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The rest will suffer.

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Are you staring at my FEET, anon?

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Fuck my life

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>bought 4k over the last couple of days because of the incessant feet threads
fuck you guys
now post moar, preferably in heels

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I never understood foot fags. Then I got a job in a shoe store. Looking at women's feet all day really woke something primal within me.

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ugh you wanna worship my feet after I've been in these heels all night? that's an odd request, biz anon

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I would die. Seeing all the women with their sweaty feet ask you for help.

How did you not lose control?

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Leave immediately.

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Feet after a long night in heels make me cum in 2 seconds

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Dirty feet are disgusting. I like pristine soles

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With great difficulty.

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are you staring at my FEET?

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"Ugh where's that worker? these shoes aren't great for out feet and we need to try different ones"

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It was mainly older women, 30-50. And as someone with an even bigger fetish for older women, it was quite the experience.

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When I make it I'm going to get a job in a shoe store on the weekends and spend my time inhaling pretty women's feet

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how many times did you fap in the restroom like a complete degenerate?

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That's even better because they wouldn't have a clue

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Exactly once. Luckily the fetish developed right towards the end of my employment as I was leaving to go home from college for the summer.

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Naughty Pajeet.

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"i'm just smelling my feet before I try on those beautiful shoes! hope you don't mind, biz anon, you can have a whiff too!"

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I use to sniff the ones they tried on when I was putting them back in the store room.

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i dont get foot fetish

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"ugh hey, are you that guy from the shoe store? so I guess you're obsessed with my feet even when I'm not there!"

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thats a man
first quality post itt, and ya for the longest thought that shit was weird af, but a pretty pair of petite well shaped feet make dick diamonds

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"hey I know we just met but I've realized you keep staring at my feet! what's with that?"

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So you developed a foot fetish? That is really interesting. Ive had one as long as I can remember

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When I was 7, before I actually got sexually interested in women/went through puberty, a teacher took off her shoes and socks after being in them all afternoon.

It was my first feeling of sexual excitement.

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its among the endgame of porn for most, youll get it someday

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Ugh I have all these tits and ass but you’re looking at my FEET?

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Yeah. It was more that these women would basically ask me to look at their feet, primarily sandals/open toe shoes and asses the fit/style etc. Doing that 9-5 5 days a week certainly opened my mind up.

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>endgame of porn

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I have a boner

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My dick would’ve ripped my pants

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Anyone ever attracted to their moms feet? My mom has top tier feet and I can’t help but look sometimes

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"alright honey I know I'm your mom but you seem to can't stop looking at my feet! here have a picture it'll last longer!"

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>age 11
>absolutely no foot fetish, never thought about feet before really
>about 2 weeks into 6th grade
>sitting at desk staring drawing comics
>friend behind me calls me from doorway at back of room
>turn head around
>in front of me is my classmate who has her feet on her desk right in front of my face, toenails all painted different colors colors
>something in my brain absolutely snaps
>turn around and stare at my desk confused
>later after class tell friend this girl behind me has cute feet
>he calls me weird

story of how mine developed

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Just a story of good hormones and high prenatal testosterone.

Men who don’t like women’s feet have hormones in the gutter.

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Feet are fucking disgusting but I'm buying about $2000 more of HBAR in a few weeks. God bless you strange disgusting fuckers.

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The smell of a woman’s feet after a night out makes my dick cum uncontrollably

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You are some strange feet loving fucks but im with you on the HBAR front. How long till i can finially take my boots off and chill?

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Fuck 5yrs. My back hurts just thinking about that.

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How many I need for this girl and feet?

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1 HBAR since it will be worth 100k in 5 years and be the only cryptocurrency used

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Fucking gross, your investments are low like your standards.

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TFW no trollfoot bridge dweller gf

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This was all one giant sell signal. And not one asian foot. You're all sick.

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Thanks I just bought your future

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This is obviously a false flag attack to discredit HBAR holders.

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