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Today would be a perfect day for the binance listing given the general market recovery. Hope they just do it already.

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some insider said this week is big but if bitcoin starts crashing the timing could not have been fucking worse.

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How is it even possible to go without any news for a fairly new project like this?

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Nah man we will have more news, it's just that these guys are seriously taking their time with new news.

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14 more days

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$5 EOM

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>tfw 1k prq
Dunno, my favorite crabcoin. Alongside inj

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Checked. Really hope so!

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looking forward to seeing what news we get this week
binance has been ready for a while, i hope the team are smart enough to announce that first to increase the volume, then all the other announcements should help sustain the pump
should be at least $3 end of month, hopefully $5

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> anatoly
> "smart enough"

anon I...

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im worried binance will be their “big reveal” at the end of the month, will actually be fuming as all the other announcements won’t do jackshit unless the volume increases, which we need a big exchange listing for.

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I think the surprise should be something else... but I wonder what it could be

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in my wildest dreams it would be a coinbase listing for that sweet yank money
don’t think we will get that for at least a year or so though, if at all
coinbase seems very picky about what they add

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They do like innovative projects and oracles though. And they have listed slightly obscure coins before (BAND).

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Should have bought GRT

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shoo shoo GRTranny

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Whats realistic price EOY? No hopium.

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If bullrun continues: 10-30$
If bullrun dies now: 2$
If bullrun dies around the summer/early autumn: 5$

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Around 1,30$

If bullrun goes crazy: 1,50$
If BTC dumps then: 1,10$

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We should have until June before the bullrun ends give or take a few weeks.
I'm confident we will get to $10 before then, maybe a little higher with a good alt season.
That's me being conservative, all also depends on exchange listings.

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one of the devs said they expect the price to be around $1.50 eoy in their ama

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If the team continues on the right trajectory I think we could easily be looking at $50+ come 2025, so make sure to fill your bags in the bearmarket

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devs always say dumb shit about token price

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anatoly is a tech wiz but also an autistic slav, so when it comes to toiletflushing time travelling crab wallets, I trust him.
When it comes to virtually anything else, I 'dont

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yeah try $1-2K

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No they did not

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This is what they published in their Official Telegram.

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My sides

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I work at Parsiq HQ, I have been on since the new wave of hires. I am Estonian national so please pardon my English.
Things are going crazy busy here, many new partners and lots of promise. It's very exciting here, but one problem.
Anatoly has been acting very strange, he seemed normal in interview process but since I start working I see him pacing always around the office and muttering about quantam riddles.
Always, always he is flushing the toliet. Sometimes multiple times in the same trip to the bathroom. He goes to bathroom several times an hour, there is no reason anyone would need this restroom so often??
But flushing, always over and over. And now people here are worried. The water utility bill is coming in and we can barely afford this cost to our overhead it is that high. He is flushing gallons everyday.
I can hear him now from my office going to toliet again and water rushing through the pipes.
Andre confronted him about this yesterday and Anatoly again only speaks in riddles. This happened right on the main floor infront of everyone.
I am not feeling so good about This, dumping so much water...

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Nobody outside of clapistan uses gallons but good pasta regardless

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I'm more interested in the lending APY than news

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where can i buy this shit?

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Morning PRQuties. Did anyone else follow up with finding out who the Asian custodian could be? I determined it's likely Binance based on partnerships and ties but who knows. Maybe that's the big surprise?

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CoinMetro or Uniswap
should be on binance sometime this month so worth grabbing a bag before that happens

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And this is precisely why PRQ crabs endlessly.

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Its over we are the new schizos

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is there a source for that? ill buy a bunch if they are gonna put it on binance

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PRQ received financing from Binance's Accelarator Fund. It is also integrated in BSC.

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fuck, i definitely want some but i aint doing shit in ETH right now

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some anons found that all the info has already been uploaded to binance ready to go live, hopefully someone else here has the screenshots as i didn’t save them
they are also working with and received funding from binance
it’s one of the announcements over these next 4 weeks

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is there anywhere to buy it on BSC?

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I think for now you can only get it on Uniswap and CoinMetro

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Good morning parsnips

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just checked 1inch and they have it, but only on ETH mainnet


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Good morning, just woke up :)

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Good morning frens. Nice weather for some crab hunting, huh?

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Zoom to 3m and recheck your INJ crab decree. INJ is unironically a growth gem

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Crab meme is funny, but not really true. It's up 9% in 24 hours, which is a decent gain in both $ and sats.
You want a real crab coin, try buying litecoin. This shit has been dancing sideways on me for weeks, I just need one good pump so I can exit this useless boomer crap I fell for.

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Just sold. Not saying PRQ wont moon but I am buy NFTs instead. Good luck frens.

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>He doesn't know about parsiq NFTs.
>He doesn't know about anatolys past on civic.
>He still thinks nfts are art.

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It isnt but I'll rebuy when its on binance.

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I know. I just got in pretty late with poorfag money. Still gonna 2x till summer atleast.

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>I'll rebuy after the pump
Is this the power of Ultra Shitstinct?

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Unironically this

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>ill rebuy a third of my previous stack when price 3x on binance.
the absolute state lmao

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It is what it is frens.

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ahaha nice
just sold my 10 million bag

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This month of crabbing feels like we've been sadistically edging, over and over again. When we finally breakout it will be the mother of all poompshots, and our relief will be otherworldly. I may unironically coom from the mere magnitude of the poomp.

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Shitty coin made by shitty people

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Both are december hype trash
I dont knkw who's worse at this point

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What's the main differences between Parsiq and Graph?

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Nice pic. Can I save it?

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Graph has a (saved and previous) database you query on. Parsnip is about live data you query live on live.

"The Graph can be build on top of Parsiq and would be even faster" laughed Anatoly in a live AMA. Since that day I'm market buying $prq.

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With Parsiq you can build smart triggers based on events that haven't happened yet, thus allowing their execution in real time as the event occurs. The Graph queries the database of historical events.

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>oh mah gahd 7 announcements!
Where are these announcements then you fucking fags. You all have been playing pretend about this for weeks now

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we had one last week, we will get another this week

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ok what was the announcement then? I go on their blog and it's all these fluffy videos about hackathons or something

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Quit trying to make Parsiq happen, it’s never going to happen. It only knows how to be a crab Rangoon.

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1900$ FROM 33000$ FOR A MONTH

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solana, nigggeerrrrr

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partnership with solana, which is in the top 20 whilst parsiq is only rank 200 or so, i imagine a few more of the announcements will be other partnerships

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Is there any info on this? I noticed it, but haven't seen any chatter about it.


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going to be one of the announcements

>> No.30050673

Is it possible for Parsiq do the both? Do queries on historical database and do queries on live data?

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Check Mochimo guys.

Microcap that is growing a lot right now.

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Yes, but it's more of a bi-product of parsiqs intended function.
Parsiq can basically do what the Graph does as a side feature.

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Isn't Parsiq just a better version of Graph then? Is there anything Graph does better or something that Graph can do but Parsiq can't do?

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just checking

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>Isn't Parsiq just a better version of Graph then?
Depends on what you want to achieve, Parsiq acts on data in real time whilst the Graph you can only query past data.
Personally I think Parsiq has far more potential as it provides more options. It’s also got far better tokenomics and room to grow, GRT needs its market cap to increase by BILLIONS for a 5x, PRQ only needs a few hundred million for the same result.

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You're misunderstanding, though. Parsiqs main function is real-time triggers as well as predictions based on historical data.
But it can also query that historical data same as GRT.
GRT might do that one part better as they're specialized for it, but PRQ effectively does it to a strong degree as well, on top of everything else it does.

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im curious to know how can you explain that GRT pumped in the billions while PRQ launched earlier and is sitting at $100M?

>> No.30054079

GRT had a ludicrous amount of promotional overhead and connections. People have covered it before, and to be clear I'm not saying GRT is a BAD project, but I would personally argue it's overvalued considering its tokenomics.
GRT vs. PRQ is like comparing the poor autist with 98%s going through college to the rich kid whose daddy gave him 2 million starting and then wondering why the rich kid earns more overall. But the autist will prove himself.

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this anon worded it better than I ever could

>> No.30054290

GRT was on every major exchange DAY 1 including Coinbase and Binance, that’s it. Don’t think there’s a single thing on Coinbase with a market cap lower than 300mil. They also seem to have pretty good marketing as well tbf
You also have to remember PRQ is a small Estonian team, GRT seems to have had some major backing.

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PRQ shills BTFO >>30054165
PRQ shills BTFO >>30054165
PRQ shills BTFO >>30054165
PRQ shills BTFO >>30054165

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use a vpn to bump it yourself nigger

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state of you

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Hell yeah bro's, we're doomping!

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Yep, bitcoins shitting the bed again

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Oh that's disappointing. At least it's not just us

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Pick a block chain. A competent real time database developer can write a Parsiq equivalent in 2 weeks maximum. Don't be deceived by PRQ.

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I like this FUD. It sounds credible, it sounds like you know what you're talking about.
I approve.

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Dumb Samefag

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