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TVL is insane relative to mcap, btc found support, alts pumping, eth still shitcoin. we mooning very soon boys. and of course the quick counsel permits MATIC holders in here

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my dick is throbbing for this token
i see no reason why it wouldnt flip uniswap
$1000 eow

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Quick + MATIC + ETH = win. You just fucking win.

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Where can I even see the actual market cap

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There is a 5 day countdown to mine liquidity for quick tokens. Can somebody explaine whats up with that?

Its so nice doing swaps and add liquidity without paying 100$ fees by the way.

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You get additional quick for providing liquidity on top of the liquidity rewards. Free money

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1m total tokens. So 540m fully diluted market cap. You shouldnt give a shit about the other market cap anyways.

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Protip: claiming quick from liq-mining and reputting them into a pool with eth or matic is completely worth it at those fees!

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Where is MATIC going pajeets

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I think its vastly under 540 because i think theres at max half circulating but i think its far less. most is for liquidity mining rewards which arent fully implemented yet. I think i heard its somewhere under 100m mcap currently. if someone knows post here, its prob in the telegram but i hate telegram

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its like 90m circulating idk what that other anon is talking about

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read this frens

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i just saw the buy tap pop up 5 minutes or so ago. Holy shit this is based.

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Transak has a really low fiat limit per order tho. Ramp's limit is way higher.

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Will they have an airdrop like uniswap?

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quickswap isnt letting me connect my metamask wat do

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Seems they do, 1% of supply going to MATIC stakers and 5% going to UNI holders

The dates and exact specifications (ie minimum requirements etc) haven’t been specified yet though

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"please connect to the appropriate matic network?" wtf is it over?

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You have to use matic network to use the exchange on matic network

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oh yeah my bad

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80 eom

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Somebody give a brainlet eth brained uniswap tard the rundown on how to buy this shit

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here you go nigger


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Preciate it

What’s the suistack

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Uni? Hope you mean quick

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if you hold to $3, sui stack is 33k
if you only hold to $1, it's 100k

>make it stack
333k MATIC or 100 QUICK

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Anyone notice that quickswap isnt reacting? Was fine a few hours ago. Looks like the cant handle the surge in traffic very well