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how much will you pay with your current capital gain?

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I paid 33k on 189k I literally sat on my couch with a phone and made 189k I couldn't care less about 33k to not worry about the gubbament

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over 500k for 2020

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Capital gains would require having sold. I am NEVER selling.

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I accidentally sold my big stack ETH for BTC on cb pro instead of buying some with my small remaining BTC balance.

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midwit detected.
yes i would pay 50% tax on 1 million gain. you can order another bug burger and renew your bike sharing membership. maybe the nigger scabies wont infect you this time.

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I've made 1200$ today just by selling some shitcoin after they mooned. I don't care about the fucking "project", I only care about my money

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holy shit its that tiktok goblin

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I didn't make any capital gains. also will wait with staking till it can make me a passive income

oh and I'm a NEET student and am gambling with government money anyway topkek

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taxes already done and paid ~$1300. Would have paid more but Chainlink swooped in late last year and saved the day.

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I managed to off-set my gains by having a mortgage.
In the current tax jurisdiction where I reside I will get a small amount back from my tax returns.

not only I made money on stocks, but I am also getting my taxes back.
I will make sure to tell that to the old lady at the tax office just to see her face.

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I owe $35,000 in taxes.

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>negative capitol gains last year
Feels good lmao

However this year I have already and will be making big gains so if I cash out then I’ll have quite a bit to pay.

Holding RBC though I prolly won’t cash out until at least a year or $20.

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dangerously undisclosed & based

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I just might get some tax returned, but I am not sure. And it won't be a lot

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None cause I barely made a gain that I’ve disposed of. Retards don’t even understand how CGT works.

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can't get fucked if you never sell.

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You work hard, you make money
There ain't no one in this world who can stop you
You work hard, you went hungry
Now the taxman is out to get you

You worked hard
And you slaved and slaved for years
Break your back, sweat a lot
Well, it's just not fair

He hates you, he loves money
And he'll steal your shit and think that it's funny
Like the Beatles he ain't human
Now the taxman is out to get you

You worked hard
And slaved and slaved for years
You played
And you played and played for years

Taxman, Mr. Heath
He's looking for a run-in, yeah
Taxman, Mr. Heath
He's looking for a run-in, a run-in yeah yeah

Taxman, Mr. Heath
He's looking for a run-in, yeah
Taxman is a thief
He's looking for a run-in, a run-in yeah yeah

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>not willing to do your part to pay for covid spending

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I cashed out 100k, i for sure thought i was paying this year, but after i put my shitcoin defi trading wallet into cointracker, i ended up as a slight loss.

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>paying for Kyle to buy a ps5 with his unemploymed because of covid cheque
No thanks.

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Let's say hypothetically I made ~$500k on selling NFTs. Literally just making pictures and people giving me crypto. How would the tax man know about my gains?

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Those hips/ass stretch marks. HNNNGGG!

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