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Every goddamn day we open low because your fuckin pathetic pieces of shit busted ass economies are so damn week and make shit look bad. Zero chance EU will last 5 more years jesus christ I'm sick of you people. Zero help, drop the ball every. Single. Day.

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>Image is proof that Lebanon is European and not Arab

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fuck off go eat burger faggot

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Euro is worth more then Dollars so it seems like the world has more faith in the European economy than the Mericans. cope and seethe merrylard. dont forget to pay taxes or go to jail. oh and no fun time either, wagecage work and cope until you die!!!!!

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I cannot wait for russia and china to exterminate these fucks.
Europe is all about stagnation, it even shows in their markets.

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seething euro tears

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pic related, it's you

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The lost ten tribes all contained in this one juden's stomach

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Wtf are these people doing. Should you just short europe everyday and become a trillionair?

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Feels good to be a continent chad

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fucking $1000
purchase and lost on trading
what a dumb, now he weeps on every /biz/ shit
don’t send him funds
I told him to use fucking great justliquidity and hold bomb juld but looks like he is too dumb to realize this

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Don't forget the children's foreskins

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checked alts are red
>prepare to buy low
>add extra cash
>buy fucking shitcoin
>cry everywhere that he was fucked lol

I can't see this anymore, lil dumb look at ENQ, stop following this shitmodel. Check nodes, mining other features. have earnings without risk

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Europeans often have no concept of the size of the united states. they travel here, spend a few days in a massive nigger filled city on the coast, and think they've seen America. thank you for putting it perspective for them, OP, our country stretches from Dublin to Volgograd and Copenhagen to Cairo and varies just as widely within.

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euroniggers just can't hold

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McDonalds, Taco Bell and Subway. Now that's variety.

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Bruh...look at these dudes...oh no, oh no no no...

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And it’s a shithole from sea to shining sea
Imagine being a burger and ripping on other peoples’ geography lol

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Sorry canadacuck, this battle was over for you before it even started.

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amerikat is holding Apollo Protocol. Did I say too much now?

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Imagine thinking we aren't all ruled by jews in brussels that enslave us within the all for one, one for all poor fag group think.

You are poor because bankers know you can't have wealthy slaves and accomplish anything.

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>lol you pay 30% taxes? how cucked
>90% taxes? sign me up

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Did the yuropoors just pull through?

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At least we can spell a foreign language. Go back to sucking your ex-wwe superstar/ex-president's cock, dying to diabetes and thinking there is a pedo conspiracy that staged the elections.

damn, 'muricans are stupid af lol

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Cope, USA ZOGbots are expected to work for pennies in comparison to Eurochads. Back to waging for pennies and buttons for you

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>dont forget to pay taxes
bro we have nothing to joke about that..

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hahah are you a loser or why do you work for min wage or care at all? + Did you know that if you lift the min wage to lets say 20 euros/hr, you need to make that much to even survive without subsidies. Minimum wage makes nobody better off except big corporations and boy do big corps like Europe because we are so anti-business and all the regulation makes it hard to start a business.

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A higher minimum wage isn't a good thing imo, it's low wage because it's low value work, not everyone has a minimum wage job, or at least they're not supposed to.

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imagine having to pay taxes on every trade and not being able to trade without VPN, kek

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girl in the back looks 10/10

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You guys have been taking it up the ass for so long you're actually starting to enjoy it

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>watching alts got red
>ready to buy low
>add extra cash
>buy stupid shitcoin
>cry everywhere that he was fucked lmao

I can't see this anymore, lil dumb look at Enecuum, stop going into this trashscheme. See nodes, mining other features. get profit without risk

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You have extremely low standards if you consider it 10/10

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If you're cleaning toilets for a living, EU is admittedly better.
Sorry we weren't looking at the world from your perspective.

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I would agree with you, but that could be a man for all I know

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>pic related
>americans waking up everyday knowing full well they have to be americans

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>falling for le landom da free low taxes US meme

i literally live in what’s called a “socialist shithole” yet I only pay 1.25% of what my stock account is worth, whereas ameriburgers pay 30% capital gains

ameriburgers fall for the tax memes yet forgot to account for all the costs

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Go back to /pol/ retards.
Also, French is the final form of human race.

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Should be tilted -30%.

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most of your money comes from California
your inbred citizens hate California
what would happen if California became a country?

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Kek, bragging about drive time between nothing.

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correction: the tax on the entire capital is actually 0.375%

surely the US is better in some regards but if youre a trader and wanna make money, I’d hate living somewhere where I’m taxed 30% on capital gains lmao

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United States is better than 2/3 of European countries,
What did the poster mean by this?

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Insanely based, anon. Fuck yuropoors and fuck their broken government hellscape

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> UK, Turkey
> Europe

the absolute state of the education of an americuck

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It's Arabs. Persian gulf region. Every day the same callers. But it doesn't matter. It all gets bought up in a jiffy.

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Its funny how media in America portrays Europe as this socialist shithole where you have to pay taxes for everything. I normally dont post about this shit, since I dont want to shill stupid americans how good life is over here. If they knew we would be swarmed...
>oh no my untreated diabetes that I can not afford to treat caused me to fall unconscious in the streets and now I have 100k medical bills
>kids come home from school talking about how their school shooting drill went
>every 4 years we get to pick between a shiny turd or a giant douche for president
>everything I eat is laces with sugars (corn starch)
>minimum wage is not enough to support yourself in most cities
>literally the most hedonostic country. You are doomed to an eternity in hell just for living in America
>5 days unpaid vacation (not counting holidays) every year
the last one Is what triggers me most, I get 30 paid vacation days. When I worked as a cashier at the supermarket at 18 I took a month off during the summer and travelled everywhere. This will be my first and last shill of EU / EEA countries. Wake the fuck up and take the europill, its not as bad as you think stupid brainwashed americans. Why do you think you have to pledge allegiance to the flag in school every morning? Thats right, to brainwash you that you live in the best country on earth while you are taking it up the ass from government, while gobbling jewcum all day.

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Sorry OP can't hear over the sound of not having to pay taxes over my crypto profits

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If Europe drops something then burgers do it as well most of the time. And if it rises then burgers buy it as well. So go fuck yourself and cry more that you live in another time zone.

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Yeah but, what about freedom? Check out pic related, how's that for freedom!

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A weak dollar benefits the American economy you utter mongoloid.

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90% of Canada is an empty frozen tundra wasteland with a couple Eskimos in between.

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>Zero chance EU will last 5 more years

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Whenever there is a disaster in the world, America is behind it.

>Climate Change
>China (practically handed it to the commies)
>Soviet Union (who do you think built their tank factories)
>Everything to do with the Middle East
>Social media
>Bad television

Your demand for cheap drugs ruined half of South America, while your retarded foreign policy ruined the other half. You supported the disastrous decolonisation of Africa and its disastrous recolonization (Washington consensus). Everything you touch is irreversibly broken. Even the French are beginning to realise how poisonous the ideologies your unis export are. And the French know a thing or two about retarded ideology.

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is this real? will this coin make me rich mr anon?
or you just try to scam people with shit
>I have already hold SWG and got rewards
>BSC will be cool for platform development

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we are the farmers, you are the ground that grows the yield. when all fertility is gone we leave your lifeless land to dry out.
thank you for being stupid.

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Tried to call your trip and it couldn’t be completed. Please dm me ur number and we’ll talk.

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>a weak dollar means employees get paid shit for their work
Fuck off

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This. It may not be an optimal place if you have millions to invest, but if your goal is to live comfy and carefree from small passive income streams, a lot of European countries are a much better choice and if you're smart, you'll not pay much tax as well.

>> No.30037533

>he fell for the mercator meme
canada is way smaller than that lmao

>> No.30037633

UK cuck here with 32 paid holidays a year

>> No.30037634

>before deductions in taxes and social security
Thats not even all of the forced stuff we get cucked with
We have to pay for state propaganda tv too for instance

>> No.30037716

We're just dumping it so you can buy cheapies faggot

>> No.30037747

I never realized nordics are such big boys on the map.

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Hehe suck my dick, burger

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>varies just as widely within.
I hope you're joking.

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they aren't

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The absolute state of a moron

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>calls people who are actually white "europoors" while over half of his countrys population cant afford going to hospital

>can prevent his car from being stolen by having a manual transmission on it

>being able to speak more than one language is rare in his country

>uses retarded illogical dates (month/day/year) like a obsessed sperg when normal people use shortest-->longest (day/month/year)

>walmart fat scooters

>too lazy or poor to buy studded winter tires for his car, society stops functioning whenever it snows

>gets his house rekt in hurricanes and still wont build a sturdier new house

>his great grandpa fought germany to have his nation cucked by jews

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Sorry for being better at trading than you and taking all your money.

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Mongoloid euro fags like you are the reason Europe is fucked. Let me tell you this as a South American pajeet who's studying geofaggotry & doesn't care about either nigger loaded empire.

The only reason Europe is prosperous today is because the Americans paid for it. When basedviet union turned into an existential threat, the Americans needed to create an alliance to fight their war for them. Because the U.S was far from the iron curtain. So they did. They loaned endlessly and allowed euro fags to dump their products all over the U.S economy.
They did the same with Japan, china, korea etc.
And now the soviets are gone. Now china is the existential threat. Which means the alliance with Europe is over. (It officially ended in 2012)
The alliance with east asians will remain and the middle East will become the new U.S ally in the fight to contain china. Europe betrayed the U.S and their about to pay for it?
Why do you think Queen immortal jumped out of the EU ship?

Just wait and relax euro fags. The insertion is about to begin.

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Year month day is nice too, especially when used as name of files, that way you can sort them by name and they are sorted by date

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it's france fault

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>20% VAT
>80% GAS TAX
>ANNUAL CAR TAX (600EUR yearly for a 6cyl, 2000EUR for an 8cyl)
>3EUR to piss at the gas station
>TOURISM TAX when staying in hotels
>50% INCOME TAX if you wage

As a eurocuck wagie you are left with 20% of your income, maybe 25% if you're lucky. If you don't wage and have other income sources, you still get shafted for about 40% tax on average.

>> No.30038150

>the middle east become the new us ally
India dude

>> No.30038160

>And now the soviets are gone.
This happened in 91, genius. Even if US relations with Europe were entirely predicated on containing a foreign power, which they weren't and aren't, it's still in America's interest to contain the R.F. Doesn't even matter, senile Joe is going to help establish Chinese hegemony over the eastern hemisphere.

>> No.30038195

But a 16yo girl can literally walk drunk around ANY part of my city at night in a bikini with zero chance of being raped and murdered.
How do you price that in?

>> No.30038253

kek based.

>> No.30038295

Most eurocucks drive these 1 liter(4cyl) cuckboxes. Only swiss and germans can afford to drive 3L+ (6-8 cyl) and then they pay a heavy price for owning premium vehicles.

Some italians drive those 3 wheel, 0,5 liter ultracuckmobiles. You can fit a europurse inside that's about it. If you need to haul your groceries you have fit a basket on the roof.

>> No.30038369

Better than driving a mobility scooter you big fat fuck.

>> No.30038452

All of the west is shit, jewsa and europe included. There isn’t a country on this planet that isn’t utter shit right now.

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Both india and the middle East.
Every single US president since George bush the idiot is trying to change the regime is Iran? Why is that? Becuase Iran is the gateway to central asia. That's why.

They needed to be sure that the alliance was over. It took a while for eastern europe to join the Nato and the EU.

No. The United States is not a 2 party state. The united states is a 1 party state. The ruling party has 2 different wings. A right republican and a left democrat respectively.
Once you relize this most simple fact about american politics you'll easily understand america's foreign policy.
Europe dug it's grave with the silk road plan. The should've never tried to move the center of global economy from NA to eurasia.
Joe is just a puppet. Hemry Kissinger directs america's foreign policy. Don't wory.

>> No.30038473

>"Media portrays europe incorrectly!"
>Proceeds to list a bunch of exaggerated media bullshit
You are just completely braindead, aren't you?

>> No.30038520

You shouldn’t tell the fed that, they’ll just continue to brrrr it into oblivion.

>> No.30038564

>Amerimutts are too retarded to ever take profits like big brain Euros

>> No.30038653

You are over generalizing and have no idea what you're talking about. I paid 11% of my last year's income in taxes and other government stuff. And in return I get full health insurance together with retirement and everything. Living expenses where I am are low and I can live very comfy on 10k/year. Which means based on my last years total income I'm left with ~75% to fuck around with. Can you say the same?
Also, that pic is inaccurate, I'm paying 0.10€ on kwh, tax included.

>> No.30038658

>You are just completely braindead, aren't you?
No but Americans are due to your shitty education system and heavily medicated population. Maybe if you didn’t suffer from permanent brain fog due to pharmaceutical companies throwing pills at you like candy you’d realise that (though far be it from an American to turn down candy)

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Your future wife is out there drunk looking for dick while you shitpost on /biz.

Peak european

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>> No.30038705

desu im glad american media portrays europe wrongly. else you mongoloids would've come over the atlantic and brought your antics

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>A weak dollar benefits the American economy you utter mongoloid.

>> No.30038786

the date format isn't so bad, I'm more concerned about retarded units like fucking FEET, POUNDS, MILES and other shit that don't have ANY FUCKING usefulness apart from confusing literally every non-autistic potential trader who suddenly has to convert a product volume/length/weight into BULLSHIT UNITS

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>> No.30038865 [DELETED] 

Anon check this out


Future of crypto

>> No.30038960

>non autistic
I mean it doesn't confuse me as much as annoy me

>> No.30038983

Figure it out faggot, you might even learn something.

>> No.30039087 [DELETED] 

So is that a yes?

>> No.30039270

based and geopolitipilled

>> No.30039422

europe seems pretty appealing to poor people so I guess you have that going for you

>> No.30039586

i love watching these white pajeets fight. sincerely,
your laughing balkan bro

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File: 1.72 MB, 1406x960, 1572123230640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>depending on the state for retirement or anything else ever
>0.10eur kwh
Retarded balkanoid

>> No.30039819

>Let me tell you this as a South American pajeet
>USA is responsible for everything happening in the world
South american education everyone

>> No.30039881

Seethe more burger wagie, I'm in my mid twenties and already financially set as far as I'm concerned. Oh did I mention there's also 0 crypto tax? Have fun cucking until you die, mutt.
>still referencing pic that assumes the whole country has the same energy costs

>> No.30039901

You will never be white

>> No.30039971

People are tribalist in nature. Multiculturalism in US is unsustainable and is falling apart in front of our eyes. Just like EU can fall back to the individual countries, certain American states will do the same when the split between the left and the right becomes unmanageable

>> No.30039990

>let me tell you which parts of the world are really white
kys you fucking burgeretard

>> No.30039993

Agreed. Pure weak handed faggots in Europe and India.

>> No.30040130

Will buy after you send me a stimulus check

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File: 193 KB, 1196x868, AIDS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I wanna nuke both at this point.

>> No.30040236

>0 crypto tax
Moor confirmed

>> No.30040279

Why would I need to learn a different language when the entire world speaks American?

Also: fuck the Dutch

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>tfw living in france and working in switzerland (minimum wage twice as big as luxembourg) with only a 20 minutes commute
>tfw stopped going to school at age 15
>tfw big link stack
>tfw I get digits on a montenegran black market pet dolphin trading forum

>> No.30040600

>his great grandpa fought germany to have his nation cucked by jews
you forget the best part, american "males" literally go through genital mutilation in accordance to jewish principles

most cucked country in history?
most cucked country in history

>> No.30040717

Damn, got me. Now get ready to go back to work, bitch!

>> No.30040854

Why don't you tell them how we consider people like you in Switzerland? You have to have let your pride in the locker to come work with us, knowing what we say about you.

>> No.30040874
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>be me
>wake up at 6am GMT
>sell literally everything each morning immediately after waking up while I'm taking a shit
>work out for a little, have a shower, have a nice breakfast
>get a coffee and have a cigarette outside
>the garden is starting to flower at this time of the year
>my dog joins me and lies down at my feet, I pet him without the slightest care in the world
>I turn on my computer and look at the charts for a little bit
>usually arount 9h30 - 10h GMT the dump has been finalized
>buy everything back in
>some hours later, some circumcised goblin the other side of the world wakes up as a pink wojak
>he then proceeds to inject more cash to make my candles go green
>spend the rest of the day without a care in the world, knowing tomorrow I will be skinning the same jewish-slave mongrels again for their hard earned dollars
at some point I thought they were going to catch up, but now I just assume they're all retarded, as this has been going on for months now. Thanks, Americans :)

>> No.30041027

you mean jews

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>> No.30041332

You also forgot the Pizza Hut, the Perkins, the Quiznos, the kfc, the Denny’s, and the little deli that’s almost hidden. All in one picture, that’s quite the area for variety

>> No.30041364
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>> No.30041371

Who cares I litterally NEVER go to switzerland except for work, im litterally stealing your jobs and spending the money in my country, and buy link with the leftovers, im gonna make it and run over geneva trannies with my limo hummer, and there is nothing you mountain kikes can do about it

>> No.30041412
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>> No.30041440

Maybe your modest lives are the way to go. It's not our fault your gobernment is so well adjusted to consoomers it keeps printing money into a state of hyper inflation.

>> No.30041465

I live and work in Zurich literally never had any problems with the Swiss
You sound like a coping poorfaggot

>> No.30041571

Zurich is not a border city
You will NEVER be Swiss

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>> No.30041931

lierally fuck the police
and fuck you

>> No.30042467

I fucking have Geneva but this time, you are right.

t.icino bro

>> No.30043204

I wish in lived in an English speaking European country. Although, not having guns and the ability to use them for self and hone defense is kind of a deal breaker for me.

>> No.30043428
File: 682 KB, 1305x912, based2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30043469

>Although, not having guns and the ability to use them for self and hone defense is kind of a deal breaker for me.
You can have a gun with a license. And you can use it for self defense if you really threatened. You risk going to prison for it, but the sentence is likely to be very light, the equivalent of a sentence for DUI or some shit in the US.
And the likelihood of this happenning is very low anyway. If someone enter your house to the point where you have to confront him it means you already failed at protecting yourself. There are plenty of good solution to stop them before they reach your inner sanctum, like high pitched alarms that wake up the whole neighborhood, reinforced doors and windows etc...

>> No.30043512

Fuck Europe, i hope it gets nuked

>t. European

>> No.30043631

It'd fix a lot of shit, honestly, because some of the worst ideas the US is responsible for were birthed in California.

Also, CA could never become an independent country. They're too reliant on the rest of the US for water.

>> No.30043710

Hey YUROS, Whos language you typing in ITT

>> No.30043733

>They're too reliant on the rest of the US for wate
They can build desalination plants. Israel is doing it, and they're richer and more powerful than Israel.

>> No.30043777

that's hardly a problem anon, european cities aren't designed like shit, like american cities, we don't spend 10+ hours a day on our fucking cars like you do

believing you NEED a tank for basic grocery shopping and commuting is part of your cucking you know? thank your corporate overlords for designing cities to favour the car industry (how much of it is it actually manufactured in the usa anyway?)

>> No.30043815

this is actually the most unsafe city in europe i have been to. Absolutelly flooded with niggers that will steal from you in daylight

>> No.30044135

dollar is worthless shitcoin

>> No.30044493

this is like 6 years old

>> No.30044592

Breezewood. The Paris of truckstops.

>> No.30044689

That would require them to be competent and intelligent. If you look into why California suffers from half of their wildfires, you'd realize that these are foreign concepts to the Californian.

>> No.30044778

>California is in the ocean
As it should be

>> No.30044941

>broken government hellscape
ironic coming from an ameritard

>> No.30045168

The face of /pol/

>> No.30045208

yes, try YOLO with ths tokens that never give you profit
GSX is yr path to secure income, how can you not understand that? if u wanna to be right there for moon, buy rn

>> No.30045386

More like 10/100

>> No.30045508

Boy, this board is super slow right now.

Did a ruggpull happened last night or is the crabbing is just too much for people to handle?

>> No.30045588

Hey faggot, just tell me
How long will it take you to own a house?

>> No.30045812

>I will be skinning the same jewish-slave mongrels again for their hard earned dollars
That's doublely antisemitic your stealing jewish property from jewish property.

>> No.30045998

>>30045588 (Heil Hitler!)
Already do, fren. Although nothing special, it's more than enough for me currently and I basically got it for free (inheritance). Could buy another one if I wanted to right now tho.

>> No.30046015

Imagine this level of stupidity and then considering yourself smart. Lmfao

>> No.30046062

Almost the entirety of Europe are less likely to default than the US, even fucking Greece which was close to default a few years back.

>> No.30046191
File: 57 KB, 512x348, opa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you hear that one about the Greek father who was upset his daughter married a Turk?

He was afraid their children would be too lazy to steal.

>> No.30046259
File: 518 KB, 1280x1920, 3B2C2DBA-2032-4829-8029-9D1A07CA0C44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a 10/10 in Europe.

>> No.30046304
File: 2.20 MB, 1920x1080, 1597053231093.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just chiming in to sayi love this banter between america and europe, i know deep inside we like each other

>> No.30046815

Europe is a place filled with left leaning parasites. Burn it all to the fucking ground.

>> No.30046890


>> No.30046938 [DELETED] 

Market down 7%, $MCM up 70% =)))

>> No.30046940

kek, i'm a burger who woke up to my coin mooning

>> No.30046984

Bulgaria will grow larger

>> No.30047012

It’s because east coast US wakes up and buys. Every. Fucking. Day.

>T. Best coast dweller

>> No.30047034

This lil continent packs so much language and culture.

>> No.30047085
File: 253 KB, 1080x1083, 92n7gfvfdl061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never heard of Ukraine huh?

>> No.30047263

I love it when /int/ leaks.

>> No.30047646
File: 7 KB, 250x241, 1496451679657s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yet it's burgerland where all the retarded leftshit is coming from.

>> No.30047931

We don't go to jail for debt

>> No.30048245

She's probably a 4-5
>t. european

>> No.30048366

If this were true europeans would be all getting rich. What's actually happening is after americans wake up and start pumping you FOMO back in at virtually the same price you sold

>> No.30048430

hey burger-san
how does it feel not having free healthcare?
enjoy your diabetus
Europe chad

>> No.30048700

holyfuck what a brutal mogging. the chinks didnt even want a picture next to her because they knew theyd look worse than subhuman lmao

>> No.30048859

based. ACAB.

>> No.30049086

allow weak men to feel powerful. It's anti-natural, hence liberal.

History went to shit when guns were used. It's a fact.Real men used swords, but with guns the peasants felt they were knights and this removed the boundary between the alpha aristocracy with the beta men.

>> No.30049372

Gas stations and fast food restaurants near a highway. Color me shocked!

>> No.30049414

Damn hes right..

>> No.30049494

>free healthcare
Euroniggers are really dumb

>> No.30049726

Default is refusal to pay the imaginary debt to the bankers. Eurocucks don't have those kind of balls, they are actively harboring (((them))) for thousands of years.

>> No.30049868

>what is living space
Think you forgot what it means to not live in socialist housing or 3 meters from your neighbor.

>> No.30050109

arent amerifags literally a cross breed between european colonizers and native rapevictims? That, or african genes mixed in there also?
Literal degenerated humans

>> No.30050220


>> No.30050260

Schizo amerimutt post

A Day In The Life Of An Amerimutt

>> No.30050315

>dump on americans on the daily for profit
how is that not a good strategy and why should I stop doing it?

>> No.30050328

Hahaha enjoy your dOLLaR inflation.

>> No.30051551

Dont act like Euros dont have fast food chains all over. The Us might be the fattest, but UK and Mexico are right behind them.

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