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You ready?

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Why does some American jackass get to police a global financial market?

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Heard this fella was cozy with MIT, wonder what chadcoin that correlates to

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True doe

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Because of its military budget

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He looks like a snake.

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if you dont know this, gensler is very involved in crypto and blcokchain and is probably one of the most bullish sec chairs imaginable

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Because America is the global financial markets, sheep trader

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All this regulation talk is bullish for monero. Now all we need if for web silver and gold stores to start taking it.

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MIT coin

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That just means the digital dollar may happen.

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He's talking about projects like Rubicoin

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bucc is better

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digital dollar already exist. Like paper dollars represent like only 3% of the entire supply of dollars in the world.

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oh no they might crack down on rug pulls this is the end of the world

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Invade a non shithole country then

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cbdcs are inevitable, just need guys like gensler to allow btc to exist in parallel

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Welp, pack up your shit. The goyim are about to priced out of crypto for good. If you haven’t bought yet, do it before it’s too late. Watch out and check ‘em.

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All this cuck is doing is making bitcoin more popular. Keep holding my niggers. Get those hard wallets.

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Oh look it's another turbo kike. Lovely.

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China already banned mining today, tether printed 400m, I love the varieties of these fuds and cheap panic coins!

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What is it about /pol/ that makes them not understand crypto and decentralization? Biden and the whole US government couldn't keep people from buying it if they wanted to.

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the world missed our world policing, that was obvious for the past 4 years. the boys are back in town, better clean your room.

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The state of crypto right now is FUD. No one knows what's safe and what is a rugpull anymore, it's an absolute chaos.

Pepe, wojak, Naruto, and whatever else is flooding this board. It's all just snake oil.

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They are only focused on white genocide, they don't give a fuck about actual wealth.

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That’s the most Jewish Jew I’ve ever seen.

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Nah btc can never exist in parallel, only subordinate to.

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He's a kike.

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I'm ready. Let's do this

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He's technically not wrong, it's just irrelevant because the true pajeet scams are all sectioned off in weird swapping corners of the market that the vast majority of retail buyers will never even be able to find, let alone lose money on.

It's like saying we need to do something about the dangers of rock climbing. 99% of people will get scared and climb back down before they're even more than 10 feet up, so who gives a shit?

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You’re a retard. Stx is already fully SEC backed and in play with bitcoin. Be late again fool

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They are regulating themselves into irrelevance don't worry.

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>Ban banks from receiving money from Coinbase/Kraken etc
>Ban deposits to banks from said entities
>Ban brokers from supporting it, companies from using it

I mean it certainly wouldn't get more valuable overnight. I can see it taking a 95% dive pretty quickly. Its a speculative asset that mainly is looking to normies and institutions for upward driving catalysts right now.

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checked and who is this jew?

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I meant to say: sending money*

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Because we let the Jews run the show and didn’t learn from the 109 other countries

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>NO not my decentralisation!

Yeah what these apes dont understand is if every on and off ramp is banned (fiat to crypto). The market will tank, the miners, the criminals and the ideologues wont keep the price above 20k not even 10k

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Mostly because it’s not a long-term gain. Most are newfags and don’t understand the point of crypto, so they look at what retail does and base the value of the tech off of that. After the next BTC crash, they will figure it out, but that will take time due to bagholding. One day, they will realize that the goal of crypto was never to make money from the system, it was to decouple yourself from it before we move into a permanent state of peasantry. Anyone who doesn’t figure that out by now will actually go extinct the next time a black swan hits. It’s a damn shame too, since if they actually read the books (Siege) and history (The Third-Estate) they circlejerk to, they’d figure that out by now.

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Because America. Thats why. Fucking European fagot.

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Meant short-term in that first sentence, fuck mobilefagging.

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Ok? Defi wins then. Who cares about a smelly old bank anyway?

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And you are as naive as thinking that this would happen after 50+ fortune 500 companies are investing? Are you really this dumb? You hate the jew, and claim to understand the jew. Yet you seem to overlook that these companies run both parties. Left and right.

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But BTC is a terrible medium to act as money. It's great for large transfers, but it takes an obnoxiously long time for anything to get done. There needs to be a more light and flexible coin that has a huge popularity base (like btc) in order to act as a functional currency. The only thing worse than most crypto is fiat.

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this dude is actually pretty chill about crypto and blockchain, he even made a course at MIT about it, check it out on youtube
who knows if he's about to make an u-turn there, but i doubt that, only a madman would ban crypto as a whole

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Do I even have to go to the early life section?

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Bullish for XMR.

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>he doesnt know defi wins regardless

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>SEC regulates cryptomarket by going after pnd schemes
>the era of the shitcoin is brought to an end
>money redirected to legitimate projects and boomer coins like my Litecoin

sounds good to me

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Thank you.

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>And you are as naive as thinking that this would happen after 50+ fortune 500 companies are investing?

Why not? It probably wouldn't happen overnight, it'd be gradual. Giving them time to hand you their bags.
The United States government has regulated and banned plenty of practices and done plenty of things that are contrary to Fortune 500 company's financial interests.
Corporations lost plenty of investment/burned plenty of investment because of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the EPA, Tobacco Laws, the FDA banning usage of certain substances, putting restrictions on quantities and qualities... the list goes on and on for hundreds of years.

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Listen to him talk about crypto. He loves cryptokitties and that bullshit. He doesn’t like XRP and coins that handed out tokens like candy to investors. He literally stated in an interview he wouldn’t pursue btc or eth given the fair distribution. He’s focusing entirely on coins that operated in the capacity of a business and issued obvious securities. Scams and that bullshit are gonna keep on rollin he ain’t gonna do shit he’s frying fat cats not chump change rug pulls.

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That's the only reason anyone cares about BTC, because its relatively stable haven when trading your P&D scamcoins.
I feel like crypto would lose a lot of steam without get rich quick shitcoins.

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it's true.

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weaseliest looking (((sec))) ive seen in a long time

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See: XMR and about 20 other non-scam coins you need to DYOR.

That being said, until BTC dies, none of that will earn a single gain. BTC is unironically a spook designed to cripple crypto, hence why it has been allowed to survive for so long. The goal is to create as little faith in crypto as possible, so that when BTC goes to zero and public interest is lost, regulators can (attempt to) clean up shop on quality coins. Expect shares in quantum computers to start pumping during this time.

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That’s the beauty, he can’t
Usa is just a bigger mafia

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What if he got burned by pokefarm and is out for blood?

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Can’t believe this went unchecked fuck the haters USA IS BACK BABY

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it will happen. google FedNow

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There's nothing false about that statement

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fraud and scams: i.e. altcoins

the market for non-btc crypto shrinks every day

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Not really. Look into Chainlink. Don'tjust buy it. Look into it. This will be revolutionizing the way things work. And who made it fucking public knowledge? /biz/ did. Never forget that.

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Shut up . Even these newfags know now after you spammed up /biz7 with ridiculous bear and co threads for weeks. Learn to be subtle.

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Wtf, I'm watching this fag right now.

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Imagine boot licking this hard. Bobos are weak people

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look at the man's nose for a hint

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he can't
he can only momentarily dent the market, and then feebly rescind
America's power is dwindling, they only have another 5-10 years of being number 1

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Negro, did you just accuse me of being a bobo?

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That's one of the most reptilian-looking yids I've ever seen. Holy shit. Someone post the video of him talking about XRP in his uni classes.

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MIT runs a ripple validator.

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Checked. What's the yid say in the vid?

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checked. weird to see how much more human Biden looked before his handlers got a hold of him.

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That and he was younger, and hadn't gone through multiple plastic surgeries.