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> I told my normie friend about /biz/

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You have betrayed us, you must now commit rope.

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Buy into whatever coins they like and exit at +10-20%

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Your friend will now think you are a psychopath responsible for the oppression of the numerically lesser racial populations in your residential country

But your friend will still greet you with a smile

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fuck you nigger faggot

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BTC will now crash thanks for playing

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Congrats, now your friend will lose everything and blame you for it

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Degenerate gambler. Racist, closet gay

That's what they think you are.

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To repent tell him that what goes down will come back up and let us dump on him

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oh no

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But are they wrong?

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Me too, he said ‘wow they say nigger here? Uhhh, I think I like Reddit.’

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>having friends
You're a normie too. You don't belong here.

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> Your friend will now think you are a psychopath
I know. My ex gf was apalled when she decided to "check out that forum I'm always browsing".
My friend asked me what sites I use for crypto and I replied without thinking.

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Kindly go

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You have commited a great sin my child. You must repent and pay with your memes.

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We used to study together. I'm not really sure if we're friends (anymore).
I'm a rich loner, black pilled, and have light autism. Pretty sure I belong here.

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>i introduced my normie friends to crypto
>i told them about biz
>we have a kikebook group chat specifically for spouting memes and screaming when prices fluctuate

is it wrong to have fun with my friends AND make us money at the same time?

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You know we gonna fill it with gay stuff right now. Say goodbuy to your reputation, filthy traitor.

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As long as he never ever posts here I don’t see a problem

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You don’t belong anywhere but in the ground

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I-I d-d-don't agree with any of the racist, homophobic, anti semetic, or sexist things posted on here.

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but whites are the minority now

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This. Profile link OP?

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don't worry, he/she won't be able to handle the chaotic nature of it and will close the tab and never be back after less than 10 minutes here.

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man i bet this woman is just absolutely a dead fish in the sack

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that's rude

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jew has hitlers poster haha

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you mean genetically lesser

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There is only one way this can be forgiven.
Sharpie in pooper with timestamp. Now.

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>hanging out with normie friend this past weekend. he also trades crypto
>"hey bro i wanna show you this funny vid"
>shows me a bizonacci youtube video
>starts asking me questions like "do you know what they mean when they keep zooming in on the numbers?" (post# digits)
>literally mfw
Didn't expose myself or 4chan though.

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