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I am so fucking frustrated

Why don't people start torching houses owned by (((investment companies))) and foreign investors?

I am priced out forever

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Buy it with a loan, the loan is gonna be worthless in like a year anyway.

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squatters are a thing

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Is this supposed to be expensive?

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why does every house in AZ look like dogshit? Has the entire state forgot about architecture? It's one of the reasons I hesitate buying there.

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Depends on where you go. Scottsdale also has some of the richest zip codes in the country fyi op. Look in east mesa or south phoenix/south mountain.

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Average house price in london is now 500k. That's in a more wealthy, central part too.

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Basically everything built after 1985 and not in Troon or some shit is garbage stucco, clay tile roof, and crushed gravel monstrosities.

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Lmao not true.

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2300 @3% and 20% down
>wants a four bedroom 1900sqft house to himself

Anon if you can’t afford 1200/month that’s sad
I make 55k and am paying 1200 for my mortgage. Perhaps consider killing your self?

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one solution is to institute a very high tax on homes but you're exempt from payimg the tax if you live in the house. Homes should be for owner-occupiers and their families only. Get landlords and investors out of the picture and see how affordable housing becomes.

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>tile floor
>pebbles in the garden

I’lll give you $315k thats the best I can do

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Be happy in Finland that would be million bucks

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When you say house do you mean garden shed?

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Just ban foreners from buying houses simple as

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>squat in a house
>get squaters rights
>house is yours now

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All houses in California/Southwest/Texas look like this. It's low effort housing made of cardboard and marked up so that the normies think they are buying luxury homes. 1880's-1930's homes shit all over "new" architecture.

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These """"foreign investors"""" are Californian/New York refugees and speculators.

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All houses in California/Southwest/Texas look like this. It's low effort housing made of cardboard and marked up so that the normies think they are buying luxury homes. 1880's-1930's homes shit all over "new" architecture.

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Finland can't be that bad.
Plus you don't have to worry about finding a good school for your kids because you aren't flooded with third worlders yet

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found out today that even with £100,000 for a deposit and £100,000 salary I can't even get a mortgage for £500,000

Just fucking kill me already, fuck this stupid country.

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Don't complain.
Be the change you want to see.

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275k for 7 bedrooms you do not know how good you have it.
That looks like a lovely house.

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Bro you should be happy with that cost of housing.

This is from Helsinki Finland (500k population city). 1 155 600 € = $1.4millions and 107m^2 = 1150 sq ft

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>you aren't flooded with third worlders yet
That's what I love about our country but in the next decades it will be and we will still be left with the communist taxation and extremely high COL unlike us please god help us

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>Finland can't be that bad.

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Yea the only nice homes are $1.5M+

Every single home looks like this. It's absolutely disgusting and makes think the entire area is just a consumerist shit hole because they obviously value sqft over aesthetics. Fucking mcdonalds shithole.

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If we copy the Estonia's tax system and keep our borders relatively closed then we are an utopy and easily the best country on earth but right now I am fed up I don't like 50+% marginal tax rate starting from 3k/month salary

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Are you retarded

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Where in gods name is that mansion

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build your own fucking house. its cheaper and you can make it what your want.

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Looks like Chernobyl

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>torching houses
would only drive the price of the rest of them up further lol

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You should have been a Trump baby dude.

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I had no idea Finnish house prices were that high.
What happened?

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Why don't autists manipulate the housing market by refusing to offer the asking price? Can weaponised autism achieve this

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i would sell house for this cash and live in east europe

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should become a 4chan spammer with no life

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the USA truly is the most cucked country on earth

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Chicago suburbs. Loads of pre-1940's homes all over the city and suburbs. Indiana and Wisconsin as well.

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for the building right

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Wow, 600k for that? I’ll take it.

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Move east

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I don't "understand" the chimney, but apart from that it looks comfy.

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there was this one guy around WW2 who warned us about international finance. forget his name tho

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you can’t get 60k together? buy a bond and secure a loan for the down payment kek

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niggers and jews

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christ...was that a warehouse they slapped stucco on?

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this is what im thinking but on the other hand i dont really want that $90k down payment i saved up sitting around in fiat either, i'd trust that house to appreciate more than i trust my fiat to not go full venezuela on my ass

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I would sale that house and buy 5 flats in Ukraine

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It is for strength. If there was like just one "huge tube" going up, it would lack strength and collapse when the wind blew

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for the 1000 sq feet apartment goy

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Ok this one is kinda worse than the UK one

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You talking about my man Ike Eisenhower?

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You know what to do ;)

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Hmm, well Patton did get awfully close before his.. accident

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well that's one of the most expensive streets in Helsinki but still it's not far above the average Helsinki price.

What happened? The left raised the housing subsidies, so that an unemployed somali mom can get any apartment she wants for her family for free. There is no rent ceiling in subsidies, the government in many cases pays 2k/month for a refugee family's rent. Funny thing is the left parties also indirectly own shares of the big landlord companies who profit from every housing subsidiy expansion

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how do the fins do it

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Man, why weren't he and MacArthur allowed to assrape China?

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You will eat the bugs
Live in a pod
Never reproduce
Own nothing
And be happy about it

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They rent. Or some of them inherit from their boomer parents who bought earlier when it was cheap. But even from the suburbs you can't find a sub 500k house that a family of 3 can fit in. Also remember we are much poorer than americans. Our top 2% net income is like 6k a month

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>karen dr.

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because the jews needed to finish bolsheviking russia and then send emissaries to china to create their slave machine

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are the chinks just buying up all the homes

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USD is worth nothing in like 5 years, guarenteed.

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If ((they)) were behind communism then why was Mccarthyism allowed in the US?'

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I will never again go for this trash that shilled everywhere on /biz/
just lost 25% of my portfolio
thank I participate in enecuum mining and alpha nodes provide great income
but don’t trust that scam that they try to discuss here

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Only citizens may own land in this country? That sounds a lot like systemic racism to me.

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>putting half a million into a unit where you've got people stomping above you

Don't do this people.

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Gotta have a boogey man, my man.
>See, it's just an evil witch hunt like that meanine Joe

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There are big landlord companies also some of them international but large chunk is also from middle class retail investors. I think over 90% of Helsinki apartments go to investors. And if you didn't know detached houses are pretty rare in any big metropolitan in Nordic countries and probably Europe in general

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>But it has exposed brick!

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Was it allowed? kek

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bc theyre insured

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You should start an ELF cell in Minecraft

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wait can you sned me that listing? Wtf ill eat that shit up

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come on anon you can launder this in
>in order to stop gentrification in Black communities, we must ban predatory European and Chinese speculation. #endcolonialism

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>"priced out"
>on something that keeps going up in value
>loans exist
C'mon anon, use your brain. The only thing really fucking you here is credit score.

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Get over yourself. Land isn’t free. Materials aren’t free. Labor isn’t free. And supply and demand for an area is included in the price.

See picrel. You seriously can’t afford 700 a month on a mortgage? No one is “priced out” of owning a home in 2021.

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did solid snake build that one?

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That HUGE house for the money.

this is nice than my place but it’s around that price range.

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>that's one of the most expensive streets in Helsinki
Why is there that big beige jail a stone's throw away?

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why do you burgers don't separate the kitchen from the living room at least?

>> No.30072077

>no insulation
>frozen pipes
>tile floors
>electric utilities
no thanks

>> No.30072090

>2 bds 2ba

>> No.30072131

>why do you burgers don't separate the kitchen from the living room
sofa needs to smell like burger from cooknig

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Based redpill poster in dsiguise.
Beat the jew at being jewish

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Stop the government from subsidizing home loans

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Until you realize they have no plumbing for dental air / heat. The mortar for the bricks has reached its life expectancy and the house is literally crumbling. The pipes are lead, the insulation is terrible, the windows are terrible, the electrical wires could burs into flames at any moment and there is no garage cause cars didn’t exist when it was built.

I like the old houses don’t get me wrong but even a house built in the 80s-90s is a freaking joke compared to modern stuff if it’s done right. I’m talking having it built well with nice stuff not the cheap particle board and Chinese drywall shit that the home builders use when they build homes to sell.

Unfortunately under Biden the costs are fucking soaring for everything from lumber to steel, wires, cement, appliances. All of it.

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Yea works perfectly in China, Middle East and SEA fucking retard

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This is ridiculously cheap! A 750 square foot apartment in my city costs that much. An average one.

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So you can cook while talking and socializing, duh

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> buy land
> build house on land
get over having to drive to work faggot

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Lol what r u on about retard?

Yeah thats why you don’t buy property in an extremely high demand city.

>> No.30072430

You must be delusional to think after 2 or 3 owners there has been no upkeep or repairs done in 100 years. From the listing the house has central air and has been tuckpointed 10 years ago. Nearly every home in Chicago was built in prior to 1956 and they are all still standing and doing better in winters than modern Texas homes.

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Why do you guys always cherry pick rich areas to bitch about housing prices?

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>Yeah thats why you don’t buy property in an extremely high demand city.
Need to work in the city to get high salary
Just don't buy in the city then bro
Just spend your life commuting bro
miss your children growing up bro
leave your wife alone too long bro
just get cucked bro

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>The Biden administration today issued an emergency order allowing all mortgage balances to peg with the daily rate of inflation. This action comes after lobbying by the mortgage and banking industry. "Our entire housing market will be in peril unless you act, President Biden," implored banking industry leader Michael Goldblatt last week.

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I'll inherit a big plot of land with a big house when my aunt dies but it's in the middle of nowhere and in a region I don't like, it's a village with like 200 people. I have such comfy memories of the house but I question whether I would want to live there.

>> No.30072917

That would reduce inventory and drive prices higher

>> No.30072936

Lol talk about a stretch

>need to work in a city to get a high salary
Most jobs are wfh now and you can get a well-enough paying job outside of the city. Its a tradeoff between getting a bit more money and living in a cheaper area, your choice.

>spend your life commuting bro
No one is making you take a 2 hour one way commute to your job. You have to find opportunities in life and seize them. If you choose the job thats extremely far and refuse to move, then yes, you’re cucked. If not, anyone can find a job with <30 min one way commute if you just look.

>miss your children growing up
Are you even serious anymore? Go outside your basement for once lmao.

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Source right the fuck now.

>> No.30073392

It's satire, it's not real.

>> No.30073413

>Crushed gravel
Why do desert "people" do this? Is it supposed to look cool to have no front yard and instead live next to a bed of crushed rocks?
>Muh water usage
Look at the backyard in OP picture, green backyard but crushed rock front yard with a single bush and tree. Fucking disgusting.

>> No.30073429

> Most jobs are wfh now
LOL think that's gonna continue? If WFH becomes the norm after lockdown then city property becomes worthless so your advice is contradictory

>Are you even serious anymore?
Literally one of the main bits of advice my dad gave me was a two hour commute meant he missed me growing up

think about it

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>Why do desert "people" do this? Is it supposed to look cool to have no front yard and instead live next to a bed of crushed rocks?
Why would we have a lawn? Shit drinks up water.

>> No.30073568

You put your nice wood house in 110 degree heat for 20 years and see what it looks like.

>> No.30073626

It's the hot new /biz/ lingo, it means the market is going to be rolling in sats like a tire.

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>> No.30073649

>ignores half of my argument

Also sounds like your dad cucked himself then.

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Have you forgotten your sacred cultural duty and life's purpose, anon?

>> No.30073743

Oh fuck yeah

>> No.30073762


I'd create a tax which makes the owner of the house pay 5% of its value every year the house is not rented/lived in.
If the owner can't pay the tax the house gets sold at an auction.
Bonus nobody can own more than 2 houses.
Bonus 2 non physical entities can't own property nor land.

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Go full pic rel?

>> No.30073893

Scottsdale is super far north in the state near the Utah border. If it has grass at all there's not going to be super hot desert weather like Phoenix or Tucson. It'll go over 100 a couple times a year but even Salt Lake City gets that shit.

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in usa property taxes are so high you cant induce anything that causes collapse in prices then you would collapse tax revenue too. like for million dollar house in usa you will pay 12k (low state property tax rate like california) + insurances 6-7k. in europe there none of that

>> No.30073992

Based and truthpilled.

>> No.30074051

sorry, so for example million dollar house in california is 20k for annual property tax and insurance and also mortgages go for 3-4% rates, in europe 0% mortgages

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>Comment about how shit these houses look
>Immediately get suggested this on goytube

>> No.30074158


yea, that would be great, the price of commodities shouldn't be that far from their effective cost/value, expecially housing which is a necessity and having an inflexible market on necessities is bad for the economy at large and the idea of an house as a constantly appreciating asset inevitably creates rigidity.

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house like this upkeep cost would be like 200-300k annually in california, sick! :)


>> No.30074260

>torching houses
the people on the boards of directors at companies like blackstone group are flesh and blood. do with this information what you will.

>> No.30074306

my family have owned a cabin on the lake since the 1930s. at the time it cost around 1000$. the one on the point cost 2500$. now the monthly property tax is more than the original cost of the house in 1935.

>> No.30074326

>new 4bd home

Pretty sure you should just look at 2bd oldie, zoomer. 400k with FHA would be around 20k and get a roastie to help pay the mortgage.

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>> No.30074346

Imagine that.

>> No.30074403

You might be thinking Page? Scottsdale is a suburb of Phoenix.

Stop looking in scottsdale. Look at queen creek and the outskirts of Gilbert bordering AJ. Brand new homes being sold to newly weds with room for families. Not the best quality, but they beat paying 600 for a similar sized home in Cali immigrant territory. Also buying a cheap home on the outskirts = good investment to when the area explodes with commercial growth like all areas of Phoenix eventually do.

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This is all I have to offer.

>> No.30074416

>Why don't people start torching houses
that will make the prices of houses go up

>> No.30074495

never trust them to act on behave of your interests, only theirs

>> No.30074517

>basic white slate
>not even clean
>shitty window with minimal isolation, probably even one glass
Holy fuck that looks like shit, at least you dont speak German amirite.

>> No.30074548

>monthly tax for having the audacity to ow some land
How do they get away with it?

>> No.30074554

You sound extremely anxious about your hypothetical future wife cucking you too lmao. Did Jamal take your lunch money when you were younger or what’s with this fear anon?

>> No.30074637

Uh oh kek

>> No.30074708

Read a book

>> No.30074830

Many such cases

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I will never live in phoenix
phoenix is an entire city with one color: beige
I will never live in phoenix again with the 115 hellish heat. Makes no sense why they haven't built underground when it's so hot you can cook eggs on your carseat during the summer

>> No.30074903


>> No.30075071

>30 hour work week
>1 month off

>> No.30075186

>Half a million for some shithole attached to five other shitholes with no land to speak of.
It's a fuckin motel room anon, half a million for a fuckin motel room

>> No.30075259

They are in my country, same shit is like 750k

>> No.30075282

just don't buy a house

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File: 303 KB, 799x799, 6EBA35E1-94CD-4F26-87FA-0D2AF9F08DDC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30075732

id love to see you spoiled sissies try to live in rural upstate ny

>> No.30075842

Bro you have no idea. I have zero student loans in a high demand career field since I was in the military. I literally have had to work myself to the bone for the past decade to even have a chance at owning one in the next decade or two.

>> No.30075895

As a Syracuse brah I can say you're full of shit. Life is easy and comfy as hell here.

>> No.30075919
File: 108 KB, 960x502, 2BEB9F79-8E4E-492D-8A6D-64FA024F434A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or kill yourself

>> No.30075990

i live in a nearly identical house for less than half price less than half an hour away

>> No.30076013

At this point I’m thinking of just buying land and putting a manufactured or modular home on it. I refuse to be in debt for the next 15-30 years. Then those fucks always make it so fucking complicated to buy a plot of land. Minecraft revolution in California when.

>> No.30076044


>> No.30076047

You know, I live in a top 10 poverty area of the US (lol) so I always freak out when I see you faggots say $500k isn't shit. I get it now.

>> No.30076077

>Just spend your life commuting bro
get a job where you can wfh

ive been doing it since last february and ive been raising my kids while being paid my normal salary.
you've no idea what youre talking about mate

>> No.30076129

how long does wfh last? isnt it over when covid is?

>> No.30076142

south phoenix is literally niggerville. The western suburbs are pretty comfy but there isnt anything to do, you be 30min-1hr away from anything fun

>> No.30076220

forever. my company is selling our offices, our revenue has only increased with covid and weve been functioning for a year with no offices. office memes are over.
even big companies are going full remote, quarter of the listings i see for my field are offered as permanent remote my man.

>> No.30076248

>obvious bot post

>> No.30076273

> I am priced out
> solution: reduce supply further!
You’re a genius, anon.

>> No.30076281

cool it with the antisemitism

>> No.30076306

It's all being gentrified and you can find a spot pretty close to tempe/downtown.

>> No.30076314

You can buy 2,000 square foot houses in comfy rural upstate areas for like 100 - 150k. What are you bitching about?

>> No.30076329

problems not the supply, building a house isnt that expensive. its the fucking chinks that are allowed to buy up properties in the country they dont even live in. seriously, gas the chinese.

>> No.30076427

im so glad its a win win for me. im black and i get cheaper housing. i dont have to worry about some fucking karen chasing me down the sidewalk for parking wrong or smoking a joint

>> No.30076444

God I wish I had a skill that allowed for wfh

>> No.30076494

the thing thats cheaper than the rest of the world must be so good

>> No.30076504

i hope you get there, it is pretty bitching

>> No.30076568

Dumbass Big Government advocates like you need to get roped.

>> No.30076571

Imagine wanting grass. Fuck yourself you pollenous faggot.

>> No.30076578

Ironically, they would benefit from insurance if you actually did burn down any house. It's basically a perfect scam.

Nevermind. I plan on being a semi-rural fag, sooner or later. What's the point of being in a city anyway, everything is closed down.

>> No.30076601
File: 422 KB, 913x955, house prices vancouver.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you fuckers really have no idea, do you?

>> No.30076636

What is so terrible about life in rural upstate New York? I'll admit that the Southern Tier sucks (it's very Appalachian), but the GLOW counties, Finger Lakes, and Adirondack areas are quite nice.

>> No.30076655

that has to be fucking fake. 3000 dollars wont even buy a window

>> No.30076695

What you talking about, even in helsinki you get 3 bedroom house for 500k€. 1 hour driving distance from helsinki city center and house prices drops to affordable 200k€ range. And pre 80s houses are even cheaper.

>> No.30076698

Do not respond to housing threads on /biz/. They are always filled it idiots who have no knowledge about housing. You're just wasting time.

>> No.30076715

Fuck Vancouver man, ridiculous

>> No.30076730

tempe is pretty expensive and anything for sale near downtown is over priced and in a shit neighborhood. But yeah you're probably right. PHX is gonna be the next San Fran. The chinks and pajeets are moving here in mass, the retarded ASU liberals graduate and stay, and the snowbirds are helping increase the cost of everything.

Ive been trying to find some decent plots of land to build of house on somewhere at least 20 minutes away from where i work, but they are almost non existent. Everyone is buying up real estate right now or selling it over priced.

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>3000 dollars wont even buy a window
sounds about right

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File: 1.47 MB, 897x900, BD0CDDF0-A937-4760-9E4C-7DDB45AC16F8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 334 KB, 925x966, house prices vancouver 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wasn't kidding with the canadian hyperinflation threads

>> No.30076877

Kek it was 3 bathroom, 1mil in main cities actually yes, but im glad that house prices in finland havent go crazy yet and its still possible to buy home here.

>> No.30076889 [DELETED] 

If there are any Christian brothers here I’m in a bad place in my life and in dire straights if anyone can help me you will be saving my life, hopefully someone sees this will know my struggle is very real, thank you brothers and sisters and God bless you all.



And I’m sorry I just don’t know where to turn anymore and you do seem like good people.

>> No.30076913

>snow up to my mailbox
>winter starts in november lasts until may
>freezing fucking cold
>every house is a broken down shit box
>every neighbor is a cunt
>every single neighbor has a loud ass barking dog
>fucking houses right next to me with dogs and horses and shit
>as soon as i sit outside the fucking neighbors unleash their shitty dogs and it just stares at me and barks for hours
>nowhere to fucking walk
>people just stare out their window all day and watch everything you do
>nothing but 2 long long empty roads
>only place to get privacy is walking down train tracks which is fucking illegal and its long empty and boring
>not one single fucking person around
>no busses or taxis or trains
>everyone is a sex offender alcoholic meth head or shoots up heroin all day
>everyone smokes fucking cigarettes
>in the winter its so fucking cold i cant even step outside to get the mail and my entire backyard is just 7 feet of fucking snow i cant even walk off the porch
>every single person knows every detail of everyones life i cant do anything in private
>i had 2-3 friends that lived up the road and they left and now i have no one
>strict as fuck laws you get pulled out of a car and shot and tazed and thrown in prison for having weed
>entire state is owned run and destroyed by the jews
>if you want to leave you have to get 20,000 dollars to move anywhere nice minimum
>theres nothing around but part time burger king shit
>in the winter all you do is wake up work and come home and its dark and just sit in a cold house and watch tv
>literally not one single person around
>all 3 people in my town are schizophrenic the rest are just rednecks
>fucking dogs tractors and four wheelers outside my window all day long
>house is broken down and leaks and completely destroyed
>the weather is either 95 or 0 degrees

>> No.30076915

I can tell you are a mayonnaise skinned subhuman. Hank Hill Larper irl. "People" like you deserve to be under grass

>> No.30076918

How many merc dimes will pay for that house in 2 years time?

>> No.30076967

>3 bedroom house
You mean an apartment? OPs one is a detached house even in the suburbs that's close to or over million bucks. Remember that million bucks is 800k in our money

>1 hour driving distance
But that's a lot, that's too much for many people who live in Helsinki. In America as well you can for sure get a cheap as shit real estate if you are willing to move far enough from the metropolita

>> No.30076970

fuck you i fucking hate you so much. do not joke like this. people will die

>> No.30076998

Kys fag

>> No.30077009

if i can't scoop up houses for less than 10 ounces of silver each in 5 years time, there is no justice in this realm

>> No.30077011

That’s going to sell for over 2.5m. It has good value.

>> No.30077015

True if big

>> No.30077017 [DELETED] 

I'm too late to this this thread, but isn't that a Californian colony?

When I went to Sonoma last year, the place gave me this fruity vibe that I usually get around the California coast. Probably why the state flipped last election.

>> No.30077019

posted this in a shittier thread
>once moratoriums are over and fed cannot prop up the economy anymore since the actual economy restarts. Shittons of renters in massive amounts of debt that haven't had a job since april and are about to get fucked when landlords demand that backlogged rent all at once. Also the current housing market is propped up and clogged by niggers buying houses to rent (MuH pAsSivE iNcOmE) and are gonna get fucked when they can't find a renter for their 2nd and 3rd properties. At the same time, builders are cranking out properties like crazy since covid trying to capitalize on the ""seller's market"" and are going to inject a whole lot of supply in the coming months, right as tons of people are going homeless or foreclosing because they can't afford one.

>This is highly deflationary, however, the fed has been run by the joker for the last decade or so so who knows if they'll do nothing and let it happen or just print more money forever and hyperinflate. At the same time, in all markets there's huge amounts of positivity for reopening being "the biggest economic boost in recent history" when in actuality it's just going to release a slingshot that the fed has been desperately clinging on to and pulling back for the last year.

>> No.30077075

180m2 detached house, I wanted to say. Even in Westend many houses are not that big

Yeah it's possible but we are losing our purchasing power every day in terms of housing. I am 20 and I wouldn't be surprised if everything is doubled once I have made it in 20 years

>> No.30077153

I'm too late to this this thread, but isn't that a Californian colony?

When I went to Sedona last year, the place gave me this fruity vibe that I usually get around the California coast. Probably why the state flipped last election.

>> No.30077274

also, COMMERCIAL properties are about to get fucked with no more stimmies and forbearance coming

>> No.30077408

until trad does something about the chinks buying his country itll only get worse

>> No.30077435

Landlords in the UK are going to start getting acid attacked I swear. I'm concerned for their safety.

>> No.30077450

I hope so anon. Ive been saving and investing for years to buy a house with cash and now its starting to be clear to me that im sucker for not just getting a mortgage and letting the hyperinflation save me

>> No.30077465

The countryside has been draining into the big cities for a while, Helsinki being the capital with most of the company HQs and bigger paying jobs received the most pressure in the housing market and the prices shot way up. The housing gibsmedats essentially introducing a rent floor doesn't help at all, there's no reason to try and undercut the market since the demand is so massive and every tenant will be able to pay at least a certain minimum sum, and there's very little political willpower to try and fix it because both ends of the political spectrum are growing fat off the infinite money cheat codes. Even worse is the city's attempt at more available housing by building new construction with a limited maximum purchase price, those ended up being largely scooped up by investors as well and rented out on market prices for even more free money, at least that system is being axed in 2023 for being irredeemable dogshit.

The rest of Finland isn't as bad, the popular areas in big cities can be bad, but still not nearly as bad as Helsinki and being willing to move out a bit farther drops prices to very reasonable levels.

>> No.30077473
File: 785 KB, 480x270, 1601227816900.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He thinks the political class and the banking industry will let the pleb classes out of their mortgage slavery for pennies on the dollar once the inflation the inflation hits
Kek. Not a chance.

>> No.30077538
File: 701 KB, 1607x1607, 313EB6FD-8F4F-44CD-AED8-1AF3CBB596C2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It hurts because it's true.

>> No.30077603

wat that's the price in central stockholm

>> No.30077628

No, i mean detached house in suburbs of greater helsinki. Theres some examples from different decades.





>> No.30077693
File: 112 KB, 856x586, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, canada is hyper-fucked. Fucking crack dens in literally who cities are going for half a mil

>> No.30077840

Cause someone can buy it and rent it out to students, or international students, for very high price.

And they will pay it, because student loans are a lot and backed by the gov. Its all interconnected.

>> No.30077842

>a literal garden shed

>> No.30077875

scaring investors from proping up the market not exactly a bad idea

>> No.30077880

this cant be real

>> No.30077892

also probably 20% live there on housing subsidies and there is no maximum rent that the government will pay

>> No.30077956

Have fun with declining population and massive debts

>> No.30077958

I know I would probably move to kirkkonummi if I was older and had a family

>> No.30078006

I got $450,000 with 3% down and a 80k salary. You're either a LARP or you fucked your credit beyond repair.

>> No.30078048

Dude its like that fucking everywhere here. Houses in my city are going for 150,000 over asking price. China is buying up the whole country.

>> No.30078075

go on zillow and look at house prices in Niagara falls NY then go west over the border. 400k difference.

>> No.30078113

you can get a mansion in los angeles for 1.5 mil

>> No.30078131

why is trad such a fucking china cuck? this has been going on for a decade in canada hasnt it. how have you people not risen up and slain this man.

>> No.30078166

Just admit it, youre a racist.

>> No.30078184

>Can't afford a house
>Let's reduce the housing supply

>> No.30078265
File: 511 KB, 680x745, sleepy awake cost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>China is buying up the whole country.
they said this about the japanese in the 70s, and then japan collapsed and still hasn't recovered. The possibility that this will happen to china too is what keeps me going.

>> No.30078285

why are foreigners allowed to buy land?

>> No.30078326

More than a decade, the CSIS (Canadian CIA) wrote a report in fucking 1999 how China is buying up a large amount of real estate to launder money and use for political leverage. It was squashed. The next head of the CSIS resigned and in his resignation memo he warned about Chinese money in real estate and influencing politicians.

The global homo agenda China as been pushing effects us the most. Anyone who speaks up about it is demonized as racist and xenophobic. We are no longer a nation but a economic zone to be raped by colonialism 2.0

>> No.30078334
File: 98 KB, 797x957, pepe-depressed-in-bed-sunny-outside.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really wish it wasn't. Looking at housing prices anywhere in canada makes me want to die. I'm planning on evacuating from this shithole country in the near future

>> No.30078336
File: 77 KB, 740x747, mad max glow eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Just admit it, youre a racist.

>> No.30078357

It's 4d chess, burn down enough houses and people will start panic selling them out of fear theirs will be next.

>> No.30078453

even in places like south florida you can find affordable housing and thats like tropical paradise shit

why the fuck would anyone pay that much for a frozen shit hole

>> No.30078474

Thats the point, China collapses and all the wealthy Chinks come here because they already own all our land.

Because its 'xenophobic' not to.

>> No.30078489

Hey COOL IT with the antisemitism bub!

>> No.30078514
File: 1.36 MB, 342x316, 35353r335.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>$600,000 for an ugly mudhut in the fuckn' desert
Christ help you anon.

>> No.30078519

yes i am

go back, i just want to fish

>> No.30078556
File: 49 KB, 600x450, SnowDog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People from the western states have NO clue. Complaining about sun and heat, shut the FUCK up californoids and arizonoids. Life in upstate ny is cold, gray, hopeless and about 10 days of summer to break it up. If you spend too long outside in winter you die, it's that simple. Fucking texoids and retarded utoids. You don't know what wind is. You don't know what pale skin looks like. You don't understand what cloudy is. If you've lived your whole life in a 'hot' place you really, really, really have no idea what suffering is.

>> No.30078608

how popular is the theory that trudeau is Castros son out there in Canada?

>> No.30078753
File: 292 KB, 1600x1068, 826_115066501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This apartment of 118 sqft was sold for $307,000 in Oslo last week.

>> No.30078796
File: 3.37 MB, 1125x2436, 06BEB5BD-3951-4944-BBC5-6147732AC64A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You guys have no clue how lucky you are
>1.1 mill 607sqf
>NOT A LUXURY APARTMENT (just average)
>a fucking studio
>people in Texas have bigger closets

I need to get the fuck out
I wish I was exaggerating or cherry picking for a larp but here’s the fucking link

>> No.30078839

to be fair if you are gonna mock AZ for being "hot" you have no idea what 115 degree weather feels like. Not that its as bad a snow or humidity. But i agree with you, Phoenix has the best natural climate in the country. No wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, ect

>> No.30078841

Japan's bubble economy was more real than CCP controlled China has ever been.

>> No.30078880

Kirkkonummi, espoo and Vantaa are generally good places to buy house if you wanna stay close to Helsinki. I would also add sipoo to list, but its bit more rural already.

>> No.30078903

because phx is hell on earth. because entire subdivisions were hewn out of the desert and laid out with a giant 'cntl-v' manuever. it's a copy paste suburban hellscape.

>t oregonian who lived in surprise and glendale for 18 months before bailing
phoenix is unironically the worst place i've ever lived, and I pity the people who have to stay there.

>> No.30078905

god damn it i forgot the wind. i thought it was finally warming up (45 is warm here) and the instantly it dropped to 0 with 20 mph winds and all i hear is fucking wind smashing against my house all night

i get sick because the house is so broken down and shitty all the freezing cold wind just blows in through cracks all over. i cant even fucking sleep in my room anymore because all i hear is fucking wind smashing my fucking window 24/7. my fucking curtains and shit in my room moves around from all the wind with my windows closed. as soon as i open my window i just get fucking destroyed with wind and it blows shit all over my room

every time i go outside and wear a hat or a hoodie it instantly gets fucking blown off. i have nothing but 2 empty roads to walk around here and during the day its so fucking windy i get hypothermia and then i walk at night and theres no wind but its -10 so i just get my nose and lips frozen. ive never been happy

all i want is a balcony somewhere its warm

>> No.30078919

do people in canada just pretend it's normal for 1 bedroom shitholes to cost $1-3 million, and just pretend it's normal for >90% of the population to never afford housing?

>> No.30078920

It creates more inflows into your economy but there should definitely be a cap on certain countries.

>> No.30078928
File: 229 KB, 571x550, Capture2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dont care if this is made up it's still terrifying

>> No.30078953

Hi I'm here to sign up for the watch list

>> No.30078998
File: 71 KB, 720x1273, china balkanization.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hoping for a WW3 where the US forces Canada to nationalize all Chinese holdings and forcible deport or intern chinese people.

>> No.30079020

literally just avoid going outside during the afternoon and thats all you have to do. in winter its cold as fuck during the day and even colder at night. every fucking breeze of wind feels like fucking freezing cold bullets everywhere. you literally are in prison lockdown 90% of the year. and then during summer its 95 and humid as fuck with bugs everywhere and then the weather cools down at night and theres too many bugs to go outside


>> No.30079041


>> No.30079089

Me too anon, all I’m ever gonna be able to afford is a pleb looking traditional style house, I’m buying the rope frens


>> No.30079110
File: 34 KB, 720x720, child not embraced village burns down.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

millennials will be the ones to burn it all down, one way or another.

>> No.30079118

glad you left faggot. Fuck off we're full

>> No.30079165

Suck it up and go with the higher ltv amortise it down.

>> No.30079210

You mean Gen Z?

>> No.30079258

Depending on how far away from the city this is, that would be a good price in Austria.

I'd like to own an appartment in the 9th district of vienna, but 50 square meter would probably cost 400k

>> No.30079259
File: 2.66 MB, 498x328, 1613933308977.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love these world of tomorrow takes on things.

>> No.30079291

Fuck I hope so, I’m a late zoomer if y’all could quicken the pace that would be great.

>> No.30079327

oh yeah.. bugs. We dont have a lot of them in here in the desert lol. But scorpions can be common, especially in new developments.

>> No.30079366


>> No.30079389

Not sure, but I think like other anon mentioned >>30077840 it's kind of a feedback loop, where the government gibs let people justify paying such outrageous prices. Foreign investors also add to the problem since they'll pay whatever price as long as they can make money on it.

>> No.30079423

me too. FYI even in the short time i was there it was long enough to despise the snowbirds; so i feel for you on that note.

but being from oregon, we get almost as many CA-refugees as you do. we're on the same team anon, even if your state is a shitfest dump of almost unfathomable levels.

>> No.30079434

>Wanting to live in Islington with the lefties


>> No.30079472

I hope so

>> No.30079546

it's fucking dry heat pussy, 98 degree humidity is much worse than triple digit desert weather.

>> No.30079650
File: 451 KB, 1125x1071, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

come the phx anon. id rather have you here than another chink

>> No.30079660

fuckers wassup. what is the yearly income from bonuses issued by the project? at least approximate!!!!!!!!

>> No.30079666

millennials wont be burning anything down. many of us have become boomers, and we're increasingly inheriting the boomers wealth/real estate. zoomers, i'm sorry, you're on your own.

>> No.30079723

I got 2 loans for a total of just over a million with a blended interest rate of 4.5%. Gonna buy a 4-plex for 1.3M and the tenants will pay my mortgage, get fucked

>> No.30079757

I bought 2,000 grt at $0.53 and another 2,000 at $1.93. I've lost a few thousand. Not even sweating it. I wanted to die before I invested all my money in crypto and stocks. Nothing has changed. Not planning to sell at a loss, but it doesn't matter if I did anyway. I'll never be happy. Only 21 btw.

>> No.30079760

and the fact that govnt backs all the mortgages also increases prices. Then, bs regulations preventing new / taller developments constricts supply... (especially true, it seems, around London; so much population density, and lacking apartment skyscrapers -- instead people have to pay 500k for a shed).

>> No.30079776

i fucking wish i cold im either moving to cali or florida but i might cheap out and take vegas or phoenix.

i dont really consume or care about anything i just want a small room and live somewhere i can see grass and sun and walk outside

>> No.30079783

Grass > A bed of crushed rocks, this is objectively true

>> No.30079802

fuckers wassup. what is the yearly income from bonuses issued by the project? at least approximate!!!!!!!! ¡!!!!!!!

>> No.30079812

Would you quit your bitching? Jesus christ
>oh it’s ccc cold
>it snows
Good, it keeps the undesirables away.
>i have no privacy but also there’s no one around but also everyone watches me
Did I about sum it up? The only valid complaint is the jewish government.
t. Adk chad

>> No.30079816
File: 253 KB, 600x713, 1611699423984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm moving to Central Texas in ~4 months and planning to buy a house there before I move. It's so exciting getting ready to buy a house. The best part is the realization that I'll be underwater on it when the housing market crashes

>> No.30079884

im so fucking jealous i just wish i could be saying im buying a house somewhere. ill never do it wagecucking though id rather live in an apartment forever

>> No.30079908

US = collective ZOG/chink vassal

>> No.30079963

It could have been a reality.
Guess who ruined it?

>> No.30080016

>move to florida
>lower cost of living
>80 degrees every day
>comfy warm and sunny or rainy and chill
>can sit outside all year long
>can get sun all year long
>can get fresh air all day long
>can open my windows at night


>> No.30080037
File: 129 KB, 1080x1016, 20210302_174651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My body doesn't even recognize vitamin D, I'd probably have an allergic reaction

>> No.30080214

I don't know why this state is inhabitated, I simply don't understand it. I can't just go for a run or walk my dog or have a garden. Those aren't options

>> No.30080216

DO it

>> No.30080246
File: 296 KB, 791x833, cuckshed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wanna life in city center, complain about prices
<x2 cheaper and bigger house in suburbs

>> No.30080360

absolutely legit
you're gonna hex it brah

>> No.30080366

theyre too stupid or poor to leave. everyone i see here that moves just goes to some other cold rural shit hole and then they immediately come back

where i live its super fucking rural and everyones a retard happy working at walmart or just shooting up with meth it fucking traps you beacuse its one of the only places where you can afford a house for 200k and then brag to everyone how you got your first house.

im making passive income off crypto finally and if i can just double what i have in there i can move almost anywhere and just pay my rent with that

>> No.30080388

Just don’t vote blue, keep Texas based

>> No.30080453


You have to move further west. I'm out near the I-17 and it's a lot cheaper, but still nice in the right neighborhoods.

>> No.30080475

Coming from KY. We don't know much other than red.

>> No.30080502

shit you guys are getting raped my weather is a little better than that but its still fucking cold today. i finally see some fucking 30-45 degree shit in my weather but im scared of a rugpull by god and it just gets freezing cold again

i had fucking 3 feet of snow on top of my grill and it finally melted and then we got a cold snap and it was just 40 mph wind snowed all day and freezing again. i remember last year it was fucking end of may and still freezing cold i couldnt even sit outside in the sun

>> No.30080508

Be the change you wish to see in the world, Anon.

>> No.30080525

> 1/3 rd of finngolian salaries, same house prices
> 1/10th of burger salaries , 1/2 house prices
I hate eastern europe and western white fleeing faggots so damn much

>> No.30080588

Nice you’ll fit right in. Just prepare for the worst allergies in central Texas but other than that it’s literally a utopia

>> No.30080758

its uncommon in the normie sphere

>> No.30080941

Don’t live in and around big cities and you won’t have areas where people pay a massive premium to not live near niggers.

>> No.30080960


Literally illegal to have a lawn in Tucson because it's a desert. Rocks are great, you don't have to water them.

>> No.30081029

Yes. You will get usually 5-25% more over asking these days. Heres exactly what happened in the last 15 years
>canada increases skilled immigration numbers circa 2008ish to boost economy
>btw skilled now includes wealthy
>rich chinese and indians now buy property for their college aged kids
>literally thousands of properties are held by out of country investors
>they realize their 500k home in Hongcouver is now worth 1.5 million
>chinese banks now using immigration as a means to get into foreign home investing skyrocketing prices
>at the same time, immigration now is more lax for immediate family
>economic prosperity is now a legitimate reason to immigrate
>indians now bringing over 20+ people to live in homes in the Toronto area
>1 surgeon and 19 cashiers who collect welfare are now living in 4 bedroom homes
>wealthy boomers are desperate to buy property and try to outbid immigrants and chinese investors
>housing skyrockets as a result

For reference in my area, you can expect 12-25% increase on value in your home per year which is fucking absurd

A 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1500 sqft home is nearly 800k

>> No.30081087
File: 308 KB, 1200x900, 121382896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> 216k
> 30km commute
> sold
just fuck my shit up

>> No.30081104
File: 1.66 MB, 1120x856, everyday we stray further from god.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>except for some reason, this detached fixer-upper near Jane and Eglinton was listed for a mere $525,000 in January 2020 — even before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic — and sold for just $420,000, way under asking.

>The home is certainly nothing special and needs a lot of renovation work

buy an incomplete shit shack for over 400,000$ in a high crime ridden area where a shootout occurs every other week on the hands of niggers

>> No.30081186

This. You unironically shouldn't be allowed to own more than three properties and you should have to rent out your second or third property if it has been empty for over 12-18 months (unless special circumstances I guess).
People's argument about supply and demand is rarted, the only supply issue is completely artificial. The houses are there, there is no shortage of physical housing whatsoever. If rich people/groups want to rape each each other over stocks and shit that's fine but affordable (read: not artificially inflated) housing should be a human right and kept out of their greedy claws.

>Have to live in the same state as Floridians
It's a gamble anon

>> No.30081317

I'd wager the Ohio River Valley is worse for allergies than Central Texas. Our spring and summer pollen is some of the worst in the country.
Either way, I'm a big fan of Texas, and I think it's the last bastion of Western Civilization if SHTF

>> No.30081370
File: 253 KB, 665x897, cuckshed outside helsinki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thats just expensive Helsinki region.
>Sub 200k€ outside of helsinki

>> No.30081391
File: 79 KB, 930x699, lm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

honestly if you can afford the wait, building makes exponentially more sense than buying an existing house.

where I live in town (and this is a medium sized metro area in oregon that's not portland) a dinky < 1300 sqf) 3bd2br house in a shit neighborhood runs about 320k.

Compared to: buying undeveloped land that's a bit farther out is usually pretty cheap. Example we got our 4 acre lot for about 65k, with only a 30m drive into town. So you get way more house, land/privacy, and you make a good chunk of equity right off the bat. i'm not sure why more people don't go that route

>> No.30081401

People complaining are just saying "I'm entitled and don't want to pay." kys plz.

>> No.30081450

most of that shit is from rural florida and shit holes like jacksonville. if you move way down south near the cost all the rednecks and meth heads get priced out

>> No.30081458
File: 56 KB, 1024x689, 1614626968570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>paying over half a million smackaroos to live in what is essentially a commieblock
Jesus H tap dancing Christ this economy is such a joke the boomers are gonna burn in hell forever over this

>> No.30081468


Also, Oro Valley is 1/2 price Scottsdale. I'm hoping to move back there one day, assuming I don't move out of state instead.

>> No.30081573

>Illegal to have a lawn to save water
Look at the backyard it's full of lush, green grass while the tiny area in the front yard has its lawn banned to save water.

>> No.30081599

cuz we pussy and they hard

>> No.30081604
File: 113 KB, 700x370, 2094.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bought this house for $50,000. Think it's haunted, though.

>> No.30081613

like any of us ever goes outside

>> No.30081657


This is what I want to do eventually. Especially if I can land a solid remote job and don't need to commute.

I just want land that I can do with what I want. Enough space to jam and play loud music without bothering neighbors. Enough land to have a workshop where I can build shit in my free time.

That's the dream.

>> No.30081710

At this point Canada is just a giant money laundering operation and they're not even trying to hide it. The gov is talking about how to make up for the immigration 'deficit' from the lockdown months that caused the housing market to temporarily revert to affordable.

>> No.30081714

just live in a van for 10 years while making 200k p.a. bro

>> No.30081771

indeed, once you go rural the thought of moving back into town is just painful.
for the neighbor aspect though, you're looking at 10-15 acres minimum. sound behaves oddly out here. (i can hear my neighbors talking outside, even though they're about 100 yards away)

>> No.30081774

This, some Chicago suburbs are worth looking into. Got a fancy condo for cheap and low taxes in an area thats about to pop off.

Chicago =! All of Illinois

>> No.30081776
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>Fuck all cops

>> No.30081787
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100% this. If you're not actively applying for U.S. Citizenship or already a U.S. Citizen, you shouldn't be able to buy a single-family home.

>You unironically shouldn't be allowed to own more than three properties
Interesting take. I debated with myself how I feel about it. The free market side of me says that's retarded, but there's also a part of me that think it's bullshit that Bill Gates can just dump his wealth into large swathes of rural farmland. Maybe we should put a limit on someone's ability to buy a finite resource like land.
>pic unrelated

>> No.30081822

> annual property taxes $8,064

>> No.30081891

this is how its done in Ozfalia....house price goes up people just dump massive amount into the house because tax-free buy and sell if family home (though stamp duty to buy a new one)

>> No.30081975

>risking a home invasion by angry apes.
this isnt /k/ where anons are dying to finally get their chance to gun down someone.

>> No.30082057

my idea would be to ban LLC's and other corps from owning *RESIDENTIAL* property as well as foreign nationals. if an individual wants to own a few houses to rent out, that's fine. but they lose the limited liability protection. keeps mom and pop landlords around, but prevents parasitical businesses from pricing out home buyers.

>> No.30082165
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Yeah but real life isn't the same as some ass rimming with butter rpg that you can larp around in and pillage defenseless villages with a deformed negroid in a dress.

>> No.30082212

that will never happen because the guys in the gov are friends with the rich and this will never change.

>> No.30082467

too bad the boomers won't allow rezoning laws to pass. NIMBY!

>> No.30082506

fuck thats a cheap house, that kinda place would cost 30M here

>> No.30082992

Just move to sweden anon

>> No.30083068

All according to kikekaku
translator's note: kikekaku is Yiddish for plan

>> No.30083137
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