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Whats the marketcap of quick right now? Fully diluted is 500m right?

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delete this, anon no need to know about this pepitas

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Shut up faggot it’s $600 you’re priced out of accumulating I’m sure of it.

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Fuck off shill. Tell marketcap right now or the cow gets it.

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This is unironically a sell signal. This fucking degenerate can’t multiply price times circulating supply.

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90% of the supply goes to liquidity miners on quick swap. 986 every day for the first year. So only like maybe 160-200k is circulating right now. Also not shilling just trying to get quick bros in on bonded early too, Sameep is the lead dev of both of these projects and it’s an easy 50x. Not shilling you don’t have to buy kek.

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Jesus you're are retard newfag. You have to go back.

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He's not wrong, you literally made a thread because you couldn't figure out how to find out the circulating supply on your own.

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for a blue uniswap clone, a joke

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so if i LP any QUICK pair on quickswap i autmatically earn QUICK? or do i need to stake the LP somewhere?

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Stake LP tokens on quickswap. On the trade page, click QUICK menu option in top left corner.