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Let's see the best LCX memes!

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I will play this song once I make it

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>people bought this instead of XCM

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Fixed your shitty image faggot

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Thanks anon

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Damn this is a rare monty sir

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Can someone explain LCX to me, like I am 5? What is this thing?

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It's a token for a European exchange. Think of it as the European Binance. The only use case that it has will be when banks and financial institutions approach the LCX team and ask them to create tokenized digital assets for them. The only downside to being the European Binance is that the team is 100% Indian. Not only that, but they have 30+ job listings on their website, and the locations are all in India.

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Ewww Idk, I was thinking about dropping $60,000 into this. I’ve gotten lucky buying coins people consider scams.

India is a concern lol

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it's an exchange that wants to become the leader in STO (security token offerings). Their goal is to tokenize everything from movies, to stocks, to real estate, to diamonds, to art, anything that can be tokenized... They are backed by the WEF, have 8 licenses and have a lot of big connections, advisors and more partnerships to be announced. Hiring 30 new employees. only 12m cap (20m diluted) and a gem at this price.

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I've got around $9k (400,000 LCX). I'm very bullish on this. For people considering this a scam, there is no evidence to come to that conclusion, it's all just fud. Those that think it's a scam also think Monty (CEO) is just a rich kid trying to impress his father... but after some digging I found out that his father died when he was 10 years old. The fud with the project is unbelievable, also is there snything wrong with hiring pajeets? I've got a software engineering degree and no doubt in my mind these pajeets have way more interest and talent in programming and such. Even better LCX can hire just as capable pajeets for a fraction of the salary. Prob like 4 pajeets for a single white programmer kek.

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Delusional. Monty took your money and is never coming back. The change in tokenomics right around the time they launched their platform (which is awful by the way) was a huge red flag

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>these pajeets have way more interest and talent in programming and such
Kek, you had me there for a minute

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Think what you will, this token has some surreal gains to be had. $1 EOY is more than likely.

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Unregulated exhanges will also become a thing of the past in the near future. LCX fill that void perfectly in becoming a fully regulated and compliant entity.

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Hidden gem for sure sir, criminally undervalued at the moment.

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From an AMA on the 28th Feb

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i was top 50 wallet then he changed the token mechanics with the price guarantee and i sold it all will probably hire a few indians just to fud this for a while just cause im a spiteful man

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I'm considering doubling my position before LCX blows up and I'm priced out.

Also, stop making nazi memes, we can't spread those outside of 4chan.

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Good idea sir. Me need more LCX meme makers, we are a rare breed at the moment.

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I'm willing to make a few if you provide me with transparent and clear assets such as logo, title, and possibly, templates for me to work with so you can have something in the next 20 minutes.

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B-but nazi memes are the best.

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Also, regarding these key partnerships.

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Maharaja checking in

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Archduke checking in sirs

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my guy looks like a who from whoville

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Kekd and checked. I knew he reminded me of something...

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Now thats a rare meme, anymore sir

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Off to bed anons, see you tomorrow for more LCX threads

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SEC will crackdown on unregulated exchanges this year and LCX is well positioned to take over

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This coin is intriguing. Liechtenstein seems like the country you'd want to run a ton of money through if you're a wealthy Eurofag and they already seem to have the licenses to do it. Seriously though, what's the price potential of this coin in a few years?

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hitting 1B mcap wold mean x100, hitting 10B mcap would mean x1000. Within a few years i could easily see LCX at over 1B and I think 10B mcap will be hit within 5 years.

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you need to read this, dont fall for the retards itt >>29896422

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what about THE other regulated exchange that people already love
there is no reason to shill this shit when you can just become a shill for the other exchange

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see >>30089559

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LCX's goal is to tokenize everything from movies, to stocks, to real estate, to diamonds, to art, to anything that can be tokenized... They will be a leader in STO and they already have 8 regulations to do all this. Other exchanges don't have this edge and that makes them unique. The tokenization market is set to be worth $ 24 trillion according to Blockchain Economic Forum.

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One thing I saw that jumps out at me was that Coinmetro is in the EU, and Liechtenstein isn't. Wouldn't that actually be bullish for LCX since Liechtenstein IS in the Schengen Area and European Economic Area? Can't that make it more business friendly than being an actual EU member?

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>They will be a leader in STO
no they wont.
other exchanges.. like the one i'm talking about ALREADY has a fully working STO platform, you only have vapor
why the fuck are you shilling this and not the obviously better coin I just don't get it
no, if the ceo from lcx had been a bit smarter he would have also picked Estonia, Coinbase (bank etc) is in Estonia, parsiq is in Estonia, that's because all of those companies are run by competent people who know their shit

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no other exchange has the same number of licenses to tokenize real world assets...

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I just thought that Liechtenstein's history as a tax haven was a bullish indicator. I'm American and don't really pay attention to Europoor politics though.

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Only found LCX today. I‘m from Switzerland, Liechtenstein is just around the corner. They are a fucking crypto heaven. I‘m talking bitcoin atms everywhere. If there is one „country“ I‘m going to trust (next to my own) in keeping crypto, it‘s them. Probably going to buy around 5-10k of it soon.

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thank you, almost fell for the pajeet scam

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You're gonna get ze rug pulled by a bunch of rich Davos kids and their Rajeets.

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