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>missed out on btc when it was under $1k
>missed out on chain when it was under $1
>missed out on BAT when it was under 60c
pickup a bag or forever be on suicide watch when we 100x next year
1.5bill max supply and some whales already have 120m+, we can control the supply, Once normies find out they can pay their netflix off just by switching browser to Brave its going parabolic.
So anon, are you feeling batty?

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linking back to these threads when its $100 will be a sight to behold, trains leaving the station soon

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>year 2023
>saw early threads on BAT in 2021
>brave is #1 browser
>keep getting ad from biz oldfags linking these early threads of BAT when it was under a dollar

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>>keep getting ad from biz oldfags linking these early threads of BAT when it was under a dollar
Fuck, thats really good. I will be spending some of my BAT stack to advertise to all the late comers how they only had to listen, on this day, 3-2-21. They will never be able to suppress the memory of this thread, and will kill themselves. Their tiny stack of BAT will be taken out of the supply, thus only increasing my BATs value.

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>1.5bill max supply and some whales already have 120m+
ah yes, this really makes me want to invest in this bnd shitcoin

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by the time the whales sell up if they decide to, the mass influx of normies will eat it up because BAT dopamine from using brave.

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normies will never switch to brave

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where can i buy BAT?

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that's why theyre on 25 mill active monthly users and will be above 50m end of year at least? Ok bud, normies are starting to hate google and big tech for stealing their data and brave fills that gap

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Brave has been confirmed as spyware DYOR

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Who purchased the jeeta BAT service? Present yourself faggot

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any of the big exchanges

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BAT whale here

I am forced to love it since I've been holding it for probably 3+ years now

But... it pretty much sucks. Worst performer by far of all the stuff I have. Plus it's 100% crippled by ERC-20 currently

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they claim the ads are downloaded in batches then only shown based on local browsing history.
any chance we can prove it though? it's not open source...

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Thanks anon. Any suggests for a sui stack?

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the whole browsers philosophy is decentralisation, no way they would go against their word on that. Im sure there's ways to test it

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10k BAT right now

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It is open source. And everything is done client side locally, no PID ever leaves your browser/machine. Stop lying faggot

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Oh boy, that "muh random neocities site is a valid source" schizo anon is back

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Just bought 50 BAT

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It is open source, that's why GAB was able to make a meme copy of it so quickly that they immediately stopped working on lol. The thing is the software itself is one thing but the business relationships are quite another. Torba is a fucking retard (based though he may be)

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be sure to be mining it through brave browser if you're poor anon, you can get 0.5 bat per day realistically per device.
if you do decide to
>opt into ads
>switch to 5 ads max
>auto contribute off
every 5th tab opened is an ad but it pays less however it can help you reach 5 max ads per hour limit quickly. Best of luck

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Also whats up with the contract? The only one officially listed says not to use it and its locked out.

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Thanks for the heads up i switched back yesterday to brave already gaining the maximum on my work laptop, however on my gaming rig im gaining a bit less idk why, i also downloaded it on my phone.

Since im kinda new to brave, can i fuse all my earnings through my devices ? I synced them all up already

I just wanted to buy some under the 0.50c mark but ill buy more next month.

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elaborate pls
i believe you can link them but i keep mine unlinked because idk if it caps you at 5 caps throughout all devices. No need to create an uphold atm when DEX is planned to release, only reason would be to store BAT securely until then.

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i just got 2 trips in a row, you cunts better buy up

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i see that you're feeling batty anon, glad for you

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$100 eoy.

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The contract address on the offical bat site and the one listed on coin gecko and etherscan seems to be locked out on uniswap. The website says that contract address is locked now and not to use it. I did a search for Bat and found a coin but i have no way to verify its not a scam coin because i dont have acontract to check ot against

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idk how to help i dont use uniswap

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Bat to the moon then ?

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29.5% of the total supply are on exchanges, the rest are in cold wallets. Once that gets eaten up we'll see it moon hard.

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Once you realize he's been working against how much the kikes always fuck everything including his own work you really see how based he is

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his huge head directly correlates to his IQ, jews hate him for this 1 simple trick!

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I want to use Brave. I really like it.

But vertical tabs in Firefox is just too good. Collaspable vertical tabs by group changed the way I browsed. Hell even Edge has better vertical tab support that Chrome (and by extension, Brave). Chromes vertical tab support is like caveman era in comparison.

When Brave gets vertical tabs worth a shit, I'll switch over.

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normies dont care about vertical tabs, just buy a bag you don't even need to use brave to profit from BAT, what you farm is peanuts compared to buying BAT off exchanges

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Just get an extension faggot. You're literally missing out on thousands of future dollars (Free) by not using Brave right now.

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What’s the suicide and make it stack?

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5k, and 50k. It was cut in half last week with the new roadmap.

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make it stack is 25-50k BAT
suicide is 10k BAT

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See pic


Good for the normies, I don't care. No tree style tabs, no go.


Firefox can be modified easily to stop a lot of it. I'm good.

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How high will this go eoy?

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Why would I buy something I can get for free?

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I say $5 eoy

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limited supply anon, get it while you can

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kek that spacing, you know everyone who spaces between the ID are foreign FUDers
double digits then $100 end of 2022 and potentially thousands in the future if chromes userbase bails

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$40 eoy. Then $100+ next year.

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>Firefox can be modified
>Can't into tab add-ons for Brave

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You mod firefox but cant download a quick addon in brave? Google links affiliate pajeet detected

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As high as your hopium will take you.

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I think he just doesn't want to leave a browser called "fox" cuz he's a fur fag.

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the man behind the FUD

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*unzips dick*

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>See pic

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