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>massive suppresion at $30

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>complains about suppression
>doesn't complain about manipulated pumps

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I swear everyday I'm more convinced a large percentage of the suppression is from swingies who "know" that the price will bounce off every $1 interval and then sell their way into a self-fulfilling prophesy.

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i love swinging link, dumping on the way up and then buy again when it goes down

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I have a feeling the trend has reversed and that we will overperform anything in March.
No meme lines, no explanation, just a feeling.

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Shit that's how you do it? I've been buying high and selling low this whole time.

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The only thing that's suppressed around here is your spelling ability

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just sell all ur link to ease ur pleb mind.

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I've just bought and never sold, I thought selling was impossible

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The pumps are natural, they're just unnaturally suppressed.

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The price action that happens every time it tries to go up by $1USD is just fucking insane. We could be at $5000 and increasing by $1 will still be such a slow, painful slog.

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Anon, they won't let the price pump until it is time for it to pump. It WILL happen this year, don't worry.

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>every time it tries to go up by $1USD
Here's Link at $26.

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whats your strat?

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>the trend has reversed
it's pumping along with btc

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>muh suppression
It's already overpriced, that's it.

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This is the way

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If it breaks out it will shoot to 31 and hopefully after test the previous ATH

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