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Ah, another day working from home doing absolutely nothing

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same fren

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I hate this edit because I know he is sitting there with his cock out in the uncropped version.

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2 hr "good weather break" is turning into 3 hrs now.
Might have to send another 2 emails this afternoon, ffs

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I hate my job but at least I don't have to work anymore

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The department told me that due to under-enrollment for summer that I would not receive funding for my PhD stipend. That is a few months to prepare for a few months off, hopefully time which I will complete a large portion of my dissertation.

Program director also gave me my teaching assignment for fall and directed me that it would be "in person." Ride ends here friends.

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another day working in office doing literally everything

>t. sys admin / IT manager

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yes, try YOLO with ths coins that never give you income
GSX is yr path to secure income, how can you doubt it? if you wanna to be right there for moon, buy rn

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Imagine being paid to say
>hmm maybe I will install that adobe reader update today

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Look at $X and $CLF



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I think all you "work from home doing nothing" posters are LARPers. Post paystub from company with sensitive info censored and maybe I'll believe you.

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Which season of the simpsons should I watch bros?

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I envy you. Although I currently work a night job that pays me well and I invest every spare dollar to try and make it out of this nightmarish wagie existence.

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my office is doing rotating shifts between WFH and trad office work. this is my week in the office. help me lads i can't go back

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>wfh so COMFY and BASED
looking forward to based toilberg sending you officemongs back where you belong

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What's your job anon?

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> be SysAdmin for O365 and Windows
> Company introduced key logging program last year to ensure Employees are actually doing work not slacking off
> my job to report this info to CTO
> I just update the report to say I've been doing work, when I've done fuck all for 11 months now

I get paid £62k to do fuck all and I love it.

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Ah yes, getting drunk at work.

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U jelly bro

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What's there not to believe? Most white collar jobs (especially tech) do not involve much actual work, or supervision for that matter. Our bosses are mostly doing the same shit by not doing much work and thinking they're geniuses for getting away with it

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>start a online business
>trade stocks and crypto
>travel to low cost of living countries(USD) every few months

being a corpo IT wagie is cool and im grateful, but I dont wanna do this too much longer bros. any advice for a 23y old youngin who aspires to digital nomad

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>Company introduced key logging program last year to ensure Employees are actually doing work not slacking off
what the actual fuck

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damn that shit sucks bro

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keep the thread dumped lads
what are you up to? anything cheeky?

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Yeah, save up more money and find a nice country you like and move their. Variety is great

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My workplace has been downsized and adapted for maximum telework, which most employees have indicated they prefer. So I'll be WFH for years to come.

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kek this. I even have people working for me and I know they don't do shit for most of the day but that doesn't matter as long as we get the results we need.

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Would you be okay if they were getting sucked off whilst in a call to you?

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I'm really not larping mate, I wrote a couple emails this morning and spent the rest of time on charts

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My boss is covering for another department. My acting boss doesn’t show up to the office at all. So now, instead of 1 day a week I show up and do all my work and pass it off over the next or so, I am 100% wfh.

I just study for my college classes or make lunch, read, go for a walk. You know, not like some dumb food wagie working 10 hour shifts with no tips.

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Yes. Although it might get weird

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Cool, cool. Let's step this up a notch. What if I were to suck you off whilst you were in a call with your employees. Would that be okay?

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show face

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Uh, Yes?

Imagine caring about other people having ordinary human desires.

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I'll take that as a tentative yes. You'd be a good boss.

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All laughs and fun till some clever manager finds out and replace you with some indian outsorcing paki nigger

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Impossible, they're intelligible.

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lol, clearly you've never worked with indians

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How long have you been there? Back when I was involved in the shit show that is academia, they didn't do that to people under 8 years (US years), but I've been wondering if they would change that on account of the meme flu.

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Everyone has been wfh for a year anon, they need to prove you are at sat around doing nothing

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Being a modern day local government employee is top comfy.

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Let's have a toast, frens.

A comfe toast
My feet are roast'
Sitting down in my chair
In my fren lair
I get emails from Kyle and Karen
I sit on my ass, I ain't caring.
WFH is where it's at
At home, alas, I am a king.

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Just like op

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kek just work IT bro. Everyone's at home using their own PCs so they aren't at work fucking up your PCs.
Simple as.

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How are you guys actually demonstrating that you're being productive and completing projects? If you've been doing this for months, don't you think someone would've noticed that you haven't contributed to anything? Genuine curiosity, not trying to be a dick.

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Figure it out

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>understate your capacity
>then meet the own targets you say you can meet

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>Why is the US failing and no longer keeping up with working nations

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you will learn a valuable lesson once you get your first job, young faggot
most people larp at work, at home or at the office
most white collar jobs basically get paid to do jackshit.

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Read Dilbert.
Realize that Wally is the true protagonist of the comic.
Emulate him.
Simple as.

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>create maintanence work order for something that takes 15 minutes
>say it takes an hour
Do that inbetween your actual work and ta-da, 8 hours of work stated, 2 hours of work completed.

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So I'm in my company's office for the first time in months. They called me in for a meeting with executive management lmfao. I literally have done 1-2 hours of work a week since COVID started.

Will report back. I am assuredly fucked.

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You guys bought right? New upgrade


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happy promotion

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Kek so there's no way they know through o365 on my own pc that I'm on 4chan all day right? Since there is nothing they made me download.

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Will never happen

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Let us know kek

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Yesterday I did absolutely nothing until 3 pm and then about 1.5 hours of mindless Microsoft office grinding.

Today I've done almost nothing until 3:25 and I'm about to do a bit of preparation for pointless meetings, an hour of meetings, and maybe a bit more admin before I wait for the end of the day.

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Congrats on having a pointless existence.

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Lmao cope harder. Back to your chains, slave

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i've been doing this for years now but its starting to wear me down. I just want to work with animals outisde bros

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Wfh chad survey (non glowie edition): did you go to college for what you do? Did you start in an office or remote? Do you make a comfy salary?

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Yes, but my degree isn't useful for what I do.

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Yes, went to a 2 year college for Interactive Media Design
Started in an office
Salary is mediocre but I use a significant portion of the time I'm "working" to get a business going so I'm not complaining too much

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no got a philosophy degree LOL
eh 55k in a rural area for 2-3 hours of work a day feels fair enough while i'm young

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lol godspeed anon

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>got a philosophy degree
based, it's a patrician choice

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in a meeting currently, not listening of course

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was gonna rope anyway so i figured i'd learn theory, turned out by the time i was done i had enough credits to get a business degree with an extra semester of credits LOL

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Also let us take a moment and think about the people who actually work at work for a living

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Internship and getting paid to study for my classes on top of the scholarships and grants I get. Once I graduate in a year, I’m guaranteed the full time job, and it is easy street from here on in.

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Anyone working in tech at an investment bank here?

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Devops chads where we at?

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so i get paid to shitpost?

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>was gonna rope anyway so i figured i'd learn theory

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I'm a software dev, but I have an interview coming up for a dev ops position, fully remote.
Any tips for a technical interview? What did they ask you?

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How did it go?

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Learn jenkins or whatever. Devops is chill.

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the people need answers, anon

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>There are people posting on /biz/ right now who are not being paid $180k to sit at home and post here.

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It’s been an hours lads, maybe he is getting reamed. heh, it’s over lads

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>zoom court
>cop didn't show
>probably didn't feel like logging in

Ahhhh feels good to live in these times lads. Am I flipping for a profit today?

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My job is to work outside with animals but I'm stuck wfh because it's off season here. My advice is to find an entry level fieldwork job however you can to get your foot in the door somewhere.

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i might get a certification and instead of asking for a salary raise I might just ask for remote permanently from my boss lads

wish me luck bros

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good shit anon