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Bogged has launched, literally seconds ago.

What's bogged?
$BOG is the token that powers the bogged.finance platform. First launching with $NGMI, bogged is an extensible BSC protocol that will grow over time with new features being launched every few days.

Liquidity Locked? Of course.

Fixed total supply of 2,500,000 BOG
There will be a 5% fee on every transaction, this is split as follows:
1% is burnt (decreasing total supply)
4% is redistributed to LP Stakers
Additional use-cases for the token will be released post-launch.
Devs are confirmed non-curry.

There is also a maximum transaction size of 5% of total supply. This will reduce big dips & whales pumping & dumping early.

Full details on: https://bogged.finance/

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Thanks Lord Bog.....

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Bog to the moon!

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holy fuck this is going to fly, aping in right now

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holy fuck why do you guys leave these fair launches until the last second? fuck it apeing in, contract looks solid

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Can't believe I came in early for once. LITERALLY just launched.

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whats the mcap for this thing?

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Lets fucking gooo

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Contract is actually solid. This is a long term hold imho

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Send it to the moon lads

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I bought

pump it

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Honestly, Bogged token could be the future. We are on the verge of a global financial crisis and once that happens, everyone is going to flock to bogged, because of the solid contract,
and BSC's low gas fees.
The swift collapse of our monetary system, orchestrated by the Bogdanoff twins, will leave us with two choices:
1. Continue to use the dollar to try and buy what we need in life. The hyperinflation of goods will mean that we'll need to carry our money in wheelbarrows just to do our shopping.
2. Adopt Bogged as our currency of choice and enjoy near-zero fees to buy everything we need.
The inevitable mass adoption of Bogged will mean that us early HODLers will become the new elite (directly under the Bogdanoff's of course), with positions of power that the current "rich people" could only dream of.

In 5 years fiat might not even exist but if it does and you don't buy Bogged you better buy a fucking dumptruck to put your dollars in because they'll be worth so little. This is hard for a lot of people to fathom, specifically people who use reddit/normies, but I think deep down, most people know it's true.
The Bogdanoff's have been manipulating the market for years, taking gains from weakhanded faggots like most of you, and all those gains have gone directly into the development of this token. It has the direct backing of the twins themselves and they have Sminem locked up in a fucking van somewhere in France, so he can't do shit. It's all led up to this moment, for the Bogdanoff's to finally set out into the light as the heads of the NWO, and it's time for you to choose what side you're on.

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Contract is fuckin beautiful. Read it and

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Based devs wrote the code by themselves without copy paste and made this coin full of soul. Look at that fucking website./biz/ made coin gonna make us all rich

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Bought just because the website is so well done.

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This is amazing

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hahahaha based as fuck I'm all in

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beautiful site. wheres the liquidity locked proof?

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Obvious rugpull but the meme potential is too big im aping in

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lmao just seen this shit trying to stake. brilliant

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this contract holds all the LP have a read

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I laughed out loud seeing that, based devs.

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This is the only scam that I'm tempted to buy in
I won't because I'm not retarded but it's really close

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I'm sorry I'm too retarded to use pancake swap
Binance is easy I click buy and then I buy

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Pancakeswap is just as easy.
Just connect your wallet and put in the number of BNB you want to put in.

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take the call, biz, you dont wanna miss out on this one

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>already 10x
bless you bog, for once I'm glad to see you

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honestly this is high effort

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Read the contract at least.

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>New coin released sirs
>Devs are no currys sirs
>Do the needful

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For once the contract actually looks good and not just a copy-paste.

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Looking good so far. More ups than downs.

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>pajeets already accumulating NGMI

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the bog call cracked me up, based

>> No.30074868

team is airdropping $NGMI for those who sell
my sides kek

>> No.30074959

packed a fat bag of 5k bog
See you on the other side fuckers

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Great fuckin token you 4chan pos motherfuckers. Buy or we kill you

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Actually had a good laugh from this, devs are super based.

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Yah, this is definitely one of the best memecoins on BSC so far.

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>I bought
>it dumps
Sounds bogged to me

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how is it dumping when it's just now being shilled outside tg group? you're still so fucking early man get the fuck in here

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It's 2xed in like 02 minutes what you mean

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and you can't throw them away, fucking kek

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HAHAHAH 10x to 9x.... WHAT A DUMP. oh wait now its 14x.


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How do I buy this scamcoin?

>> No.30075304

Bog will be a dollar in no time. Might even replace it.

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bogs have blessed all you mfs
get in here I've already 2xed

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Have you ever seen such based devs

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you buy it on pancakeswap, look it up

>> No.30075374

Never fucking sellin

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>oh wait now its 14x.
reminder PEPE did a 500x in two days and that was with a schizo dev. This will 1000x easily. Bless Bog.

>> No.30075405

pancakeswap, theres a buy guide on bogged.finance

>> No.30075440

wojak.finance failed huh?

>> No.30075488


completely different devs

>> No.30075493

This isn't run by schizo dev its a couple white anglos who are very based

>> No.30075555

>meme speak
>targeting whites
Very high quality pajeet scam! Sheesh you surely got all the jokesters to ape in!

>> No.30075580

looks like you're ngmi

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>> No.30075619

fuck off nigger

>> No.30075657

>he didn't get in BOG at 7c
have fun staying poor

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You fuck off you poor parasites lmao. Desperate for pennies

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Oh man, I wanna be bogged I'm in

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Why not go in the tg and talk to the devs themselves? Read the contract too. Much more effort than any pajeet scam

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>huge transaction fee and gets burned/redistributed
Why does /biz/ keep copy/pasting this dumb idea? Hard pass from me, just like the last ten 3-6% transaction fee /biz/ scams.

>> No.30075718

Have some NGMI tokens, sir.

>> No.30075721

the 20BNB I've made already isn't pennies lad

>> No.30075798

nice quads
but I'm the whale who dumped PEPE and deleted their twitter. this shit is legit and the dev is actually not a psycho

>> No.30075834

>he cant even read the contract himself to see how much effort and soul is in it compared to pajeet copy pastes

>> No.30075866

The BOG20 standard is my favourite thing about this.

>> No.30076037

audible kek

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>he sold?
>pamp it

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File: 76 KB, 1007x707, $NGMI MY SIDES.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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this magic master bog ascension

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If you sold already, you're ngmi

>> No.30076459

Plz mr bog save me from wagie hell

>> No.30076482

based af

>> No.30076582

obviously only tg bots itt but should this be my bsc game of the evening
can i swing this for small gains?
no tg shill replies pls

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You guys should read the contract its funny as fuck


pretty obv not pajeet copy and paste

>> No.30076678

A token named Bogged is definitely not a rugpull. Not a single chance

>> No.30076723



>> No.30076738

It's not gonna rug in the first 24 hours, get your 100x

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>he didn't buy
>pamp it

>> No.30076769

read into it and see for yourself its not a rug lmao

>> No.30076791

I aped a half bnb already almost 2x. Just do a small play, they actually put effort into this.

>> No.30077176

This is legit, can easily do 50x from here

>> No.30077218

hahaha the devs of this are so fucking based, the phone call on bogged.finance lmao

>> No.30077219

Holy fuk you're missing out you fucking retard.

>> No.30077223

I'm already up 6x, people need to get in now!

>> No.30077294

You can ya if you wanna swing. I don't reccomend. This is going on a fucking run for the next few days. But if you wanna ya. There's a ton of activity on it for swinging.

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All-in into BOG. Holy fuck this is gonna moon.

>> No.30077505

He bought??? PAMP EEET

>> No.30077514

Anyone knows the apy for staking? Is there a time lock like with SODA or can you unstake whenever you want?

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how tf do I stake the bogged.finance site only lets me stake 0 LP

>> No.30077703

interesting thing to keep considered

>> No.30077765

>Is there a time lock

>> No.30077848

This is the comfiest coin I've found in a while

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Just wait till the Reddit jannies get a fucking hold of this. I'm gonna buy so much fucking cocaine.

>> No.30078168

if sold then you earned a big stack of NGMI for the rest of your life

>> No.30078222




SEE THIS THREAD idiots get out

>> No.30078252


>> No.30078337


weakest fud ngmi

>> No.30078367

>no proof
nice fud lmao, ngmi.

>> No.30078402

pajeet can't read code

>> No.30078417

t. nocoiner $NGMI

>> No.30078445

>meme name
>No roadmap
>15+ shills in the first thread
>Doesn't do anything

You're not falling for another one, right anon..?

>> No.30078507

Did you even fucking see the website? Absolute retard. Go fud elsewhere.

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You didnt even look at the website. Or the contract. Or anything.

Fuck it. Stay poor.

>> No.30078646

wow what an organic thread full of genuine excitement at this totally legit coin

>> No.30078660

kek ngmi

>> No.30078679

A+ for effort

possibility of losing ALL funds:100%

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Retards there's gonna be another token just like Wynaut/Meowth but it will be Sminem or something. Easy fucking money FUCK YOU

>> No.30078754

cant even buy it, says "waiting for confirmation" forever.

>> No.30078800


did you fiddle with the gas fee on metamask?

>> No.30078852

another meme coinerini for a bunch of bag holderinos

>> No.30078881

ngmi, cope harder

>> No.30078909

Pajeet rugpull, contract allows devs to steal ALL funds, making tokens worthless (-99.9999% in one transaction incoming any second now)

>> No.30078940

Set slippage to 5% or 11%

>> No.30078945

Am I gonna be a BOG bag holder forever? Probably, but better than being a $NGMI bag holder forever.

>> No.30079008

Devs just announce Sminem lmaoooo

>> No.30079044

post proof or you're fucking retarded

>> No.30079132

This fud on 90 min coin is bullish as fk

>> No.30079134

LMAO at this retard seething, show the proof or stay poor.

>> No.30079228

False. Read the contract, LPs are locked.

>> No.30079250

lmao exactly, buy in now anons or stay poor

>> No.30079293
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Developer response to the token lock FUD.
tldr; pajeets dont know how to read contracts.

>> No.30079331

Doesn’t matter if devs can steal literally every last BNB put into retard, you won’t be able to sell it

>> No.30079356

Non anon team: BULLISH

>> No.30079371

absolutely, early sellers who are now priced out

>> No.30079499

Hello /biz

This dev pulled the same named scam on ETH main net back in December/January.
He slightly updated logo and whitepaper.
He is white so this is not pajeet scam, but it is still scam.
80% of this thread are his curry shills anyway but lurkers please stay away, you will thank me later.

Sincerely yours,
Retard that got scammed 2 months ago.

>> No.30079545

is this true? will this token make me rich mr anon?
or you just try to fool fuckers with shitcoin
>I have already hold GSX and received rewards

>> No.30079547

Nice fud, seen it a few times. For some reason no one has any images, nor proof of this.

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File: 205 KB, 640x595, thinking_dog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't tell who's trolling who in these threads anymore.

>> No.30079679

link to etherscan or anything?

>> No.30079697
File: 42 KB, 1266x448, bogged locked liquidity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Locked until 50 years ago.

Nice scam.

>> No.30079744

>doesnt post any proof
Based retard

>> No.30079745

time UNTIL unlock not time of unlock, read the code pajeet

>> No.30079752



It's not July 1970. It's Current time + that time.

>> No.30079768
File: 68 KB, 1024x840, 63FE16D8-9D42-4896-8B0B-297AD9CBBF0E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I bought some with 0.1bnb just to see what happens.

>> No.30079822


>> No.30079878

if you buy this you don't deserve money

>> No.30079892


>> No.30079901


>> No.30079910

How does 10 BNB sound?

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>Anon, what is this coin called NGMI?
>You didn't sell your BOG, right anon?

>> No.30079968

Wow this guy cannot read

>> No.30080058

C'mon Raj, you could've at least made it 2020 and called it a brainfart.

>> No.30080085
File: 1.63 MB, 360x270, 1584646833708.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ask me how I know you never wrote a line of code before.
One can't be this retarded, right?

>> No.30080220
File: 15 KB, 410x92, Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 2.50.12 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I literally wrote a line of code in the screencap. The absolutely state of tards. Here's another one.

>> No.30080301

anon you embarrassed yourself with weak fud, either get in bog or fuck off

>> No.30080308

>i can write a print function thus i understand the code in the contract
literal retard

>> No.30080374

Yes, that is the number of seconds.

You are calculating the number of seconds from the unix epoch.

That function that you are calling is returning the number of seconds until the tokens are unlocked. Everytime you check it, it goes down.

>> No.30080379




I guess you cant expect IQ 83 shitskins to google for 20 seconds.


>> No.30080394

>code on bscscan so anyone can read
except these pepe seethers

>> No.30080455

It has a roadmap?

>> No.30080478

How do you guys follow the price on this? And can I sell whenever I want?

>> No.30080504

>>30080085 = Brainlet
>>30080220 = Probably software engineer that had a brainfart.

>> No.30080562

This is something completely different....
Compare the code. That is a copy paste shitcoin that went nowhere.

Bogged on BSC is a different dev.

>> No.30080581

>completely different code
>none of the stylistic jokes in the bep20 bog
>no website
Fucking retard. "Wow its named bog, it must be the same as a scam from months ago!"

>> No.30080585

this isnt proof it was made by the same person, im not surprised theres another bog

>> No.30080610
File: 9 KB, 602x65, 2021-03-02-235502_602x65_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bro, are you retarded, it returns the number of seconds until unlock, it's right in the fucking name. It is right in the code, here have a screenshot if you are too retarded to find the line.
LMAO another seething codelet, stay poor.

>> No.30080700

>dot finance
>meme coin
>pancake swap
>locked liquidity
come on man we just had tulip last week and satan a few hours ago, do we really need another low quality scam
also >forgot the medium article

>> No.30080707

If it’s not a scam, why do 10 people shill it completely out of nowhere?

>> No.30080755

this one is real and its based on a 4chan meme not some random shit

>> No.30080773

>muh medium blogs
by your logic link, rubic and monero are scams, kys

>> No.30080804

Because they want to pump the price up? That doesn't make it a scam

>> No.30080862

>dot finance
who cares
>meme coin
who cares
>pancake swap
if you avoid this you're ngmi, ive turned 180$ into over 2000 with this
>locked liquidity
oh so bad
I enjoyed my wynaut gains while i had em lel

>> No.30080885


Look at the contract, it's completely different.

Wow who'da thunk people would promote a coin they're invested in

>> No.30080906

I'm fucking balls deep in this retard.

>> No.30080935

Don't care, still buying $BOG

>> No.30080962

kek i could search another bog right now and it wont mean anything
you just cant prove its the same dev
in fact, code totally different, all functions and calls
get a rope

>> No.30080963


get in here fuckers

>> No.30081017




Ah sorry that was probably 1st round. I got scammed in this round.


Identical logo just more polished.
Similiar website.
Same whitepaper with some updates.
Same hand doing the same gesture verifiing being white exactly same way as last time.

>> No.30081026

You're right I was wrong. Going all in on BOG now.

Never mind, this guy convinced me otherwise.

>> No.30081030

dubs of pills
check it

>> No.30081048

Read the code of the function you actual retard.

>> No.30081052

I'm hypnotized

>> No.30081085

is there a dextools for bsc tokens?

>> No.30081109

Proof or GTFO.

>> No.30081111

>calls himself a programmer
>doesn't know the difference between relative and absolute time

weakest fud

>> No.30081163

Epic, you scammers are a strange bunch.

>> No.30081170

It just has the same name and you're a retard.

>> No.30081192

theres no chart available yet cos it literally just launched

>> No.30081212

The code is still extremely different and doesn't have the same stylistic style. This bog doesn't even have a whitepaper, so I have no idea what you're talking about. Post logo/site/hand of the eth one

>> No.30081230




Just proved themselves to be pajeet shills of this scam. They say the white paper/website is different but how could they know when all was deleted after rugpull?

I was there and I'm telling you, you are getting scammed.

>> No.30081259

It’s like if you bought a coin named pump and dump.

>> No.30081307

It's obviously a fucking scam. Doesn't mean it's not going to pump.

>> No.30081309

Because there is no white paper for this coin, you fucking imbecile. Post archive.is proof

>> No.30081331

If you get on now you might still have a chance of making it, anon

>> No.30081344

>Identical logo just more polished.
>Similiar website.
>Same whitepaper with some updates.
>Same hand doing the same gesture verifiing being white exactly same way as last time.

no proof of logo
no proof of website
no proof of whitepaper
dude why are you shaming yourself

>> No.30081381

Only works for PnD. Not a good sign,

>> No.30081383

Because this has no whitepaper... So how can it be the same.

>> No.30081413



if you actually check the contract of the eth token you'd realize that it was made with erc 20 token generator while this one was created from scratch, not to mention the fact there was no presale for the devs to run away with, no way to mint or drain liquidity from the pool

you guys need to fuck off already

>> No.30081481


>> No.30081482

I mean /biz/ is always fudding projects. Just let them be.

>> No.30081490
File: 309 KB, 320x240, 1613741419499.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glad to hear it my BOG friend, WGMI. Maybe I have went a little too far by calling you a retard, but people fudding one of the few solid BSC projects for no reason get on my nerve.
I guess I can't blame them, after all that wyonaut/pepe/swoon/wojak shit.

>> No.30081491


>> No.30081549

Meh, like with all shitcoins it´s about getting out early enough to make money. It´s a gamble, not even going to deny it. It´s why I wouldn´t go in with all your money. Small sum, and hope you get a high x. At least this is what I do if I try to make money with shitcoins. Still scared about a rug.

>> No.30081639

There's been way too much work put into it for it to rug in the next 24 hours at least, still a lot of potential for gains it's only a couple of hours old.

>> No.30081680

I aped in with half my poorfolio. Probably a mistake but i feel like gambling.

>> No.30081684

Based Dev handcrafting his project

>> No.30081756

Sminem is going to be launched early next week, and will be airdropped to holders of the LP and Bogged.

Devs have huge plans.

>> No.30081828

Replacing dollar in april i believe

>> No.30081876


>> No.30081911

$15 EOM

>> No.30081956

I don't care if i lose all my money. This is a based project and as part of /biz/ I must ape in.

>> No.30081982

Just cautious because of all the recent rugs. But stuff like Pepe, wynaut can happen where you can get 50-500x before you get rugged or it dumps. Worth a try if you want to gamble and have the money I guess.

>> No.30082094

I have no idea what the hell is going on im now to biz

>> No.30082174

anon i put 0.4 bnb and i already got 0.16 just fighting these low quality fudders
join out tg. pinned messages has proof of locked liquidity and everything
its a good gamble desu

>> No.30082252

you have got to be fucking kidding me
this won't be on any exchange how do you expect to make a profit
classic rugpull just more work into the design imo

>> No.30082294

Yes, now buy it.

>> No.30082310
File: 28 KB, 236x215, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this won't be on any exchange how do you expect me to make a profit

>> No.30082314
File: 4 KB, 205x246, you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this won't be on any exchange how do you expect to make a profit

>> No.30082329

so I bought BOG how do I access them on Pancakeswap? They don't show up in the transaction list

>> No.30082357

It doesn't need to be on an exchange it's defi

>> No.30082372


go to your metamask and add custom token with BOG contract address

>> No.30082386

are you retarded?

>> No.30082407

Kek, all faggots who will follogo for your shit are making out a digital death. thanks GodJesus i have my PHR that will soon connect me to graphene with x100 transactions per sec. that’s the main cause to call all of you losers

>> No.30082413





You guys are so educated in depth about this project and the last that rugpulled. It gives me confidence that you are genuine investors that bought this great quality token and totally not organized team behind this pajeet scam. I'm gonna buy 69 BOG!

>> No.30082420

You have to add the contract Id as a new custom token on metamask or whatever bsc wallet you're using

>> No.30082468

the shittiest fud on thread

>> No.30082500

whats the contact address?

>> No.30082512


>> No.30082527

>still posts no proof other than a token with copypaste code
based retard. this fud is bullish

>> No.30082533

OP just pull the rug already and be done with it. You will not find more retards to buy your scam, only some will try to exit before you dump on them.
Pull the rug and stop spamming /biz.

>> No.30082553

its ok, you can ironize the hell of it
price is pumping while you seethe fren

>> No.30082564

You do you man noone is forcing you to do anything.

>> No.30082569

Clearly a pajeet scamcoin. I would still buy some but I keep getting errors in metamask

>> No.30082577

sweet, thank you very much

>> No.30082578


>> No.30082585

Any price chart?

>> No.30082594

Not selling until x100. Kys

>> No.30082605
File: 70 KB, 1280x839, CAP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30082621

devs confirmed white. check tg

>> No.30082624

No rug to pull

>> No.30082631

up the slippage

only on chartex for now

>> No.30082647

fuckit its either 100x or lose everything for me. im aping in on this shit. just look at hoge now. if you bought from the first two days you will still be at 5x if you sell today.

>> No.30082659


>> No.30082663

you get a NGMI mark if you sell
unironically how can I be sure I won't get scammed if I connect my metamask wallet?
I'd put in 1 ETH

>> No.30082689
File: 464 KB, 800x1200, B8CCC1CB-D76A-4131-AF72-F1A1A26EEF47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BIZ IS LITERALLY ALL SPAM. Just some you own and others you don't.

Its pushing up against it's ATH while you cuck yourself.


>> No.30082696

what the fuck anon it's pancakeswap they won't fucking scam you

>> No.30082739

i'm literally too dumb to find a page with the price of BOG

is it too early to have a graph?

>> No.30082740

You won't get scammed but you need BNB bruh. Pancakeswap

>> No.30082765


How do I access chartex for specific coins like that? Can't find it, seems difficult to navigate

thank vous

>> No.30082775
File: 48 KB, 554x605, 1610594409051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

simply wasted digits
read before posting your shit uninformed (((opinion)))

>> No.30082781

How can you see it in a chart?

>> No.30082811

I have no clue how to use chartex

>> No.30082815

Genuinly do some more research on defi and pancakeswap and you'll find out its safe.

Try and do it before bog pumps much harder you probably have a few hours.

>> No.30082821

you need to hold 5000 CHART to track BSC tokens unfortunately

maybe https://goswappcharts.web.app/?isGC=true will have it soon

>> No.30082826

Yup. Pretty much. If you pay for chartx you can apparently.

>> No.30082875

Because when you connect your wallet, Metamask shows the permissions you're giving, and none of them involve any permissions that allow anyone to steal from your wallet.

>> No.30082888

Oh okay. Tnx anyways.

>> No.30082922

I opened the website and they put that I could use any ERC20 to swap
should I get BNB or BSC?
I think that has to do with the 6 month locked liquidity so they don't rugpull correct?

>> No.30082972

Jesus christ buying this is a pain in the fucking ass.
Pull my rug senpai.

>> No.30083001


no anon damn you're new, locked liquidity is specific to this token, pancakeswap is the exchange where you buy it, they're not affiliated with Bogged.finance

locked liquidity means the developers can't remove liquidity from the pool

>> No.30083027

Just use Binance cross-chain to swap your eth for BNB

>> No.30083079

alright thank you based bro
I am new to DEFI yes

>> No.30083110
File: 294 KB, 435x327, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is now a 10 cent waiting room

>> No.30083150

what's a minimum I should put?

>> No.30083173

what's the marketcap?

>> No.30083184

I don't even know how much it is now, some BNB fraction.
Is there a better way than refreshing pancake swap and previewing a sale?

>> No.30083188

about 200k now

>> No.30083192
File: 1.50 MB, 1242x1221, should_have_staked_bog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw enjoying that passive income from my BOG stake stack

>> No.30083194

Please make a new waiting room thread with info and a good image

>> No.30083202

Retard here, in which field does the contact address go?

>> No.30083207

Up to you. Devs are based so I think this is a safe x50-100, I put in 3bnb.

>> No.30083225
File: 27 KB, 446x465, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


do this instead

>> No.30083230

Here comes another dump sub 10 cents

>> No.30083234

i was already in

>> No.30083253

I think it automaticly refreshes. Just keep a tab open.

>> No.30083279

Add token ->Custom token

>> No.30083287
File: 25 KB, 357x600, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30083294

i put in 1 bnb man
many chads are making it with 0.5 too

>> No.30083341

I'm in for 4 BNB we will see where it takes me.

>> No.30083354


>> No.30083368
File: 1.00 MB, 800x575, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30083480

I'm trying to stake some.. but it says gas fee is like 0.9 BNB .. that's nuts

>> No.30083497
File: 481 KB, 796x1128, A4A2BA22-31CF-4392-A73D-0641A3A1AA2C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at the wallets in BSC scan. There aren't any that can tank the price. The buys were limited to 1 BNB. No massive whales.

This is going to the fucking moon. The devs made sure of it and set it up right. Get in now for 20x.
Tomorrow for 10x.
Thursday for 5x.

After Friday rope

>> No.30083517

Uhh. check you're not trying to stake more than you have.

Check gas rate too. You might have it set to ethereums rates.

>> No.30083571

Anyone shilling this on Twitter yet

>> No.30083576

looks very based and i've thrown 0.5 bnb in. let's see where the bog brings us

>> No.30083617

Remember $HOGE? God you must wish you were this early on it. When will you fomo in anon? at Bogged general #1? Maybe Bogged general #2? Maybe after it breaks 1$? The choice is yours.

>> No.30083644

pump eet

>> No.30083878

Anywhere I can see a chart of this shitcoin?

>> No.30083964

Do you need BNB to creat BNB/BOG tokens? I put 2500BOG and it asks me to put also 0.9 BNB and that I will receive 47 tokens. But when it asks me to confirm it says 0.9BNB plus gas fees..

>> No.30084031

how the FUCK do i get BNB in america jesus christ this is dumb

>> No.30084065

Chartex pro or wait for goswapp chart

>> No.30084067

You are doing something wrong my guy

>> No.30084079

you have to pair 50/50 value
maybe you bought and bog price pumped

>> No.30084115

I have 1 ETH on metamask and set it up for binance smart chain
how can I get BNB now

>> No.30084123

Does bridge not work in america?
If so, a vpn

>> No.30084131


>> No.30084479

It say Gas Fee : 0.003371 and then Amount+Gas Fee: 0.990818

>> No.30084540

Well how much are you trying to buy for?

>> No.30084612

I put 2500 BOG and sets BNB to 0.98. when I press supply, that shows on my metamask

>> No.30084634


>> No.30084649

then click confirm?

>> No.30084717

someone make another thread

we need many threads

>> No.30084847




>> No.30084862

Then I lose 0.98 in fees? That's nuts

>> No.30084996

Sorry man I'm retarded. Can I return the tokens back to pure BOG and BNB?

>> No.30085572

Check your gas fee rate.

>> No.30085603

This is literally normal.

You're trying to pay for 0.98 BNB worth of bog. Of course it'll cost 0.98 + a bit for gas.

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