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short amazon

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Slow and steady. 2nd upgrade in 3 trading days

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I've had RKT since august, why the fuck did it just pump

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nth for held SPCE through earnings

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>investing in a company whose CEO is Jamal Ginsberg the Hasidic Homeboy
PLTRannies, explain yourselves

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god please epic bull run now till EOY

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The CEO just called me and said that you are a faggot.

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>shorted the bottom again

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>silver is mooning and he still doesn't own BHS

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SOXL bros are we pushing it?

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slow and steady starting back from the starting line.

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Opinions on TSNDP, soon to be known as HUMBL? Down 20% today and I feel myself being tempted

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I've bought two peaks today

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woah i just realized Suncor is +2.5% lol

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Why is this slut so sexy

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Reddit is shilling it really hard, which is fine by me.

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My June 28c SLV calls are still not printing enough

>> No.30060794

up 41

my portfolio is officially at 195k

thank you AMRS chads

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EHang bro here. My latest shill AMTX is still rallying for a second day in a row. A great scalp trade of the day. Sell the news after CEO does his speech at the energy summit at 1pm....

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a true /biz/ hero

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How does this even happen over night?

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Thank god. I went away for half an hour and we are getting the afternoon bull recovery that we always happens on days like these. I'll be green soon.

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>he didn't scoop up SOXL under 40

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I sold AMRS yesterday at 15.63 and bought back in at 19.79. Am I going to make it?

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Mandatory /smg/ Diversity Training Day:
What have you done to dispel some of your white privilege and empower an oppressed minority?

>> No.30060865

The world collectively agreed to revert to tribalism and denounced all electronics-based technology. Takes place in 2022 executive order signed by Biden.

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Performed way better than their own guidance or analyst expectations, very high short float that people want to squeeze. Good hold tho bro, I am unsure if I should cash out soon and reinvest when it blows over

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im up 100$ thanks to amrs
not much but poorfag so is a lot to me
we're gonna make it amrsbros

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AH trading is a bitch some days/nights

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Why not sell now?

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AMRS chads unite! Whats the price target for moon in numerical standards?

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Mutant fish is mooning
You all laughed at me, but who's laughing now?

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Thoughts on $SOS? I'm feeling bullish on it myself, which is why I've already dropped $1k on it

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I'm so sick of this shit

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>yields reducing
Yep, I'm thinking green EOD

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OPEC meeting yet? Any news of anything happening so far? Super comfy with my SU and GUSH.

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Where my CRBP chads at. We are greeeeeeen

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I'm going to popeye's for lunch

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the CEO bought millichips instead of microchips and the market did not respond kindly to his mistake

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After all these months i still hate you so much for shilling my hidden steel play and making it such a shit tier meme. Fuck you tranny kike

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good job buddy! Buy great companies and hold for the long term! Try to get some ABNB for the long term too pal! congratz!

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jannies are trannies

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Thoughts on Palantir, is it a bull trap

>> No.30060997

I'm tempted to sell half my position, I've been in the red on that thing for so long. I don't wanna be fucked by reddit memelords.

>> No.30061000

Should I buy the SOXL dip now in a bit or hours ago?

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You miscalculated, but yes you can still make it.

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i was selling puts on it hoping to get in at a good price, too. serves me right for hesitating

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hahaha kekkkm

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You MUST comply or face termination

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i lost money to the jews in the stock market

>> No.30061050

honestly i am way way over leveraged in AMRS
lol fuck i own 150k worth now.

At the same time, god fucking damn it if this doesnt have an insane year ahead of it
and insane decade

so i have to balance emotion with whats strategic.
Maybe ill sell 50k worth soon.
Maybe ill just throw stop losses on it and let it ride.

>> No.30061058

Wendy's here. I closed a bunch of AMRS calls, now I get tasty burgers and a free junior frosty to celebrate.

>> No.30061061

Yes bro, we all are

>> No.30061063

How do I tell my wife I lost 93%

>> No.30061075

PLTR is a trap period.
And not the cute kind.

>> No.30061076

Ain't gonna hold for that Divy on the 28th? you have to be a holder of record on march 9

>> No.30061085

ABNB is a bit too expensive for me currently, dont like holding fractional shares and only have about $50 free funds

>> No.30061093

When do you anons step in on NIO? is dropping like a rock. I know it's Chinese and many against it, but it is growing on paper and I have seen Chinese actually driving them? Current at 44 down over 10% on earnings

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>he didn't scoop up SOXL under 40
But of course I did fellow Grace Kelly poster

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Mutant salmon? Really bro? Really??

>> No.30061151

Why do minorities need white people to empower them? Are they incapable of doing it themselves?

>> No.30061153

Market is down, time to buy GME

>> No.30061155

Ideally hours ago but buy every dip dumb shit. Setup a limit or something.

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NIO is getting worse! Ouch!

>> No.30061174

>share split

you guys understand this? right? right??

>> No.30061176

the fupa on her shows great potential

>> No.30061181


of course the stock that just had great earnings and was shorted and said it will give a dividend to everyone this month is going to be mooning.

>> No.30061183

I'd sell it today and buy back later because it's definitely going to dip or crab this week

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I'm green
I'm green
I'm green, da ba dee da ba daa
Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa
Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa
Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa

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lets go

>> No.30061207

I guess people will hold until then eh. That sounds reasonable, though that divvy is useless to me personally

>> No.30061227

trim out like 2k a day until comfy! put it in ABNB... thats what i'd do... im same position... turned into my highest weighting but i still love the long term.... wat do

>> No.30061228

id set stop losses, but maybe take some out just so you can go into other things if something comes up
but i dont know shit, still new and still a poorfag

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where is this retard?

>> No.30061251

nothing, but I watched some WMBF porn recently

>> No.30061252

Just bought some. Chyna is the future.

>> No.30061255

systemic racism and self reinforcing class mobility issues would like to have a word with you

>> No.30061257

Have a buy order set for SOXL for $35.00
Will it get that low this week? Should I bump it up to 39 instead?

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Lol the largest auto and electric steel producer in North America is a hidden play?

>> No.30061267

holy shit lmfao this is saved to my "Indian TikToks" folder

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>close to entering six figure hell
Any advice once I'm on the other side?

>> No.30061279

I love these Indian chads

>> No.30061295

On reddit probably

>> No.30061303

its probably best not to invest is the SOXL shit show, so 35 is perfect

>> No.30061314

This, so much this.

>> No.30061326

I would hate to take a huge protein shit in the middle of a busy street.

>> No.30061329

I hold 10.000 shares

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Can't believe smg fell for yet another scam... What kind of stock loses OVER -90% OVERNIGHT? Fucking bagholders hahahaha

>> No.30061339

You have been visited by the SACRED RICH PEPE.

He tells you to buy

Fail to do so will cause you 7 years of crabs

>> No.30061353

same brother, this rise in price is lookin real nice.

>> No.30061361

thanks lads.
Perhaps ill sell 50k worth, move it over to MMEDF shrooms on TD

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>two peaks

is twin peaks worth watching in 2021 when I haven't seen Mandolorian or Sopranos or Friends or BR 2049 or The Social Network or Clannad or Darling Franxx or or the end of Naruto or Tiger King?

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>> No.30061377

PIPP to 10.60 cmon get down there

>> No.30061393

Just let out a big stinky fanfare on my booty bugle, felt like I blew my entire asshole out. Pooping hurts now.

Buy crbp.

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Bro it hurts down 75k

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Don't be tempted to take short term capital gains when you know you have the blockbuster story positions

>> No.30061410

Yes it is, or was, until your drooling retarded fat ass showed up

>> No.30061419

oh lmao, if the arrow is a mouth than the blue banner is like a stache

>> No.30061426

The original indian joker videos are the best thing I've seen from that country

>> No.30061431

Tell her boyfriend first

>> No.30061440

ummm no.... not that i have done the research on that company but you should take that 50k and put it into something more "concrete"
ABNB DKNG.... you don't want to take that huge gain.... then potentially lose it then pay taxes on it....

>> No.30061441

You honestly cant be that retarded. It's 15-1 stock split you mongoloid

>> No.30061448

at 6 figs you can start making real money using complex options without risking much.

>> No.30061451

Sir this is 4chan

>> No.30061454

ngl would totally lift with these guys

not more than once mind you but it would be an experience for sure

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SU or REI?
REI is cheap enough for my poverty ass to afford 100s of shares for options trading but SU seems like a better company.

>> No.30061467

If I threaten a domestic bombing on /biz/ and then follow through how long do you think I can get the board frozen for lol

>> No.30061470

Interesting advice.

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I want to but my tiny shriveled pp in her wet pussy if you guys catch my drift.

>> No.30061487

Please leave that cuck shit on Reddit.

>> No.30061490

Just be careful since you don't want to get caught in a downward XPEV LI spiral.

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hey what is happening in this timtok? is he channeling his energy into him?

>> No.30061497


fuck off back to red.dit

>> No.30061499

Watch Sopranos and BR 2049
Then watch Mad Men

>> No.30061504

>bought into AMRS at $16.45
how much more is it going to go up?

>> No.30061516


>> No.30061517

Gave a homeless guy 30 bucks the other day so that he and his girlfriend could get a motel room for the night. My city just shut down the cold weather shelter that was being held in a hotel and dozens of people including him have been thrown back onto the streets, one person died as a result

>> No.30061521

Sounds like cope to me bagholder

>> No.30061522

Hewwo FBI

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>> No.30061526

you're buying the CWSFF dip, right anon?

>> No.30061534

why is she shivering

>> No.30061563

If you've seen bollywood action movies they're all full of masculine energy like this. What we consider over the top they consider normal.

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>He waited for RKT to dip

>> No.30061583

>I sold AMRS at $12

>> No.30061598

No, it's not done dipping

>> No.30061604

Someone call the manager of the stock market right now

>> No.30061620

Do it, I envy you

>> No.30061624

She's startled that you saw her

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>> No.30061626

Sopranos is fun. You can skip the rest without worry

>> No.30061629
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>> No.30061643

Do people really?

>> No.30061649

Buy LMND today for a cool 10-13% gain tomorrow.

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"With this equipment purchase agreement, Bitfarms is positioned to remain in the top tier of publicly traded crypto mining companies in the world. This purchase and expansion will be the cornerstone of our corporate growth strategy through 2022,” @GrodzkiEmiliano, CEO of Bitfarms


>> No.30061662

which porn movie is this?

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RKT mooning

>> No.30061672


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>What we consider over the top they consider normal.
I grew up with indian immigrant parents who would watch bollywood movies sometimes. The entire industry of bollywood is just a giant clown show. And specifically bollywood, the hindi industry. All the tamil, bengali, marathi, punjabi, etc niche film industries are fine. But Bollywood, the mainstream hindi one, is a fucking actual joke

>> No.30061685

bollywood movies are awesome. if i could be like singham i would

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>> No.30061695

Spiked hard again after being mentioned on CNBC

>> No.30061699

15x40 = 600 you absolute pants on head retard. I do not own the stock but I am a white supremacist with math

>> No.30061704

I just saw some news flash on my Bloomberg terminal. Something about the SOXL CEO outside a Wendys with barnyard animals and a Thai hooker? Can anyone confirm?

>> No.30061709

if you're bullish, why sell covered calls when you expect a 2x by EoY
if your poverty ass can afford 100s of REI shares, then you can also afford credit spreads or something on SU for a 4x by EoY

>> No.30061710


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now that I finally have enough shares to do so, selling calls on SOXL sounds so stressful

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>Match with hot tranny on Tinder
>"I'm post-op btw"
I don't even like dick but a flesh wound as a pussy is where I draw the line.
Also, I'm financially ruined.

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>RKT mooning
Caught the peak (so far) in a screenshot
Why does /smg/ hate money?

>> No.30061744

What does /biz/ think about SDC?

I like the business itself, I think the core service makes sense and provides real value. I got in at $5/share last year. It’s at $11.50 today and my end game is hoping it goes back to its all time high of $24/share by EOY.

Anyone else watching this?

>> No.30061761

RKT moves a couple bucks further towards 40 and my 30C LEAPs begin to print. Hey anon, where are you? How did you miss the RKT squeeze, it's so obvious

>> No.30061762


>> No.30061763
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I have a few of those saved.

>> No.30061764

Can you elaborate? So far I've been selling naked puts. I have margin available obviously.

>> No.30061776

I'm going down there and getting out money back.

>> No.30061778

What's going on with Bayhorse damn

>> No.30061782
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Bloomberg blaming chip shortages on 777 groundings and climate change? (Also you can watch the desi’s eyes moving left and right reading her script) Also shilling “Paris climate accord” need for higher costs, but when asked about what the real increase of costs from fucking climate change, the shill says “that’s a policy issue to be worked out in congress” Is there a real live news service that has no trash leftist bias for finance?

>> No.30061787

Richmond va

>> No.30061792

Yeah my stop losses are set

>> No.30061804
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>put AMRS on my watchlist back when people were shilling it at $9
>thought it was a weed stock for some reason
>saw it rise to $16
>now it's at $20
Wtf is this shit.

>> No.30061814

>SOXL CEO outside a Wendys with barnyard animals and a Thai hooker
That is pure FUD fake news bullshit.

The hooker was Korean, not Thai, and technically a llama is not a barnyard animal.

>> No.30061818 [DELETED] 
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>> No.30061825

Can you explain to a stupid person I have 80K in my savings.

>> No.30061832
File: 55 KB, 997x614, 3D594419-E59B-45B5-9B36-CB7F5F3CAEFE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

RKT bros
It’s our time

>> No.30061843

You know what I don't have saved? CRBP. I sold that shitty crab stock for real stocks.

>> No.30061846
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>plays with fire
>gets burned

>> No.30061853
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>> No.30061856

>been holding OMI since July as 20% of my portfolio in a TFSA (leaf here)
>check today and it's gone from $7 to $33
What the fuck.

>> No.30061864

Lol I feel you. Just did that for the first time this week on TQQQ. Takes a lot of planning, but if you mess up you really just get less profit lol.

>> No.30061865

Push It poster waking up soon. Everyone be on your best behavior please.

>> No.30061867

Dude I bought in at $3 in october and sold at $2 in november.

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Hello sirs, I bought put shares of SOXL last night and made millions. I am now super rich and have beutiful wife. I always win.

My next play is CRBP, you will go all in, yes?


Thank you.

>> No.30061880

I will be a janny, boys, and I will ban every one of you fucking cunny hating reddit cucks.

>> No.30061885

first world problems

>> No.30061888

RKT has 0 shares left to short

>> No.30061891
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>How did you miss the RKT squeeze
Fucking Chuck Schwab refuses to process my options upgrade so I'm stuck to investing like a boomer.

>> No.30061907

haha that's an amusing cat picture. he's like 'whaaaat' hah. would you mind if I saved this picture?

>> No.30061909

I'm only expecting a +50% in oil best case scenario, I'm bullish but only because I think oil is a very safe investment this year.

>> No.30061911
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I have $1000 worth of CRBP, and I set my sell limit to $25. Yeah, it's THAT easy.

>> No.30061935

Tech stocks are shit now. That includes biotech and semis. I'm going all in oil, wheat, and basedbeans.

>> No.30061942
File: 329 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210302-095751_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based, anon. It's based. I'm sorry that you have been missing out.

>> No.30061947

What did GTE do to tank?

>> No.30061952
File: 36 KB, 489x627, g3tcfqpznoo41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uh bros? buy the DDD dip?

>> No.30061953

>that has no leftist bias for finance
No, even the traditional ones like the economist and financial times, who are supposed to be as objective as it gets for their readers, are full on globohomo shills now

>> No.30061958

>and I set my sell limit to $25.
M8 i would sell CRBP if it even touches $8-9. Especially if you have options

>> No.30061966

Ok sweetie maybe next time you'll stay away from the next smg pump and dump

>> No.30061980

If you guys want some good copium, just remember robinhood locked my account for PDT and fidelity won't approve me for options so I cant even get in the market :)

>> No.30061982

shmucks who arent buying CRBP right now will think the same in 3 months

>> No.30061983

anons chill we will go up until next tuesday with only a few small down days. but ya fulo cash next tuesday

>> No.30062000
File: 145 KB, 2000x1333, 104531352-IMG_1181rrr-jim-cramer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Instathots need to have perfect teeth so I'd say its a buy. Hoes aren't going away anytime soon so invest in their superficiality. Jim "Horsecock" Cramer was shilling ALGN for the same reason the other day.

>> No.30062015

save away fren

>> No.30062018

But anon, they don't have any earnings.

>> No.30062020

Holy shit congrats bros, remember owning some RKT in november but I sold it for GME

>> No.30062022
File: 17 KB, 460x423, 1560683415040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Earnings dip play?

>> No.30062024

I feel you, I'm one thousand percent gay but i would rather literally fuck a man's pussy than be forced to see a weird useless flesh tube

>> No.30062026

RKT LEAPs printing I might go for a small stack of weeklys in the am

>> No.30062029
File: 193 KB, 1125x817, 1614641196050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CRBP bros we are finally at +0,00% today!
This is a huge win!
I am so glad I'm holding this stock!

>> No.30062035
File: 9 KB, 235x214, 1593187901241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30062049

Pill me on this please.

>> No.30062051

I mean even with bollywood sensibilities how do you record yourself doing this and think yeah show the world.

>> No.30062053

Chewy is on sale today friends

$100 is rock bottom prices

>> No.30062060
File: 11 KB, 236x232, 1417403352944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you try to use sierra-oscar-yankee legitimately and it filters to "based".

>> No.30062063
File: 2.97 MB, 576x1024, 1607752929772.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hello fellow sir. What are the due diligence factors in this CRBP transaction? Is it another scam to scram from?

>> No.30062067

>I'm only expecting a +50% in oil best case scenario,
that's why you use options to leverage that "safe" +50% into something substantial
IV is low

>> No.30062074
File: 35 KB, 550x422, zzezxg53ld521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Answer me. Hold my atos 2.50c April calls or sell for practically no gain. I was an idiot and missed selling them yesterday.

>> No.30062080

whats your female broker? you can do spreads and condors if you like managing your money, right now you can open a spread on amzn knowing it wont crab below 3k and when it hits the top of a swing you can open a short leg to make it into a condor and get paid to free up cash to buy the dip

>> No.30062085
File: 807 KB, 1440x1444, Screenshot_20210227-204642_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Silver up miners up. Simple as.

>> No.30062086
File: 110 KB, 700x715, time machine guys-girls comparison.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These faggots make me want to put hitler anywhere I can.

>> No.30062095

Come on SOXL
Please dip more

>> No.30062117
File: 21 KB, 365x648, media067 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been awhile since I've seen the crackhead tranny poster and if I'm being honest I kind of missed seeing a certain level of degeneracy in this general. In keeping with the tradition I will order my first escort tonight so I can finally lose my virginity. I thought for awhile I could make do with cam girls but realized they were only using me for my money and told me whatever I wanted to hear. I managed to find the website crackhead tranny poster uses and did a little research and found this crack fiend around my area. What do you guys think?

>> No.30062130
File: 89 KB, 640x480, 6D17FF65-B240-4440-A69B-251BF2708190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.30062131

>the date just keeps getting pushed back
Next year CRBP will go up to $4 and will be briefly mentioned on /smg/ again after disappearing into irrelevance over the spring.

>> No.30062143

>forced to see a weird useless flesh tube
I should honestly just buy an onahole.

>> No.30062145

Wait, Hitler had blue eyes?

>> No.30062157

Getting back to day's high of near 2%, hope this will hold until close.

>> No.30062163

last chance to buy below $50. accumulate

>> No.30062166


>> No.30062179

Hey I live there too small world
Fuck faggots long live the Confederacy by the way

>> No.30062196

Basedbeans. Basedbean futures. SOYB ETF

>> No.30062199
File: 122 KB, 1280x720, 1613799452801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pharma company that cratered last year on multiple failed trials is going to pull a miracle out of its ass in just 6 more days by trialing the same failed drug, but this time on a different disease.

>> No.30062201
File: 85 KB, 540x568, pepecorn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros, do I sell my RKT now? Up 48% on my principal, and I'M LITERALLY SHAKING.

>> No.30062205

Well AMTX lad, I was slagging you off a thread or so ago, but fair play - 1pm boom just like you said.

>> No.30062206
File: 26 KB, 392x395, 1612672649960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you PUSH IT and it fucking breaks

>> No.30062207
File: 107 KB, 720x405, Winter Fashion for massive gains.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't forget to buy PLTR today, massive discount!

>> No.30062217
File: 21 KB, 622x242, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30062232


>> No.30062234
File: 880 KB, 464x848, 75d0289e6629e0a031772d498c0d6e9846354c0277a03359421e7210d299a3cb_1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Indians lack self awareness. They think they look badass and cool doing things most humans would cringe at. But on the flip side, we get the absolute content machines that are indian tiktokers

>> No.30062237

Never selling nio. Lol

>> No.30062238



>> No.30062247
File: 191 KB, 1920x1080, W-we're going to be okay, right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>GME going up
>market going down

>> No.30062249
File: 15 KB, 314x129, 33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>remember owning some RKT in november
After reporting huge earnings last quarter, their stock got heavily shorted.
Their CEO took it personally and announced a $1.11 special dividend paid on the 9th (Ex date on the 5th)
They're also buying back $1b of stock.

Combine that with the memes of rockets mooning, and you've got a perfect storm.

>> No.30062266

Holy shit

>> No.30062274

>alt + o
fucking søybois

>> No.30062290

I want a man to dominate me. I want to please daddy’s member and have his semen shot all over my face.

>> No.30062294
File: 9 KB, 225x225, SACRED RICH PEPE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

last chance to buy boomer stock FORD under $13.

options are cheap as hell as well. Picked up some $13Calls for 3/26

>> No.30062297


>> No.30062302

okay i just fomo'd into RKT y'all can crash it now

>> No.30062304

bingo. in on Jan 2023 BP $30 LEAPs

>> No.30062307

Welp sold my RKT options made 500 on it. Rather sell now and make profit instead of getting dumped.

Did I do good frens?

>> No.30062324

Hell yeah go for it! Use protection, dont let her out of your sight as she might steal stuff. She might have some meth and if you pay be down to blow clouds and bang all night

>> No.30062325

btw these guys obviously aren't indian
Dude learn how biopharma catalysts work, no one is going to have a specific date when it has to moon. All we know at this point is earnings are coming soon and we have a Phase 2 Lupus trial and a Phase 3 Dermatomyositis trial for CRBP in the pipeline with catalyst dates in coming weeks, namely that lupus trial

>> No.30062328


>> No.30062337
File: 30 KB, 537x572, 450vj8yil4451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

still no one talking about michaels. fascinating.

>> No.30062354

always take profit if you can

>> No.30062357

topkek retards posting pajeet fud about CRBP

Fast forward two weeks we will see posts like this
>muh I had CRBP on my watchlist but didn't buy
>why am I such a unlucky person

>> No.30062359
File: 11 KB, 251x223, 1208309765876.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where are my leaf boys @?

>> No.30062364

Just sold AMRS at 22.30 lads

>> No.30062372

im still in at 3.1 you fucker, fuck you

>> No.30062378


>> No.30062380

j-jesus dude is that actually how your brain works?

>> No.30062383

I don't think a germany with nukes could even really do much with them (at least until they got v2's). You really need air superiority to drop them reliably.

>> No.30062405
File: 84 KB, 1080x1080, 1587671274166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just liquidated one of my stocks. I have 5k What should i buy into?

>> No.30062415

So you are saying that they can't do it themselves? I am curious. That sounds racist to me.

>> No.30062421

>do I sell my RKT now?
Don't forget about the $1.11 per share dividend next week
But yeah, if you're getting scared I'd sell off a bit of it and ride the rest

Note: as I've been typing this it went from 33 to 33.50.
Shit's wild.

>> No.30062422

Hi, people always ask me "how to pick the right stock?" I tell them "buy CRBP"

Kindly put all into CRBP, CRBP will give you 100% in no time. extremely extremely bullish, 26 FAST.

Thank you.

>> No.30062426

You're making powerful enemies for someone in such a small apartment, anon.

>> No.30062428

Me on the right.

>> No.30062436


>> No.30062438

>it goes up another 100% without you

every time

>> No.30062458

selling some covered calls for friday

>> No.30062459

If there is systemic racism in favour of whites, then explain why I'm surrounded by shitskins I don't want anywhre near me or in my country.
My privilege is to suffer the thrid world leeches?

>> No.30062465

oof ngmi

hope you got some good change

>> No.30062471

I’m going to report WSB to the SEC

>> No.30062476

>tfw almost bought MIK last year when it hit $1 during the crash, but decided not to
Also, what is there to talk about? Isn't it an arts and crafts store?

>> No.30062478

kek why does UVXY even exist if GME is a better market inverse than it could ever be

>> No.30062482

I don't know what to do.
I try to play options/CFDs, but price swings get me panicking and I lose money anyway.
What the fuck I do. I lost a lot of money like a retard and at this point I don't want to deal with the market bullshit.

>> No.30062486

I did. I'll buy back in later

>> No.30062495

Come on DNN I believe in you little guy. You can do it.


>> No.30062500
File: 1002 KB, 496x480, 1610460732416.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right here

>> No.30062501

May is clearly trying to get a “Real world” green card. The second she becomes real, BAM she’s outta there

>> No.30062509
File: 231 KB, 836x1479, 6A706A81-49F4-4F2B-89CE-D37291ADA7B1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The same guy that shilled AMRS a couple months ago was shilling PHUN last month

>> No.30062533

He used a website? I thought he literally just tracked women down on the street who looked totally wrekt.

I'd suggest you use a sugar daddy site (seeking arrangements I think?) because the girls aren't such trainwrecks and they are used to getting scammed so just giving them anything is good enough for them.

>> No.30062544
File: 553 KB, 914x750, 055A9B40-0304-429A-A935-54BF71833A71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I heard the CEO of SOXL got caught sucking dick in a Malaysian brothel. Is this why it’s down 90% today?

>> No.30062545
File: 144 KB, 1440x1299, Screenshot_20210302-120849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks AMRS

Fuck each and every one of you who mocked me.

>> No.30062546

don't play options unless you have good timing, strategy, and nerves.
just buy every dip on a stock you like and never sell

>> No.30062556

You're not going to be a millionaire overnight, stop trying to buy moonshots like options or CRBP and invest in quality companies.

>> No.30062557

Germany actually got heavy water, but they put the project on hold out of fear it would ignite the atmosphere.

And then we bombed their labs.

>> No.30062559


>> No.30062570
File: 1.21 MB, 1891x1412, 1603926174105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Been holding RKT since September
>watched the demise of RKT from 34 to 19
>still held my 23.78 Average Cost Shares
>became a wizard a few days ago
>RKT moons

>> No.30062579
File: 162 KB, 563x806, EFLmLSTWwAEWfTB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw my NUT stock liquidates

>> No.30062583
File: 18 KB, 612x378, istockphoto-1175443376-612x612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I told you all AMTX was the play of the day! What a rally! 2nd day of massive gains in a row. Sell the news after hours since this stock will dump hard!

>> No.30062586

Bought a weekly 29C for the memes on RKT. Would anybody be interested in watching me burn any more liquidity?

>> No.30062590

>1.11 special dividend
Wow unironically should have went all in just for that divvy

>> No.30062594


The Watcher
Called CGC before 2x
AMRS before 10x
PHUN before 3X
plenty more

>> No.30062611

what proxy country could germany even nuke?
China/US/Russia seem liker longterm bad ideas, so maybe a small Island country like the US did?
UK instead of Japan?

Do any of them cut hair?

>> No.30062612

>Bought a RKT 40c 3/19 contract for $0.15
>Saw it get to $2.20 this morning, took profit
>Multiple chances to buy back in ~$1.75
>It's at $4 now

>> No.30062620

Im wondering what Uranium-related catalysts are on the horizon soon ;0

>> No.30062636

I never doubted you but I sold for a profit my fren. Thank you for your wisdom.

>> No.30062653

Ive got 5 AMRS calls $5 strike for 3/16. Does it make sense to exercise them if I'm bullish on AMRS long-term or should I just sell now and buy some LEAPS/shares when it dips

>> No.30062655

Next time zoom out the chart when you put a stock on your watch list.

>> No.30062662
File: 3.53 MB, 3162x2177, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my 12.50 mar 19 c never gonna print is it, salmon chads you fucking lied to me

>> No.30062663

AMRS's beta is unreal. it could tank to 12 tomorrow

>> No.30062666
File: 7 KB, 225x225, pep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are you telling me there is more than one resident tranny in this general

>> No.30062673

put in a good theme song for the thread

>> No.30062675

How do you fuckers find these stocks before the moon

>> No.30062678
File: 1.34 MB, 1865x1505, 1604099059370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30062680

AMRS is a good company

>> No.30062685

HIDE this. Don't post it yet. I need more time erghhh

>> No.30062690

You’re the subhuman btw

>> No.30062696

Currently memeing my balls off, I mean this is exactly what weekly calls are for, degenerate short squeezes

>> No.30062716

I bought GME at 13 and sold at 35 anon, it could be worse, atleast you took profits and didnt get fucked in a not good way

>> No.30062722

>AMRS's beta is unreal.
Yahoo finance says AMRS's beta is 0.92. Not very high at all, in fact, below what i expected.

>> No.30062732


>> No.30062740

I'll wait for a dip or market close before jumping back in.

>> No.30062742
File: 639 KB, 946x1014, i-is that a...png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30062760

is this is it? it seems to tank after a big run up. i think the real prices is $16

>> No.30062762

Hello newfren

>> No.30062773

You got profits anon
Feel good about that.
I just placed a sell order for 34.50 thinking it would never hit that (above 52w high) and It's spiking to 34.20.

Nothing wrong with locking in profits.
This shit could pull a NOK any time.

>> No.30062780

Weekly is already printing, it's my first time tee hee, how fucked am i

>> No.30062791

AMRS is the only one i've seen in these threads in a while that actually did that.
most of the time anons are buying the top, getting slaughtered but not posting their returns, then on the first green day they post their accounts as if they aren't bleeding out of the eyes

>> No.30062802

How do I get exposure to Uranium on the TSX?

>> No.30062822
File: 71 KB, 960x860, 7nhs3cieuc451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


it is. but there was talks of a private equity firm buying it out, and gained around 20% in the last day.

>> No.30062833


>> No.30062837
File: 1.05 MB, 1769x2500, 3F1EBEB1-2944-4537-A8D4-F967D6E77BC0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

His target for PHUN is 9 as far as I know

>> No.30062848

sp500 gonna close green

>> No.30062863

They have at least one closed deal PR lined up. ~$500M deal. Move quick.

>> No.30062880

I did this with my $7 option. I exercised it and its the best decision I ever made. Sell a few to cover the cost if you'd like or just exercise them and ride this fucken wave.

$100 EOY. Pick your poison either way you are comfy.

>> No.30062903

I would.

>> No.30062932

Big deal ($500M) PR coming. It's gonna be worth a lot more.

>> No.30062995

Reddit and Stocktwits of course

>> No.30063014

I almost bought more :/

>> No.30063070

You mean to test them? You can test them underground.

The idea would be to use them in ww2, presumably. If you mean to show nuclear superiority then that wouldn't work because the idea that nuclear weapons made japan surrender is mythological in nature. They seriously did not care, and every meeting they had after they were dropped didn't take them seriously in the slightest (just another bombing run that decimated another city for like the 30th time). When the soviets invaded Manchuria they immediately capitulated to America to seek good terms. The idea of attributing their loss to some magical weapon came up a week later (they had shelved all discussions about the recent bombings as unimportant prior to their surrender), and it was used to save face.

>cut hair

>> No.30063080

This is tumblr tier trolling go back

>> No.30063165

This. Brazilian buy out is insane.

AMRS also holds actual patents and propriety tech.

Amyris (AMRS) presents a unique opportunity with their recent news of a revolutionary way to synthesize cannabinoids. They plan to synthesize CBG molecules (a precursor of CBD and other cannabinoids) with yeast. Of course, this is not a product intended for the psychoactive cannabis industry, but the implications of their innovation.

They are trying to improve the ability to concentrate CBD and other cannabinoids without using grow facilities. This will allow for more potent CBD products and the ability to conduct medical research on curative effects with a higher concentration of cannabinoids. There is huge potential here for business success.

>> No.30063185

CYDY going parabolic for me. Up 20k today. FDA emergency approval imminent.

>> No.30063190
File: 268 KB, 750x506, 98EAFA25-EE0D-4806-8B89-81EFCFFF546B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf is this market

up down up down up down

>> No.30063210

Thanks, anons, that makes me feel better. A part of me was thinking it would hit $40, but moderate profits > bagholding.

Lesson learned, get 2+ contracts, 50% is minor profit, 50% is the lottery ticket.

Also thanks to the based anon who saw RKT coming a week ago, listening to you paid off (and would have paid off even more if I'd listened harder).

I bought way OTM DIS calls and puts and TSLA puts, one of those better print.

>> No.30063242

>The idea of attributing their loss to some magical weapon came up a week later (they had shelved all discussions about the recent bombings as unimportant prior to their surrender), and it was used to save face.
Interesting, thanks for that post

>> No.30063247

I just sold at the crest

>> No.30063281

i hate black women so fucking much, dude

>> No.30063306

Read this if you're interested:

>> No.30063313

is soxl going to 0?

>> No.30063365

I love black women so fucking much, dude, but no real human being would say this

>> No.30063379

>page 7

>> No.30063409

bake you fucks

>> No.30063473

can you explain how the divi affects the options price for a brainlet pls?

>> No.30063483

wtf you dumbasses?

>> No.30063499

that's the point. it's like all of the advertisements they keep churning out lately with stable black families with the black father being there for his kids and providing for the family and paying his taxes and other fantasies they jews come up with.

>> No.30063509


>> No.30063544

Oh my god what a faggot didnt even put smg in the title

>> No.30063568

no title
shit thread
cannot find in catalog / search

>> No.30063604

Yeah and that's just one fucking molecule.

>> No.30063638

But can find ITT. You came here to ask for bake without even checking if there was one linked here.

>> No.30063692

They could have nuked London.

>> No.30063768
File: 64 KB, 930x450, 08dd7-paintythepirate-2_1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What drops like a stone to the ground of the sea?
pinkish and red and non-profitable is she
If sins against nature be something you wish
then buy up more shares of this mutant fish
(ree ree ree ree ree ree ree)

>> No.30063802

They wouldn't have though, since they were actual human beings with empathy.

>> No.30063840

new, with title - non-shit bake

>> No.30063894

fuck off newfag
if it doesn't have title, it is not the /smg/ thread

>> No.30063994
File: 75 KB, 960x760, 1581111118533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30064121

This. The never wanted to bomb civilians. What happened was during a cloudy night mission one of their air squadrons got really off target and accidentally hit civilians, there wasn't some huge attack planned to wipe their population centers or anything. Churchill got angry and then started bombing german civilians for real and it spiraled out of control.

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