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Buy as much BNB as you can. It's literally like buying Bitcoin 5 years ago. I know everyone wants to get rich in one month. But that's unrealistic. When it happens, it's just luck. But if you wanna be rich 5 years from now, buy some BNB and put part of your paycheck every week towards it. You won't regret it.

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It's dumping right now you shitstain

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The whole market is dumping you shittierstain

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No shit, newfag. Go back to redddiitt

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bnb is a ching chong store of rice at best

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The problem with retards like you and why you'll always be poor is that you can't be patient and think ahead of time

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>It's dumping right now you shitstain

Price is irrelevant right now, it will easily flip Ethereum, and will likely flip BTC at some point too.

#1 exchange by volume

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Imagine yourself telling yourself in the future "why didn't I invest 5 years ago?" "if only I.." instead of posting images on 4chan making fun with no counter argument. I'm not a chink but if they're gonna make me well off, that's all I care

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For what reason should bnb reach price levels of 10k$ in 5 years, I agree it will be more worth than now but I don't see that price levels and that demand

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Twitter whales say it's centralized and bad and will come crashing down in a fiery shitspiral

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While they collect it

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Please go back to $200 I sold on a bad swing

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My main bags are BTC and BNB

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Its volume will grow exponentially to much higher levels and the fees plus time of transaction beat any other alternatives. It's just a good long term investment. If it was trying to dump bags or something I'd be saying it was going to moon by EOM.

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Why do you think this will blow up in 5 years? I think it could reach $500 to $800 at max because is entry level crypto for normies but I don't think it will grow much more than that.

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Yes BTC is the obvious safe bet. I'm putting 50% on BTC and 40%BNB . 10% on shitcoins for short term

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That's why. As crypto becomes more mainstream, BNB has a huge advantage . When it becomes mainstream, it also gains even more interest by big corporations. I could be wrong but I think it is a safe long term investment.

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You ever notice how they never have any real arguments, it's just buzzwords

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Centralized trash, can stop existing at any moment.
>5 years from now
Yeah nah.

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I don't see why it would get limited, it's $1000 at Eth marketcap, and then can x2 easily

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This is how you guys sound like right now

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I have 20 rn will I make it

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Need a 1000

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holy shit this is maximal retarded
stopped reading at It's literally like buying BTC

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I wonder where these anons are now, are they still here? I hope they're happy

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good luck, in 5 years binance won't even exist

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I was the guy saying "BTC will never go to $20" way back in the early days. kek

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Just /biz/ being wrong as usual.

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bnb will sure pump on this bull run but don't hold it anon, take profits because binance is shady as fuck and they are going for it

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i'm not buying your coin, ching chong ping pong

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shady because uhh you feel it in the gut?

funds are safu

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how much to make it lads?

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or just wait until the market is dead and buy 10 times as much

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The valuations in crypto reflect the possibility that transparent, permissionless and trustless networks will supplant the legacy financial services industry. There's a real chance that the people of the world will move their banking to a secure, censorship-resistant, cheap and sometimes profitable, decentralized, infrastructure. There's 0 (zero) chance that the world will shift its finances to a couple of computers running at a Maltese company with a popular website.

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Did you make it?

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I don't even know what's this coin good for.
Do you get trading fee reduction on Binance if you hold 1 whole coin or what?
I don't get it.

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and yet, it keeps going up

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It has several uses
You can stack it on binance and they use it for several projects
You get xx% a year fron that

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BNB is burning half of the supply over the next quarters/years

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You can move it to BSC and avoid ETHkike gas fees.

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BSC is the #1 technology in crypto today. Nothing else even comes close. There will be a day when it quadruples in a few hours.

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>couple of computers running at a Maltese company with a popular website
this is so wrong.
calling binance a website is like calling google a search portal.
its not even an exchange anymore, its an entire ecosystem tightly integrated with anything crypto across multiple countries and exchanges.

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Deflationary unlike ADA and ETH. Oh yeah and ADA and ETH are both not as decentralized as you think so who the fuck cares

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