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This is getting ridiculous. Who the fuck is suppressing this?

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Ur mom

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its over

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stop it faggot

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who do you think?
Mr. Big mac himself of course.
Interns are saying he's up to 15 big macs a day now.
His girth is boundless, and his hunger is insatiable, and the dumping shall continue until he has his fill.

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As an ethfag, I too think the price is being suppressed. Maybe we're all just schizos who are invested in something that may have huge potential down the road, but is still too early for any massive gains compared to these stupid shitcoins.

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At minimum we should be at $50 by now. There is no way we are below $100 with arbitrum + staking.

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Hand 'em big macs over and no one gets hurt, kid

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Sirgay is keeping it suppressed so that I can keep accumulating. I’m finally almost at 1k. Once I finish my suicide stack I’ll tell him to stop dumping

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Citibank said in their report that they think Chainlink will be bigger than bitcoin. Theres a nose at the bottom of this somewhere

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*suppressed laugh*

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I dunno.

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The sell pressure non-existant though.

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...but he will never has his fill

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>10% of the supply on exchanges

CZ is well known for using tradebots to strangle upward momentum. A smart anon in an RLC thread proved this, since RLC has a greater proportion of supply on Binance. If your coin has a significant portion of supply on Binance, Binance tradebots will attempt to control the price.

Removing your Link from Binance, if you have it there, is advisable.

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>A smart anon in an RLC thread proved this

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The suppression doesn't bother me nearly as much as the fact we have OCR and still no fucking staking. OCR was their one excuse and we have it now. What the fuck are you waiting for?

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Insider here, since the linkpool drama sergey has taken a break for a few days on holiday in athens, greece. His appetite has grown insatiable and the team are worried, he's already eaten through the supplies of two franchises and the area has low supplies becuase of covid. Things aren't looking good and unless these resurants are provided with 100% grass fed beef anytime soon the link price is likely to be affected. My god have mercy on our souls.

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Sergey is the only one with enough LINK to affect the price

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Pic related, the big macs here are 3.30

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The sell pressure is not relevant. Binance throttles it so that only small amounts can be sold, this makes it difficult for people to buy lots at once and pump the price. This is what you're seeing here- throttling of the price movement.

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It's right there... 3.30 for a big mac... Jesus Christ...

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check em

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It really is uncanny, BTC always dumps when LINK is about to break through a price wall.

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$6,90 here. $10,83 for a full meal.

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The Vatican

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I know nothing about link but checking out the order book on binance I found it real strange that there was basically no sell wall at 30$ exactly. With everything else there's always the whole number walls. The big walls always moved to within 10c above were it's currently at. I think the schizos are justified.

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At least we finally gained some sats

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Do you really have to ask?

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They finally ran out

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at this point it would be easier to ask the question:
who ISN'T suppressing it?

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Did it just break free of Bitcoins pattern?

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Imagine if you will you got into a timemachine and were transported back to 2011. Your memory is wiped but all you remember is that BTC goes to 50k in 2021. What would you do? Would you start shilling BTC to everyone, or would you go out every night and suck as many cocks as you can just to get money to accumulate BTC while it's still below 5$? That's what has been happening with LINK since its inception. People in the know - we're talking about the highest echelons of civilization, the Rothschilds and Rockafellers of this world, have laid the groundwork for their 4th industrial revolution via their minion Klaus Schwab. After BTC was released (which was a surprise most likely, even to them), they quickly grasped the consequences and started working on fulfilling the god protocol. A counter party, who this is I don't know, set up Vitalik and Ethereum to try and block their plans. The elite circle had to adapt their plans, and this is how Chainlink was born. Sergey was chosen to be the frontman, and he gets weekly briefings on how to proceed. They are slowly allowing the price to rise while accumulating at every. single. step. on. the. way. It's really impressive when you think about it. They dropped /biz/ some clues, but because we didn't grasp it enough they introduced AssBlaster to really spoonfeed us. They taught us to fud and by doing this, they limited the amount of retail holders to only a couple thousands of neets who they can easily monitor via 4chan. By using massive fud campaings (ZEUS anyone?) and using fake outs on clear TA patterns and using price suppression while other coins moon, they are now trying to make you sell your golden ticket. Whether or not you want to sell is up to you, to try and time tops and bottoms in the hope of getting a significant number on your blockfolio of completely worthless currency (USD). The only thing that matters in this whole space is Chainlink. Everything else is just one big psyop distraction.

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I don't even know what arbitrum is but what I do now is that the network starts off as being centralized and slowly expands to decentralization. So far the nodes are all 100% secure as far as the chainlink team is concerned so I don't expect staking until the network grows larger and nodes with less reputation start going on the network.
This takes time as the reputation system needs a lot of time to get going.

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Fucking based. I wish this were true.

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I'm suppressing yo mama pu$$y wit mah deek yt boi

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DRN (dumping right now)

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why wouldnt they just buy LINK over the counter for cheap from sergey later? Lmao. Cool but retarded

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yeah, something tells me the rotschilds could come up with something better than an ERC-20 token that helps run a JSON parser, if they wanted to usher in the 4th industrial revolution.

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citibank is loading up right now after they have finished shilling it

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$725 EOY
t. an oracle

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oh god they purged him

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Wow yet again BTC shits itself, just as link starts to run

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sorry guys I just bought

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Except it literally just happened again.

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are you fucking kidding me

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>rofschilds are suppressing the price

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This is funny in a not funny at all kind of way. Link sure does make you pay for your free money.

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CZ, who else?

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This is unironically bullish long term

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What did he say???

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Kill off the scam coin as no longer needed nor its bagholders

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$FRM. Few understand. #presales #50xprofit #100xprofit #few

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How do we defeat CZ?

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every fucking time

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this is what happens when peolpe hold their coins on binance, CZ has all the data and bots he uses to collect more link tokens. not only is it CZ its all the other people that "stake" their link with comapnys for 4% APY a year. and also Sergey dumps every pump.

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tell me about Sergay, why does he eat the big mac?

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>muh suppression

Link is at an 11 billion marketcap. Its 260x since ico. No one is supressing the fucking price. If anything, Its massively overvalued like most shitcoins right now. Stop getting emotionally attached to shitcoins.

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>No one is supressing the fucking price.
Take your meds.

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We are going to be so fucking rich. From this day forward I will not sell a single link. This is the confirmation I needed

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That's not even the thread where the anon called it literally 1 minute before. It was one with a clown pepe

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Can you find it?

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Can confirm, I live in Ομόνοια and can see his big juicy round body on the horizon. He ate up the stock of the McD's in Γλυφαδα and on Syntagma square now he's rolling north to hit another one.

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God you are so fucking retarded holy shit. You honestly think that they dumped bitcoin for the sole purpose of keeping ONE shitcoin down? Get a fucking grip and take your medication you delusional cretin.

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>You honestly think that they dumped bitcoin for the sole purpose of keeping ONE shitcoin down?

It's been happening a lot.

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>he doesn't know
>he wants to know

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Sergey and Ari Juels

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Didn’t you hear LINK got downgraded? Absolute state of linkies. Stop shilling your shitcoin here.

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What the fuck this can't be true, I'm selling everything right now.

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If you think that image proves that people are suppressing link then I'm sorry to tell you but Link will be suppressed forever.

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Why does this keep happening? Pretty soon it's gonna be an ERC - 9 token

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It's ok anon, not everyone has basic pattern recognition.

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He switched to Gyros and has no plans of returning to USA. Sorry linkbros, it's all over.

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there's been so many prediction threads its not hard to tell anymoe, you'd almost have to be retarded if you're not shorting btc and making money off this

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Lol as if erc were a rating system and not a technology.

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my mom i think

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Nah. Nothing replaces the king’s sandwich of choice.

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est. 2019

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If he wanted to know he already would. Its not like the citi group news is old or anything. Even newfags know

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