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What is your take on Solana?
>50-65k TPS
>God tier developers from Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft, Intel
>3 billion marketcap

but that's the thing
they have a testnet running atm and are at 3 billion marketcap
while ADA is sitting on a whopping 39 billion, without even having a testnet.
Is it only hype about ADA?

What is your legit prediction of it this bullrun and why didn't it overtake everybody already?
Where's the issue?

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forget about this low trash
don’t check this shit
>you shouldn’t be smart to get how to get money on staking
take a look at JustLiquidity on binance smart chain
>no reason to pay 45% of your value on fees and taxes

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High inflation, bad tokenomics. I'd rather go with Polygon(Matic) which is an Ethereum L2.

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I like. Raydium is the comfiest hold on the market right now

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Shill me Raydium?

Also, opinion on pic related?

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i have 3k of these things i stake on ftx. if you aren't long sol you are retarded

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SOL $100 is fud

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my irl fren bought sol at $15 and set a stop loss at $14.05 is this retarded?

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Stupid people shouldn’t breed

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Among all Sam coins, RAY dumped the hardest

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absolutely dogshit tokenomics

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it's too hard to build on it

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How is liquidity an issue on Solana?

why is that so?

Do you have any source of developers claiming that?

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Let me take a wild guess. Solana is a DAG.

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>Giving a serious reply to an obvious bot
Anon, I...

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Holding too

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>Do you have any source of developers claiming that
You calling him a liar?

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Nah, I want to research as much as possible on Solana and understand why it has this kind of issues

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Coinbase listing?

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It's a scam coin that just copy pasted some other project so the jews at ftx didn't have to buy or integrate with the plethora of coins that fill their niche

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No, but there is a single node at any given time in charge producing all the blocks. Literally all you have to do to take over the chain is have a big stack, and DDOS the central nodes until it is your turn to run things.

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I think both are overvalued

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>trusting the kike

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no community

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There was a thread just like this one two months ago and it prevented me from buying SOL. I could have gotten a x9 from it. Fuck you guys.

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price != fundamentals
i dont own sol because it's inferior to avax but yeah a lot of ok projects pump hard. just check cardano, it's shit and yet in the top5

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Coinbase has been in no hurry to add anything but I 100% think solana will be listed before cardano since it has mainnet and no charles hoskinson. Been a lot of FUD this thread but if bitcoin goes to 85k or higher solana will be at least $125

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