it work?

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i clean oil drums in a warehouse 10 hours a day

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What's your hourly pay?

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Sounds very comfy.

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for real. I hated working in the office. it was the same fucking small talk and it was predictable every time.

>Monday again!
>Hump Day!
>Cant wait until Friday!
>Have a good weekend, have any fun plans? SLEEP HAHAH!!!

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I'm all in, but what's your portfolio anon?

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No. Suddenly, crypto is your savior? Why not stocks, or the lottery, or actual gambling in a casino, or playing poker, or trying to find another job? You would've survived if you never heard of crypto, if it wouldn't even exist, and you will survive now, no matter what. You fucking stupid pussy.

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$13. i was in a top 10 public university only 3 years ago...
it’s not because you aren’t learning new skills not sharpening existing ones

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The results are back, you're a faggot.

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ITT: Lazy faggot zoomers and millenials.

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Crypto is not the way.

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i weep for you anon.

t. stay at home dad

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If you're going to gamble on something high-risk, make it something worthwhile.

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Have you tried becoming a MOGGER?

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Looking for a "savior" like that is an almost guaranteed ticket to misery. Sure, you might just get really luck and make it by chance, but 99% of the time you're not gonna get lucky.
I recommend focusing on what you can control. Invest on crypto that have fundalmentals, try to increase your income, have fallback plans, etc.

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>99% of my net worth is in crypto.
retard you're supposed to always leave a reserve if things go south

have you ever heard the saying that goes by

never put all the eggs on the same basket

because if it falls they all are gonna get crushed

but if you put them on two baskets and only one falls you still have the rest

well good luck anyway i am a wagecuck too and i also want to stop living this shitty life

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anon i send u good wishes, pleas take your profits in the top of bull run, probably in summer or start of autumn, take ur profits and reinvest after the inevitable crash

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>if crypto doesn't moon
nigga where the fuck have you been the last 3 months

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Learn basic TA (RSI, MACD, VOL compared to price), throw any amount of money in and if you can make 5% profit a day (which you’ve probably done accidentally MULTIPLE times before without even realising it) and you do that 5 days a week for a month you double your money.
That’s an easy 2x anon. And if you can do it 12 months a year?
You’ve made it.
Not being funny but $300 and a fuck ton of dedication and market permitting makes $1.2mil a year.
Feel free to check my math. These stupid fucking moonshots aren’t even worth it when you consider this.

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*That is, if you re-invest all that money and get 5% back off it again.

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the problem with stocks is that brokers always fuck you up with kyc papers i don't own crypto brokers allow me to create accounts and trade without kyc

the only other market that i know allows you to trade without kyc is forex brokers and forex is too fucking hard

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Based you are probably gonna make it anon nature favors risk takers.

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>Not being funny but $300 and a fuck ton of dedication and market permitting makes $1.2mil a year.
can you please post your account size sir

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Even if crypto does moon and you can quit your wage slave existence, you will more than likely not be happy. Keep trying to get rich, but also spend some time understanding why you aren’t happy and fix it.

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No because I am disgustingly undedicated, but fundamentally it’s correct. 5% up is a fucking stupid easy amount to get every day in crypto as long as you know where to pick em

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i see. you could do it but you just dont feel like it. yeah that's pretty believable. thanks anon

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Just make sure you don't sell until it's time to sell and you'll be fine.

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What kind of a loser do you have to be to resign your fate to what is essentially chance?

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you forgot to post an animal with your post

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trading can be dangerous most of traders lose money

investment can payoff if you actually invested in a coin that has a future

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This has absolutely nothing to do with me and I have no stake in it whatsoever. If you’re too lazy to do $N amount of money x 0.05 x 5 x 4 then x2 12 times that’s up to you. All I’m saying is the fundamentals are correct, you’d just have to dedicate 5 days a week to it and know your TA. It’s far more realistic than just waiting for shit to moon.

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Is literally everyone on here 12 and/or retarded? Why not 30% a day??

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It already mooned though. You know what happens after a bull run, right?

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You're a fucking loser dude...wow

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Because it isn’t realistic or consistent enough, but I think 5% a day is. The same is true for stocks or any other funny money.

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Womp womp. My feelings are hurt and I will never recover

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half an hour loading historical data and backtesting your strategy would prove you utterly wrong. fortunately for me, i recognize this at face value: fucking retarded bullshit.

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i hope you're underage, for your sake

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Just quit your job? There's no reason to suffer if you don't have to.

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I hope you make it anon

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Same. Was kicked out of college for failing all subjects.

I do have an online job that pays for my expenses. I also have been studying programming for the past two years as my fallback. Already have a decent portfolio.

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>squeeze the banks hurr durr
ask me how i know you're from reddit

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For all the people complaining about their office jobs please consider killing yourselves. It’s the easiest work you could ever conceivably do for a wage. You use a computer and send files to people. Be glad you aren’t in food or retail, that’s where your soul really starts to break. If I had an office job I’d watch YouTube all day and shitpost here and then proceed to get paid.

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Same boat but 3 years ago, so I'm pretty happy with my gains.
You are late you are not gonna make it

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>You are late you are not gonna make it
Kek. Before talking shit, tell us all what your net worth is, anon.
Same boat. ~$900K in crypto between BTC and ETH. My “make it” point is $10M net worth which I don’t think I’ll hit this cycle. But I’ll get close enough.

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t. Has never had an office job
The point is it sucks because it’s easy therefore boring. It doesn’t hit any of your rewards centres. All boring jobs are the same as shitty jobs.
source: worked retail, delivered pizza during the World Cup (britbong) and ive done admin desk work. All of them equally suck dick in different ways.

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Usda loan is great too if you want to live out of city limits.

>> No.30084868

Aye OP, I'm with ya.

>> No.30084989

rip, tfw toxic (lol) work environment. luckily my team is pretty decent
t. office wagie

>> No.30085043

if ur depending on crypto ull never make it
seek first the kingdom

>> No.30085063

If you’re only complaint is that’s it’s “too easy” and it’s “boring” then you have it good and you’re taking it for granted. Objectively speaking, office work might be the best work you can do cuz you’re not breaking your body or putting yourself in harms way or having to deal with shitty customers with their ugly wives and bratty children.

Be thankful.

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I don’t currently do office work but what I learned is that the people who settle for office work and actually enjoy it are very sad because how the fuck can you live with doing the least challenging work in society. It’s mind numbing.

>> No.30085453

I’m not happy because I have no money. Wow that was easy

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Nothing gets me angrier then the PG-13 PC office humor and small talk. The same shit each time, everyone afraid to "step out of line" and actually share an original thought IF they even have one. It's so fucking gross and even worse is that if you don't participate it's guaranteed trouble down the line.

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Okay Whatever floats your boat I just dont get how you wouldn’t jump at the chance to get a job where you get to do literally nothing all day. It’s low effort high reward.

>> No.30085820

I don't understand this either. I wake up at 2 in the fucking morning every day and before corona I was working 6 days a week. Pampered office niggers who complain about their job really make me seethe.

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Just buy FTM and ride to $5 with us fren. Piss drinking is optional.

>> No.30085949

>in crypto
this is why you haven't made it

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Are you young, OP? Why don't you just get another job?

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Don't worry op, you're not alone

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same anon. I cant phathom doing this shit for 30 more years. crypto is my last/only hope really.

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Anon, I'm a newfag to Crypto. But could you not limit your exposure? Start with (say) 10% of savings, build from there? If it goes well, congrats. If it doesn't, well such is life.

Men shouldn't An Hero. Many lols to be had in the future. I'm an oldfag, I know such things.

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silver stock means mining right? Do you invest in juniors and producing or exploring stage miners? Also let's say in the next 10 years the silver price went down 50% (most probably wont) does that mean the mining companies could go down even more or can they make profits and go up in value during silver recessions as well?

>> No.30086974

fuck dude if true, you should be taking gains. Don't be a faggot and let it all disappear because you got memed into (((diamond hands))). Don't take it all out but you need to secure some gains if you're this fucked

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I am in a similar situation. I am in 20x now and I could buy a nice house but I just HODL more to be able to pay out the loans of my parents.

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Yep, I'm on the same boat OP.
Once I reach 100k (which I'm 1/4 the way of), I will cash out about 20k to live off of for a year, spend that time gaining new skills, maximizing my health through fitness and proper eating (which I already do, but I can be much more focused. My money will be properly invested so that I should still have more money by the years end.
Be a much better paid wagie for a little bit till my networth is at 1 mil, do the same thing again but not to be a better paid wagie, but to be set for life and start working on my dreams.
At that point I can try and fail at anything and I'll still be happy. I will finally be playing the game of life instead of life playing me.

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You'd get it if you'd been in an office job. "The grass is always greener on the other side" isn't an idiom about one direction. "The Other Side" makes it both directions. You think we have it better, we think in some ways you have it better.

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anon everything already mooned,

either youre a multimillionaire already.

or you are in 6 figure hell and have to wait another cycle, (3-5 years)

im in 6 figure hell (300k) and will hold another 5 years. no biggie

just realized i gotta start taking care of my body and skin and teeth so i can still look good at 35.

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sure man, i'm right there with you. this is the last chance before elysium irl. i probably won't kms
explicitly because crypto doesn't moon, but it'll certainly put a damper on my already dampened outlook on the future.

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Yep it’s fucking stupid and spoiled. If they were coal miners or worked on oil rigs or they were farmers and they actually had to physically work, I’d understand. Office niggers literally sit at computers and call people. Is that not what they do at home? Sit at the computer and watch YouTube?

They get paid to sit and they’re crying cuz they’re bored. Boo hoo

>> No.30087416

Bro I'm a NEET with mental issues, but I will (hopefully) make it. Don't give up
Let's make it together fren

>> No.30087458

It's awful man. I greatly preferred working in factories, warehouses, retail and other shit jobs to any office job I ever had. Besides anything else the people are for the most part completely insufferable, at least retard construction bros are fun.

>> No.30087460

Things take time bro, have you tried visiting a doctor?

>> No.30087464

no you wont i have 380k and told myself i would do that, so i quit my job in aug 2020 and have Done nothing. just kinda excersiced, kinda learned new things. bought drones, xbox series x, macbook M1, iphone 12. upgraded to fiber internet with speeds of 1000mb/s . bought some top shelf weed, take my dog out alot more. drink every weekend. thats it. dont quit your job at 100k thats nothing even i regret it at 300k

>> No.30087594

i mean i'm giving it another 3-5 years, but yeah if i'm not in a position where finances and jobs don't matter anymore, i'm done

>> No.30087633

380k doesn't even last long though? what are your living standards like? do you think you'll end up having to get a job at some point?

or did you buy ADA under $1?

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>Any other anons in the same boat out there?
I'm you but I make minimum wage and am literally running out of money because I can't afford to pay the bills and am at a net loss every month. Either I make it with Crypto or it's over.

>> No.30088056

I ain't a loser like you nigga lmao

In all seriousness I've already accounted for that very possibility. Which is why I'm beginning the habits I want to keep BEFORE I quit and begin that path. My weakness is the computer, so that's getting locked away and only used when absolutely necessary. If I force myself to stick to a laptop I know I won't use it recreationally as much because I hate it.
Already been exercising and eating healthy for YEARS. Just gotta replace habits with more preferred one.

>> No.30088426

wtf do you morons do with your money? Unless you live in New York or something and your rent is 2k+ a month then you should be able to live pretty decently with just 25k a year, plenty of time to do what you want.

I don't think I could spend 100k a year as I am unless I deliberately try to. Which is why it's a perfect amount for me to save up to. I know I'd be fine with 20-25k for the entire year, while the rest of my money is still invested, gaining interest or just increasing due to the volatility of the assets.

>> No.30088491

Major sell signal

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Probably good to check out PULSE then, low mcap and 33% staked by doctors....they are literally the only blockchain in the medical field being utilised in Japan and China

>> No.30089205

Same bro. But we'll make it...but if you're in btc get out @90k. Trust me.

>> No.30089348

I'm not saying 380k isn't a lot of money, I just don't think it's enough to fucking retire. Unless of course you're putting all that money in trading or some shit. I just think work (including trading) can't end at 380k. You can get through a few years on 380k but a lifetime? A million is barely enough.

>> No.30089355

>i was in a top 10 public university only 3 years ago...
what happened anon?

>> No.30089795

Gotta get in those boomer dividend paying stocks. Then you're set. If 1 mil +

>> No.30090416

Well that's what I said m8.
Reach 100k to take a 1 YEAR break. Then return to waging for a year with much higher pay (and 70-80k from the 100k still gaining interest and increasing and increasing due to volatile assets (stocks and crypto)), reach a million, quit again but this time allocate money to never have to work again and if I achieve my goals and dreams, i'll make money from that, and if not, oh well, I tried to follow my passions and lived life and still have plenty left over because of proper investments.

It's up to me and it's only my fault if I don't make the best of my time.

>> No.30090501

Graduated college, and I’m working at UPS. It pays good money but man it sucks.

>> No.30090800

In case you lose all your money, why would you kill yourself instead of going for the high score? Not that I encourage any illegal activity.

>> No.30090874

Top 10 public university means like maybe top 75 university/colleges. Not that cool

>> No.30091065

I feel this even though we bring in over $500k a year. We are about to turn 30 and dont wanna fucking work. So its all about taking yolo shots and getting as quickly up to $10M as possible. Sure we can get there with boomer shit by 50.....but fuck waiting until 50.

I wanna sit on my ass and do jack shit now.

The thing is, wealth gap is so huge now now unless you bring in like $1M a year....youre still poor. Also who the fuck wants to work at all.

>> No.30091109 [DELETED] 

Sup fellas, wazzap here?

>Did you see that shill attack on /biz/ today?
These homeless pajeets really think that clever trader will look at their rubbish
Funny haha
>I never risk today, my funds are on yield farming on yvs finance and I can reinvest any time

>> No.30091172

Youre an idiot
.tjere is still 2bullruns to come before mass adoption

>> No.30091187

Nigga you could literally save for 4 years and have a multimillion dollar portfolio that pays you $200k a year. Hell, putting a few million in USDC will get that. You literally have no excuses for not retiring by 35-40 unless you just get greedy.

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>> No.30091294

same boat
mid 6fig hell

>> No.30091296

impressive cope with underachievement

>> No.30091332

most sites are blocked at my job and my boss is watching me all day

>> No.30091360

kek, this niggers want to spaml fucking shit on /biz/
I don’t trust this spam
>SWG and BSC
>That’s our future

>> No.30091527

My boss has been micromanaging me the last month for underperforming. I’m about to snap and murder someone.

>> No.30091588

Jesus fucking Christ you faggot quit crying moar. When I was 19 I got shipped out to Helmand Province Afghanistan and went knuckle deep in soldiers and ragheads gunshot wounds that bitched less than you. And why are you unhappy? Because you’re bored? Fuck you boredom is just boredom. It’s not a real problem. It is literally the absence of a problem. You have dead lines on projects you hate and you want to quit? Fucking do it you faggot. Nobody is forcing you. Next time you want to shit up this board with your faggotry follow the advice our medic gave me. Stick a fucking tampon in your bleeding hole you little bitch.

>> No.30091676

Calm down schizo

>> No.30091755

shut the fuck up, if i had an office job i'd meditate for 8 hours, its fucking easy, try working in the lowes paint department

>> No.30091824

>oh hah sorry you're still on mute
>hi this is anon, who dialed in?

>> No.30091892

Get a less stressful job, even if it pays less. It's easier to trade when you're stress free.

>> No.30091916

Fuck that. This entitled little bitch needs to grow a fucking pair and start acting like a fucking man. Cry baby faggots have run amok on this board and I’m done with it. 4chan is supposed to be a den of racism and homophobia. We have become entirely too soft on these faggots.

>> No.30091994

Lbh you arent exactly a sane individual what kidn of idiot willingly signs up to get sent to some rag head shithole to kill locals for israel

>> No.30092022

The kind that likes free college and killing muslims

>> No.30092026

Imagine unironically wishing you could wageslave your life away in an office just because you hate your current job, then snapping at people for not being all that happy about wanting to suck Jewish cock like you for the rest of their lives. I don’t know if I should laugh at you people or feel bad for you.

>> No.30092123

i work in a semi office envroment with boomers that have been there for decades.

I make 100k, this is the most i've ever made. When i get home im burned out from being there, from having to listen to their boomer banter, from lack of sunlight

>> No.30092134

>signs up to die for Jewish wars
>gets traumatised in said Jewish wars
>his trauma is so bad that all he want now is to waste his life away making Mr Noseberg fat and rich
You need help dude

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>Imagine unironically wishing you could wageslave your life away in an office just because you hate your current job, then snapping at people for not being all that happy about wanting to suck Jewish cock like you for the rest of their lives. I
workplaces are full of faggots like this

use this handy meme in the future fren!

>> No.30092206

Nobody wants to pussy. People do it so they don’t die poor. None of these faggots crying about their lives and seeking escapism are special and they all feel that way. Imagine being such an absolute cuck that work makes you suicidal. You are an enabling little bitch and you should join this faggot on the ledge.

>> No.30092346

Alright anons, I have literally $16k in savings. What do I need to do to get out of this minimum wage hellhole? I work at UPS, and I’m a package handler for 2 years.

>> No.30092459

>Be me
>Not a pussy
>Kill muslims
>Dont get traumatized because not a pussy
>Have to read the dog shit defeatism faggotry and cowardice being championed on this board
>Have to read the cowardly defense of faggots from pussies that have never shed barbarian blood for the white race
Unironically kill yourself

>> No.30092655

Faggot no one cares. Go back to the Middle East and get suicide bombed already, and stop polluting this thread with your schizo.

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File: 32 KB, 1200x630, georgia-tech-yellow-jackets.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got kicked out for possession of adderall without prescription
that's not true at all actually. many private schools are not in competition with public ones academically. for example berry college or even rice. from public to private it's only behind ivy's.

>> No.30092757

I care. And I’m the only one in this conversation that matters faggot. Because I’m the only one not acting like a faggot. Faggotry is for faggots. Defending faggotry is for faggots. You are a faggot faggot.

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>> No.30092819

Wow, thank you for the information.

>> No.30092856

This is me since 2014. Godspeed us both
>Still haven't made it

>> No.30092890

holy based

>> No.30092965

lmfao this nigga really mad at anonymous strangers on a cambodian cave drawing site.

>> No.30092982

I literally don this but my soul still doesn't feel too good. Poopoo

>> No.30092992

You didn’t fight for the white race you stupid retard. You fought on behalf of Jews and helped them destabilise the Middle East so much that muslims are moving to your country en masses in search of asylum. And how to top it off, you’re attack your fellow white man for not being an good little obedient slave like you were. You’re not a champion of your people. You’re cuck, the ultimate type of cuck. Lmao.

>> No.30093100

These are the words of someone who’s never had an office job. And if they do get one they’ll be so ecstatic, given their previous job was an even worse shitshow, that they won’t realise just how worthless and pathetic their life really is.

>> No.30093231
File: 120 KB, 750x1334, 78A59B77-FAA4-4FAB-A5D5-E352467E095C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m working from home right now but I’m right there with you.

I need to make it from crypto, I can’t take this shit

>> No.30093314

WTF is up with OPs dragging their fucking reddit spacing in here? Is it bots or actual redditfags?

>> No.30093333

Nah just bitch culture in general which has become a plague on this board

>Destabilizing the Middle East isn’t hilarious
>Stealing their oil isn’t based
>Killing ragheads doesn’t further the white agenda
>Italians, Krauts, Frogs, and yurofags are white
>Letting faggots queer up /biz/ isn’t the peak of cuckery
You’re soft. You will never pass on your genes. You should end it. You serve no purpose other than to drag other soft faggots down and lure those on the border of faggotry into the hellish world from whence you were spawned. Pleasure your black bull one last time and bequeath your holdings to a real man. A white one. It will be the only good you will have ever accomplished in your sad weak pathetic existence as a power bottom.

>> No.30093488

Quads wasted on such cringe worthy drivel.

>> No.30093616

Those are threes of masculinity and white supremacy faggot. Kek has blessed my portfolio and my life with not being a bitch. You are cursed. Marked by the beast. Now wash your greasy hair. Cut it. Put on a fucking pair of slacks and a button up. Fill out a job application or light a tiki torch. AND QUIT BEING A FAGGOT

>> No.30093858

>Nah just bitch culture in general which has become a plague on this board
What a waste.

And you're just wrong. This place has always been bad. 4chan is by no means a place for well adjusted alpha chads. They would NOT BE HERE, WHY WOULD YOU SPEND YOUR TIME HERE IF YOU'RE A MANS MAN.

I'm no where near the level of limp wristed beta that a lot of people here are but I have my issues. Point is, you must be new if you're seeing this as some regression. It's always been this way here. The Racism and Homophobia or whatever was always just a cope for very insecure and trauma ridden social outcasts.
And you sound like one of the biggest losers here. Rethink your life if THAT is what is getting you THIS mad.

>> No.30093934
File: 108 KB, 1200x900, 1524186159561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Do you plan on suicide Anon?

>> No.30094103

if u neck urself give us ur crypto retard

>> No.30094389

Because you can call out niggers, kikes, and until recently apparently faggots on this board without getting banned and gauge the markets to not die poor and wage slaving like OP is literally threatening to do if he doesn’t immediately not make enough to not die poor and wage slaving. You think I’m mad? I’m disgusted. The state of the people on this board is sickening. Simps, faggots, cucks. The time has come to stop holding their palm olive soft dick beaters and start driving the culture of this board towards masculinity. Actively shame weakness. Commit coordinated raids to pump and dump jeet coins and make gains. I dream of a strong 4Chan. A proud 4Chan. A White 4Chan. /biz/ is only the beginning.

>> No.30094452

Fuck you, don’t get my hopes down!

>> No.30094789
File: 20 KB, 367x332, 1472789296630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's how it is for many

>> No.30094934

I've been working 14 hours a day (from home) and its starting to take a toll. i feel overworked, underappreciated, and extremely stressed since i have to report to both clients and employees at my company. and they send me a shit ton of files and get shocked when im not able to get to each one in 24 hours. Fuck waging even tho im making good money its not worth the sacrifice ive made to my health and sanity and spiritual development. Its a fucking scam im probably ganna quit before EOY and live off defi interest even if its only 1/5th of my current salary

>> No.30094983


>> No.30094993

Same boat, I'm 10k in debt and have all my money in crypto. I want freedom. Good luck friend.

>> No.30095392

V E R T C O I N, undervalued coin, New algo Just fucking pump it.

>> No.30095529


>> No.30095621


>> No.30095843

Cucked wageslave mindset.

>> No.30096146

I’m a work from home traveling wagie with 99% of my savings in crypto. All or nothing. I fell for the “save 10k before you even start investing” meme back in 2014. You know what I did? I sold my 10 btc in order to put some drops in that 10k emergency fund bucket. I literally remember the day... reading money mustache and the like... making the conscious decision to sell my 10 btc and not look into stocks or crypto until I was “ready.” NEVER AGAIN BROS. FUCK REDDIT, FUCK NIGGERS, FUCK TRANNIES, FUCK JANNIES

>> No.30096545

>white race

Sorry man jews aint white

>> No.30096565

10k in debt. 3k in savings.

Pay debt down or throw it in crypto?

>> No.30096646

>If crypto doesn't moon then I will literally be an hero.
>Any other anons in the same boat out there?
yes. i am with you in spirit

>> No.30096747

Whats the interest rate of the debt? If its low dont pay it down just invest in soemthing that appreciates more . With that low amount of funds you should really invest in yourself to increase your income

>> No.30096761

i hate this so much. my personal life is not your business

>> No.30096801

I’ll be happy when I have the time to figure out why I’m not happy and thus figure out ways to maximize ease/happiness, retard. Waging is literal hell-slavery that people who’ve never done will never fathom

>> No.30096994

He led and yes Anon, in the same boat. Just fucking hodl and you will be set - for max comfy low stress spilt between BTc/ETH/LINk unless you know something I don’t.

>> No.30097074

Happiness is for women. Mens life goal isnt happiness its to advance the bloodline and overcome challenges

>> No.30097184


This >>30096801. I don’t want money to be a hedonist. I just don’t want to work and want as much time as possible to figure out what makes me happy.

>> No.30097251

Stop caring about happiness, youre not a 12 year old schoolgirl. Achieve something. Create a legacy. Gain knowledge

>> No.30097434

Yeah ok but I’m not gonna do any of those things if I’m wageslaving my life away.

>> No.30097469


My office job is in customer service. I'm desperately trying to get out of the CS trap, but I need a cheap house first.

>> No.30097543

All of those things are easier when you aren't exhausted by the dead end wage cage and when you have spending money to explore different hobbies/interests.

>> No.30097557

Silver is a meme cuck

>> No.30097688
File: 35 KB, 495x619, 14EAC68A-BE68-43B0-9769-0D54EC9A5A21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fattys on the cover of womens mags
>he wasn’t far off

>> No.30097779

Everything you mentioned is the recipe for happiness you fucking retard

>> No.30097813


>> No.30097885

Why are you referring to yourself as ‘we’?

>> No.30098342

No fucking kidding dipshit. It’s all the same. You need capital and free time from exhaustingly slaving in order to do any of that stuff. Aka the stuff that makes you satisfied enough aka happy *enough

>> No.30098606

Did UPS seasonal work over the holidays. Was offered a job delivering in a package car. Turned it down. Did I fuck up?

>> No.30098734

We are all trapped in hell just complaining about the levels.

Good luck to whoever is reading this. I hope you make it out of Dante’s inferno. Life wasn’t meant to be slaving away to enrich others. Trust your gut, take chances, and look up for a better tomorrow. White black Asian neonazis, and whatever....I hope you all make it

>> No.30098813
File: 262 KB, 426x646, F45C3376-6B67-488A-9F96-5EFD139C6A24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>advancing bloodlines
Wignats are worse than kikes, I swear. No shit everyone knows this already why do you even have to say that. You’re literally a fat larping faggot aren’t you.

>> No.30098851

Any Canucks here? What wallet you guys use?

>> No.30098880

Based. Fuck the fags putting everyone down for not being ecstatic about office work.

>> No.30098891


>> No.30098999

I know for a fact what he says is true. Women are the ones who tend to have baby rabies and are obsessed with picking out names and outfits for continuing their bloodlines. Men are usually more interested in real matters like arts, science, escapist media, conquest, drugs, sex, etc.. Men's life goal is losing themselves to their passions. Girls just want to shit out babies.

>> No.30099070

Focus on starting a family and worry about the money later. I'm financially secure now partly thanks to crypto but I have nothing to come home to. I have no reason to even bother traveling because traveling alone is boring and unfulfilling. The older you get the more you realize family is more important than money. Even if you're dirt poor and have children your way ahead of a childless old millionaire.

>> No.30099182

9-5 sounds amazing, also sounds like the 80s. It's 8-5 now , 10 min lunch brake and you'd better work on weekend and answer emails. Plus the hour and half of traffic. 6am to 6pm plus sleep 8 hours. Oh man I got 4 hours to "myself" not counting chores, cooking, cleaning and just basic shit.

>> No.30099288

Bitcoin WILL be worth $10 million someday, if you have 0.5 btc, you're already made bud you're just watching the decline

>> No.30099340

You think you have it rough, try fighting for the north vietnam army. Get told that the evil white man would come to raped you and your family if you dont fight back. Try to keep a straight when you shoot and kill your first GI. I was 11 and was fighting to save your family and yourself. Doing whats right, I was just doing my job to protect my home. You dont know if you're gonna get capture or kill. I was 11 and I was a child soldier.

>> No.30099365

Lol I worked restaurants for a decade then went to office job. Ya it's better than waiting tables, but some starving fag in africa would tell you the same thing. Your slave morality will not help you.

>> No.30099390

Kek wtf

>> No.30099469

You know what nvm, just kys

>> No.30099474

>If crypto doesn't moon then I will literally be an hero.
crypto already 10x, we are already on the moon . Mars won't be easy but is possible

>> No.30099515

I hope you lose it all

>> No.30099576

>throwing around "wignat" as an insult
Don't you have a Capitol to storm with your "moderate" friends in the name of a grifter, and an FBI arrest list to get on? Fucktard. The Wignats turned out to be the sensible team with an actionable, viable, and tenable way forward.

>> No.30099625

Some poor fag went to the military like an idiot, just cause you choose to do some hard and retarded doesn't make you better. It does make you bitter.

>> No.30099629

I grew up poor as shit with 2 brothers and three sisters. I know my father would have preferred more money and less kids. He's said it himself. Arguably only two of his kids turned out to be worth anything. The others mostly caused problems and continued to be a drain on resources even after growing up and moving out(then back in).
Dont have kids unless you can take care of them. Know that even if you do everything right they still might steal from you and cause legal and social problems for you. If they turn out right they at best will put you in a nursing home and pawn all your shit off for pennies on the dollar to cover the outrageous fees not covered by insurance and medicaid. To make it worse you probably won't even see them but twice a year after that.

>> No.30099684
File: 103 KB, 540x702, A2281446-44E9-4D16-9DA7-F51B2408B7F0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking your a tough goy for putting your life on the line for Israel
God grunts are so annoying and think they are billy bad ass KEK. I could literally beat your ass because I train MMA several times a week since I’m a NEET that found a way out of wagecucking for a Jewish system. Bootlicking ZogBots that listen to Jocko and think they are bad asses for Israeli attack dogs are the ultimate cucks. I really hope you are doing a marine copypasta type trolling, otherwise the ZOG programming worked like a charm on you.

>> No.30099748

Learn a skill you can monetize

>> No.30099936

Nah fuck that shit. My parents were retards who pumped out kids before having any money and my entire life growing up miserable. These days I have to not only manage my own wealth and well being but theirs as well otherwise they’d end up homeless. Don’t have kids until you’ve made it or you’ll be a burden on them. I love my parents but poorfags should not reproduce. You’re just bringing more wageslave into the world. That’s another thing, I hate seeing my parents so unhappy and broken all the time because they have no money. I don’t think they’ll retire unless I somehow make it.

>> No.30100074


>> No.30100138

>team wignat the sensible
Imagine taking yourself this seriously. You’re all the same. Attention whore sycophants on both sides all being ushered by kikes because you’re brain dead without any sense of nuance. Luckily, it’s only a small vocal minority who literally have discord and forum pun names. You’re not important and when we finally make some progress, the majority of us will throw you narcissistic faggots in the ovens first. Patrick Little is a confirmed mental patient.

optics fags>kikes>wignats you’re the most hated out of the Uber faggot crew

>> No.30100187

Same, except in the trades...missed years of crypto opportunities and came in really late to this bull market too...I'm not doing well.

>> No.30100723

sounds like spending your working day surrounded by leftie redditors? Disgusting

>> No.30100762

cope; the post

>> No.30100798



>> No.30100968

Have you tried not underperforming?

>> No.30101063


a meme.

making 5% every day is statistically impossible.

and overtrading will ruin you.

self-discipline is the most difficult thing, not some fucking TA.

also one needs a very deep pockets, no trade not more than 2-3% of it at a time.

>> No.30101119


lol no.

a leveraged short at 58k was a non-brainer

so was leveraged long at 43k

>> No.30101206

You fail to realize that you would have bad trades too and 5% daily is realistically not possible.

>> No.30101233

Coping with what you fag?

>> No.30101238

>If crypto doesn't moon
but at already did over and over again

>> No.30103023

He has a "partner"

>> No.30103074

>Show up with 300
>apply ta magic
>all coins are trash, better not invest
>next day, one still trash, don't invest
>tiny moon over night
>dumping again
>30 percent pump over night
>week has passed, have not made 5 percent, have not made 25 percent

Good luck with 5 percent a day and no losses

Dies the market even increase 4096x a year every year? And you're going to beat it? With dedication?

Sincerely asking, piss on me beat me I'd like to be wrong in my doubts

>> No.30104336

You’re lacking it

>> No.30104583

Godspeed anon

>> No.30105140

Pussy mindset.
80% of my Networth is in bitcoin
If I lose it all so be it, but the upside is worth the exposure

>> No.30105294

Assuming another demoralisation shill faggot thread since you didn't stick around.. BUT
Is your job worth the stress? Do you care more about yourself or being fired? Get a fucking grip. Turn up tomorrow, slack your ass off, don't give two shits about nothing and fucking chill. If they don't like it and fire you, who gives a fuck? You were miserable anyway.

>> No.30105386

Extremely based

>> No.30105473

True story. That's why CONFLUX is important for wagies

>> No.30105480

anon I

>> No.30105526

Well what other Anons have said, given time BTC will increase in $. Also given time maybe you will find a less shitty wagecuck position?

>> No.30105544

you should come work in some of the nordic countries, it's quite chill here and it's very hard to get fired once you are hired and out of the 6 month trial period

the salary isn't as high as in the USA but the wlb is much better, especially now with a full remote job

>> No.30105617

and tracking all the taxable events

>> No.30105696


>> No.30105776

holy based

>> No.30105823

i say "HEY HEY" like fat albert

>> No.30105826

Me, I work 7-11 job and supporting my parents right now, If I don't make it I will an hero myself when my parents kicked the bucket

>> No.30105892
File: 561 KB, 640x403, UNNNNNPSCKKKKK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Join the Union before main net. not after. You have a few days under 10 cents, maybe.


>> No.30106116

me three.

>> No.30106283

Lol my networth is 4 million and it’s all in crypto. This space is only going to grow over the next 10 to 15 years.

Never even wagecucked before lol and I’m 24 years old.

Imagine being a wagie lmao. Earning 15/hour. I earn more than that by staking my polkadot hahahaha. Just while chilling or sleeping.

Sometimes I eat lobster with fellow university girls in a fancy restaurant and fuck them in my expensive place afterwards.

>> No.30106337

bet everything on silver miner stocks. When silver manipulation ends, youll be set for life.

>> No.30106369
File: 508 KB, 630x469, 1611042724814.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same here with 95% buddy don't worry wagmi or at least die trying. Only difference is that I dont wagecuck but if thing dont go our way I will soon enough have to

>> No.30106399
File: 95 KB, 924x1024, kikeimmigration.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30106462

It’s so amusing to read about all of your petty peasant problems. Hah.

I love reading wagie tears. Especially in the morning after I had my nine hours of sleep.

Keep on waging and remember to be grateful about it. Work hard, anon! Hahahaha.

>> No.30106503

The only women youve ever toiched is your mom

Stop larping faggot

>> No.30106510

Fuck bro I feel this so hard. Exact same position. Making 110k a year but listening to boomer banter is not fucjing worth it.

>> No.30106533

Imagine waging. Ever. Hahahaha

>> No.30106641

I’m not even larping. Hah. My life is this fucking amazing now. Becoming super rich has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

I got my inheritance when I was 18 years old and I immediately invested it all into bitcoin. Years later now I’m here. :’). Smart work pays off. No blood, no sweat but lots of THINK. Think, wagies and read! Maybe you’ll make it once. I’ll throw you a bone. Just stop being such an idiot with your money.

>> No.30106701

You sound friendless and love-less.

>> No.30106871

Ending it now thanks

>> No.30106914

T. Handed everything and thinks he has valuable advice for others hhahaha. Natural selection will remove you one day.

>> No.30106921

Yeah fuck emergency funds I mean in a REAL emergency you can just sell your crypto lol.

>> No.30106948

Lol imagine having money doesn’t get you lookmaxed, fit and lit. And thinking my family and friends aren’t proud of me.

You’re just projecting AND you’re a salty wagie. Keep on working for the man, anon! And pay your rent. And your taxes! Hahahahahaha

>> No.30107062

Natural selection won’t remove me lol. I eat healthy expensive food every day (lots of fresh fish and organic veggies). I got time for exercise and catching sunlight. I don’t have stress. I read my literature and discuss it with my university friends. Soon I will go to Germany to develop my German spirit. In the winter I go on winter vacations... etc. Later, when I’m 60 years old, I get stem cells injected to live an even longer life.

And nothing you can do about it. You’re just jealous.

>> No.30107076

Shut up major

>> No.30107157

Take the LTC and some of the smaller sums and go find a new shitcoin that could 100x

>> No.30107218

Why don't you find a new job or learn a new skill? There's more to life than crypto and you should always have a plan B.

>> No.30107242

haha, nice joke
my bro will never go for this scam on /biz/
we are not an idiots

>JULB -all on farming on julswap and Justliquidity trading

>> No.30107371

I’m not actually. I’m 39 and just not a cunt. I have about as much money as you

>> No.30107428

Please don't put your crypto in a will so it will be permanently burned.

>> No.30107699

please dont come here, develop another spirit elsewhere

>> No.30107704

I could live off of 380k for at least 10 years. I don't need the latest iphone or need to buy a new car every 3 years.

>> No.30107752

>earn more than that by staking my Polkadot
this is so me, working 9-5, But I earn more staking MARK on different, recently I'm staking on Pancakeswap to earn CAKE

>> No.30107833

The general idea is reef will allow anyone to create a "basket", which is a fancy name for a collection of cryptos, that reef users can "one stop shop" buy, similar to how a lot of superannuation companies function with $.

The idea is, we as a collective would go and once a month or whatever decide within the reef general what tokens or coins to include in the upcoming month's "biz big swinger stack" basket.

Anyone, at any price point, could purchase this basket on the reef platform, and all share the same % gains.

The "basket wars" comes into it when we challenge say WSB to try to outdo our own basket, eg they make their "baby's first crypto" basket, and end of month we can compare % +/- of each basket, and who gets the crown that month, leading to who wins the most overall each year.

Memes and shenanigans ensue...

Because obviously we'll be taking the crown... Right, /biz/nessman?

>> No.30108181


It’s not simple. At least for me. I’m helping my parents pay off their mortgage so any new skills is another $10k-50k of student debt and 1.5-4 years of study and shitty part time work, only to be qualified to APPLY to work in a low paying entry role in whatever field you’re pursuing. Pulling the trigger is though.

>> No.30108438

Not true anon heard of dead man's switch

>> No.30108646
File: 250 KB, 900x599, IMG_20210303_091548_783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We will all make it

>> No.30110213

you work in office and you complain? Fucking retard

>> No.30110350
File: 156 KB, 400x416, 1608666511059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30111000

OP you think you're alone, this is how we all feel. Try to do something else in your free time, like sports to gain value not only from your money in life.

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