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Bancor seems too good to be true. What am I missing? Give me your best fud.

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the APR offered on these pools seem too good to be true. whats the catch?

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>this time is different

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I'm not shilling and I don't give a fuck about the token price. I was about to stake AAVE for 6.2% APR until I saw Bancor offering nearly 14% in their pool. I just don't get it-- why would anyone stake assets anywhere other than Bancor? BNT/GRT offers 35%, nearly 5 times what you can make delegating GRT...which is its only purpose.

So whats the catch?

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the aprs are too good to be true for a "bluechip", but there are a lot of farms on BSC that will give you APYs of 500-10,000

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No big catch other than the fact that the APRs on the rewards all assume you leave your funds locked for at least 4 weeks so that the multiplier reaches the max of 2x. Also, the rewards program will taper off and eventually come to an end.

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you asked for my best fud and I delivered.
The rewards are temporary though but as more liquidity gets attracted into the pool, the higher the actual APR will become.
The catch is that they already fucked up once and people don't trust them as much.

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>too good to be true for a "bluechip"
exactly. i know about BSC's crazy yields but i'm too risk averse to trust CZ with my funds


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>best fud
probably uncertainty about arbitrum launch. People are saying this month or the next but nobody can be sure. A lot of it depends on reducing gas fees

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Hacked, jew, shitty UI, target link marine first just like DMM, inflation

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Arbitrum will change everything.
Right now only people really invested in BNT or rich people can stake their shit without having obscene gas fees that would defeat the purpose.

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> code exploit
> lose the $10000000 you put in the pool in order to scrape $100 a month extra

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There’s never room in the pools, but you can keep track with stakingpool dot space

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this sounds similar to bitconnect

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Mudavir sir, i see you spam site daily morning

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that one was refuted long ago

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Brainlet explanation:

>100% impermanent loss protection after staking for 100 days.
>Great yields, great volume, TVL on platform is steadily climbing. 100m in january 2021, 550m now.
>Team are true OG status, invented the protocols that AMM like Uniswap use
>token itself sitting at 600m marketcap vs >3b for it's competitors
>L2 based on Arbitrum coming; testnet since early January. Front end interface for test net was just released. 50x reduction in gas fees as soon as it's out.
>limit orders and general UI update coming very soon
>Bancor Vortex being rolled out as we speak, gives Bancor Aave-like functionality: you basically get a token to spend on other shitcoins or restake for your collateral in BNT
>favored staking platform of huge Link whales. Bancor has the most Link liquidity out of any dex.
>Atomic LP swaps from/to other pools coming
>Polkdadot bridge coming

Big brain explanation:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbUqcbNqQ-Y [Embed]

Lots of people are dead set on fudding the security of the project, but I implore you to check out their audits, found at the bottom of:


Their contracts are open source and visible above^ as well.


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Handful of whales deciding everything on governance, rewards paid mostly in the bnt token, impermanent loss id you withdraw prior to being fully vested, kike team in israel, smart contract exploits, btc mooning, crypto regulation

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You don't have to give funds to the yellow man to use the BSC. The only risk is that those high APR farms are very rug prone

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that apr is shit what the fuck are you talking about?

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>room in the pools
i completely overlooked that

seems its happened before; >>30063662

gas is holding back all of DeFi to be fair

thanks guys, think i'll avoid Bancor for now

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>never room in the pools

wtf are you people talking about? There is room in most of the pools, LINK and some of the stablecoin pools being the exception

>impermanent loss id you withdraw prior to being fully vested

There are ZERO other platforms that offer anything whatsoever regarding impermanent loss protection, you would have 100% of the impermanent loss on Uniswap regardless of when you withdraw. Super weak FUD lmao

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1. Growing pains around voting and what is listed.
2. Whales who got in early.

Both of these "issues" are not bancor specific, or a protocol flaw, so, personally bancor to me is the absolute tits

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Honestly don’t know man. Reddit is probably ruining the market by chasing rug pulls on BSC, so these legitimate projects are undervalued while the bsc are over valued.
I have 9.5k GRT staked in Bancor now.
I guess the other FUD is that you need to leave he assets in the protocol for 100 days before you get full IL insurance

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the rewards was what threw me off

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>it's not secure!
>meanwhile LINK whales, known to be autistic and very protective of their linkies are trusting 220m+ on bancor, not to mention the other 800m of liquidity on the platform
>half a dozen audits done on their contracts since summer 2020
>the team literally developed the protocol that became the AMM ie Uniswap

lol ok

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about to hit multiplier on my first month of gains tomorrow, cashing out about 1k bnt, just in time to get more vbnt at 0.6 before the burn goes live

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WHat do you mean cashing out? Do you mean restaking ?

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Do my fellow bancies like to kiss?

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I haven’t quite put all of this together , I’m a newfag to biz
Do the other exchanges tap into Bancors liquidity to facilitate purchase on their own platforms ?

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Hello tiktok bancr

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Should I wait for Arbitrum to stake my GRT? I have a puny 700stack and I'm not looking to buy more.

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>Do the other exchanges tap into Bancors liquidity to facilitate purchase on their own platforms ?

yeah, through exchange aggregators like 1inch or macha. you can also trade directly on bancor, it's a dex.

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no. trading it for vBNT is the chad play at 0.6.

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hello fren
just doing my part to spread Judaism for my Bancor masters

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Cashing out any amount of BNT resets the multiplier btw

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Probably, idk why you would even stake that and not just flip that amount for profit and find another wave to ride up

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yes, and 28 days later, it is applied retroactively again, meaning no value is lost.

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I saw some website pickle.finance listed as one of yearn's investment strategies with aprs in the hundreds. My gut feeling is that its a stupid rugpull but why tf would yearn be using it it makes no sense bros

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Boring logo and name.

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>why would anyone stake assets anywhere other than Bancor?
Only reason I can think of is because they don't know bancor

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Be careful man.
It sounds like your 100 days aren't up yet.
Of the four pools i Stake my BNT in, I'm only not suffering IL in one.

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sorry it doesn't have a pink unicorn on it faggot lmao.

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rewards are affected by IL unless someone would like to correct me

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I honest to god see it as a status symbol.
I think it fucks

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>are not
yes i'm triple posting

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>I just don't get it-- why would anyone stake assets anywhere other than Bancor?
Anyone that can do math and is not retarded IS.
The rates are not forever.
If this is a "catch" that is it...

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No they don't, Bancor just invented the idea of AMMs. Uniswap published their own smart contract to the blockchain that uses the same idea (and potentially same/similar code)

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Rewards and fees go into a pool where you choose to claim or stake.
Not sure where tje IL is pulled from. I think from your main stake, so
200 staked earned 25 fee's and rewards
It also has accrued 10 bnt in IL
so i think the system spits out 190 stake and gives you 25 in rewards and fees.

No clue how early losses work.
100 days is the minimum im keeping my stake going.

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please tell me that those are actually underaged men who take bbc

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What that means is ur funds on bancor are just touched by anyone using the bancor smart contract, ur funds on uniswap are touched by anyone using the uniswap smart contract. They dont relate to each other or share liquidity etc. DEX aggregators likr 1inch do sort of tho

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Anyone still holding on to their Bancor t-shirts? Prices seem stable for now.

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It's the best I could come up with.

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pickle is a part of the yearn ecosystem. it won't rugpull

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I think IL is calculated at withdrawal and minted then too

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Uhhhh too confusing? Idk wtf is this stsking shit and there is no simple method.

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Does space in the vBNT pool open up often? Does staking vBNT earn vBNT or BNT? I’m looking to add mine because it seems like the least risky thing to do with them.

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perhaps you misunderstood - i will not be withdrawing my initial stake. only the rewards.
sure am. won't be selling them for a while.

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Wanted to ask this too.
Balancer has a vbnt pool, but I dont want to send my "keys" to another exchange. Too much risk for me rn.

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Idk desu mine are just sitting in my wallet, I’m too afraid to do anything with them and fuck something up

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theyre talking about Defi on fox business rn

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And im also saying when you hit claim, your gonna get IL dependsing on your pool. You can only restake without suffering IL

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Any good videos on understanding this token and bnt? Seems interesting but white paper is over my head.

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its uniswap

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i just asked on tg and got this response from an admin.
>Not sure I follow. Rewards don't suffer from IL, they're simply newly minted tokens
he could be wrong but this is in line with what i believe too. only your stake is vulnerable to IL. the rewards etc are not part of the pool at any point so IL doesn't apply.

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easy way to think about it is until you restake your rewards, they're not sitting in a pool so they are not exposed to impermanent loss whatsoever

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yeah rewards are not staked automatically so they can't be affected by IL

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the original jewniswap

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Those are just from swapping fees. You get paid in the reward cycle as well.

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They are paying out of their pockets. This stuff is supposed to end this November.

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I know what it is at its core friends

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the big cool bideo to watch is the vortex proposal
Bancor has all the trappings of a top 20, maybe even top 10 coin. I could be chewing too much hopium but between single sided staking and impermanent loss protection giving the token value, we're looking at a steady year of pumps

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And If it doesn’t pump? We still get amazing APR for the next year

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op asked for fud to be listed, and it's clear that one doesn't have to chose between bancor or any other amm when deciding where to invest, there are plenty of other opportunities in crypto.

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>The rewards from the LM program are provided in BNT only. This is unrelated to the swap fees, which comes from trading activity on that pool and may be received in the staked token.
Meanwhile it says "BNT 85.63% LINK 18.98%" on https://app.bancor.network/eth/data/

Can anyone explain this?

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they pay you rewards in bnt

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So if I have $1000 worth of LINK they will pay me $189.8 worth of BNT as a reward?

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pretty much.

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Cool, thanks

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This seems like a clear win/win but if you are seriously investing in BNT you really need it to pump over the course of the year. If the rewards program doesn't successfully attract liquidity like it's designed to, that's a bad sign for the platform.

As much as I want to just soak up the rewards over the year, in the long run I'm going to make way more money if the platform takes off.

You get the fees, represented in the righthand columns of Fees and APR (based on fees), in the native token meaning LINK in your case.

The rest of the APR they promise you (the rest of the 18.9%) is BNT. This is from the rewards program.

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Hello sirs how do I do the math to figure out how much BNT I should have before transferring to the liquidity pool to make my staking gains outweigh my gas fees?

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that depends on how bullish your sentiment is for the crypto market over the next couple months i think, but most people seem to say wait till u have around 4-5k worth

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How did they fuck up?

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Where do you see your multiplier? I had no idea this was a thing.

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They got hacked in 2017 iirc. They have been audited 4 times in the past year though

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4-5k in dollars or BNT?

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Can’t see it in the api. Their api redesign will show it.
For now just know that the multiplier kicks in in 0.25 increments each week to a max of 2x

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Dollars worth. 1k ish BNT has been the benchmark. However I’ve seen much cheaper gas recently and staked some grt, link and more bnt for about 80 dollars each

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This isn't even high APY for defi

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The only catch is you miss that percent gain unless you get in early. I was getting 30% APY on my GRT until lots of people fomo'd in after me, now it's more like 10-15% and dropping. It will fluctuate though because thousands of free-collecting subgraphs have yet to migrate to the mainnet yet.

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>t. gets rugged weekly

>> No.30074540

If I have both grt (staked) and bnt (not yet staked) should I add the bnt to the grt/bnt pool, or choose another pool?

>> No.30074838

you want one that will continue to emit LM rewards, LINK / ETH / WBTC are the big boys. The stables are being extended but the rewards are being reduced, you can read about this on the governance.

>> No.30074862

Ive seen people say same pool is best...

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uh oh Banciebros... Arbitrum fucking when?

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What are you showing us

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Trying to convince my wife to buy 100 of these shits but I can't even tell her what it does.

>> No.30075617

Just buy them and don’t tell her

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Quickswap may flip Bancor if arbitrum doesn’t work out

>> No.30075949

Right. Won’t happen

>> No.30075995

Is this true?

>> No.30076322

Do you know while uniswap doesn’t have IL protection?

>> No.30076437

Gas prices too high.

>> No.30077463

The protocol mints and burns BNT as needed. I wouldn't call that "out of their pockets" as it's not like the devs are giving their own money for it. LM is inflating BNT, but in return it has bootstrapped pools and we're experiencing exponential growth. The goal is that once pools get going and we pull more volume, fees collected will increase, which means they can start tapering off the rewards and hopefully stop completely at one point. I think the vast majority of BNT holders would agree that so far the merits of the growth as a consequence of LM far outweigh the demerits of the inflation.

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It's a scam. All your LP reward gains are offset by BNT dilution.

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I sold it. Enough about that.

DYOR but if you want deflationary pump, use anything else.

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>'ee sold?

>> No.30079798

Wow you sold. Good fud

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Fuck why did I buy it. I'm out.