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Post this picture every time when bobo appears. WAGMI

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can you remove the arab circle

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What do you mean with arab circle? I thought we would be comfy

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yeah please remove the circle, it completely ruins an otherwise nice meme

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We all gonna make it

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>these bastards can’t understand it and still try to mine their scam shitcoins
>I am not a tard who trusts this shill
>multiminer that is future for everybody

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It looks like a circle a foreigner would use bro

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I wanna save the pic but the Arab circle kinda ruins it

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My bags are ready.

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Here you go, frens. Also made the picture a bit bigger

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repost this picture without the circle!!!!!

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would you drink a glass of bull cum (warm) for the knowledge of when the top is?

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The NFT to the left of this message is for sale. 5 ETH obo

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Great meme thank you bro

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ive got all my bags in check, we can now begin.

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Thanks fren. Getting there. Now take the bull off

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ah you've done it, thanks. also checked

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March has been a bad month for bitcoin with the exception of 2013.

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I'd prefer if you didnt Focus "bitcoin" (ticker BTC)

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and checked in return. nice dubs my fellow American

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Actually if you don’t mind can ad the Arab circle but make it green. Red is very ominous and evokes a bobo sentiment. Green would be more suitable given the context. A good round Balkan circle would perfect instead of an Arab one.

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and make sure none of the numbers are covered by the circle. it must be completely visible

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There are some mild yet disturbing color gradation issues with this meme, please fix

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Red circles are reddit.

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>ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let me out!
>ahhhhh it burns! ahhhhh

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Fuck off. If you want it, do it yourself. I'm not your bitch. My ass belongs to the GOLDEN BTC BVLL

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Also please fix kerning. Thank y ou

>> No.30073804

This, also give the bull a big floppy horse dick but make it green with a wick

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>green ID
Holy mother of based, we're gonna make it

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You should add more pepes and reactions.

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so this dip is unonically the last chance to jump in? you anons really belive in digits?

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I didn't sell reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Why the attitude. I understand the market is having a fit today but doesn’t you have to throw one too.
I’m gonna be quite frank with you here, -‘dI’m sorry if I’m coming off a little harsh but that was really uncalled for.

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both gets pic rel

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stinkies can't lose

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Harmony 1.48 euros EOM niggas!

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>>op makes a comfy meme
>>you all complain like women
Not comfy

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here, you might find this comfy

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this shitpost was why I didn't sell at 50k. If we actually are in a bear market and btc keeps crashing I will kill the guy that made that post

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meme magic is real faggot


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Im ready

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Golden bull started in December and will go till mid summer. And then alt season starts. 2021 will be the year to make fuck you money.

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And if BTC goes to 500k this golden bull run? What then? Will you suck the guy off? I personally would suck the cum out of his dick.

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Get the fuck outta here with that scam It didn't work years ago, and is just dead now, deservedly, bag holder.

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You know what I think you might be onto.
Now thinking about it, I digress! In second I’m start to understand OP’s intention with the Arab circle! The more I stare at the meme the more intense the Arab circle stares back at me. I am growing quite fond of it now if I’m being honest. In hindsight,
the red circle really made the meme in more ways than not.

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Can someone explain what the fuck this means

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My browser keeps skipping words for some reason when I post. Either that or I’m having a stroke.

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Please enlarge the bull’s testicles

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It was canceled by Elon Musk and JP Morgan

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Thats the ClevelandCliffCuck, good fortune can come to you but you have to tell him to go fuck himself. He posts in every thread so you get many chances each day.

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It means you’re replying to a spammer/schizo/bot

>> No.30074676

He wants attention. Best to just ignore.

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It’s a bot. Some anon made some money with CLF puts and made a bot spamming it. He is a mentally ill schizo.

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I would give whatever I owe in taxes to him, much better than giving it to the government desu

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