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Are you taking profits and treating yourselves bros?

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nah I am saving for a 14 year old

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I spend my Monero on minecraft every now and then.

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who gives a fuck about an ego mobile. buy land and return to nature

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There is literally nothing more cucked than buying a new/expensive car.

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Unironically better than a lambo anyways so good for him.

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Jesus christ its always a car isnt it? This bruh really sacrificed major bitcoin gains for a depreciating asset.

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I am an absolute poorfags so yes, I need to buy a house and car at some point
but I am not willing to take out more than 30% of my portfolio

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Looks like the proper kind of beta cuck that'd unironically buy a car with bitcoin
Not everyone is meant to make it, poorfag mentality holds too many back

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why is it always audi?

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non whites are truly subhuman

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He's just a kid, I don't expect him to make wise decisions
If he was 35, he'd need to be stabbed

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No I have 600 invested can't make it out of 3 figure hell.

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>Imagine wasting your money on an expensive car
It's always the goblino looking ones

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A car is literally the last thing I would buy with my gains. Land/home is the first. But not even with cash.
Normies are dumb.

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I can't tell what's uglier, the car's paint job or the dude who bought it.
>Buying a depreciating asset with your investment proceeds

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you sound like those boomers who die in poverty but have millions in silver buried. let the person live. whats the point of being rich if you don't at least spend it on shit like transportation.

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Wondering the same thing. Not really a wealth flex car, and not really a stealth wealth car either.

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>9 months ago
so how many of those audis could he buy today with the same amount of BTC, 5?

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Based, I hope that I will be able to buy a decent Audi A4 B8 after this bull run

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Flavor of the week. Normalfags only buy cars to impress their normalfag friends; deep down, they don't even like Audi

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I pissed $700,000 up a wall between the age of 21 and 26.

Now i would be lucky getting a job that pays that sort of money.

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You sound like a consoomer poorfag who will wage slave for the rest of his life

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poorfag mentality will drag you down your entire life

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These cars are absolutely shit. They are slow, cheaply made, expensive pieces of shit and any modern jap vehicle is superior in every imaginable way. Why anyone would buy one of these pieces of shit or even a BMW is beyond me. You arent winning any races and you look like a absolute fag.

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> https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/gqlyvi/its_not_a_lambo_but_i_bought_this_with_bitcoin/
> https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20200525/
He put down $20K using BTC which is 2.25 BTC when Bitcoin was $8,900 that day. 2.25 BTC is $110K today.

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>tfw enjoy driving and recently thinking about buying a used nice car
>join thread. its just endless shitting on carfags
i dont really have much else i enjoy. Still, i would never buy an audi. audi is dumb womens car

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>jap vehicle superior to german ones

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I live in New York now, but I would only ever buy a vintage car. I like to work on them and they appreciate in value.

I will never buy a deprecating asset other than a computer ago. Also I use my computer to mine to cut costs, but it's difficult with energy costs so high in NYC.

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I didn’t say you couldn’t cash out faggot. But why throw your hard earned gains into an asset that depreciates the minute you out pen to paper?

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Fucking underaged and based

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This but unironically.

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I don't need cars or houses. I want to accumulate to travel and smash pussy around the world while investing.

To me that guy is a loser. And an ugly one at that. I'm 30 and look younger than him

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enjoy being middle class for life consoomer faggot, ngmi

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>hard earned gains

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big pie is enq, that is what you should look at now
check it and tell me that I am wrong
look at their pos and poa algos, if you clever you will realize everything

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kek you coping faggot

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thats right cash out and consume goyim

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Crown vics are widely known to be the most reliable cars money can buy. It's why police and taxies have historically used them. Ford is overall a pretty crappy company, but they did do some things right.

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Trolling right? German vehicles are poorly made, poor performing pieces of shit. The only thing bmw did right ever was their s1000rr and thats a motorcycle. Jap bike will still own it in every way.

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They need it because they think chicks care. Women don't care what you drive on average. At best you're making yourself feel better and more confident and you might get laid from that extra boost in confidence, not the car.

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No because $1.3M still isn’t life changing for me.
I have no expenses and live a NEET life and my parents take care of all the expenses.
I think people like me who literally have no reason to ever cash out will make it big in a few years. Of course my life doesn’t change one bit if that doesn’t happen and it crashes down to zero, I’ll still get a fat inheritance.

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You need a car to get around and you might as well spend some cash on a nice one.

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Cash out an apreciating asset to get into DEBT!
>oh say can you see

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Why buy a German fag car if it’s not a Porsche

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Jesus everyone on this board really is a weird miserable aspie faggot aren’t they

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Lmao im dating a cute Korean that wants to drive me, going for a day trip on the weekend, im living the dream

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bought a tuktuk and makin nice profits sirs
if chainlink hits 40 it's enough for another tuktuk and I officially help employ my village sirs

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when I make $500k I'm going to buy a nice french bulldog and a synth, at $150k right now.

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Looks like shit.
If you make it, at least use Flake or Iridescent paint, pearlescent anything other than normie shit.
Or even make your car an NFT by getting someone to paint a HQ popular waifu on it like Asuka. (Not Rei)

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Honestly 1,000 dollars is worth more than 100,000 dollars at age 80. Just be smart with money. A tab of LSD or a ticket to a rave and some MDMA can help you meet someone you love for the rest of your life.

Obviously don't max out your credit card on Seamless and other stupid goy shit. However, travel, healthy food (not necessarily overpriced meals) and having active interests can easily be justified as emotional investment. If you don't invest in yourself to be emotionally healthy, you will end up broken.

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I have a cousin who started working recently and makes slightly above average money at a warehouse. He wastes all his money on his Audi and perfumes. He has more than 20 perfumes

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The trick is to buy something like this that will only gain value the longer you own it (provided you look after it properly)

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They are

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Jesus.. That sounds pathetic. Are you even alive at that point?

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Perfume is nasty. I have a lavendar scented humidifier I use. I usually go around smelling like lavender and sandalwood which is pretty gay but it smells nicer than perfumes and has been shown to genuinely have a calming effect.

Alcohol based perfumes all smell fucking disgusting.

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Here in EU, Audis/BMWs/Mercedes are cars driven by criminals and always get stolen. They're the equivalent of Nissan Altimas and Civics in the US I guess...

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Honestly i'd feel embarrassed using gains for something like this, buying a typical new money car like that just makes you look like a faggot and will only impress the most brain dead of normies, everyone else will see through it for what it is.

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Then he drives it with two hands death gripping the wheel, going 3-under in the fast lane the whole way home, face six inches from the windshield, scared to death, all the way home only to drive it everyday to go get Taco Bell 0.4 miles from his studio apartment.

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You do realize you can buy a decent looking car built this decade for less than $10k right? You don’t have to blow $80k on a depreciating overpriced piece of shit.

You autistic black and white thinking retard.

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I'm treating myself with appreciating assets that yield me a minimum profit of 8% annually and passively of my initial investment.

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Why cash out when you can wait for it to drop?

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>gas fee is rising
>trying to survive
>lose everything

Go GSX, don’t spend your time
imho, I hold GSX

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and yet I sit here with my $1.3 Million in crypto arguing with a bunch of faceless faggots who think everyone is poor and life is a meme.

eat a dick

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>not buying a Mazda CX-5

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Based, how else are you going to buy the new pizza skin in minecraft

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shut the fuck up lmao

you're never gonna get pussy

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See>>30044123 for what you're defending.

You can do things in moderation. He spent $20k for a 40% down payment on a 2013 Audi, blowing an investment which would be 5x today in the process. My entire car costs less than that, it's from the same year, undoubtedly is cheaper to own and maintain, and I own it outright.
Are you coping because you also cashed out before the bull market began? Maybe you're the guy in the pic?

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>and you might as well spend some cash on a nice one.

>> No.30044740

because a car is transportation is you low iq ape. its not like is collecting funko pops and gamer girl bath water. its a fucking car.

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I am a brown skinned middle eastern in U.S, basically lowest tier on the SMV scale and I have zero self-confidence.
I just invest in cryptos to get the dopamine rush and feel alive.
So no by normal standards its not a life worth living.

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You're not supposed to treat a car like an asset, retard.
At worst it's an appliance, and at best it's a passion project that you work on for fun.

>> No.30044773

Not all cars are depreciating, but yes these retards that post bragging are getting depreciating assets.

>> No.30044775

I mean if he's going to dress like a fucking manchild with tits then you're right

>> No.30044788

but how much justifies a better experience?
When buying new you lose thousands and thousands of value just by driving off the lot.
For some people it might be worth >$10K extra for that shiny new car, but I don't think most people will look at the money they will lose and still think it was a good value for them
The average cost of new cars purchased have increased to well over 35K and the the credit lengths are getting longer

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It's an a3 tho

>> No.30044806

>Hard earned gains
Tell me how I know you're fat.

>> No.30044836

keep grinding bro you'll make it eventually. Just made it to $1100 it will get easier from now on I hope

>> No.30044852

b a s e d

>> No.30044876

>be scared to drive it
>be scared to park it
>parts are scarce and expensive
>driving lowers the value.

you have to be 18 to post here

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No, I'll treat myself when I have enough to cash out. If you waste money on frivolous bullshit, that could be another year of waging.

People who spend more than 10k on a car are retarded.

>> No.30044884

Cars, unless in limited editions, are a depreciating asset. And those you should keep shouldn't be on the road for too many miles.
I take profits, but i just reinvest it somewhere, whether stocks or stone.
I drive a 2017 second hand Skoda Fabia 110hp i bought for $12000 last year and i believe it's still too much.
If i want to have fun with a car i'll just rent a lambo on a race track.
I'll eventually buy a nice rover or mercedes but only when my net worth is over 10mil.

>> No.30044923

I like audi, it's an interesting company with an awesome history, and the quattro system is awesome, I bought an A6 last year that needed a little work for a grand

>> No.30044944

wtf are you talking about

>> No.30044947


How do I deal with food being a depreciating asset? I spend lots of money on it just so I can shit it out. Should I go on a hunger strike for a week on then a week off? I will use food money to buy more fantom.

>> No.30044952

fuck I didn't realise this retard was wearing jordans with cargo shorts. jfc

>> No.30044957

There’s this thing called moderation that says you can buy a car for much less than $80k. You braindead coonsoomer retard.

>> No.30044983

Go back to /pol/ you fucking inbred mouth breather.

>> No.30044991

>making profits

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No. food is vital to your body's functionality and without it you will turn into a potato. I advise eating healthy and to stop eating food for the taste but rather for the nutrients...

>> No.30045035

There's nothing inherently wrong with depreciating assets of course, that's just how it is and everyone has different wishes and expectations for the products they consume
When I make it I would probably blow some of it on expensive and of course depreciating computer hardware and whatnot. For some it would seem reckless, but for me it would be worth it.

>> No.30045050

I'm not taking a SINGLE FUCKING DOLLAR worth of profit until BTC hits 100k and my alts have mooned, and even then I'm only cashing out roughly 30% to cover minimum 3x my initial (more depending on how alts go) and ride the waves with the rest selling little by little until the music stops swinging and the 20-30% corrections become a 50% dip (in which case I will sell at the "return to normal" or hold the little remainder until next cycle).

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Kek he still has a few BTC. Literally richer than 95% of /biz/

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Food is nutrition. If you thought that comparison is smart, it's not. Food is necessary to your well-being. An expensive car isn't. A car gets you to a destination. That's it. My $10k shitbox can do that just as well as a $200k Lambo, with way less gasoline usage and less maintenance costs. Of course there's the social aspect, but if you need to signal your social status with a flashy car, you should really reconsider your relationships with your buddies.

>> No.30045106

Then buy a cheap car if you care about transportaion. Buying an expensive car is just throwing money in the trash.

>> No.30045110

bit fucking stupid analogy, but kind of hilarious because their are some anon here that actaully did just that with link

>> No.30045119

I like japanese cars too but your a special kind of retarded to think they're built better and outperform the flagship german stuff. Sure a base civic vs a base golf, but say an R35 vs an RS6 avant, I know what I'd prefer

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Food is a consumable asset. Of course it depreciates. Only a product of incest would believe he was making a point by comparing the value of food to a car.

>> No.30045137

he's a braindead normie who's also posting in the doge subreddit, he's literally dumb money

>> No.30045139

Killing it with BTC!

>> No.30045189

Not taking profit (from btc) until we reach 1M

>> No.30045224

He finally could skip leg day

>> No.30045229

if you don't buy food you die
if you don't buy an expensive car you will be fine

>> No.30045233

buying a german car in the US


>> No.30045245

Kinda based long term holding, but you might wanna sell some if it hits 300-400k this bullrun to buy in lower in bear market. Could easily increase profits.

>> No.30045250

And yet he has mid six figures in his early 20s. cope.

>> No.30045254

It looks like a used car that's price has depreciated 80% and has 13,000 miles, sweetie

>> No.30045264

Bought about 10k worth of antique guns.

>> No.30045281

I know you're exaggerating but basically yes, unironically

>> No.30045290

He cashed out at $10k lmao he's probably roping himself rn

>> No.30045303

Yeah, I bought a "gayming" PC.
I dont play videogames because im using it now to mine ethereum lol

>> No.30045311

I bought a beautiful mercedes benz e coupe with my gains
Still got around half a mill euros in crypto
Kinda bored while waiting link to really moon but doing my best to enjoy my time
By waging i make around 65k euros annually with 5 months of holiday
Honestly, it is really satisfying to go to restaurants and drive around with 18y old chick who swallows ur load and takes it up the ass
Im 31 btw

>> No.30045315

What kind of small-ass town do you live in?
In most developed areas a car is a fucking necessity
I could understand criticizing faggots who cashed out to buy unnecessarily-expensive cars, but how the fuck are you going to criticize someone for buying a decently-priced car just because it technically depreciates?

>> No.30045328

Why do Americans all have such a hard-on for jap cars? You guys won the war remember.

>> No.30045379

what model is that? From this angle looks like a family car that a man twice his age would buy, whats that about

>> No.30045403

>few btc
>mid six figures

lmao sure, he probably wasted all of it on doge anyway lmfao

>> No.30045407

>developed areas
Of the USA and Canada
In Europe you absolutely do not need a car

>> No.30045417

They frame it as a poor investment but in reality they don’t know how to drive

>> No.30045438


>> No.30045457

tell that to your nigger girlfriend that believes in this bullshit, you shit eating LARPing faggot

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>> No.30045494

Have you ever been to Europe? You don't need a car if you live in bigger cities, everyone else 100% needs a car if they're not a basement-dweller with 0 obligations. Even in population-dense countries like Germany.

>> No.30045523

ok, it's not that big. but that grill is hideously oversized, made it look like an suv

>> No.30045537


>> No.30045549

Huh? You mean like zina?
I’m middle eastern and I lived at parents home with my wife until I saved enough to buy a house cash. Stop being such a coconut, let your parents find you a wife.

>> No.30045567

Old cars have SOVL. Just ignore the warning lights. They go away eventually.

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>all these posts and no upboats

do the heckin needful sirs! this boy made it and is enjoying life!

buy rubic sirs

>> No.30045635

Its good that he knows age is the only good thing going for him

>> No.30045647

I want to buy a new TV, my current one is dying, but find it really hard to part with my crypto. Is there any way I can borrow against it or some shit?

>> No.30045657

Wait a second .... In what context?

>> No.30045659

Uh oh, retard confirmed

>> No.30045679

wtf how did they train the cat to do that?

>> No.30045701

>9 months ago
This retard could literally be 4x by now lmao

>> No.30045716

Just go vegan and eat cheap as fuck you miserable poor bastard

WIll save tons tho, meat is expensive as shit in comparison.

>> No.30045726

this just shows the average IQ of this board, I'm never gonna lurk here ever again

>> No.30045741

Porsche is a subsidary of volkswagen. Audi and Porsche Use a lot of the same parts including the engines. It's like buying a Jaguar or a Land Rover to a fully loaded Ford Explorer. Nice try though.

>> No.30045751


>meeting a girl on MDMA at a rave with intention of finding a wife

Good luck keeping her happy

>> No.30045755


>don’t enjoy life
>Just live in a shack in the woods alone without a woman

>> No.30045760 [DELETED] 

Market down 7%, $MCM up 70% =)))

>> No.30045780

>not knowing car brands like a good little consoomer means you're low IQ
fucking lmao

>> No.30045810

Because they are too stupid to understand cars. They don't care about safety or performance in vehicles. These are the same people that buy Hyundai. They think they got a "good car" for cheap. Fucking retards.

>> No.30045814


>> No.30045838

kek biz is truly full of miserable sack of shits, both when poor and even when making it of shitcoins
i work warehouse for the lulz, and they certainly have a reason to be mad. but i never heard anyone ridiculing anyone how they should spend their money

>> No.30045840

not yet

>> No.30045883

>9 months for a 4x
Thanks for reminding me why I should stop holding this boomercoin. I 5x’d on GRT in two days.

>> No.30045917

Dude fuck Europe, compare the UK and the USA. Even the roads are fucking tiny here and there is PATHS (not sidewalks you illiterate burger munching retards) everywhere here in comparison to burger land, which just has guns and oversized cars everywhere. Don't waste your gains on a car retards, buy a bike and shut the fuck up. No one cares.

>> No.30045981

14 year old audi officer

>> No.30046010

Literally this. Natural selection is a bitch for retards too, considering what he did with his profits in the first place. CoPe?!? >>30045250

>> No.30046028

I feel as if most people who criticise nicer cars might not understand how nice they are to drive.
My car is totally average but it's a 2019 model and is an absolute pleasure to drive. Previous car was '06, it's a massive difference

>> No.30046032

I’m sorry if you were discouraged from taking out loans op. Paying upfront is cucked. Always take out loans to a certain interest threshold. Your debt is worth less 2% every year and your investments should always yield much more. Take the loan/debtpill

>> No.30046072
File: 67 KB, 960x660, shu3p1cshi601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont hold it either, but its funny how everyone selling crypto now will inevitebly neck themselves in few years. We will see this sort of memes but with 50k and a million instead

>> No.30046149


Ooof, I bet he regrets that everytime he turns the key. Knowing he could've had a brand new one and an extra 50K to boot

>> No.30046151

People already sharing car pics on the crypto subreddit? Fuck I thought the bull run wasn't over yet

>> No.30046152

Yup the only thing a chick cares about is not being embarrassed getting in it or being seen in it. And the more attractive you are as a man the less that even matters to the point of not at all.

>> No.30046163

reasonable anons


never going to make it


>> No.30046235

Ever since my wife saw a recent article on bitcoin price she keeps getting pissy and bringing up bitcoin daily and saying that I'm retarded because she knew that I sold a bitcoin when it was around 20k a few years ago to go on holiday for 3 months but little does she know I'm still holding onto 17 and I will never tell her.

>> No.30046252

Over the very longterm yes but I think we have one more massive leg to new highs in this cycle then we cool off. Probably BTC around 80k.

>> No.30046283
File: 287 KB, 512x512, 1614610968465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would literally kill myself if I did this.

Also that fucking color is puke shit but serves him right as a reminder of the retarded move he did. It's a badge of shame.

>> No.30046303

huge if true anon. You're a madman

>> No.30046312

>muh nice to drive
Which you get used to in like a month
People with nice cars are always finding little flaws and faults with them, even Russians driving shitty ladas found their cars nicer to drive

>> No.30046353

Assetfags are worse than Jews

>> No.30046356

Depends on the car. My 08 Audi is still more fun to drive than a 2019 jap shitbox.

>> No.30046371

Based. Never fucking tell her, that's like giv

>> No.30046449

here's what I don't get when I see posts like this...
how fucking poor are you that you look at $500 and think "I GOTTA CASH THIS OUT I CAN'T RISK LOSING THIS"

I put $500 in LINK 4 years ago and people have telling me to cash out every time it goes up a bit and I keep telling them fuck that, I don't need this money right now, let's see where it goes

>> No.30046450

I hope someone takes it all from you

>> No.30046455

14 hear old audi is going to be out of warranty with lots of problems

>> No.30046486

Letting an azn drive you? Have a death wish or something?

>> No.30046500

Look how many broke niggers reacted to your comment

>> No.30046509


So basically you have an untouchable sum of money, there is no real way to hide that if you share finances - You're fucked

>> No.30046507

You could have those things for like 8K just do it lmao

>> No.30046522

I've always heard Audis are like BMWs. You need two of them so you'll have one to drive while the other one is in the shop.

>> No.30046526
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>> No.30046608

no, reinvest and make more until you achieve truckload of on-demand lolis status

>> No.30046671

why would you spend 100k+ on a luxury automobile. just get a good used car for around 15k. you dont want to spend your youth fucking around in hedonism, 20-35 are the most energetic years of your life use them to be productive.

besides, better looking cars come out every single year so your audi will be visually outdated by 2025.

>> No.30046716

>there is no real way to hide that if you share finances - You're fucked
Are you zero iq?

>> No.30046735

Just lease a new one then in 2025?

>> No.30046750

>why would you spend 100k+ on a luxury automobile
If you have 10m+ you can kinda do whatever. If you plan to have the car for 10 years may as well have it be one you really like.

>> No.30046792

Used nice car isn’t the same as a brand new luxury car where you’re going to eat 20k in depreciation costs

>> No.30046805

Current car owes me 2.5k, is appreciating in value, seats 6, tows anything I want it to, gets good economy and is decently comfortable, and I enjoy it. Good cars dont have to be expensive

>> No.30046822

why didnt you buy something like an old ford mondeo or skoda ocativa ?
why do people buy such newer cuck cars for the same price

>> No.30046853

>What is an immobilizer only one of the biggest advancements VW made in the early 90s
Don't ever speak again.

>> No.30046924

Currently in europe, simply not true unless your a city dweller

>> No.30046942

I'm used to it now & have worked out some flaws, it's been 2 years or so. Should hold me down for 5+ years

I went from a FWD hatchback to an AWD subaru outback, it's the shit. I live in Australia so having the ability to drive comfortably offroad is a massive benefit

>> No.30046957




>how dare he buy a car???!
says the poorfag with only 10-100k.
If you had actually made it, you would mock him for not spending more fuck you money.

>> No.30047004
File: 166 KB, 1024x977, 1607312593231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based a redpilled

>> No.30047106

it’s low self esteem anon. investors will buy the fastest depreciating item (aside from a mattress) in hopes that someone will notice them. to their own demise, they end up attracting a mate that did notice them for their car and whose mission is to extract as much as they can from him. look at the guy’s face in OP’s pic, 0 self confidence who will end up fat and single at 35 once she decides her cut is enough to be happy.
“You knew I was a snake when you let me in”

>> No.30047157

lmao check how this autistic genius tries to have some cash from these poor people

Fuck that.
Already took part in yield farming on YVS Finance and their genius staking system with low tax. That’s what you should look first now

>> No.30047160

>stay poorly dressed and remain without a ride if you want to attract women

>> No.30047198

it’s not that he bought a car. it’s that he bought THAT car and bragged about his earnings on whatever flavor social media that is

>> No.30047207

Subaru has the only legit jap AWD system. The rest are atrocious. Toyota claims to have AWD but my Ex-s RAV 4 told me otherwise in the snow. Honda and Toyota tech for AWD just isn't there yet.

>> No.30047297

What is wrong with you? Hondas AWD system is one of the best on the market.

>> No.30047341

>appreciating in value
I was thinking Ford 7.3L extended cab with bench seats until you said good fuel economy.
What kind of car?

>> No.30047352

and triggered all of /biz/, hella based.

>> No.30047353

Oh bro, that is the most overpriced car lot. This guy sits on nothing but 'exotics' and charges like 5-10k over msrp for mostly used shit.
I'm ashamed to live close to this fag

>> No.30047388

He's probably washing dirty money for billionaire crooks :)
He's the fall guy.

>> No.30047486

Yes, german cars are notorious shopqueens while jap cars just werk

>> No.30047503

Men can discuss alternative viewpoints. Why do you have to get so emotional about everything?

>> No.30047507

I mean unless you live in one of the soulless cities (namely Paris, London and the big german ones) you absolutely do. And you'll need a car anyway even if you work in those cities since the rents are so high you'll need to live far away

>> No.30047526

Based Oatmealbro being the best of them

>> No.30047536


I must be, go on? How do you spend close to $1 Million without alerting your close proximity spouse who has an ability to closely monitor your whereabouts and intentions

Of course you can hide crypto easily, but spending it is another matter entirely

>> No.30047558

No it's literally not. You're a zoomer that doesn't want to work on a real engine. Stick with the basics of a boat engine bud. Your 1.4 liter isn't enough for an actual AWD system to push all tires.

>> No.30047573


>> No.30047592

Why do grown americans think its ok to dress like children?

>> No.30047628

>Y-you're emotional!
Projection, I found him based. Look at the rest of this thread, they're very angry someone "wasted" money.

>> No.30047645

E Series falcon,northern hemisphere didnt get them. I'm at 300,000 ish km in mine at the moment, only concern is the diff is getting a bit noisy but I have a spare. I've been offered over twice what I paid for it but I'd never find anything as good to replace it with, except maybe the v8 version

>> No.30047647

>wahhh he has more money than i do
keep crying g

>> No.30047662

Infantile culture

>> No.30047667

>don’t buy a bright red Audi and brag about your bitcoin success if you want to attract the right woman

>> No.30047694

I won't give you tips. The fact that you are too stupid to know how to spend or convert crypto to cash is your own problem. DYOR on crypto cards and shell companies, you'll figure out how in one day of research.

>> No.30047703

Why isn’t the mother fucker smiling? He looks depressed he bought a money pit.

>> No.30047729
File: 270 KB, 748x605, 1583450705664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I finally broke down after 4 years of hodling and took profits when Chainlink hit $30, and I used it to treat myself to some more Chainlink when it fell back to $24

>> No.30047795

that's sweet, is it your son or daughter? make sure to lock it up in a trust so they can't blow it all before they get wisdom and life experience.

>> No.30047814

I always heard good things about it, never even driven offroad personally until i got the outback.
An ex of mine had a Honda CR-V, that things was awful to drive

>> No.30047815

based, but this is a risky month to be swinging in. Post-summer bullrun is safer.

>> No.30047833

Not being aware of Honda's SH-AWD, is a dead giveaway you don't even know your shit.

>> No.30047844

I've heard plenty of rumors, but inside his show room he has an incredibly rare collection. He seems like a guy who is really into cars and just fucks over people with flashy shit to support his hobby.

>> No.30047858

Bout to drop 5k to fix and pimp my lil 2-door coupe. Better than dropping 40k on a used car.

>> No.30047900


>> No.30047944

>Audi and Porsche use the same engines
Are you serious man? One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Porsche is its engine, especially the boxer. Seriously how could you even compare Porsche to Audi. You are a bastard man.

>> No.30048060


You missed the point completely and you're telling me I'm stupid?

I know full well how to convert cyrpto to usable money, that wasn't my point and never was. Read it and try again

>> No.30048066

had no idea they still made falcons, thought they stopped in the 60s. Looks the ‘92 models all the way to the 2017 can tow 5000lbs. interesting little niche man

>> No.30048078

4chan loves hondas because it's mostly zoomer trash that doesnt know how to work a wrench on anything other than a lawnmower engine. That's what you get with a honda.

>> No.30048091

Yeah, I legit felt sick to my stomach watching the price go up to $35, I'm probably gonna stick to accumulating with fiat from here on out.

>> No.30048096

Worse, he spent $20k of the $50k sticker price on a car from 2013. It already looks outdated as fuck.
True cringe

>> No.30048154

>I've heard plenty of rumors, but inside his show room he has an incredibly rare collection.
Where there's smoke there's fire.
Buy over msrp, let them buy another car back at normal price. Resell the car at a slightly below msrp to someone else, congratulations you've given them 5-10k taxable washed money.

>> No.30048159

You know a beetle technically had a boxer engine right? Learn your car history.

>> No.30048180

>buying an audi = enjoying life
with this attitude you'll eventually neck yourself

>> No.30048207

With german cars especially but it depends on warranty. They depreciate so rapidly and you can buy a very low mileage 2-3 year old one off lease with an extended CPO warranty. It really depends on the brand through some brands like Land Rover or Tesla are so catastrophically unreliable they should never be owned outside of warranty. If your going for a more reliable brand that is cheap to maintain though the money saved from depreciation will more than make up for any out of warranty repairs.

>> No.30048257


>> No.30048336

Nobody likes the nice car if you pull up in it and hop out looking like you shoulda been in the back seat with your mom driving. If you can afford that car you can afford a couple hundred on clothes that don't look like shit. Don't be that guy /biz/

>> No.30048337

>Buy an older Audi and learn a hands on hobby like a man
That's what I do anyways. Go to the garage and talk shit with the bros.

>> No.30048340

>treating yourselves
No, because Im not a consumerist female-brained faggot. I find joy in things with substance, not useless trinkets or status symbols. The only thing I seek in material possessions is utility.

>> No.30048361

>based maths
redditors get fucked

>> No.30048394

>orange car
lmao. This nigga spent all the money on a car for people who want to appear rich and in a color that makes you look like a fag

>> No.30048408

In Europe German cars depreciate the slowest, it's the French, British and Italian cars that depreciate fast

>> No.30048431

Yes they are. have fun paying thousands and thousands in repairs for your ego box

>> No.30048470

based my fren

>> No.30048559

Learn to fix them and not be a cuck. I bet your fingers bleed easily.

>> No.30048563

i made it and your decribing me. fuck u faggot.

>> No.30048580

Alright, if you are fixing your audi yourself, then that is based

>> No.30048583

Imagine wasting money on a car when you can just befriend some lonely asshole and make him drive you everywhere

>> No.30048592

>buying a depreciating asset with an appreciating asset
do retards really?

>> No.30048651

>heavily calloused fingers and hands
yea, nah. I own a honda, barely have to get the thing repaired if ever

>> No.30048708

you must be 18 to post here

>> No.30048790

Black people can look right at a car and get both the make AND color wrong. This is why it's a waste to give them money.

>> No.30048799

>20-35 are the most energetic years of your life use them to be productive.
and do what? Scalping shitcoins for $3 a day. I tried going to college, from year 2 onward I couldn't understand shit. At least hedonism, if i could afford it, would take my mind away from wanting to end my life.

>> No.30048870

I suggest an older one with a 3.2 naturally asperated like post stated earlier. They are fucking bulletproof and don't leak oil like the turbocharged ones. The thing with older cars is, once they hit over 150K you know the motor is solid and just needs the typical maintenance. It's much easier to find Howto youtube videos and info in general on older cars. Ladies love guys with hands-on hobbies. Go to local car meets and get that pussy.

>> No.30048877

respecting trinkets is a feminine or low iq trait. which one are you?

>> No.30048909

Based. I drive a nice, tidy old Civic that never breaks. I cost me little to buy and saves me money every day be not breaking down.

>> No.30048985

you’re gonna make it fren

>> No.30049056

>Doesn't know how to work on a lawnmower engine himself

>> No.30049069
File: 741 KB, 334x480, 1576486744328.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30049079

Honestly it's a real shame north america didnt get them after the late 60s, would've absolutely outsold the Taurus in the 90s, and pissed all over the fusion in the 2010s.

>> No.30049085

Yes, actually.

>> No.30049161

no they all depreciate the same

>> No.30049181

Not even a little kid believes everything he hears on the internet at face value, you are legitimately more retarded than a child.

>> No.30049222

Lmao someone sold and is coping

>> No.30049306
File: 1.26 MB, 1080x2460, 1614696535537.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30049318

You must be living in a different EU

>> No.30049333

He should've bought some fitted clothes instead.

>> No.30049338

I'm buying Steel


>> No.30049357

I don't even like cars.
I just want a frugal life of escapism and no wageslaving but my portfolio hasn't even escaped three figure hell so I don't know what I'm realistically gonna do with my feeble profits.

>> No.30049381

I'm buying your shitty streamsite

>> No.30049404

I was recently quoted 1.5k usd to, maybe, fix a headlight that is out on a bmw x5.

>> No.30049459
File: 41 KB, 750x458, 80s business pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based and checked

>> No.30049481
File: 621 KB, 828x1092, redditor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is it with redditors and lower end of the spectrum Audis?

>> No.30049511

Nice to see how many fucking retards here would settle for a shit car after they realized less than 100k in BTC lmao. reddit has truly taken over this shit wouldn’t fly a year ago

>> No.30049524

You bring your car to the dealership for a light being out? How fucking useless are you? You deserve to get raped in price.

>> No.30049613

I took profits and paid off all my remaining debt. My living expenses are almost nonexistent now.

>> No.30049634

when i get to my make it number of 10m im going to buy a mclaren gt its only going to be 3% of my net worth and i feel pree embrassed even typing this. unironically i dont get the smug posters who don't have 10m. i have 1.6m in chainlink and im not even close to making it

>> No.30049647

>There is literally nothing more cucked than buying a new/expensive car.
what about buying a new/expensive car for your wife's daughter's boyfriend?

>> No.30049720

Based thai guy

>> No.30049744

Nigger i'm going to pay like 3000 dollars for a box car from the 90s

>> No.30049756

i literally never take profits.

>> No.30049872

Who the fuck buys ramen noodles when dumpster food is free?

>> No.30049980

That post was 9 months ago.
If that's from today, Bitcoin was around 10k.

Does anyone think he's enjoying that car as much now?
He could have had 5 cars.

>> No.30050078
File: 91 KB, 960x859, 13941073_1158770814187488_1591662560_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought a pair of cufflinks with bitcoin in 2014 in with what today would be about $15,000. Luckily I bought the bitcoin back immediately, so essentially I used bitcoin as a payment channel and spent USD.

In the future, borrow against your bitcoin.

>> No.30050133

>buy used truck at start of COVID panic for discount
>check used prices today
>valued at more than I paid for it

biz you told me cars depreciate.

>> No.30050134

Audi is the real pinnacle of luxury vehicles before you just start wasting money so good for him

>> No.30050152

I mean Western Europe. Of course all the stolen german cars are either strip apart for parts or sold in Eastern Europe.
Otherwise if you see a black audi/bm/merc driven by a guy under 50 it's bought with drug money 99% of the time

>> No.30050153
File: 52 KB, 800x668, wojak 5 npc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeesh, imagine wasting 30k on an NPC gray car
>NPC gray is my dream color

>> No.30050237

>$110K today
>still not enough for a lambo

>> No.30050239

that's a good looking color. what would you choose, yellow?

>> No.30050250

that's what you get for buying a women's car
since it's a beemer they probably need to lift the engine just to change a lightbulb

>> No.30050428

True. bmw is the mopar of german world

>> No.30050445

What idiot spends all their gains on a brand new mid range fucking sedan?

Unless it’s something like a Tesla you’re a certified moron for going all in on a car like that. There’s really nothing that exciting owning a brand new car unless is unique or a legit supercar.

>> No.30050449

those are good dogs

>> No.30050459

trucks, especially specific kinds of trucks
are highly sought after by spics in the usa
those fukin' wetbacks sure love their trucks I tell yah

>> No.30050529

iam poorfag and when xsn moons ill take some profits out and buy weightlifting bar and some weights iam sick of doing calisthenics

>> No.30050571

There’s barely any difference between a brand new car and a used 5 year old car for like 1/4 of the price. Moron.

>> No.30050575

for real. its paid off and worth 5k + TRADE IN more than I paid for it, plus I put 15k miles on it and a lot of fun.

>> No.30050597

its getting full on stupid though. clapped out 1995 chevs with over 300k and guys are asking over 10k for them. Its funny watching them get laughed at on boomer facebook. But all the diesels are going insane money right now. Literally "i know what I have" money

>> No.30050647

that guy sold at 10K

>> No.30050705

>Unless it’s something like a Tesla you’re a certified moron for going all in on a car like that.
How is wasting your money on a tesla any better? Nissans have a better build quality and that car would almost certainly last longer than any tesla (although I think buying a new vehicle outright is almost always retarded).

>> No.30050739
File: 99 KB, 1024x757, 1614028764449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he sold btc at 10k to put 40% down on an audi? Some of the redditors are saying this is a pretty stupid idea.

>> No.30050794

why do you keep this image on your computer?

>> No.30050805

I agree. That car’s not new

>> No.30050824

People really like rebadged Volkswagens for some reason. Personally I'd buy an AMG Wagon or an M3 if I was getting German car but that's just me.

>> No.30050858

90s Chevy's and GMC's were unironically built better than anything after. I've never seen vehicles other than 90s Chevy's and Sierra's that have over 900k km on them and still run basically perfectly. I've even seen them rolled over 1mil going on 1.2mil km and still driving fine. You won't get that with anything built after the 00s

>> No.30050861

>get a reasonable amount of money from smart investment
>flush investment money on a flashy car where you’ll be driving the speed limit to work until it breaks down instead of reinvesting the money or using it to actually improve your day to day

>> No.30050944

I said Tesla because you can’t exactly buy a good used electric car unless it’s a 1-2 year old Tesla at most. So I’d understand if it were something like that.

>> No.30050948

fusion owner here, unironically it's not a bad car but not worth the price.

>> No.30051011

>go to dealership
>get cleaned out by dealer because you are young and stupid

Classic chump play.

>> No.30051087
File: 9 KB, 236x280, 1612429087003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30051090

If you like driving something that feels like a big hunk of plastic and starts having weird rattling noises at 100k like every other american car sure.

>> No.30051091

Well, maybe live there with some questionably underaged daughters of some degenerate who didn't buy silver

>> No.30051113

anything other than grey, white, or silver. Unless you've got some nice contrasting trim

>> No.30051136

before we met my gf got conned at the dealership. Bought a Buick Encore for 40k instead of the Chevy Trax for less. ITS THE SAME FUCKING CAR. Then they tried to deny her warranty repair on the turbo just before it expired. Had to fight them on that shit. Told her to smarten up, her next vehicle is going to be a 4runner and she is driving that shit for the next 20 years.

>> No.30051185

>weird rattling noises at 100k like every other american car sure.
Dude this is any car anywhere, except with european cars something that should cost $500 to fix costs $5000

>> No.30051259

suck ths bastards! if they rlly think im so dumb to follow their links for a scamshit, they will fucking die from schizo
we don’t need your shit when we have the upcoming graphene distribution, lol. the only fucking way to get graphene is the distribution

>> No.30051320
File: 90 KB, 1280x720, meinbeetle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30051331
File: 7 KB, 250x250, 1610587273696s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because it's one of those cars where you can't tell if the person is a larping poorfag or if they're rich as fuck, but trying to stay relatively low key. It's nice, but not too nice.

>> No.30051421

That sucks ass, I hope you don’t share a bank account with her.

>> No.30051569

Cashing out to buy a dream car is understandable, but if the car isn't even fully paid off is a ngmi behavior.

>> No.30051631

Do you have one? Really excited. I want a blue/gray one.

>> No.30051632

he just bought this car to please woman also look at this fucking gyno he have holy shit SIMPS NGMI

>> No.30051634

Curious how you’ve met girls off the acid? It just turns me into a happy blubbering idiot idk if I could pull off flirting in such a state

>> No.30051770

6 years later and we still don't. She actually wants me to manage all her finances for her since I am not a moron when it comes to money.

>> No.30051918

>using crypto to buy goods

I want crypto to stop being a powerless cuck on world that grow more feudalistic day by day.

>> No.30051960

Get a cheap convertible chicks love them

>> No.30052168
File: 354 KB, 667x457, Screenshot_20210302_103015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he could have just waited 9 months and not have to finance

>> No.30052192

Smart man, was that the dumbest thing/biggest waste she bought?

>> No.30052787

Where do you live? Albania? Certainly not the case in the UK