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matic. about to cross a key resistance level.

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This is a scamcoin

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but nobody can help us bro, even the scamcoins are gone

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Hey guys, wazzap here?

>Have you seen that shill attack on /biz/ today?
These poor niggers really think that smart trader will look at their shit
Funny haha
>I never risk today, my assets are on yield farming on yvs finance and I can withdraw any time

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Neo, eos, luna, bch

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He said EoW not EoY

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was just gonna say that

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Well theres nothing good in this thread sadly, imma go back to chasing rugpull PnDs for 1.25-1.5x profits i guess

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FET just broke upwards, but its a very slow moving coin compared to others...so dont expect x2 in a day or week

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Well, it has a working product, un like cardano, for starters.

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Very nice sir, how's the weather in Mumbai sir?

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Low mc- 200k toad.network on BSC. Not a clone, not a fork. (Check the site and telegram)

Different than the pajeet toad.farm that rugged earlier..

Check out toad.network, pools are 1,100-2180% APY

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where do you even find those?

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I give you the next x1000 when released

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when do we know more, I know jig but Idk how to buy it or where or when
where can i check out news on token release

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Chainlink (Ticker: LINK).

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Unit protocol (DUCK). Andre Cronje is minting a shitton of USDP to farm Component right now and it's only possible with Unit protocol. It will 100% be integrated within Yearn alongside Component.

Unit protocol + Component = Makerdao + curve

Except Unit protocol actually let you use your shitcoins with low liquidity as collateral. Makerdao 2.0 .

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literally nothing.
bull market's over.

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Pic related for yearn deployer address. Also, they burne

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They burned 380 million tokens today which is from the staking portion. FDV is way lower. https://twitter.com/unitprotocol/status/1366536956671381504

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your brains on your back wall

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2-3x? I dunno about that, but if you’re looking for an easy 10-20x take a look at WOJAK

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OGN 90m MC, 1$ EOD

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have you seen what's going on on Aleph lately? node operator bonus and other stuff. I'm looking at this one really closely

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