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Get your quick now or get left behind fags

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holy shit strap in boys, no fees and normies can get straight in fuck I'm erect

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No more chink pancakes for me, fuck em

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can't be real

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Join a liq pool and get free quick for the next 5 days. Literally free money

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Whats the use of the native quickswap token?

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Muh bagz will mooon. Get in lozerzz

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>t. pajeets

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It's free if you pay the fees!

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It's already 6x'd you fgt

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real, had to check myself!

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Kind useless to be honest

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Put the chicken in the fish and pour the snow in the jew dish for spank. The end.

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Forcing newfags to pay $100 inital ETH gas fees may not be the best way to introduce crypto....

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what do you not get about direct fiat onramping?

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Holy shit this is so huge, this cuts so many costs to get to the matic network in the first place

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Are you retarded?

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it's the exact opposite, you can now put cash directly onto an L2 DEX with 0.001 cent gas fees
price prediction just went from 10k EOY to 100k EOY

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not really anon
it doesnt do much at all
theyre available on all large exchanges and the gas fees for matic are so low it really doesn't do anything
it's not big in any way imo

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timing of this thread is interesting.
new to crypto and i planned to researching things like 'pankcake' today, as i don't fully understand them.
mine a qrd on what they are and what should look for in my reading today?

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imagine believing this.

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anon the low gas fees dont really make the 'direct payments' more useful, it makes them less useful
because... low gas fees

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they will be replaced again next week.

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They say governance, which is not really true because they've been postponing governance for ages.

Currently the main use is that it is providing liquidity on quickswap. Over 1/3rd of the liquidity is in quick pools and they will remain so because 45% of the rewards are going to quick pools.
So there is a demand for the token to provide liquidity.

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Volume is down to 25 Million again.
They fucked up with giving rewards to FRAX.
Should have gone with Tether, Link, Maker a.o.

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Doesn't binance offer the same thing?

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crying "volume is down" before the day is even over, holy fuck...

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Are you an idiot? Transaction fees for liquidity providers are the same as on uniswap. The only people losing are eth miners.

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This will set off the great 2021 bullrun

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>buy matic on binance
>use it in metamask
there easy
or just buy from metamask
it's really not special

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If you want to use it on the network you need to migrate which is ~30$.

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I cant believed i missed out on this, I refuse to buy something thats 10x in 2 weeks though.